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LPB-700 Bottle Unscrambler

LPB-700 Bottle Unscrambler


Plastic round bottles, plastic square bottle, some plastic heterogenic bottles.


  • 6” Touch Screen with Intelligent Self-Programmed provides for ease of operation.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Bottle Orientating assembly is accurate, adjustable and user friendly.
  • All 304 Stainless Steel Construction to meet the cGMP Standard.

LPB-700 Bottle Unscrambler

Technical SpecificationsLPB-700
OutputUp to 120 pcs/min
Turntable diameter600-750mm
Bottle body diameter(25 mm ~ 75 mm)
Bottle Height30 ~ 120 mm
Power Consumption0.7Kw
Voltage220V 50/60Hz
Machine Dimensions1065×1600 x1260 mm

LPB-700 Bottle Unscrambler Component List

1Touch ScreenGermanySIEMENSSmart 700 IE-7”1
3Expansion UnitGermanySIEMENSEM232CN1
4InverterGermanySIEMENSSINAMICS V20-120W2
5Photoelectric SensorJapanTanasonicCX-142-DC24V2
6Speed ControllerChinaMailiUS-52-AC25W1
7Gear Motor UnitChinaMaili5RK90RGU-YF-I251
8Gear Motor UnitChinaMaili5RK120RGU-YF-I251
9Gear Motor UnitChinaMaili4RK25RGN-C-I101
10Circuit BreakersGermanySchneiderOSMC32N2C16-400V1
11Power SupplyGermanySchneiderABL2REM24020H1
13Emergeneey Stop SwitchGermanySchneiderZB2-BS54C+ZB2-BZ102C1

LPB-700 Bottle Unscrambler

Bottle Unscrambler: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers all the vital information you need to know about bottle unscrambler.

It includes quality standards, benefits, parts, and working principles, amongst other vital aspects.

So, before buying bottle unscrambler read this guide.

What is a Bottle Unscrambler?

 Bottle un scrumbler machine

Bottle unscrambler

A bottle unscrambler is a machine that will feed empty bottles on a constant and regular basis.

The bottle unscrambler will sort and unscramble the containers from the hopper to the production line conveyor belt.

Besides, the empty bottles will go for filling, decoration, labeling, and then packaging in the production line.

Why do you need a Bottle Unscrambler?

There are many advantages to using a bottle unscrambler.

Some of the reasons include:

· Production Capacity

A bottle unscrambler operates at a high-speed, meaning you will have a high production capacity.

· Changeover of Parts

A bottle unscrambler has no changeover of parts at bottle changing.

This capability provides a minimum time for bottle change.

· Increase in Efficiency

A bottle unscrambler ensures no wastages happen to resources that you will use in the production line.

It unscrambles all bottles efficiently and recycles all that have undergone rejection.

· Variety of Bottles

A bottle unscrambler can unscramble several types and shapes of bottles.

It can unscramble round, square, oval, etc., bottle shapes.

A bottle unscrambler can also arrange unsymmetrical shapes of bottles.

· Cost Saving

A bottle unscrambler may cost a lot to purchase.

Despite the purchase price, it is cost-effective in the production process.

For instance, you will require less personnel to operate it.

· Ease of Operation

A bottle unscrambler is easy to run.

This is because it has a Programmable Logic Controller and Human Machine Interface.

These components make it possible to input instructions from a central point, and the machine will operate independently.

· Ease of Adjustment

It is easy to adjust a bottle unscrambler, meaning you will save a lot of time.

This also ensures you reduce the downtime.

· Reliability

A bottle unscrambler can serve you for several years without breaking down.

This enables you to meet your production needs, make sales, and net profits.

· Material

The body and components of a bottle unscrambler are mainly durable stainless steel.

This makes it resistant to rust.

It also ensures the containers do not experience flaking, scuffing, chipping, or any cosmetic damage.

What are the Bottle Unscrambler Machine Parts?

A bottle unscrambler has many components that all work together in the bottle unscrambling process.

Some of the main parts of a bottle unscrambler include:

  • Hopper – The hopper holds the empty bottles before unscrambling takes place.
  • Taper plate – The taper plate allows the easy flow of bottles.
  • Turntable – The turntable will orient all the bottles in a desirable position.
  • Tooling channel – The tooling channel will ensure all empty containers are in a proper position.
  • Agitator – The agitator is also known as the aligner. Also, the agitator will ensure no bottles jam against each other or in the machine.
  • Blower – The blower is a fan. Besides, the blower, just like the agitator, assists in ensuring no bottles jam against each other or the machine.
  • Chute – The chute will transfer the empty bottles from the hopper to the turntable.
  • Motors – Motors will provide rotational movement to the shafts.
  • Gears – Here, the gears will increase or reduce the speed at which the machine operates.
  • Cams – The cams provide the frame and support to the bottle unscrambler.
  • Guides – Also, the guides will invert and orient the bottles in the unscrambling process.
  • Human Machine Interface [HMI] – This component allows the operator to monitor the unscrambling process. The HMI also allows the operator to input instructions to the machine.
  • Conveyor system – The conveyor system will guide the empty bottles from one part of the machine to the other.
  • Rate meter – The rate meter or the electronic bottle counter will calculate the number of empty bottles that have undergone unscrambling.

What is Bottle Unscrambler Machine Principle of Operation?

Here are the steps of how a bottle unscrambler operates:

  • Loading Stage

In the loading stage, you will feed a lot of empty bottles in the hopper.

  • Distribution Stage

In the distribution stage, the empty bottles will go to the centrifugal feeder known as the turntable.

The turntable will direct the empty bottles to the periphery of the bowl then drop them into the tooling chamber.

  • Selection Stage

In the selection stage, air jets that have air ensures the empty bottles are in a proper position.

If the bottles arrive in the wrong position, the machine will turn it 180 degrees topside down via the orienting guides.

The machine air rinses the bottles using the nozzles below them.

  • Descent Stage

In the descent stage, the empty bottles will fall through funnels on their weight to the discharge conveyor.

The empty bottles are always in an upright position before they proceed to the next phase.

  • Outfeed Stage

After which, the empty and upright bottles move to the discharge conveyor.

The conveyor belt has a vacuum that ensures smooth transfer of empty bottles from one point to the next.

What are the Technical Specifications of a Bottle Unscrambler?

The technical specifications of a bottle unscrambler will differ from one unscrambler to the next.

Here are some technical specifications you can find on a bottle unscrambler:

  • Bottle unscrambler has an output of between 60 to 300 bottles per minute.
  • Hopper can store up to 2500 empty bottles at a given time.
  • Machine can measure 2500 mm [L] by 1300 mm [W] by 1600 mm [H].
  • Conveyor belt has a height exit of between 800 mm to 1000 mm.
  • Material for the body is high-quality stainless steel.
  • An ionized cleaning jet provides cleaning to the machine.
  • It comes with a Programmable Logic Controller [PLC] and a Human Machine Interface [HMI].
  • This equipment features a heavy-duty and vibration-free body.
  • It also has a noise and dust resistant design.

What Features should you Consider when Purchasing a Bottle Unscrambler?

Bottl unscrumbler machine

Bottle unscrambler machine

The features you should consider when purchasing a bottle unscrambler will vary depending on your production needs.

A good bottle unscrambler has to have some features regardless of the type of machine you purchase.

Some of the features you should consider are:

  • Versatility

Normally, the bottle unscrambler should be versatile enough to allow the adaptation of future bottles.

The machine should be able to handle a wide range of bottle sizes, shapes, and materials.

  • Bottle Changeover

The bottle unscrambler should allow quick bottle changeovers to reduce downtime.

All the changes should be tool-free and easy to perform by non-qualified staff.

  • Simple design

The bottle unscrambler should be simple in its design, which will reduce maintenance and spare parts.

  • Ejection of Defective Bottles

The bottle unscrambler should automatically eject defective bottles to eliminate unnecessary stoppages in the production line.

For instance, the machine can detect a bottle with large dimensions that those acceptable.

Also, the machine should activate the air jet that has compressed air to eject the bottle hence avoiding possible production stoppages.

  • Bottle Handling

The bottle unscrambler should be able to handle the bottles softly to ensure the quality of the bottles remains intact.

For instance, the bottles can move by their weight or with the help of blow air jet systems.

There should be no mechanical parts applying pressure on the surface of the empty bottles.

This will reduce deforms and scratches.

  • Supervision

The bottle unscrambler should operate with no direct supervision.

This feature will reduce the cost of maintaining personnel.

What types of bottle unscramblers are available in the market?

There are several bottle unscramblers available in the market today.

Some types of bottle unscramblers include:

· Vision-Based Unscramblers

A vision-based unscrambler uses cameras and sensors to align and position the bottles in the system.

Vision-based unscramblers are costly and increase the overall cost of the production system.

· Linear Bottle Unscrambler

A linear bottle unscrambler is a horizontally spread unscramble that needs a lot of ground.

This means you require a lot of floor space to install this machine.

Also, this will increase the production and assembly time in the production plant.

· Gravity Based Unscrambler

A gravity unscrambler will use catchers and vacuum settles.

These components are expensive.

· Rotary Bottle Unscrambler

A rotary bottle unscrambler will rearrange many empty bottles in a stable orientation.

Besides, a rotary bottle unscrambler will reduce human resources and you can automate it using a hopper and sprocket mechanism.

Which Industries use a Bottle Unscrambler?

Several industries that package their contents into bottles use a bottle unscrambler.

Some of these industries include:

  • Cosmetic industries
  • Food industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Beverage industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Water bottle packaging industries
  • Oil packaging industries
  • Medical industries
  • Agricultural industries
  • Dairy industries

Most of these integrate bottle filling machines with bottle unscrambler equipment. It is common in both liquid filling machine and powder syrup filling machine.

What are the Advantages of Using an Automatic Bottle Unscrambler?

There are many advantages to using an automatic bottle unscrambler.

Some of these advantages include:

  • An automatic bottle scrambler will occupy a minimal work area.
  • The bottle scrambler accomplishes all the tasks independently with minimal to no human involvement.
  • Easy to load bottles and access the hopper.
  • It has a high output capacity.
  • Suitable for handling a wide array of bottles.
  • It is highly efficient and reliable.
  • Uses a simple mechanism.
  • The machine maintains high hygiene standards, which are vital in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • There are no interruptions during the unscrambling process.
  • The machine offers more flexibility when it comes to future bottles.
  • Also, the machine is easy to operate.
  • This machine requires less maintenance due to its simple mechanism.
  • Machine eliminates hang-ups of bottles.
  • The machine is cost-effective in the long run.
  • This equipment is user friendly as it has PLC and HMI systems.

What Types of Conveyors can a Bottle Unscrambler use?

Conveyors will transfer bottles from one part of the machine to the next.

Conveyors can come in straight parts or curve parts.

The conveyors can work in one position or with an inclination.

Some of the conveyors that a bottle unscrambler can use include:

  • Vacuum conveyors
  • Air conveyors
  • Line connectors or dividers
  • Plate conveyors
  • Buffer or rotary conveyors
  • Roll conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Belt conveyors

How does a Bottle Unscrambler Remove Foreign Material from the System?

A bottle unscrambler will remove foreign material such as dust, carbon lint, or dirt by using a combination of:

  • Effective and efficient positive vacuuming.
  • Inverting the bottles.
  • High-pressure ionized air with an ionizing status monitor.

How can a Bottle Unscrambler help your Business?

A bottle unscrambler will help your business in many ways.

 Bottle unscrumbler machine

Bottle un scrumbler machine

Here are some reasons as to how a bottle unscrambler may help your business:

  • Flexibility

A bottle unscrambler can perform its tasks on a wide array of bottles of different shapes and sizes.

  • Efficiency and Reliability

A bottle unscrambler will correctly arrange bottles over and over again without fail.

  • Integration with other Machines

There are many machines you can integrate with a bottle unscrambler in the production line.

Such machines include a bottle filling machine, bottle labelers, automatic assembly systems, etc.

  • Cost Reduction

The initial price of a bottle unscrambler may be high.

In the long run, a bottle unscrambler will reduce your recurring costs as it can operate with minimum human involvement.

  • Hygiene Standards

A bottle unscrambler will ensure the bottles are clean with no contaminations as there is no physical handling of the bottles.

  • Increase in Profits and Sales

Using a bottle unscrambler will increase your production levels.

This means you will meet your production capacity and your client’s needs.

  • Time-saving

A bottle unscrambler will assemble a lot of bottles in a short duration hence, saving you time.

This is not possible if you were to use human labor to arrange the bottles.

What are the Limitations of a Bottle Unscrambler?

The limitations of a bottle unscrambler should not deter you from purchasing one and using it in your production plant.

Some of the limitations include:

  • Cost

The initial cost of purchasing a bottle unscrambler may be high depending on the capacity of the machine.

Also, the cost, however, depends on the type, material, production capacity – among others – of the bottle unscrambler.

  • Space

When using a bottle unscrambler, you need a lot of space in your production plant.

This space allows you to install and operate the machine with ease.

For instance, commercial bottle unscramblers require a lot of working space.

  • Production Capacity

The production capacity will depend on the type of bottle unscrambler you use.

For instance, expensive and large bottle unscramblers will have a high production capacity than their cheap small counterparts.

  • Human Labor

When you are using a semi-automatic or manual bottle unscrambler, you will need some personnel to operate the machine.

This means you will have some recurring costs.

  • Flexibility

Some bottle unscramblers may not have the ability to accommodate a wide array of bottles.

This will limit you from meeting some production needs.

What Quality Standards should a Bottle Unscrambler Conform to?

Bottle unscramblers should conform to quality standards for health and safety reasons.

Some of the quality standards include:

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices [cGMP]
  • Food and Drug Administration [FDA]
  • CE mark of quality
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances [RoHS]
  • International Organization for Standardization [ISO]

How do you Determine the Bottle Unscrambler Machine Price?

The price of a bottle unscrambler depends on several factors.

Such factors include:

  • Manufacturer

Different manufacturers will price their bottle unscramblers differently.

  • Usage

Brand new bottle unscramblers will cost more than second-hand bottle unscramblers.

  • Production capacity

If a bottle unscrambler has a high production capacity, it will cost more than that which has a low production capacity.

  • Country of Origin

The price of a bottle unscrambler will depend on the country of origin.

For instance, countries that have readily available raw material will manufacture the bottle unscrambler at a lower cost.

  • Manufacturing Costs

If the cost of manufacturing a bottle unscrambler is high, the final price of the machine will also be high.

  • Competition

Manufacturers will try to match their prices with that of the competitors and adjust it accordingly.

  • Material

A high-quality bottle unscrambler will cost more than those that use cheap materials to manufacture the machine.

What Types of Bottles can you use in a Bottle Unscrambler?

A bottle unscrambler should be flexible enough to accommodate a large variety of bottles.

Some of the bottles you can use with a bottle unscrambler include:

  • Cylindrical bottles
  • Conical bottles
  • Asymmetrical bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bottles

What Support Equipment can you use with a Bottle Unscrambler?

Some of the equipment you can use with a bottle unscrambler include:

Why Should you Clean and Maintain a Bottle Unscrambler?

Cleaning and maintaining a bottle unscrambler will ensure that:

  • Machine lasts for a long time.
  • Cost of maintenance will be low.
  • The machine does not break down.
  • The machine meets its production capacity.

How does a fully automatic and manual bottle unscrambler compare?

A fully automatic bottle unscrambler requires minimum personnel than a manual bottle unscrambler.

Also, a fully automatic bottle unscrambler will cost more than a manual bottle unscrambler.

Normally, a fully automatic bottle unscrambler has a high production capacity than a manual machine.

A fully automatic bottle unscrambler can accommodate a wide array of bottles than a manual machine.

It is easy to operate an automatic bottle unscrambler than a manual bottle unscrambler.

An automatic bottle unscrambler is efficient, reliable, and time-saving than a manual bottle unscrambler.

Besides, an automatic bottle unscrambler has software that you can easily update to the latest version.

Depending on your specific requirements, SaintyCo offers a range of bottle unscrambler machines.

For questions or inquiry, contact SaintyCo team now for free consultations.

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