LT Drum

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LT Drum

LT Drum

LT Drum Usage:

LT series Drum is one of the popular transferring and shifting containers used in the producing flow of solid dosage. By using them along with NT series Pharma Lifters and sone other related equipments, the producing flow and materials transferring system is optimized, the dust and cross pollution are well controlled. It’s in conformity with GMP requirements.

LT Drum Features:

It’s made of Austenitic stainless steel. All angles are cambered. There is no dead angle, no concave-convex face and no screw, no remnant on surface. The surface outside and inside is polished to high quality. It’s in conformity with GMP requirements.

Parameters C
  • D
H δ
LT50 580
  • 500
460 1
LT100 680
  • 600
570 1


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