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How To Package Gummies: Ultimate Guide

Gummies require efficient packaging to ensure that they do not get damaged during storage or transportation.

The purpose of this outline is to give you an overview of the different elements of packaging gummies, suitable packaging materials, gummy packaging machines, and several other factors.

Step 1: Know Types Of Gummies You Want To Package

Packaging gummies

packaging gummies

Berry gummies

berry gummies

It is essential to be aware f the types of gummies that you need to pack to ensure that you are aware of the suitable packaging method.

Some of the various types of gummies that you can package include:

  • Berry gummies
  • Vegan gummies
  • Square gummies
  • Organic gummies
  • Fiber gummies

When selecting gummies, it is essential to keep in mind if there are any special considerations such as:

  • How many gummies you are required to package per bag.
  • The details are supposed to be indicated on the packaging.
  • If different shapes or colors of gummies are supposed to be put in different bags.
  • Any special packaging instructions specified by the customer.
  • The packaging material which is to be used.
  • Ingredients used in the gummies.
  • Whether third-party testing is required.

Some of the reasons why you should package your gummies include:

  • Gummies that are well packaged can show the entire world what you stand for in a way that will make people remember your brand.
  • It makes it possible for potential customers to have an understanding of the contents or ingredients of your gummies.
  • The packaging of gummies can give all information about the color, size, shape, and any other elements of the design of your gummies.

Step 2: Choose The Right Package For Gummies

 ISO Standard packaging gummies

ISO Standard gummie packaging

Here are some of the main quality standards which you should follow to ensure high-quality gummy packaging include:

  • CE Quality standards
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality Standards
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Quality Standards

Some of the best materials for packaging gummies to ensure that they are free from external contamination include:

  • Aluminum foil material
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films
  • Composite film
  • Polyester (PE) film
  • Paper film
  • Wax paper
  • Cellophane
  • Polylactic acid (PLA)
  • Cast polypropylene (CPE)

There are several information details which you need to make sure that they are printed on your packaging for gummies.

Some of the information that you should print on gummy packaging include:

  • The name of the product
  • Types of ingredients which the gummies are made of
  • The date of expiration of the gummies
  • The color of the gummies which are inside the packaging
  • Manufacturing date of the gummies.
  • Copyright details
  • The name of the company which has manufactured the gummies

Some of the types of packaging which you should use for gummies include the following:

  • Re-closable zipper bags and pouches: they enable customers to be able to access their gummies while at the same time ensuring that they remain fresh.
  • Hanging bags: it is a type of bag which is sealed at the ends using either a back or middle seam.

They possess a hole that is pre-cut in a way that makes it possible to be showcased beautifully.

  • Pillow bags and pouches: they are used in packaging gummies that are wrapped together in bundles and their shape is like a pillow.
  • Gusseted poly bags: they have a bottom that is flat as they have a pleat that is tucked in and pressed flatly.

This feature makes it possible for the back to expand as desired and accommodate as many gummies as possible.

  • Gummy trays: these are available in different sizes depending on the nature of your gummies as they hold each gummy in place.
  • Flexible pouches: they ensure that the gummies remain fresh as they have zipper seal closures.
  • Foil wrappers: they tend to preserve the taste and freshness of different gummies. they are available in different colors and sizes and can also be customized to suit customers’ needs.

It is essential to determine the cost of packaging gummies as it is impacted by various factors.

Some of the factors which determine the cost of gummy packaging include:

  • The type of gummy packaging machine to be used
  • Method of packaging which is to be used
  • The number of gummies that are to be packaged
  • Whether sorting of the gummies is required

When choosing gummy packaging, it is important to observe the following precautions:

  • Inspect the type of packaging: it is important to carry out a thorough inspection of the packaging to make sure that it suits your need.
  • Size: the exact size of the gummies is essential as it ensures that you select a packaging that will fit perfectly.
  • Level of automation: in case your business is large and needs efficient packaging, it is important to determine a suitable gummy packaging solution.

Step 3: Choose Suitable Gummy Packaging Machine

Types of Gummy packaging machines which together work to ensure that the packaging process is successful include:

  • Gummy making machine: it is an essential machine as it produces gummies that are enough for the packaging process.
  • Gummy sorting machine: it carries out the function of arranging the gummy candy depending on the specifications in place.
  • It can separate the gummies according to different, sizes, shapes, colors, and any other needs.
  • Gummy cleaning machine: it makes sure that the gummies which are to be packaged are clean and fit for human consumption.
  • Gummy labeling machine: it makes it possible to label the packages for gummy with the required information.

At times, selecting a good gummy packaging, the machine may be difficult and consume a lot of time.

Therefore, it is essential to have the following considerations when choosing a gummy packaging machine:

  • Technical capabilities: it is important to have a look at the technical capabilities of the gummy packaging machine depending on the packing needs.
  • Labor requirements: select the gummy packaging machine according to the additional labor which you are willing to employ.

If you need very little labor costs, then you should go for a fully automatic gummy packaging machine rather than a semi-automatic gummy packaging machine.

  • Levels of safety: it is important to make sure that the gummy packaging machine that you select entails high levels of safety for both workers and the machine.
  • Serviceability and maintainability: ensure that the gummy packaging machine which you choose can be easily serviced and maintained without incurring high costs.

In addition to the above considerations, you can also keep in mind the following features:

  • Reliability of the gummy packaging machine
  • The floor space where you would like to place the machine
  • The flexibility of the gummy packaging machine, that is, if it has a feature for change-over, the types of materials used, and whether it can package multiple products.
  • Efficiency
  • Capital cost
  • Productivity
  • Whether the machine can be integrated into the production line.
  • Quality of outgoing packages

How gummy packaging machine works:

It is important to integrate the gummy packaging machine into the production line before commencing operations.

This will make sure that the supply of gummies for packaging is constant.

The gummy packaging machine works in the following ways:

  • Feeding the gummy packaging machine: the gummy packaging machine commences the packaging process by obtaining the gummies from the gummy making machine.
  • Packaging gummy candy: the gummy packaging machine allows the gummies to move via the rails onto the filling station.

The packaging materials are also able to move from the hopper into the filling station.

Once in the filling station, the gummies will be able to get into the open packaging until they are filled up.

  • Sealing the gummy packaging: open the gummies are inside the gummy packages, the gummy packaging machine then closes them through sealing of the packages.

The gummy packaging machine will ensure that all the air is eliminated from the packages.

These will help to preserve the freshness of the gummies by sealing the bags and making them airtight.

How to integrate gummy packaging machine and gummy making machine:

You can integrate a gummy packaging machine with a gummy making machine to ensure that you have a production line that is complete.

This is because you will require a gummy-making machine to produce the gummies which your gummy packaging machine should pack.

Therefore, when purchasing the gummy packaging machine, it is essential to reach out to the manufacturer with these specifications.

Once you have a machine that is integrated, all you will be required to do is just alter the control panel of the machine and execute the desired purpose.

Investing in high-quality gummy packing machine is very important as you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • High-quality packaging: the gummy packaging machine can provide packaging of gummies that is superior and even pouches that can be resealed.

Gummy packaging machine will make sure that the gummies remain fresh, have enhanced shelf life, and have high integrity.

  • Time effective: the procedure of a gummy packaging machine is smooth, fast, and flexible thus limiting encountering difficulties in the process.

Therefore, when you use a gummy packaging machine, you will be able to increase the number of gummies that you produce.

  • Accuracy and reliability: it can greatly deliver the right amount and design of packages that are intended for specific pouches or bags.

This is because it has excellent features for filling, weighing, and sealing during the various packaging steps.

  • Cost-effective: gummy packaging machines have automated features that help to cut down on the costs of manual labor and reduce production time.
  • Safe and hygienic packaging machine: the gummy packaging machine is made using materials that are safe and durable thus ensuring that the gummies are fit for consumption.
  • Environment friendly: the gummy packaging machine is friendly to the environment as it produces very minimum waste to the environment.

Gummy packaging machines tend to be utilized a lot in the manufacturing departments of industries.

Some of the types of industries Using Gummy Packaging Machines include:

  • Nutraceutical industry: gummy packaging machines are used in the packaging of nutritional supplements.

This is because they enhance their freshness, shelf life and ensure sufficient stability.

  • Pharmaceutical industry: this industry makes gummies that are chewed for treating problems like deficiency during pregnancy and other illnesses.
  • Food and food décor industry: gummy packaging machines are used in gummies and other kinds of confectionary items.

This is because they can preserve them from moisture and other elements which may alter their nature.

  • Herbal industry: gummy packaging machines are utilized in packing herbal medicines which are used in the cure of different illnesses.

They can provide a beautiful way of packaging these products while at the same time elongating the shelf life and preserving their freshness.

  • Cosmetic industry: gummy packaging machine is used in the packaging of cosmetics and several other beauty products.

Some of these products include gummy soaps, gummy lipsticks, and gummy products for the face.

  • Stationary industry: gummy packaging machine tends to be used in the packaging of stationery items.

Some of these include erasers that are gummy scented, pencil toppers, key chains, and many different products that are ornamental.

Step 4: Load Gummies Ready For Packaging

Once the gummies have been produced and are ready for packaging, they will flow from the hopper of the gummy vial the rails in place to the filling station.

Once in the filling station, they will get into the packaging material which has been delivered via the package materials hopper.

Here they will get into the packaging materials according to specifications of the quantity, size shape, and color.

Once the packages are filled up, they will be sealed depending on the type of sealing method suitable for the package.

During packaging of the gummies, it is important to ensure that all the air is eliminated to preserve them and maintain freshness.

Step 5: Check Quality Of Packaged Gummies

Quality packaged gummies

Quality packaged gummies

It is important to check the quality of gummies that have been packaged and ensure that they meet the standards in place by regulatory bodies.

Some of the factors which you can use to check the quality of packaged gummies include:

  • Ensure that the packages are sealed properly.
  • The information which is printed on the packaging for gummies should be printed correctly.
  • The material used for the gummy packaging should be suited for the gummies.
  • Make sure that the number of gummies per package is as desired.
  • The packaging for gummies should be securely and properly packed to minimize the risk of being damaged while in transit.

Whether To Sort Gummies During Packing Process

When packaging gummies, it is important to sort them according to the different categories as this will ensure customers get what they need.

Gummies can be sorted according to size, shape, size, and color.

Gummies can be sorted using a gummy packaging machine as it will organize them based on the different specifications in place.

The gummy sorting machine will make sure the gummies are sorted in different categories in a fast and efficient manner.

This will speed up the packaging process and even ensure returns on investment in the long run.

Effects Of Good Labeling Practices When You Package Gummies

Good labeling of gummies is a very important factor as it ensures the sellability of the gummies to potential customers.

This is because when gummies are well labeled, customers will be attracted to the packaging, get to know our brand and information on ingredients and other details of the gummies.

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