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Lollipop Wrapping Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Your lollipop manufacturing plant is not complete without a lollipop wrapping machine.

A reason this guide will explore everything you need to know about lollipop wrapping machine.

From features, working principle, design, benefits, to technical specifications, amongst other critical aspects.

So, before investing in a new lollipop wrapping machine, read this guide.

What is Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

It refers to an electromechanical device used for casing, covering, or enfolding different types of lollipops in films automatically.

The design of this equipment features a converter mechanism for enfolding the ball lollipops.

This machine uses a thin film paper cut into the required size to wrap lollipops individually.

Lollipop wrapping machine guarantees lower film cost for each suck-pop.

Also, it can use different foil designs such as black, gold, etc., to wrap different lollipops.

Moreover, it provides a uniform wrapping for all the lollipops, ensuring they all attain a similar appearance.

 lollipop wrapping machine

 lollipop wrapping machine

Which are the Types of Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

Ideally, there are three major types of lollipop wrapping machines based on the specific wrapping solution they provide.

They include the following;

Bunch Wrapping Machine

It is a type designed to cover the lollipops and only twisted tightly at the joint between the lollipop and the lolly stick.

bunch wrapping machine

 bunch wrapping machine

Pillow Wrapping Machine

This wrapping machine is designed to enfold the entire lollipop surface, including the lolly stick, to form a pillow-like cover.

pillow wrapping machine

 pillow wrapping machine

Twist Wrapping Machine

It is a wrapping machine, which wraps the lollipop by tightening both ends of the ball-lollipop.

Unlike bunch wrapping machine, which offers a single twist, this specific one provides a double twist when enfolding the lollipop.

twist wrapping machine

Twist wrapping machine

Is there a Difference Between Lollipop Pillow Wrapping Machine and Lollipop Flow Wrapping Machine?

Not necessarily.

lollipop flow wrapping machine

lollipop flow wrapping machine

Both lollipop pillow and flow wrapping machines use the same working principle to wrap lollipops.

They are integrated into the lollipop production line to enhance efficiency.

The main difference between these two types of wrapping machines revolves around the features and other technical specifications.

What are the Advantages of Automatic Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

It offers a wide range of benefits, including the following;

Improved Safety and Health

A typical automatic lollipop wrapping machine features several safety and health elements both to the operators and the surrounding.

It also has sensors, which immobilize its operation or makes it stop in case there is a safety concern or issue.

Enhanced Output

You can easily connect lollipop wrapping machine to the main production line, which in essence increases the ultimate output.

The automation features of this equipment also make it an ideal choice for improved productivity.

Improves Aesthetics of Lollipops

This machine wraps the lollipops with an attractive appearance and neat look.

Thus, it is a suitable choice for making your lollipops unique in the market.


In the long run, an automatic lollipop wrapping machine allows you to save a significant amount of money in many aspects.

It prevents paper wastage and reduces labor needs.

Better Hygiene

Using this machine prevents operator’s contact with the lollipops, which is vital in the production process of these products.


Automatic lollipop wrapping machine is super-fast and can easily wrap numerous lollipops within minutes.

This is vital since it allows you to save on time, which is essential, especially when you have a comparatively large order to fulfill.

Which are the Main Parts of Lollipop Wrapper Machine?

Ordinarily, a lollipop wrapping machine consists of numerous parts and components.

Some of these parts, however, tend to vary depending on specific models in different machines.

Nevertheless, the main parts you’re likely to find across different types of lollipop wrapper include the following;

  • Bucket conveyor – The essence of this part is to auto-feed lollipops into multi-head weigher. Its size varies depending on the actual size of the machine.
  • Multi-head weigher – It is designed to auto-weigh and fill the lollipop according to the preset weight.
  • Packing element – Often come in either horizontal or vertical configuration based on the design of the equipment. It auto-makes and auto-fills the paper film as the preset dimension.
  • Working platform – The component where the actual wrapping process takes place.
  • Checkweigher – Auto-checks the weight and reject overweight lollipop pieces.
  • Base machine frame – Designed to ensure the equipment is stable as it runs.
  • PLC control system – A LED touchscreen component displaying control functions of the machine.
  • Paper film feeder – Tasked with feeding the wrapping paper film into the machine for subsequent lollipop wrapping.
  • Sensors – These are modules, which transmit signals to electronic or computer units of the equipment to trigger the necessary response.
  • Dispatch chute – This is the section where wrapped lollipops leave the machine for packaging.

How Does Lollipop Wrapping Machine Work?

It is largely dependent on the specific type of lollipop wrapping machine you are using.

Nevertheless, several pieces of lollipop get into the wrapping machine via the bucket conveyor.

The product passes through a multi-head weigher to ensure the lollipop weighs as to the preset weight

It then moves to the working platform for wrapping.

Lollipop is placed into wrap film through a rotating chamber of compartment where the equipment is ready to wrap around the product.

The compartment compresses the lollipop into a single direction where the film from paper film feeder awaits to wrap the product.

Once wrapped, lollipop moves to the dispatch chute, where it is released for packaging.

Why is it Important to Invest Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

Wrapping is necessary to:

  • Protect handling of the lollipop, which is likely to cause contamination, odor, heat, moisture, and bacterial infection among others.

Therefore, you need a lollipop wrapping machine to guarantee ultimate hygiene and health safety measure in the production process.

  • Allow you to utilize maximum storage time with minimum or not quality deterioration at all.

Essentially, this important because it increases the shelf-life of the lollipop, which is vital in preventing losses.

  • Present these products to the customers in an enhanced and visually appealing aspect.

The importance of this is it increases the value of the product and creates a significant first-time impression.

  • Make it easy to handle the lollipops without necessarily damaging the pieces between the manufacturer and consumer.

What are the Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

When selecting an ideal lollipop wrapping machine, you need to consider several aspects.

They enable you to attain desired results, efficiency, and reliability when operating the wrapping machine.

Nevertheless, some of the main elements to always have in mind when selecting an ideal lollipop wrapping machine include the following;

  • Power rating of the equipment in terms of voltage and consumption.
  • Wrapping speed to determine whether it meets your production demands.
  • Ease of troubleshooting and servicing the machine if it develops technical or software hitches.
  • Number of operators you’ll need to work on the wrapping machine
  • Durability of the major parts and components to be replaced
  • The initial purchase cost in relation to your working budget
  • Safety features for both the machine, operators, and the surrounding in general
  • Size of the machine in relation to the available space in your workshop
  • Technical specifications of the lollipop wrapping machine

What Drives the Material Feeding System of Lollipop Packaging Machine?

Motor and a conveyor belt.

Ideally, there is a motor fitted and set to provide electromechanical energy to the material feeding system.

This electromechanical energy, when powered, drives the moving belts, thus driving the material feeding system of this equipment.

Can you Wrap Flat Lollipop Using Lollipop Wrapping Machine?


Technically, the wrapping mechanism of this machine is more or less the same for wrapping different types of lollipop products.

In many instances, you need to get the settings right for wrapping the flat lollipop, especially from the aspect of machine configuration.

Flat lollipops are mostly wrapped using a pillow wrapping machine, which seals both ends of the product tightly.

Are there 4-Side Seal Lollipop Wrapping Equipment?


There are specific lollipop machines designed for wrapping 4-side lollipop products.

4-side lollipops are mostly flat.

Such types of lollipop wrapper are ideal for stick-type lollipops in a sealed square wrapper from all its sides.

Most 4-side seal lollipop wrapping machines have more advanced and technical specifications such as upper and lower reels.

They also come with a side seal edge trimming device option, which is essential for clearing up any possible side sealing burrs.

What are the Crucial to Present when making Inquiry with Lollipop Wrapper Machine Supplier?

Anytime you intend to procure lollipop wrapping equipment from a supplier, there is a need to evaluate some critical information.

The essence of such information is that it provides clear details, which allows you to save time and ensure you get the suitable equipment.

Some of these information include the following;

Lollipop Size

In many instances, lollipops come in different sizes based on formula and density.

Essentially, size is a fundamental aspect that lollipop wrapping equipment suppliers must get correct.

Factors, which determine size of lollipop, in this case, include stick diameter and length, lollipop height, and diameter.

The overall height of the lollipop from the stick top to bottom is considered when figuring out the actual lollipop size.

The Capacity of Lollipop Production Line

You need to determine the number of pieces you can obtain from your production line within an hour.

The essence of this is it enables you to determine the specific type of ball lollipop suitable for your needs.

This should be based on the sets of lollipop wrappers you may require.

Lead Time for Lollipop Equipment

It is necessary to let the manufacturer know you need the lollipop wrapping machine within shortest time possible.

This makes it possible for you to get a faster response and relatively cost-effective rates when procuring the machine.

What is the Production Capacity of Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

The actual production capacity of a typical lollipop wrapping equipment is dependent on numerous variables such as the following;

Size – Ordinarily, bigger lollipop wrappers tend to have a higher production capacity than smaller ones.

Big machines are fitted with a number of significant properties ideal for propelling faster speeds, thus higher production capacity, and vice versa.

Automation level – Ideally, different lollipop wrapping machines have varied automation levels based on the specifications.

Nevertheless, fully automated lollipop wrapping machines have higher production capacities than semi-automated units.

Power rating – The machine voltage also influences the overall production capacity.

Essentially, a higher power rated lollipop wrapper is likely to yield higher lollipop pieces than a low power rated unit.

Type of lollipop wrapping – Different wrapping solutions pose different dynamics as far as the production capacity is concerned.

For instance, it is more likely to attain a higher production capacity in bunch wrapping lollipop machines than in pillow wrapping units.

Lollipop size – Technically, ball-type lollipops with bigger diameter tend to be relatively slow to produce compared to small-sized lollipops.

In other words, the overall production capacity of a typical lollipop wrapping machine is dependent on several factors like the few mentioned ones.

Can you Package Different Lollipop Sizes Using One Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

Ideally, this is dependent on the specific details of the lollipop sizes.

In some instances, it may require the change of feedings discs to match the respective size of lollipops you are wrapping using this machine.

Also, you may need to change a few parts and components to get the right setting of the specific sizes you are wrapping.

Some of these parts or spares include grips, belts, chains, and automatic feeding plates among others.

In other words, it is quite possible to package different lollipop sizes with a single machine, but it is always a hectic process changing the settings and parts.

Nonetheless, if the size difference between the two lollipops is marginal, it becomes easy to wrap them using one machine without changing parts.

Which are the Wrapping Styles of Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

There are four major styles a typical lollipop wrapping machine uses to enfold the products, which include the following;

Twist Wrap

In this wrapping style, the lollipop ends are twisted to act as a sealing.

Cellophane and stiff film generating cracking sound during unwrapping of the lollipop are often used in this wrapping technique.

4-Side Seal Wrap

It is a style, which entails sealing lollipop in square wrapping film from all its sides.

The machine wraps the lollipop and seals it using heat and glue.

Top Twist Wrap

This wrapping technique involves covering the lollipop ball surface and sealing it at the part where the stick joins the lollipop.

It is a dominant method that many users prefer.

Pillow Wrap

It is a lollipop wrapping method, which involves enfolding the whole lollipop surface, including the stick, to form a pillow-like cover.

What are the Wrapping Materials Used in Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

There are several types of lollipop wrapping materials you can use in particular wrapping equipment.

However, the ideal choice is dependent on a wide range of elements, including consumer preference and anticipated lollipop shelf-life.

The commonly used materials, nevertheless, include the following;

Polyvinyl Chloride – Commonly referred to as PVC, it is a synthetic plastic polymer available in a flexible option ideal for wrapping lollipops.

Oriented Polypropylene – Also known as OPP, it refers to a complex multi-layered plastic film designed to meet the precise lollipop wrapping requirements.

Polyethylene terephthalate – Often referred to as PET or PETE. This plastic film is a common thermoplastic resin usually used in lollipop wrapping needs.

Cast Unoriented Polypropylene – CPP is a relatively low-cost and low-density but high-performance plastic film.

It is transparent in its natural form, thus providing high optical clarity and superior strength for wrapping lollipops.

Can you Integrate Lollipop Wrapper Machine with other Candy Making Machines?


You can use this type of equipment with a wide variety of candy-making machines.

Always ensure you configure the settings appropriately to match the needs of the specific candies you are producing with other machines.

This is important since different candies usually require different types of wrapping solutions.

Here are some of the candy-making machines you can easily integrate with lollipop wrapping equipment;

  • Hard candy making machine
  • Soft candy making machine
  • Cookie capper machine
  • Toffee making machine
  • Chocolate making machine
  • Marshmallow making machine
  • Chewing gum making machine

Can you Label Using Lollipop Wrapping Machine?


Most modern lollipop-making machines are integrated with a labeling feature.

This makes it easy to use the machine for labeling the lollipops, depending on your preferred design.

Importantly, it is to ensure you get the right settings for a particular candy-making machine you are integrating with a lollipop wrapping machine.

Are there Ancillary Equipment for Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

Not really.

Most of the lollipop wrapping functions and other related parameters are performed within the wrapper.

Therefore, this equipment does not necessarily require any auxiliary machinery.

Can you Wrap all Types of Lollipop Stick Using Lollipop Wrapper Machine?


Lollipop wrapping machine has different settings for wrapping various types of lollipop sticks.

Therefore, it is quite easy to wrap numerous types of lollipop stick using this machine as long as you have put in the right settings.

Are there Free Spare Kits for Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

It is largely dependent on the specific manufacturer you are purchasing the lollipop wrapping machine from.

Some manufacturers will always provide specific spare kits for these machines, whereas others will require payment.

Thus, it is important to always inquire from the specific manufacturer to determine whether they offer free spare kits.

What is the Cost of China Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

There is no definite cost of a lollipop wrapping machine when buying it from China.

Essentially, China has several manufacturers of this type of unit, thus tend to vary in pricing.

Nevertheless, several factors also tend to influence the actual cost of this piece of equipment, which include the following;

Material used

In most instances, lollipop wrapping machines are made using either stainless steel or aluminum.

However, the former seems to be relatively costly than the latter.

All in all, the material plays an integral role in determining the actual pricing of this component.

Automation level

Technically, a fully automatic lollipop wrapping machine is relatively costly than a semi-automatic unit.

Of course, the former offers more advanced and sophisticated specifications than the latter, thus the cost difference.

Size and power rating

Mostly, large lollipop wrapping machines often have a better power rating, thus more expensive than its opposite alternative.


Different manufacturers also price their respective lollipop wrapping machines variedly depending on many factors.

Mostly, renowned and reputable brands tend to be more expensive than less known ones in the market.


Lollipop wrapping machines feature different specifications.

This specification often influence the cost of the machines since they offer different parameters of efficiency.

What are the Key Technical Specifications of Lollipop Packaging Equipment to Consider?

They are quite a lot, but it is always recommended to focus on the following elements;

Level of automation based on your production needs

  • Dimension
  • Torque control
  • Gross weight
  • Electric power rating
  • Speed and throughput
  • Production capacity
  • Dimension
  • Ease of integration into an existing production line

Can you Customize Lollipop Wrapping Machine?


custom lollipop wrapping machine

 custom lollipop wrapping machine

In many instances, the end-users often have specific preferences based on their respective demands.

This makes it possible for manufacturers to produce customized lollipop wrapping machines, which meet specific user needs.

What’s needed is to provide a design prototype of your preferred customized machine to the manufacturer.

The in-house designers will look into it, adjust the specifics where possible and approve the design prototype.

Once the design passes viability tests, it goes through the manufacturing process until its completion.

A test run is conducted to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the customized machine before it is delivered.

In other words, it is quite simple to order a customized lollipop wrapping equipment.

However, it is important to ensure you get it done from a reputable manufacturer with facilities and a skilled workforce.

Which are the Quality Standards for Lollipop Wrapping Machine?

It is always important to consider quality standards of lollipop wrapping machines when purchasing one.

The essence of these certifications is to guarantee the machine meets your needs and the stipulated regulatory requirements.

The commonly used quality standards include the following;

  • CE certificate (This is essential for cables, motors, and other electrical systems within the equipment)
  • SGS certificate
  • ISO 9001
  • American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices certificate (cGMP)

Is it Easy to Maintain Lollipop Wrapping Machine?


A typical lollipop wrapping machine is quite simple to maintain using the following ideas;

Always Replace Worn-out and Broken Parts Immediately

The simplest way to attain this is by running a computerized diagnostic test to establish the specific broken and worn-out components.

Running this type of computerized test also allows you to determine particular parts of the machine, which need repair.

Ensure you Lubricate all the Moving Parts

It is an important maintenance procedure since it reduces friction in moving parts.

Of course, this is essential because it enhances the efficiency of the machine and durability of parts.

Make sure you Clean the Equipment thoroughly after Using

Essentially, the design construction of this equipment makes it easy for you to clean it even during operation.

Cleaning is vital since it removes reside, deposits, and other unwanted fluids from drying on the material, leading to corrosion.

Apart from lollipop wrapping machine, you can also consider our chocolate wrapping machines such as chocolate foil wrapping machine, chocolate fold wrapping machine or chocolate coin wrapping machine.

Still, if you have any questions about this lollipop machine, feel free to contact SaintyCo engineers.

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