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LR-250X Cylinder Labeling Machine


  • This labeling system is equipped with stepper driven(Taiwan technique)for allows stable torque when around-the-clock operate consistently.
  • Programmable logic Control system integrared with user-friendly touch screen interface panel which is both versions selected of English and Chinese, as well as illustrated display for operate ef-fortless.
  • The machine used contariner-space to feeding bottles for allows stable labeling and apply the label on all kinds of round container in semi-or fully wrap-around.
  • Optional includes hot stamping date coder to coding Lot No., MFG date and Expiry date…etc.

Technical ParameterLR-250X
Capacity50-130 bottles/min
Label length10-300mm
Label width10-100mm
Label rollMax 320mmφ
Label coreStander 75mmφ
Machine size1800(L)*1000(W)*1600(H)mm
PowerAC 220V
Air consumption4-6Kg

LR-250X Labeling Machine

Bottle Labeling Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before buying a bottle labeling machine, read this guide.

It covers all information about bottle labeling machine such as features, components, working principle, classification, and uses, among other vital aspects.

So, if you want to be an expert in bottle labeling machine, read this guide.

What is a Bottle Labeling Machine?

This is equipment that will dispense, apply or print labels that will go on bottles.

The label contains information about the product, contents, and the brand which will help the consumers.

Bottle labeling

Bottle labeling

Why Should you Invest in Bottle Labeling Machine?

Using a bottle labeling machine is beneficial to meet your production needs.

The machine will offer a lot of advantages.

Here are some of the reasons to invest in a bottle labeling machine:

· Branding

A bottle labeling machine will assist you in embedding the brand details on the labels of bottles.

This makes it easy for consumers to identify with your brand.

· Accurate and Efficient

The machine will perform the bottle labeling task correctly and skillfully.

· High Production Rate

Automatic bottle labeling machines will offer you a high production capacity.

This means you will be able to meet your client’s needs within a short period.

· Reduce Human Labor

Using an automatic bottle labeling machine requires less human labor.

Also, you will reduce the recurring costs despite the machine being expensive to purchase.

· Safety

Bottle labeling machines offer safety to the personnel and the contents in the bottles.

The machines will apply the labels safely with no risk to the operators.

· Reliability and Dependability

If you plan to label bottles every day, it is better to invest in a bottle labeling machine.

Also, it will perform the labeling tasks without breaking down as long as you maintain it well.

What Types of Labels can a Bottle Labeling Machine Apply?

Bottles in the market have two kinds of labels on them.

· Removable Labels

A removable label has a custom-made sticker.

This sticker will safely bond on the surface of different kinds of bottles.

Besides, you can easily remove the sticker and leave no sticky residue on the surface of the bottle.

Also, you can remove and recycle the label on the same kind of bottle.

An important thing to know is that reusable labels are quite expensive.

Some conditions that inhibit the use of removable bottles include:

  1. Cold and hot climates.
  2. Humid environment.
  3. When using corrosive materials.

Besides, smooth bottle surfaces will provide a perfect bond than rough bottle surfaces.

If the removable label stays on the bottle for long, the label will tend to stick permanently.

· Non-removable Labels

This type of label is suitable if you are planning to use the label once.

Non-removable labels have a strong adhesive making them permanently stick on the surface of bottles.

The label adhesive should have a peel, tack, and sheer capabilities for a reliable bond.

How long this label will stick on the surface of a bottle depends on:

  1. Environmental factors
  2. The adhesive
  3. The surface of the bottle
  4. Time of application
  5. Type of application

Ensure the adhesive you are using provides peel, tack, and sheer capabilities.

This will enable the bond to stay securely in place regardless of the environmental conditions.

What are the Applications of a Bottle Labeling Machine?

Various industries use a bottle labeling machine.

The advantage of this machine is that it can handle bottles of various shapes and sizes.

Here are some applications of a bottle labeling machine:

· Water Packing Industries

These industries will pack water in bottles, label it, and finally sell them.

· Pharmaceutical Industries

Major applications include dental products, syrup, medicine bottles, etc.

· Cosmetic Industries

Some examples include lotions, hair products, lip balm.

· Food Industries

Here you can label powders, dairy products, fruit juice, etc.

· Chemical Industries

It majorly includes products like hand sanitizers, dishwashing liquid, glue, rubber, pesticides, etc.

· Petroleum Industries

Examples include engine oils.

· Beverage Industries

These include soft drinks, beer, wine,  etc.

What Factors should you Consider when Selecting a Bottle Labeling Machine?

 Bottle labeling machine

 Bottle labeling machine

When buying a bottle labeling machine, it is vital to consider several factors.

These considerations will help you identify if the machine will meet your labeling needs.

· Budget

The money have will influence the bottle labeling machine you can select.

Fully automatic bottle labeling machines cost more than semi-automatic and manual machines.

· Labeling Needs

Make sure the bottle labeling machine you choose will meet your labeling strategies.

Take note of your production aspects like:

  1. Labeling speed
  2. Labor costs
  3. Setup cost and time
  4. Labeled units per day
  5. Type of label
  6. Shape of bottles

· Available Workspace

Ensure the bottle labeling machine will fit your production space.

For instance, automatic bottle labeling machines will require more space than manual bottle labeling machines.

· Type of Containers

The size and type of your bottle will determine the bottle labeling machine you will select.

There are specific bottle labeling machines that will handle specific bottle designs.

Some semi-automatic bottle labeling machines can only handle oval and round bottles.

Besides, you can find bottle labeling machines that can handle specialty bottles like cosmetic and wine bottles.

· Features of the Machine

Ensure you consider features such as:

  1. Bottle dimensions
  2. Technical specifications
  3. Label dimensions
  4. Maintenance

· Configurations of the Machine

Modern bottle labeling machines have several programmable configurations that will handle various labeling needs.

For instance, semi-automatic bottle labeling machines have fewer configurations that fully automatic bottle labeling machines.

·Quality Standards

To safeguard your business, purchase a bottle labeling machine that conforms to international standards.

· User-friendliness

It is vital to select a bottle labeling machine that is easy to use.

This ensures that your personnel can operate it without much training.

· Level of Automation

Manual bottle labeling machines always require human labor.

These machines are less expensive to purchase.

Also, their production capacity is lower than automatic machines.

Besides, automatic bottle labeling machines are costly to purchase but will have lower operating costs.

Automatic bottle labeling machines have a high production capacity and are reliable.

· Level of Integration

It is possible to use a bottle labeling machine with other machines.

For instance, you can integrate a bottle filling, capping, and packaging machine which will streamline your production.

Besides, all your production needs will happen within your workspace.

· Operating Environment

There are industries that work with harmful chemicals.

Select a bottle labeling machine that will withstand all these chemicals during the labeling process.

· Future Upgrades

There are instances that will make you expand your production.

Automatic labeling machines can handle such upgrades better than manual machines.

Some semi-automatic bottle labeling machines can accommodate such upgrades hence increasing their production capacity.

Select bottle labeling machines that can handle upgrades due to technological advancements.

What are the Components of a Bottle Labeling Machine?

Parts of labeling machine

machine especially when you are operating it.

This will assist you in troubleshooting certain problems.

Here are the components of a bottle labeling machine:

· Frame

This is the main part that will hold all the components of a bottle labeling machine together.

It is a durable strong stainless steel structure.

· Feeding System

This system ensures that all items enter the bottle labeling machine.

It will constantly feed the bottles to ensure uniformity in the labeling process.

· Conveyor System

The conveyor system will assist in moving items from one part of the machine to the other.

Setting the conveyor system will enable you to meet certain specifications during bottle labeling.

· Trays

Labels will be on the trays before the labeling process.

This part is on the upper portion of the machine for ease of access and feeding of labels.

· Control Panel

The operator will input labeling instructions via the touchscreen panel.

It also enables easy monitoring of the bottle labeling process.

· Rejection System

This system will eliminate all bottles that have labels with errors.

It automatically removes all labeling errors to ensure only quality labels move through.

· Motors

It is part of the electrical component that will assist in driving the bottle labeling machine.

The motor will convert electrical power to mechanical power.

Fully automatic bottle labeling machines have large motors that provide lots of mechanical force.

· Labeling Sensors

As a security feature, it will assist in detecting gaps between labels.

This system will automatically shut down the machine when such an error occurs.

· Peel Plates

This component will separate the backing paper from the labels.

The label moves in a straight line as the web sharply breaks over the peel plates.

· Labeling Station

This station has both the labeling head and labeling pad.

It assists in scenarios where it is impossible to print labels on containers.

· Roller Drive

This component pulls the web backing, thus starting and stopping on every labeling chain.

· Dancer’s Arm

This part assists the labeling process to begin smoothly.

It provides the tension that will stop the web roll from overfeeding, which will lead to wastage.

· Discharge Mechanism

During label printing, there might be errors with the print.

The system has configurations that will identify and prevent label offset.

· Safety Mechanism

The machine will come with emergency buttons to stop operations during emergencies.

It will cut off the power supply once the operator presses it.

This will minimize any damages.

How does Manual Bottle Labeling Machine compare to Fully Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine?

A manual bottle labeling machine always requires human involvement.

A fully automatic labeling machine will perform all tasks with no human involvement.

The manual machine is affordable than the fully automatic machine.

Once set, the fully automatic machine will label bottles for long hours while a manual machine is tedious to operate.

A high production rate is possible with fully automatic bottle labeling machines.

Integration of other production equipment is possible with an automatic bottle labeling machine.

Fully automatic bottle labeling machines come with sensors that will automatically eliminate bad labels.

A control panel makes it possible for a single operator to monitor and control a fully automatic bottle labeling machine.

The parts of a manual machine is easy to repair as it has less moving parts.

On the other hand, automatic bottle labeling machines have several moving parts hence repairing them is costly.

Using a manual bottle labeling machines may leave smudges on the bottle and labels making them less appealing.

What are the Benefits of using a Semi-automatic Bottle Labeling Machine?

Round bottle labeling machine

Round bottle labeling machine

There are several benefits to using a semi-automatic bottle labeling machine.

These benefits include:

· Increase in Production

This machine has a high production capacity than a manual bottle labeling machine.

· Affordable

It is cheaper than a fully automatic bottle labeling machine.

· Versatility

It is possible to label a variety of bottles with a semi-automatic bottle labeling machine.

· Upgrades

There is a possibility of converting some semi-automatic bottle labeling machines to a fully automatic bottle labeling machine when need arises..

· Ease of Use

Once you have the basics, you can easily operate a semi-automatic bottle labeling machine.

  • Portability

This machine is not too big for one to move around in the production plant.

What Types of Labeling Machines are available in the Market?

There are several labeling machines in the market.

Here are some of them:

· Print and Apply Labeling Machine

This machine has information in it that you can print on labels on demand.

Retailers use it to print weight and price at the point of sale.

The labels have barcodes that you can scan during checkout.

· Hot Melt Labeling Machine

This machine will heat the adhesive before you apply it to the products.

The adhesive is normally in a solid-state at room temperature.

· Wet Glue Labeling Machine

The machine will use an adhesive that is in s liquid state at room temperature.

It is common in wet environments such as beverage industries.

· Heat-seal Labeling Machine

This machine will apply pressure on labels that have a heat-sealable material.

· Pre-gummed Labeling Machine

These machines will apply labels that are pre-coated with glue.

To activate it, you will spray it will water for it to stick.

· Pressure-sensitive Self-adhesive Labeling Machine

This machine will use labels that already have glue.

The labels are on a release paper and need no water to make the adhesive sticky.

It has become the common label applicator in the market due to its simplicity.

How does a Bottle Labeling Machine Operate?

Different bottle labeling machines work with the same principle.

Here, we shall look at the steps on how an automatic bottle labeling machine operates:

· Feeding Bottles

First, you will feed bottles on the hopper which will direct them to the labeling station via the conveyor system.

· Labeling

Most labels already have prints on them and in the correct size.

The label and bottles are in synchrony during the labeling process.

This ensures that the label properly sticks on the bottles.

In-feed systems make sure the bottles have correct spacing before labeling

System wheels pull tags in an alternating manner while the label extracts from the roll paper.

Automatic systems will release labels for application on the bottles in the correct position.

· Ejection

Sensors will determine if the labels are in the correct position before moving to the next stage.

Once the system approves the bottles, they move to the filling or packaging station.

The machine will reject bottles that do not have proper labels.

How should you Maintain a Bottle Labeling Machine?

Maintaining a bottle labeling machine ensures that it operates optimally and is long-lasting.

Replace all worn out parts such as feed rollers as they might tear the label web.

Gently wipe and dust the sensors to ensure they work properly.

Regularly analyse the cleanliness of the photoelectric sensors.

Replace all faulty electrical components as it may lead to electric shocks and chances of fire breaking out.

Apply an anti-rust treatment on stainless and iron parts.

Use a swab dipped in alcohol to wipe clean the cutter blade as it may affect the label while cutting.

Clean the conveyor system by removing dust, glue, or labels that might have got stuck.

Lubricate moving parts to minimize tear and wear.

Ensure all parts are working properly by conducting frequent inspections bi-annually or annually.

What Quality Standards should a Bottle Labeling Machine Conform to?

Conforming to international quality standards ensure the health and safety of personnel and the general public.

Here are some of the quality standards:

· The European Union [CE Marking]

All companies in the world accept this quality standard even though it applies majorly to European Economic Areas.

· Good Manufacturing Practices [GMP]

Good Manufacturing Practice quality standard ensures that a bottle labeling machine:

  1. The manufacturing of the machine is consistent.
  2. The machine conforms to international quality standards.
  3. Produces quality labels.

· Food and Drug Administration [FDA]

FDA will ensure the protection of public health.

How can a Bottle Labeling Machine Boost your Business?

A bottle labeling machine is beneficial to your business in various ways such as:

· Lower General Expenses

Automatic bottle labeling machines are costly to buy.

It will require less human involvement during the labeling process therefore lowering operational costs

In contrast, there are manual bottle labeling machines that are less costly but have a high operating expense.

· Increase in Production Capacity

Using automatic bottle labeling machines will increase your labeling output thus meeting your client needs quickly.

· Quality Labeling

A bottle labeling machine ensures that all bottles have quality labels for easy identity and reading by consumers.

· Bottle Variety

Bottle labeling machines can assist you in labeling bottles of different shapes and sizes.

Fully automatic bottle labeling machine

Fully automatic bottle labeling machine

What Details should be on the Label that a Bottle Labeling Machine Applies?

A good label should have the following details:

  • Manufacture and expiry date
  • Name, address, and location of the manufacturer
  • Description of contents in bottles
  • Ingredients of contents in bottles
  • Nutritional information
  • Allergy warnings
  • Net weight
  • Batch number
  • Storage instructions

What are the Main Trends in Bottle Labeling?

Here are some trends in labeling:

· Digital Label Printing

This will enable customization and increase production speed.

· Recyclable Labels

The focus on recycling products is increasing, hence new developments are happening here as well.

· Lightweight Labels

Benefits will include a reduction in paper and adhesive usage.

· Premium Labels

High-quality labels with quality images, varnishes, and embellishments will influence consumer demands.

· Automation in Printing Labels

This enables streamlining and integration, thus maximizing the efficiency of the labeling operations.

What are the Features of a Bottle Labeling Machine?

The features of a bottle labeling machine will determine its capabilities.

Here are some of the features:

  • PLC with a touchscreen panel
  • High production speeds
  • Accurate label placement
  • Low downtime when conducting a changeover
  • Resilient durable stainless steel 304 body
  • GMP design
  • Suitable for glass, plastic, tin, or corrugated containers
  • Servo motors

What Factors Determine the Price of a Bottle Labeling Machine?

Several factors determine the price of a bottle labeling machine.

Some of them include:

· Production Rate

Bottle labeling machines with a high labeling rate will cost more than those with a low labeling rate.

·  Level of Automation

The technology in fully automatic bottle labeling machines makes them expensive than manual and semi-automatic labeling machines.

· Bottle Versatility

Bottle labeling machines that can handle different shapes and sizes of bottles will cost more.

  • Size

Large bottle labeling machines cost more than small portable bottle labeling machines.

What is the Cost of a Bottle Labeling Machine?

A bottle labeling machine will cost anywhere from 100 US dollars to 200000 US dollars.

What are the Qualities of a Good Label that a Bottle Labeling Machine can apply?

Depending on the product, labels come in various forms.

Here are some qualities of a good label that you can use:

  • Clear images
  • Use complementary or bold colors
  • Good fonts
  • Include fun facts Bottle labeling machine

 Bottle labeling machine

What is the Difference Between Permanent and Removable Bottle Labels?

A permanent bottle label is one that you cannot remove from the bottle once you apply it.

A removable bottle label is one that you can peel off from the bottle even after application.

Can you Integrate Bottle Labeling Machine with Packaging Machine?

Yes, you can integrate a bottle labeling machine with a packaging machine.

This is possible when using an automatic bottle labeling machine as it is versatile.

Integrating these two will streamline your production process.

At SaintyCo, we offer a range of labeling machines to help you skyrocket your business.

Contact us now for all bottle labeling machine needs.

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