LGL-100 Desiccant Inserter-Granule

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LGL-100 Desiccant Inserter-Granule

LGL-100 Desiccant Inserter-Granule

General Description:

  • LGL100 desiccant (granule type) Inserter is suitable for damp-proof solids filling producing line, widely used in such fields as pharmaceutical, food, chemistry., etc. LGL100 desiccant (granule type) Inserter, together with other bottling products of our company, can form a complete producing line. Also this machine can work alone
  • The machine is comprised of the machine box, two groups of material feeders, dual rail material feeding device (including the counting controlling devices) and photoelectric sensors. The machine can be adjusted to fit various numbers (1-3) to be filled into one bottle by adjusting the counting controlling device. As to changing the size of the barrels, users may only need to replace the material feeding rail to the matching ones. All the touching parts of the steel material meet CGMP standards.

LGL-100 Desiccant Inserter-Granule

Technical Parameters LGL-100 Desiccant Inserter
Capacity based on dual heads 120 pcs/ min (single insertion)
100 pcs/ min (double insertion)
80 pcs/ min (triple insertion)
Bottle Diameter 30mm ~ 110mm
Bottle Height 50-200mm
Material Container Volume 4 L × 2
Compressed Air Pressure 0.3-0.4 Mpa
Air Consumption 50L/min
Power Supply 1P  AC 220V  50-60Hz
Power 0.8 kw
Machine Dimensions 750 × 650 × 1450mm or 30″×26″×57″
Machine Weight 100kg

Tablet Capsule Counting Line

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