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NTC200-1000 Pharma Lifter-Between Floors

NTC200-1000 Pharma Lifter-Between Floors

Pharma Lifter Usage:

NTC series Pharma Lifer is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry for transferring solid dosage materials (in bulk, sachet, bag, tank, etc)between floors. Applying the NTC series Pharma Lifter has optimized the producing flow, avoided dust and cross pollution. It’s the desirable transferring equipment in pharmaceutical industry for solid dosage sector. Meanwhile, it can be widely used in such areas as raw medicine material industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry. etc.

Pharma Lifter Principle:

NTC series Pharma Lifter consists of operation panel, lengthened post, hydraulic system, material puller, electric inter-lock system between floors, etc. To start to work, pull the material in bulk, sachet, bag, or tank into the puller, close the fence of the pallet. Switch on the lifting handle, the pallet is lifted to the required height. The upper limit appliance then works safely, and the pallet stops. Open the fence, pull out the materials and finish the transferring craft.

Pharma Lifter Features:

It’s made of Austenitic stainless steel, contact parts are polished to high quality. There is no dead angle, no concave-convex face, no screw on surface. It’s easy to wash. The lengthened post specially isolated by curtain structure to satisfy the requirements of clean area. Especially designed with oil collector, this has avoided the hydraulic oil polluting the clean area. It equips with electric inter-lock system and upper and lower limit appliance to assure the operation safety. It’s in conformity with GMP requirements.

NTC200-1000 Pharma Lifter-Between Floors

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