NTJ-100 Closed Material Conveying System-split valve

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NTJ-100 Closed Material Conveying System-split valve

NTJ-100 Closed Material Conveying System-split valve

Closed Material Conveying System Application:

The system is mainly used for closed material conveying in the solid dosage production procedure. High containment split valve is also named α β valve, split valve, is used in closed environment material transfer application for sterile product, toxic product or which harmful to human body.

Closed Material Conveying System Principle:

The system is composed of pharma lifter, material container, split valve, etc. When working, pharma lifter lifts material container(with passive valve)to certain height, then inverts the container to connect downstream equipment receiving port. Connect and lock passive valve and active valve, and then open the split valve to transfer material.

Closed Material Conveying System Features:

The equipment is successfully designed on the basis of a wide research, absorption and digestion of foreign advanced models. It has a reasonable structure with stable performances and easy operation; the whole machine has no dead angle or protruded screws. Configured split valve in the system provides a high containment environment, is easy to deploy and washing for pollution control, ensuring a safe conveying process. The system complies entirely with GMP and FDA requirements for medicine production.

NTJ-100 Closed Material Conveying System-split valve

 Closed Material Conveying System-split valve Main structural dimensions Net load(with bin)kg Total Power Kw Machine Weight Kg
L L1 L2 W W1 H H1 H2 DN
NTJ100 1750 500 900 700 930 2800 1300 2500 200 100 1.5 400


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