NJP-5000 Automatic Capsule Filler

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NJP-5000 Automatic Capsule Filler

NJP-5000 Automatic Capsule Filler

The NJP-5000 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is suitable for large production capacity,it absorbs foreign advanced technology and designed with improvement.

NJP-5000 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Features:

  • Adopt 3 rows of 36 holes, with 12 stations, suitable for big batch production.
  • Adopt imported RU180 and RU140 high precision gap indexing box as optional.
  • Improve all of the drive cam, use high-quality special steel material to make groove wheel drive, eliminate the shortcoming of spring is easy be fatigued and broken by pulling, and wear resistance, stable operation.
  • The upper mould movement on single-way, adopt imported silicon sealing making, reduce powder sucked in. The lower mould adopt double-axis movement, equipped imported silicon sealing ring making, reduce the back and forth stretching belt powder condition, smooth, and with high precision. Double-axis adopt gland making, easy disassemble and clean, it doesn’t need to open the turntable while replace the sealing ring to avoid the shortcoming of disassemble and install again.
  • It adopts the three-dimensional adjustment mechanism to eliminate the deformation degree of the dosing pan and the bronze disc, the uniformity gap reduces the phenomenon of powder leakage. Easy clean and ensure the lfilling difference. The unique model in domestic with patent number: 20042006795X
  • Equipped with a second indoor dehumidifier device to solve the poor dehumidifier effect in the plant and bearing limit of the operating personnel ‘body (optional)
  • Increased the mold cleaning and blowing structure, to solved the strong adhesive dust accumulation on the die surface and the mold cavity during production, which cause the problem of capsule hard to separate, greatly improved the probability of the capsule feeding(optional).
  • Auto lubricating system
  • The capsule outlet device adopt 3 rows silicon pad, no need air source and no powder.
  • Adopt modular punching system, equipped with hopper electric lifter, easy disassemble.
  • Adopt integrated module type close turntable, easy disassemble and clean.
  • All pipes connector adopts standard clamp ,easy for disassemble and clean.
  • Adopt 10 inch color LCD touchscreen can auto alarm when the machine lack of capsule, lack of powder, door open and ect.
  • In the uniform filling system which adopt three-dimensional adjustable system, add multi-curved adjustable powder block structure and the lateral inclined angle feeding structure so that the powder will be distributed evenly in the powder storage device, with correct flow direction and smooth flow speed to achieve extremely precise filling accuracy.
  • Adopt new adjustable capsule locking system.
  • The new layout of the rotation mechanism and filling system which replaced the traditional “hydraulic rod” instead of “internal cam” increased filling strength and make the machine more quiet and stable during running.

NJP-5000 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Technical DataNJP-5000 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
Number of stations12
Number of segment bores36
Application rangeCapsule sizes: #0, #1, #2, #3, #4 (option #00, #5)
Each size requires a set of capsule tooling.
Max. Output300000 pcs / h (powder filling)
Power source380/220V , 3 phase 4 wire , 60/50 HZ
Power consumption12 Kw
Machine dimensions(L*W*H)1605*1285*2200(+480)mm
Machine Weight3500 Kg
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