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HTL360 Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

HTL360 Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine


HTL360 automatic wrapping machine is for chocolates, parlances and tablets in bunch also for special size and shape products, envelope styles. This machine can wrap with single or backed aluminum.

The special outlet group guarantees the perfect seal of the aluminum, even when using the not particularly plastic type. It can be set up for both random and horizontal outlets and can reach 360 actual wraps per minute depending on the shape of the chocolate and the wrapping material used .Has a color mark tracing system, so the wrapping is more perfect.


On this particular wrapping machine a series of holders has been mounted controlled by gears to transfer motion and cams for the movement of the folders. The latter mainly act on the bottom of the product and guarantee a perfect lasting seal to the wrap. The scale can also be reinforced by using a special adhesive-group to be applies on horizontal outlet.

The HTL360 is also provided with a wrapping size, feed belt with electronic product presence control, 4 folder wrapping equipment, roll-holder, machine stopping device.

HTL360 Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

Chocolate Fold Wrapping MachineHTL360
Production capacity150-300pcs/min (based on the shape of individual products
Available shape of productsRectangle, Square
Available size being wrappedLength: 30-95mmWidth: 20-50mmHeight: 6-10mm
Film width55-150mm
Power380V/50Hz, 4.0Kw
Compressed air0.6Mpa
Gross weight1100kgs
Dimension (L x W x H)2700 x 1400 x 1700mm
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