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MLP-480(4,6,8) Multi-Lane Stick Packing Machine

MLP-480(4,6,8) Multi-Lane Stick Packing Machine


Power, liquid, cream and granule like sugar, coffee packed in a long narrow pouch. Packing for different materials can be accomplished by different dosing unit.

Optional Parts for Main Machine:

  • Date Code Printer
  • Straight Line Cut with easy tear
  • Hole punching device
  • Fix number bag cutting device

Optional Dosing Device:

  • Auger screw filler(for powder)
  • Volumetric cup filler(for granule)
  • Electrical gear pump(for liquid)
  • Piston pump(for liquid or cream)

Standard Features:

  • The machine can automatically complete multi-lane products measuring, feeding, filling and bag forming, date code printing, bag sealing and cutting. And hole punching as option.
  • Motor driven heat seal film pulling system.
  • High sensitive fiber optic photo sensor can automatically trace color mark accurately.
  • PLC control system combined with touch screen, can easily set and change the packing parameters. Daily production output and self-diagnostic machine error can be viewed directly from the screen.
  • PID temperature controller monitors heat sealing temperature within ±1℃.

MLP-480(4,6,8) Multi-Lane Stick Packing Machine

Multi-Lane Stick Packing MachineMLP-480-4MLP-480-6MLP-480-8
Bag Length(mm)70-20070-20070-200
Bag Width(mm)16-5016-3516-25
Film Width(mm)Max.480Max.480Max.480
Lanes No.468
Output120-180 Packs/min180-270 Packs/min240-360 Packs/min
Sealing FormatFin Seal or Envelope Seal

MLP-320-6G Multi-Lane Stick Packing Machine

MLP-480P-4 Multi Lane Stick Packing Machine

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