I-500 Capsule Inspecting & Rejecting Machine

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I-500 Capsule Inspecting & Rejecting Machine

I-500 Capsule Inspecting & Rejecting Machine

Visual inspection machines Principle:

The capsule flows from the hopper into a vibratory chute where a perforated screen eliminates coarse dust and chips, which are collected in a container.  The capsules enter the inspection stage in a single layer.  The capsules from the vibratory chute are placed on rotating rollers and are continuously rotate & transfer in front of the operator, which ensures a reliable all-sided visual inspection.  An adjustable mirror enables the operator to inspect the opposite sides of the products.  The rotation speed of the inspection rollers is adjustable individually, independent of the inspection speed.

Capsule Inspecting and Rejecting Machine Features:

1.The rotation and inspection speed of capsule is infinitely adjustable. No hidden corners and blind areas in inspection stage.
2.Inspecting rollers are made by FDA accepted transparent high density polymers. Lighting fixture installed underneath the roller conveyor belt, for illuminating the product from below, which is more suitable for inspection of transparent hard and softgel capsules.
3.Defective capsules can be eliminated by the operator with a flexible handheld vacuum nozzle.
4.Foot pedal switch to stop the conveyor belt at any time. While foot pedal is pressed, the products keep rotating in front of the operator at a separately adjustable speed.
5.Lighting source from top and installed underneath the roller conveyor belt for illuminating the inspection stage in non-flashed fluorescent lamp. Fatigue of the vision can be reduced.
6.For cleaning purposes the machine can be completely dismantled without any tools within a few minutes, easy to clean, no cross contamination risk.
7.No noisy external vacuum cleaner necessary through the use of compact Venturi suction system Reduced fatigue of the operator through ergonomic design.

I-500 Capsule Inspecting & Rejecting Machine

Capsule Inspecting & Rejecting Machine
Application Inspection of hard or soft capsules plain or coated tabletsand other round or cylindrical objects.
Min Tablet Thickness 3mm
Output Up to 120, 000 capsules/h or approx.50 kg tablets,depending on  product & product size
Feed hopper 30 L
Electrical Connection 220V/50Hz, single phase
110V/60Hz. single phase
Power Input 0.6 kw
Compressed Air 0.6 MPa
Dimensions 1850 x 850 x 1315 mm
Weight 125 kg


I 500 Capsule Inspecting and Rejecting Machine


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