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Marshmallow Making Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Let’s look at some of the fundamental aspects you should consider before investing in a new marshmallow making machine.

From features, working principle, to specifications – you will find all information you need about marshmallow making machine right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is  Marshmallow Making Machine?

Marshmallow is known to be a type of confectionery made from sugar, air, gelatin, water, and a whipping agent.

There is therefore a process that has to be followed to produce marshmallows and in this process, a marshmallow-making machine is used.

The marshmallow-making machine, therefore, is the electromechanical equipment designed to help in the production of marshmallows.

They are usually available in different types based on the size and the level of automation. You can also use the marshmallow-making machine for both small-scale and large-scale marshmallow production.

Marshmallow Making Machine

Marshmallow Making Machine

What Are The Features Of Marshmallow Manufacturing Machine?

There are many different marshmallow-making machines and all of them have different properties.

It is this difference in features that make them perform different functions as well as produce different forms of marshmallows.

Also, if you have an understanding of these properties, it will be easier to operate the machine itself.

Some of the common features of a suitable marshmallow producing machine include:

  • The best marshmallow-making machine should have a high production capacity. It should produce from around 25kgs per hour up to several hundreds of kilograms per hour.
  • The design is well constructed using stainless steel.
  • A suitable marshmallow-making machine is relatively compact hence lightweight which is best for the small-scale production of marshmallows.
  • Automatic marshmallow production is possible especially with the touchscreen PLC control systems integrated into the machine.
  • High-steam electric stir blade heating resource that will facilitate the appropriate mixing of the ingredients in the mixing unit.
  • Sensors should be functional at all times so that alerts of any kind are easily known and solutions are found to the problem.
  • Large conveyor unit that will assist in the distribution of the ingredients to their specific stations for mixing.

Which Are The Types Of Marshmallow Maker Machine Available?

There are two main types of marshmallows making machines used mainly for commercial production and they include the following:

Extruded Marshmallow Machine

It is also referred to as a twisted marshmallow line or EM processing production line.

This line of production produces different kinds of marshmallows in size, color, shape, and design.

They have extruder nozzles that are responsible for the shapes of the marshmallows.

With this, you can either produce twisted or non-twisted marshmallows.

The extruded marshmallow-making machine is efficient for use in both commercial small scale and large-scale marshmallow manufacturing.

Deposited Marshmallow Making Machine

It is a marshmallow-making machine that uses plastic molds to prepare marshmallows.

These molds are of different sizes which makes it easy to produce all kinds of sizes and shapes of marshmallows.

Furthermore, in a depositor marshmallow production line, a servo motor is used to control the whole manufacturing process.

When using a depositor for commercial production, you will be able to produce marshmallows with cream and chocolate in the right proportions.

Types of Marshmallow Making Machine

Types of Marshmallow Making Machine

Which Are The Primary Parts of Marshmallow Making Machine?

The machine has many parts and components that are integrated to fulfill the sole purpose which is to manufacture marshmallows.

When getting yourself a marshmallow-making machine, you should ensure that the design of the machine matches the structural specifications.

Below are the major parts of the marshmallow making machine:


Is a large cone-shaped container where the ingredients are placed when you begin the production process.

Always ensure that it is well maintained for the efficient processing of marshmallows.


It is in this chamber that the mixing of marshmallows and air takes place.

Control Panel:

It is in this place that you will find all the automated functions used for regulating and monitoring the whole process of manufacturing.

It usually features an LCD screen display where all the automation control information is displayed.

Conveyor Unit:

This is the largest part of the marshmallow manufacturing machine. Its function is to transport ingredients to different stations within the machine.

Furthermore, it has got different conveyor belts, units, and rails that help in the transportation of already processed or in-process marshmallows.


These devices, modules, and systems are integrated into the marshmallow-making machines to help read the changes taking place during the production process.

You will always find many sensors in different but specific parts of the marshmallow-making machine.

For instance, the aerator has to have a/or some sensors which detect any slight changes.

The sensors typically, help enhance the safety, efficiency, and functionality of the marshmallow-making machine.

Additionally, this is one of the advantages of choosing fully automated marshmallow-making machines.

Mixing Tank:

This part has been designed for mixing all the ingredients that are used to make marshmallows.

In this production line component, materials are heated, melted, and homogeneously mixed until they attain uniformity.

Refrigeration Unit:

It is here that excess heat is released to allow the mixture of ingredients to cool.

Molding Unit:

 It is designed to shape the marshmallows into the desired forms.

Drying Unit:

Eliminates excess moisture to leave the final product dry as desired.

Pneumatic Unit:

Is where pressure control takes place. There have to be different pressure levels in the production line since it assists push ingredients to various stations.

Discharge Unit:

Once the processing of marshmallows is complete, this chamber aids in its ejection for sorting and packaging.


Converts electrical energy to mechanical energy, facilitating the whole process of manufacturing marshmallows.

What Is The Working Principle of Marshmallow Maker Machine?

From the design and type of the equipment, we can derive the working principle of a marshmallow-making machine.

However, the functionality is almost similar in all types.

Generally, here is an overview of how most machines operate:

  • After the ingredients are intensively cooked in a vacuum cooker, they are introduced into the machine through the hopper.
  • The hopper relays the ingredients to various sections of the machine.
  • Subsequently, gelatin and water are mixed homogeneously to form a syrup, then dosed with a gelatin mixture. The gelatin quantity is calculated as a percentage of the main flow.
  • The mixture is moved to the first scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHE), where the syrup is cooled to around 55oC
  • After the cooling, the mixture moves to the mixing head for aeration to obtain ideal density.
  • Subsequently, the aerated mixture goes to the second SSHE where it is further cooled (from 55oC to 38oC).
  • A booster pump then directs the product towards flavor and color injection.
  • At this stage, the product is pumped to extruder manifolds to produce marshmallows.
  • Lastly, before ejection, the marshmallows go to the molding unit to yield various shapes.

Is It possible To Use One Marshmallow Maker Machine to Manufactures All Types of Marshmallows?

Marshmallows come in different shapes, designs and sizes. So, you cannot have one machine manufacture marshmallows in all of these forms.

Instead, you will have to choose a given type of marshmallow-making machine to produce the final marshmallow product you want.

For instance, we have extrusion and depositor machines that can help you produce these products.

Extrusion machines are made with nozzles which play a significant role which is to determine the shape of the marshmallows.

Through this production line, you can produce both twisted and non-twisted marshmallows.

On the other hand, if you are looking to produce creamed and chocolate marshmallows, the equipment to use is the depositor machines.

Therefore, it is impossible to use one marshmallow production line when manufacturing different types of marshmallows.

Why Is The Aerator An Important Component Of Marshmallow Production Line?

An aerator plays a key role in the production of marshmallows.

For the production to be complete, the ingredients have to be mixed welled and this usually takes place in the aerator. It facilitates the mixing.

It also adds air sufficiently into the mixture of ingredients to ensure that a quality marshmallow candy component is produced.

This component allows for more infiltration of air in the marshmallow which is essential in producing a lighter final marshmallow.

Marshmallow Aerator

Marshmallow Aerator

What Is The Capacity Of Marshmallow Aerator?

An aerator facilitates the homogeneous mixture of ingredients with the correct amount of air from marshmallows.

Being a vital component in producing an ideal marshmallow candy, its capacity should be enough to handle a required number of marshmallows.

However, the capacity of the marshmallow aerator depends on a lot of factors.

Some of the parameters include level of production, can be large or small scale, the type of machine being used, and its functionality.

Therefore, the production capacity ranges from as low as 30kgs per hour to 100kgs per hour of marshmallows.

Why Is It Important Integrating A Cooling Unit In A Marshmallow Production Line?

It can also be referred to as the refrigeration unit.

During the aeration process, the marshmallow-making machine may overheat and as a result, cause the products to lose their shape.

To prevent or reduce this overheating, a cooling unit is usually installed in the marshmallow maker.

It is installed between the manifold extruder and the aerator.

The device prevents the mixture of ingredients from being overheated by facilitating a short final cooling line in the production line.

What Are The Advantages Of Fully Automatic Commercial Marshmallow Making Machine?

There are two kinds of machines used to make marshmallows; a fully automatic and semi-automatic commercial making machine.

In most cases, the fully automatic one is the most preferred for production.

This is because it tends to be more superior to the semi-automatic one in many aspects.

Below are some of the reasons why:

  • The machine is faster than a semi-automatic marshmallow-making machine.

This aspect makes the production of marshmallows in large scale possible and within a shorter time.

  • You do not require many operators which is beneficial to your company as it cuts down on the cost of paying several workers.

Instead, these profits can be channeled to other sectors of production such as packaging.

  • It is also easy to operate a fully automatic marshmallow-making machine since its control system has been digitized.

It uses an LCD screen display where you will find all the automation controls for the whole production line.

This also happens to be one of the reasons why it requires fewer laborers.

  • It has many sensors since less labor is required. This makes it easy to detect problems within the production line during marshmallow manufacturing.

In conclusion, compared to a semi-automatic marshmallow maker a fully automatic marshmallow-making machine is faster, more efficient, reliable, and is more functional.

How Do Grained And Non-Grained Marshmallow Manufacturing Machine Product Compare?

As a class of confectionery, marshmallows greatly differ from others since they can be produced in different forms. For instance, we can have;

  • Very light moist frappes.
  • Firm chewy marshmallows.
  • Dry crisp candies.

Moreover, incorporation of air in the marshmallows during production reduces their densities, making them different from other confections.

Therefore, marshmallows can be either grained or non-grained.

When a marshmallow is grained, it implies that part of the sugar is deliberately caused to crystallize in a controlled manner. The crystallization results in a shorter texture.

Conversely, if it is non-grained, it means that all the sugars have to remain in solution form to produce a chewy texture.

Nevertheless, the key thing to producing non-grained and grained marshmallows is by ensuring you incorporate a controlled proportion of air.

Below are the effects of incorporating a controlled air:

  • This results in a change in the texture and appearance of the marshmallow.
  • An increase in the physical volume subsequently increases the value of the product.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Selecting Marshmallow Making Machine?

You must consider certain specifications of a marshmallow-making machine before you select them.

There are many marshmallow-making machines each with its specific features and mode of operation.

With these tips at hand, it will be easy especially since you know what you are looking for:

Production Capacity

This refers to the number of marshmallows a machine can produce within a set timeframe.

It is an important consideration if you are in the commercial production of marshmallows.

Also, you don’t want to produce excess marshmallows especially if you want a small marshmallow-making machine for making homemade marshmallows.

Material Used

Marshmallow-making machines are made of different materials such as steel and even aluminum.

Not all parts can be made of these materials as others require different specifications.

However, you must examine the environment in which you will set up the machine and ensure that it is favorable.

If you are buying a marshmallow-making machine made of steel ensure that the conditions are appropriate.

If not, you might end up spending more later on repairs or even replacement of the whole machine.

Size Of Machine

Marshmallow manufacturing machines are always available in different sizes.

Therefore, knowing the kind of space you have available, it should be easier to choose a machine with the right dimensions.

Size also determines the production capacity, which a key tip to also look at when choosing a marshmallow production line.

A small-sized machine will imply low production as compared to a machine of a larger size.

 Automation Levels

We have the semi-automatic and the fully automatic marshmallow-making machine which are both ideal for the commercial production of marshmallows.

However, with advancing technologies, you should opt for the fully automatic marshmallow-making machine.

It has got some desirable and advanced features that make it easy to operate.

Additionally, using a fully automatic marshmallow-making machine gives you an upper hand in machine operation especially if you choose to upgrade.

Fully Automatic Marshmallow Making Machine

Fully Automatic Marshmallow Making Machine


It is imperative that you also factor in the cost of buying the marshmallow-making machine. And when looking at the cost, you should consider where you are buying the machine and whether it has a warranty.

Warranties usually come in handy in case the machine breaks down or fails to operate efficiently.

You do not want to be the one spending extra cash on repair for such a machine. Within the warranty, the supplier will repair the machine in case it breaks down.

Other than the cost of buying the machine, how you are going to maintain the machine is also key.

You should buy a marshmallow-making machine that has low maintenance costs, which will help you save on profits and continue producing more marshmallows.

Which Are The Different Forms Of Marshmallow Produced By Marshmallow Maker Machines?

Lately, you can produce marshmallows in any form you like. It ranges from solid to semi-liquid and even to cream marshmallows.

These are the known forms of marshmallows produced by a marshmallow-making machine.

How Do You Determine The Marshmallow Shape In Marshmallow Making Machine?

Once the color and flavor have been added to the marshmallow, the product stream is pumped into different manifolds.

They are found on the extrusion line to produce marshmallows.

Here in the molding unit, the marshmallow is molded to yield different shapes before being ejected from the machine.

What Is The Role Of Gelatin Ingredient In Marshmallow Manufacturing Process?

Gelatin is animal collagen which is one of the many colloidal aerating agents.

It is usually used in the process of marshmallow making in the production line and plays a very significant role.

What it does is to;

  • Stabilize forms.
  • Can be combined with water to form a thermally reversible gel. Since gelatin is sensitive to temperature, it can easily melt and then reset which explains its 950F melting point.

So, when producing marshmallows to the desired shape, the temperature needs to be slightly above its melting point.

This ensures that when it is formed, it cools quickly and the gelatin resets.

Moreover, in-home production of marshmallows, gelatin is usually added after the syrup has been heated and cooled down.

You do this because excessive temperatures can degrade gelatin itself.

However, in the commercial manufacturing of marshmallows, gelatin is cooked together with the sugar syrup and not added later.

Without gelatin ingredients or a breakdown in gelatin can result in loss of marshmallow springiness.

Therefore, this has to be done with at most caution.

In conclusion, the major role gelatin plays marshmallow production is to ensure that final product is chewy in terms of texture and mouthfeel.

Why Must You Hydrate The Aerating Agent Used In Marshmallow Maker Machine?

All aerating agents must be hydrated always before use when manufacturing marshmallows. The amount of water used should be incorrect amounts and it should be given enough time for hydration.

If this is not done then the process of production will be interfered with as the agent will be ineffective.

What hydration does is to ensure that the final marshmallow produced is of spongy structure.

For instance, this can be observed when you use gelatin. In the blooming stage, it forms a dispersion which makes its helix-shaped chains crosslink.

These linkages in the protein network trap air in the mixture of marshmallows immobilizing the water molecules in the network.

As a result, a spongy structure of marshmallows is formed.

But if you omit gelatin or any aerating agent from the marshmallow manufacturing, the result will be a marshmallow cream.

Therefore, if you want a well-formed marshmallow, ensure you hydrate the aerating agent in use.

Can You Package The Products Straight From Marshmallow Making Machine?

As you will find out, the different marshmallow-making machines have different sizes and designs.

Therefore, based on you chosen design, it can either automatically package the marshmallow straight from machine or otherwise packaged it from separate section.

Which Are Types Of Marshmallow Packaging Possible With Marshmallow Production Line?

If packaging marshmallows, it should be eye-catching for quick sale. Below are three ways of packaging:

  • Pillow Packaging
  • Pouch Packing
  • Plastic Bottle or Jar Packaging.

Types of Marshmallow Packages

Types of Marshmallow Packages

What Is The Average Capacity Of Mini Marshmallow Making Machine?

As you know that marshmallow makers come in different sizes and designs, so is the production capacity.

You will find one type has got a higher production capacity than the other. But you will find most have an average production capacity of 25-100kg/hr.

Do You Supply Spare Parts of Marshmallow Making Machines?

Marshmallow-making machines are not built to last forever and sometimes they will experience a mechanical breakdown. To get right back to production you will need to repair or replace the broken part.

If you are looking to repair your marshmallow maker, then you have come to the right place. You can always get the spare parts from us or you can buy them from a certified online dealer.

Are There Add-on Equipment For Marshmallow Manufacturing Line?

Several pieces of equipment in the marshmallow production line support the entire process. There are those necessary parts needed while others are optional.

Additionally, there is add-on equipment that is required for the production line to be complete.

They include;

  • Recycle starch drier.
  • Marshmallow branding machine.

What Does The Marshmallow Making Machine Warranty Cover?

A warranty covers any damages that may occur to the machine within the warranted time hence saves you the expenses of repair.

Do You Offer Training On How To Operate Marshmallow Making Machine?

Not everyone is capable of operating a marshmallow-making machine.

Usually, the machine comes with a user manual but you can still go further and be trained on how to operate it.

Also, if you do not know how to operate the machine, the production process can be interfered with.

That’s why sometimes training on how to operate the machine is necessary especially if you are producing marshmallows commercially.

At SaintyCo, we will help you get high quality marshmallow making equipment that meet your unique production needs.

Contact us today for all your marshmallow making machines.

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