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LBC Air Injection Bottle Cleaner

LBC Air Injection Bottle Cleaner

LBC Air Injection Bottle Cleaner General Description:

LBC10 Air Injection Bottle Cleaner is used for bottle cleaning which can be used in fields such as pharmaceutical, health care products, cosmetics, food, chemistry, petroleum, etc. This machine can either form a complete manufacturing line together with other bottling products of our company or work standalone.

LBC10 is Air Injection Bottle Cleaner composed of main unit, electrical box, human-machine interface and detecting sensors. Touch screen UI and the PLC units control the machine to locate, turn over, air blow, turn back and release the bottle that forms the whole cleaning process. The cleaned bottles with be moved out by the conveyor. The LBC10 is easy to operate, stable in performance and satisfying in capacity.

SpecificationsLBC Air Injection Bottle Cleaner
Capacity60~100 bottles/min
Injection Head8-10 group
Bottle Mouth Diameter Range25mm
Bottle Diameter Range40-90mm
Bottle Height60-200mm
Clean Compressed Air Source Pressure0.6Mpa
Air Consumption800-1000L/min
Power Supply3P 380V/440V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption800W

Air Injection Bottle Cleaner

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