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Lollipop Making Machine: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Lollipop making machine is a piece of equipment often used for manufacturing different types of lollipop candy.

Other people refer to it as a sticky-pop machine or lolly manufacturing equipment depending on the specific target market.

It is available in different designs, sizes and features a variety of technical and structural specifications.

This guide explains all the fundamental elements regarding a typical lollipop making equipment.

As such, by the end of the article, you’ll have in-depth knowledge regarding different aspects surrounding this equipment.

And this is vital since it will allow you to make an informed decision, particularly when considering investing in this machine.

 Lollipop Making Machine

 Lollipop Making Machine

What are the Types of Lollipop Making Machines Available?

Ordinarily, this equipment is available in two major types, which include the following;

Fully-Automatic Lollipop Making Machine

As the name suggests, most of the parameters of this variant are automated. Therefore, it requires little to no manual input apart from controlling its various parameters for efficiency.

It is available in different sizes and capacities, suitable for small, medium, and industrial production demands.

Semi-Automatic Lollipop Making Machine

This variant features a few automated elements but also requires manual input in some of its operational aspects.

It is also efficient but comparatively slower than its fully automated option. Primarily, it is used for small and medium production capacity requirements.

What are the Main Uses of Lollipop Making Machine?

A typical lollipop manufacturing equipment is versatile and multifaceted. In essence, it means you can always use it to perform different tasks within an ordinary lollipop production line.

The major uses of this equipment include the following;

  • Mixing different raw materials for making lollipop candies. It features a mixing tank where numerous ingredients and thoroughly and homogeneously mixed.
  • Coating lollipop candies with a variety of coating materials based on type of ingredients mixed.
  • Wrapping and packing the lolly candies in different packages and batches depending on your needs.
  • Branding and labeling the suck pop with business name, graphics, or any other useful information for the consumer.
  • Evaluating the quality of final product to ensure it matches the stipulated legal and consumer requirements.

Why is Lollipop Making Machine a Worthy Investment?

An ideal lollipop manufacturing machine offers a wide range of benefits, making it a suitable investment.

Some of the advantageous reasons why you need to invest in this machinery include the following;

  1. Guarantees increased lollipop making production at any specific cycle
  2. Features different automated functions integrated into user-friendly human-machine interface thus easier to control different parameters.
  3. Comes with a solid stainless steel framing construction, making it sturdy and exhibit incredible resistance to a variety of harsh conditions.
  4. Offers faster turnaround when producing different types of lollipop products by reducing downtime and cost but increasing throughput.
  5. It is cost-effective, given it rarely requires human labor since most of the parameters are automated.
  6. Offers safety both to the user and the surrounding since it features several safety elements such as sensors and immobilizers.
  7. It is user-friendly and doesn’t necessarily require in-depth knowledge and skills to operate and maintain it.
  8. Provides incredible reliability, efficiency, and performance with high accuracy in the overall lollipop manufacturing.
  9. Offers exceptional hygienic handling of the lolly products since base material and a host of other components feature anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion elements.
  10. Guarantees unmatched versatility, which is critical in a lollipop production line to increase efficiency, production speed, and volume.

Which are the Main Parts of Lollipop Making Machine?

A typical lollipop manufacturing equipment features a host of parts and components. Each part in this machine plays a specific role and are all integrated to provide desired results throughout the production process.

Even so, the actual parts available in this equipment often vary from one model to another.

But the main components you’re likely to find across different models include the following;

 Semi-Automatic Lollipop Making Machine

Semi-Automatic Lollipop Making Machine

  1. Control Panel – It is a unit where different automated parameters are displayed, monitored, and regulated.

This unit features a LED touchscreen for displaying information and other details surrounding the equipment.

  1. Conveyor Unit – Features a specific number of moving belts, rails, and tubes for transporting materials to different stations within the equipment.
  • Hopper – This is a cylindrical or funnel-shaped container located at the top of the machine for holding and feeding ingredients into the machine.
  1. Electric Unit – It contains various electrical components integrated into the device to relay specific electrical functions.

The essence of this unit is to ensure seamless conversion of electrical energy in useful capacities for operating the machine.

  1. Mixing Tank – A relatively large container designed for heating and mixing different lolly ingredients to a homogenous recommended substrate.
  2. Cooling Tunnel – It is a reasonably elongated tunnel with an in-built cooling system designed for eliminating excess heat from processed lollipop products.
  • Sensors – Refer to devices, subsystems of modules, which detect changes or events within the equipment while it operates.

Technically, sensors relay signals to the machine’s Electronic Computer Unit (ECU) to activate the necessary response. They are several in a lollipop making machine designed for particular functions.

  • Molding Unit – It consists of different lollipop molds featuring various designs and shapes for forming the products into required configuration.
  1. Pressure Unit – This part is designed to regulate air systems within the lollipop manufacturing machine.
  2. Dispatch Chute – It is the component where the already molded lollipop products use to leave the equipment for wrapping and packaging.

How Does Lollipop Making Machine Work?

Ideally, the working principle of lollipop making equipment is reasonably broad. In other words, it entails several aspects integrated to deliver a seamless operation throughout the manufacturing process.

Notably, this machine works with a host of other equipment integrated to perform various functions at different stages.

An overview of how the machine works entails the following;

In general, though, the process starts with melting ingredients, consisting of sugary elements such as sucrose. Other ingredients include water and glucose.

Heating takes place in a mixing tank at a set temperature of about 110° C to form a homogenous syrup.

Ingredients melting occurs at the melting tank, mixer, or cooker based on the setting of a particular lollipop making equipment and production line.

After melting, the ingredients go to a storage tank and stay for a particular period awaiting next stage. The syrup is heated in a micro-film cooker to a higher temperature of up to 145° C.

Essentially, this is to enhance lollipop taste and, at the same time reducing moisture level of the syrup.

After cooling, lollipop candies are deposited into depositing tank to cool further before they move into a molding unit. The molds come in different shapes, sizes, and designs based on your preference.

What follows next is plugging of lolly sticks into the molds using a stick plugging machine. For small-scale production, you may manually plug the sticks into the respective mold.

The molded lollies with attached sticks move out of the equipment via a dispatch chute to wrapping and packaging machine.

What are the Factors to Consider when Purchasing Lollipop Making Machine?

Ordinarily, purchasing an ideal lollipop manufacturing equipment is quite a significant investment. Therefore, you ought to ensure you carry out due diligence to guarantee you a machine, which fits most if not all your demands.

One way of attaining this is by looking into some critical factors surrounding the equipment, which affect efficiency, reliability, and overall performance.

Some of these elements include the following;

  • Technical and structural specifications of the lolly making equipment
  • Overall durability of the main parts and components
  • Power rating in terms of energy consumption and voltage
  • Production volume with a specific timeframe
  • Safety features
  • Machine size in relation to your workspace
  • Number of operators you’ll need at any production cycle
  • Ease of troubleshooting, maintenance, and service
  • User-friendliness
  • Level of automation; whether fully or semi-automatic
  • Initial purchasing cost in relation to your budget
  • Overall running cost of the machine
  • Availability and cost of spare parts
  • Aftersales customer support
  • Warranty

All these are vital elements you must consider when purchasing this equipment. They play critical roles in determining the overall efficiency and performance of the machine in the lollipop production process.

What is the Standard Production Capacity of Lollipop Making Machine?

There is no definite standard production capacity for this equipment. Essentially, it varies from one model to another based on a host of variables.

Power rating is one of the variables, which determine the specific production capacity of lollipop making machine. An equipment with a higher power rating is likely to have a larger production capacity and vice versa.

Size is another element, which influences the particular production volume of a lollipop making machine. Most big machines are designed for industrial production demands, thus likely to have higher capacity.

On the other hand, compact or medium size designs are suited for small-scale production.

Another fundamental determinant of lollipop manufacturing equipment production capacity is automation level. Technically, a fully automatic unit is bound to have a higher production volume than a semi-automatic option.

In this case, most parameters in the former tend to follow various prompts concurrently, thus increasing production speed.

Notably, an ordinary lollipop making machine has a production capacity of about 250kg/hour. However, you can always get high-end units with more significant production capacity.

Moreover, you can also get a customized design, which has personalized capacity based on your production demands.

How Much Does Lollipop Making Machine Cost?

There are a host of factors, which determine the actual price of a typical lolly making equipment, such as follows;

  • Size and power rating
  • Automation level of the equipment
  • Construction material
  • Particular brand model
  • Technical and structural features
  • Production capacity
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Customization needs

All these are among the major factors, which determine the actual cost of this machine.

The higher the power voltage and the bigger the machine, the more expensive it will be to purchase the unit. Fully automatic machines tend to be costlier than semi-automatic machines.

A lollipop machine with stainless steel construction is often more expensive than other materials such as aluminum. Also, many manufacturers tend to offer better discounts when you purchase more than one unit.

Nevertheless, the pricing for a basic lollipop making machine starts from around US $15,000. But you can find a high-end industrial unit going up to about US $100,000 depending on the factors mentioned above.

What is the Difference between Flat Lollipop Making Machine and Ball Lollipop Making Machine?

The significant difference between flat and ball lollipop making machines lies in the shape of the final product. As the names suggest, the former produces flat-shaped suck pops, whereas the latter yields ball-shaped lolly products.

However, this can be occasioned by the machine settings and type of lollipop molds used.

Otherwise, all other aspects of these machines are similar, including the working principle. In essence, you can use both of them interchangeably, provided you key in the right settings use correct molds.

Rotary Flat Lollipop Making Machine

Rotary Flat Lollipop Making Machine

What are the Salient Technical Specifications of Lollipop Making Machine?

Ideal suck-pop-making equipment features a wide variety of salient technical specifications. These specifications come in handy as far as safety, functional, operational, efficiency, and reliability of this unit are concerned.

However, they tend to vary from one machine model to another.

Nonetheless, the common specifications you can find across different models of this equipment include the following;

  1. Adopt power rating
  2. Temperature control ability
  • Electric heating source
  1. Solid stainless steel framing construction
  2. Ultra-speed electric stir blade for mixing ingredients
  3. Water heating ability
  • Incredible versatility – Can manufacture different lolly shapes and designs
  • Stainless steel finish – Improves overall hygiene in lollipop production and handling
  1. Hydraulic or manual operation options
  2. Auto-valve discharge system

What are the Best Maintenance Practices for Lollipop Making Machine?

An ideal way of optimizing the efficiency, reliability, performance, and reliability of this unit is by frequent maintenance.

The essential practices for maintaining this machine include the following;

  • Regular cleaning of different surfaces of this machine after use. It prevents unnecessary long term corrosion of the equipment from chemical, debris, or syrup spillage.
  • Lubricate all moving parts accordingly to create a seamless and smooth operation throughout.
  • Always replace any worn-out parts with manufacturer’s recommended and certified pieces.
  • Use the right diagnostic tools to troubleshoot and fix all the issues of the lollipop making machine accordingly.

How Do You Add Color and Flavor to Lollipop Making Machine?

Ordinarily, lollipop ingredients are usually heated and mixed in a mixing tank or cooker, depending on the machine’s model.

The syrup is further heated in a micro-film cooker up to a temperature of about 145° C. It at this stage that preferred flavors and colors are added to syrup since it has a relatively reduced moisture level.

This enables the flavors to integrate fully into the syrup before it dries and is molded into the candies to form a lollipop. It also makes it easy to attain homogenous taste and color when added at this stage.

Is there a Difference Between Small scale Lollipop Making Machine and Handmade Lollipop Making Machine?

Yes, there is a slight difference between these two sets of lollipop making machines. The design of a small-scale lollipop manufacturing machine is intended for relatively small volume production.

It is compact with moderate essential salient features include power rating. However, most of its functions are triggered either automatically or semi-automatically, depending on the settings.

Handmade lolly manufacturing machine is also designed for comparatively small-scale lollipop production. Even so, many parameters in this machine variant are activated manually or semi-manually.

The initial cost of purchasing small-scale lolly equipment is relatively high than that of a handmade lollipop manufacturing machine. However, the long-term operational cost of the former is more effective than the latter.

When it comes to maintenance, a small-scale variant is seemingly more demanding than a handmade lolly making machine.

Since the former is more automated, the ECU and other elements require a regular software update, which at times can be hectic. It also requires various diagnostic evaluations and other mechanical requirements.

However, it offers faster speeds more than a handmade lollipop making machine.

Small scale lollipop making machine

Small Scale Lollipop Making Machine

What Makes Automatic Lollipop Making Machine Better than Semi-Automatic Lollipop Making Machine?

The ever-advancing technology in the recent past makes a fully automatic lollipop making machine a better choice over a semi-automatic option.

Here are among the top reasons you ought to consider the former for your lolly making solutions;

  • Offers better overall hygiene in processing and handling different lollipop varieties. Essentially, it features self-cleaning features, which enhances hygiene.
  • Has faster and higher production volume since most of the parameters are automated. This increases turnover and subsequent profit, especially in lollipop commercial production.
  • Safety is guaranteed in an automatic lollipop making machine, given it features several sensors, which safeguard its operation.
  • It is reliable, efficient and guarantees incredible accuracy in the production process, enhancing the overall product quality.
  • Offers incredible user-friendliness since it features an integrated human-machine interface for easy control of different parameters.
  • Easy to maintain, service, and troubleshoot given the machine often come with user-manual. This enhances efficiency by reducing downtime and increasing throughput.
  • Improves the aesthetics of the lollipop products by guaranteeing quality uniformity, which also increases turnover and business reputation.

How Do You Make Center-Filled Lollipop Candy Using Lollipop Making Machine?

In this case, you need to find lollipop making equipment, which has depositors. Set the depositors to fill the material ingredients of flavor to a specific volume within a particular speed.

Alternatively, use the lollipop manufacturing machine to center fill the lollipops of various ingredients.

In other words, the entire process is pretty simple if you have equipment with depositors. All you’ll need is to set the depositors accordingly and allow the ingredients to fill them.

Can You Make Different Lollipops Candy Shapes with One Lollipop Making Machine?

Yes, all you need here are different lollipop molds with varying patterns, shapes, or configurations.

Once you have these molds, you can always use them interchangeably on the machine and attain the different lollipop shapes.

Which are the Main Equipment Integrated in Lollipop Production Line?

A typical lollipop production line consists of numerous machines incorporated to provide efficiency and desirable results. Of course, most of these production lines often vary depending on the specific types of lollipop products.

However, the main equipment you can always find across ordinary production lines of this product include the following;

  • Cooling Tunnel – It is a component designed to eliminate excess heat and reduce moisture content of syrup on the lollipop before wrapping and packing.
  • Coating Pan – This equipment creates an aqueous or organic film around the lolly product. It is available in different varieties based on the specific type of lollipop you are producing.
  • Extruder – It is used for completing extrusion process in a lollipop making machine.

An extruder comes with cylinders and barrels for heating the ingredients and propelling them to desired configuration through molding unit.

  • Mixer – This is a reasonably sizeable container designed for mixing various lollipop raw materials into a required standard. It forms homogenous concentrated syrup for making the lollipops.
  • Cooker – It the equipment where heating and melting of raw materials occur.
  • Pop Former – The design of this component is to allow it to form the lollipop based on your preference.

Other equally important additional equipment you can use on this machine include;

  • Seal wrapper
  • Sugar sender
  • Bunch wrapper
  • Stick pack
  • Quality checker

Lollipop Production Line

 Lollipop Production Line

What is the IP Rating of Lollipop Making Machine?

IP65 – It is the specific IP rating guaranteeing complete airtightness and agreeable water tightness.

Technically, the IP65 protection rating precludes any risk related to a fire outbreak if there is water seepage in the machine. This IP rating also prevents dust from getting into the machine and subsequently damaging it.

What are the Quality Standards of Lollipop Making Machine?

Lollipop making machine has various quality standards often depending on the target market. Usually, they are imposed at national, regional, and international levels.

The commonly used ones are as follows;

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

FDA, as it is commonly known, is a US-based agency responsible for protecting public health by testing and approving different food processing and manufacturing equipment.

  • CE Certification

It is an administrative marking exhibiting manufacturer’s affirmation of the equipment’s conformity with environmental, safety, and health protection standards. This quality standard is primarily dominant in the EU region but also accepted in other parts of the world.

  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)

RoHS, as it often referred to, is a quality standard confirming the proportion of harmful or challenging to dispose of substances is restricted to an acceptable maximum.

  • ASTM International

It is an agency tasked with developing and publishing different voluntary consensus technical standards for numerous materials and equipment.

Does Lollipop Making Machine Support Continuous Production?

Yes, this equipment features a production line designed to support continuous production. Technically, all equipment in a typical lollipop production line has specific roles in the production process.

Moreover, they are set, monitored, and controlled independently to guarantee efficiency, reliability, and accuracy.

What Types of Lollipop Molds Can You Use in a Typical Lollipop Production Line?

Essentially, lollipops are shaped or configured using different mold types. It is the reason you’ll find different shapes of the product in the market.

The commonly used variants include the following;

  • Silicone Lollipop Molds
  • Polycarbonate Lollipop Molds
  • White Plastic Lollipop Molds
  • Aluminum Lollipop Molds

Lollipop molds used in lolly production line have incredible resistance to temperature and easily tolerate high levels of up to 350° C and beyond.

Additionally, you can find them in different sizes, shapes, designs, and material construction, including stainless steel. Of course, this is imperative since it gives you as many options as possible to select one, which best suits your needs.

Metal Lollipop Mold

Metal Lollipop Mold

What are the Critical Safety Measures to Comply With When Operating Lollipop Making Machine?

Ideally, a standard lollipop making machine incorporates various safety features, which safeguard both the machine and operator. It is vital since it creates a safe working environment, which prompts peace of mind and, subsequently, high productivity.

However, there is a need to implement additional safety measures when operating this machine, which includes the following;

  • Make sure all the removable machine parts, such as rail guards, are correctly fit before you start operating it.
  • At no point should you try stopping the machine using any of your body parts, whether hands, fingers, leg, etc. Use the respective control buttons and always let the equipment stop naturally.
  • Be mindful of your surrounding by staying alert and knowing all potential hazards within the machine and the environment.
  • Never operate this machine without wearing relevant safety gear such as gloves, goggles, ear protection, safety shoes, etc. These safety gears come in handy in protecting you from potential hazardous occurrences like electric shock, chemical spillage, etc.
  • Stay awake and alert at all times when operating the machine. Always have enough rest before using the device and never attempt to operate it when feeling dizzy or unwell.
  • Take occasional breaks regularly since they allow you to stay alert and focused. Working for more extended periods without taking rests in between increases exhaustion, which leads to higher chances of accidents or hazardous situations.
  • Make sure you comprehend all the parameters and other operating features of this component. Read the user manual thoroughly to ensure you understand all the aspects of operating the device. Otherwise, seek assistance from skilled personnel before operating it.
  • Never take shortcuts in any aspect of operating the machine. Instead, stick to the correct procedures at all times.

How Do You Insert Lollipop Stick in a Lollipop Making Machine?

Typically, lollipop making equipment is integrated with a stick inserting machine filled with specific types of a stick. The sticks are configured in the machine to ensure they are placed on every cavity of hard candy molds.

What happens is the hot syrup flows into sprayed mold cavities, and stick insert machine positions every stick on respective mold cavity instantly. Once done, the syrup cools down at room temperature allowing the syrup to cure correctly for the sticks to wedge appropriately.

What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing Used Lollipop Making Machine?

Purchasing a used lolly making machine requires in-depth and meticulous research regarding the specific model. You need to look into various factors to guarantee you ideal efficiency, reliability, and service lifespan.

Some of the factors you must always consider when buying this type of lolly equipment include the following;

  • Maintenance History – Establish service history of major parts, current replacement needs, and frequency of care. Also, determine if there is any recurring mechanical issue that might become a bother once you purchase the machine.
  • Age – Find out the exact year of manufacture of the equipment and determine whether it is viable for your short or long-term production needs.
  • Listing Price – Do a valuation report from a reputable agency to determine whether the price matches listing price.
  • Buyer and Seller History – It enables you to establish whether you are dealing with a reputable seller. It also makes it easy for you to carry out transactions and other related paperwork.
  • Testing Opportunity – Get a chance to test the machine since it allows you to establish its overall working condition and state of most of its parts.
  • Production Line Compatibility – Determine whether it is compatible with your production line, whether new or existing.

Generally, purchasing a used lollipop making machine entails quite a risk and too demanding. Always consider purchasing new units, especially from a reputable manufacturer like us who offers flexible payment options.

We also offer a wide variety of models thus you can be sure of getting at least, what suit your specific production needs, whether for short or long term.

How Can You Attain Best Deals on Lollipop Making Machine?

When shopping for lollipop making equipment, it is always advisable to explore as many options as possible. It makes it easy for you to find the specific unit, which meets your actual needs.

Moreover, it allows you to window shop and certainly get better offers from your exploration options. You may also consider purchasing this equipment during annual trade fairs, where most manufacturers often sell them at amazing discounted offers.

If possible, you may also think of buying this machine from a dealer providing bonus perks like free shipping and free return just in case. It is crucial since some of these machines are bulky and can be pretty expensive to ship or return if there’s a mechanical fault.

At SaintyCo, we have a range of confectionery making equipment such as gummy bear machine, chocolate machine and candy machines, amongst others.

Contact us today for all your lollipop making machines.

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