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How to Make Hard Gummy Bears: Step-by-Step Guide

Has the thought of making hard gummy bears at home or commercially crossed your mind? We are here to guide you.

The secret of making hard gummies is in the ratio of your ingredients and the heating intensity during the production process. Let’s find out…

How to Make Hard Gummy Bears at Your Home: Step-by-Step Guide

You might have had enough of ordering your favorite gummy candy, and it’s about time you learned how to make a hard gummy bear candy for yourself or your family 

So, here is how you can easily make your first 50 or more hard gummy bears at home or more!

1st Step. Prepare Your Ingredients

There can be a long list of ingredients for making homemade gummy bears. To make hard gummy bears, prepare unsweetened fruit juice, gelatin, and sugar. 

Not just any fruit juice will juice up your gummy bears! For instance, mango, pawpaw, and pineapple juices are not recommended for this snacky adventure.

As a beginner, strawberry juice is a perfect choice, but others, such as orange or apple juices, will do just fine. You must also have your clean mold with 50 gummy bear cavities ready! So, here we go!

2nd Step: Mixing Your Ingredients

Pour ¼ cup of unsweetened fresh fruit juice into a heating pan, then add 1 tablespoon full of gelatin. For best results, use gelatin 225 bloom strength.

If your gelatin’s bloom strength is lower, you may need to add some extra gelatin to your fruit juice to enhance its concentration. This is to ensure your gummy bears are hard. Increasing the sugar ratio will also make gummy bears hard.

Not all of your gelatin will have absorbed the moisture in your fruit juice. So, you must “bloom” the gelatin for at least 10 minutes. After that, stir the mixture. 

Note: If the gelatin is not fully dissolved or is not given time to “bloom,”  it forms lumps that would later affect the quality of your hard gummy bears. 

3rd Step:  Add Sugar and Heat/Cook. 

Add 1 tablespoonful of sugar to your mixture and heat as you stir for all the sugar to dissolve. Keep heating the mixture to a temperature above 240 degrees Fahrenheit. The more sugar in your ratio, the harder your gummies will get.

Also remember, the more heat you apply, the tougher your gummy bears will get. Don’t overheat your gummy bears, as this will affect their texture and taste.

When your mixture begins to foam, remove it from heat and slowly remove the foam on your now hot and syrupy gummy liquid

4th Step: Filling Your Gummies Mold Cavities

Put your bear mold on a flat surface and carefully fill its cavities with your mixture using a dropper. 

Carefully fill your gummy bear mold cavities with the hot syrupy mixture and wait for about 1 hour for the gummy bears to set. 

5th Step: Gummy Bears Chilling 

Place your gummies in the refrigerator for about half an hour. The chilling process will enhance their flavor. It also helps make your gummies more chewable.

6th Step: Air Drying

Remove the gummy bears from the refrigerator and place them in a safe and airy place for at least two days to fully dry

7th Step: Removing Gummies From The Mold Cavities

Now you can remove your hard gummies from the mold cavities and enjoy. However, if you still wish to make them harder, you can place them in a clean container and refrigerate them for not more than one hour. 

Hard Gummy Bears Commercially: The 8 Key Steps

Do you want to turn your home-gummy-bears-making passion into a commercial venture? How do you make hard gummy candy? Will the home rules for making hard gummy bears still apply? Let’s get the right answers.

To venture into the commercial production of gummies, you must first invest in a suitable Gummy Making Machine.

Here are the main steps on how you can make hard gummy bears in an industrial setting:

1st Step: Preparation of Raw materials

Gummy bears come in different textures, colors, and flavors. So, you must have all the necessary raw materials or ingredients for the particular hard gummy candy you intend to make. 

Ensure you measure the ratios of each of your ingredients correctly. For hard gummy bears, you will need to lower the standard ratio of your corn starch accordingly.

The main materials or ingredients for making hard gammies are gelatin, corn syrup, artificial and natural flavors, and desired food colorings. Of course, you will also need water.

2nd Step: Compounding and Heating

This involves mixing all your ingredients in a tank. So, pour each ingredient or material into the mixer tank of your gummy-making machine with water as your last material. Your batch quantity will determine the compounding duration.

Activate your gummy-making machine to initiate the agitation, mixing, and heating processes

Allow the process to continue for about 20 minutes as you monitor the temperature level. 

When the temperature reaches 226.40 to 230°F (108 to 110°C), your mixture will begin foaming to indicate that all materials have dissolved. You will now have a thick, syrupy mixture. Observe the maximum temperature based on the type of gummy candies you are making.

Important Note: After the compounding is done, a quality check is necessary to ascertain that your molten mixture conforms to the desired standard and specifications. If all conditions are fulfilled, the next process follows.

3rd Step: Transfer to Slow-Agitating Tank

You then transfer the mixture to a slow-agitation tank, where it is kept at a temperature of between 140°F and 158°F (60°C and 70°C). This helps in maintaining the mixture’s consistency for effective deposition.  Make sure your heating temperature is above 140°F to achieve the most suitable syrup that will make gummy bears hard.

4th Step: Gummy Candy Syrup Deposition

With your mixture ready, prepare your mold tray, and then switch on a transfer pump to move your molten mixture from the agitator storage tank into the machine’s deposition hopper. If your machine has no pump, manually pour the molten mixture into the hopper.

You will need to sprinkle a special starch into the mold cavities for easier removal of gummy candies later. You then activate the mold cavities’ filling process. 

For manual operation, it is better to leave the mold tray for one hour for the gummy bears to set before you can safely remove them for the cooling stage. 

With an automatic machine, the transfer to the cooling section is immediate and automated.

5th Step: Gummies Cooling and Demolding Process

Transfer your filled mold stray to a cooling tunnel where it will be kept in motion during the cooling process. Cooling is necessary to stabilize the shape of your hard gummies. Your recipe determines the recommended cooling duration. The cooling should take about 10 minutes.

You then need to move the mold tray to a demolding unit where gummies are separated from the tray and ready for coating or polishing.

6th Step: Gummy Bears Sugar Coating and Polishing 

Sugar-coating is optional. It adds a tasty flavor and texture to your gummy candies. It is where the chewing or sucking excitement begins before experiencing the inner bursts of flavor! 

So, to achieve this, you take your gummies to a sugar-coating bed. 

After sugar-coating, you may want to give your gummies a smooth and shiny finish by polishing.  You will require a special gummy coating and polishing equipment for this process.

7th Step: Gummy Bears Drying

To remove excess moisture from your freshly made hard gummies, you must now take them to a suitable and secure area to dry. You can facilitate the drying by using drying fans.

The drying duration depends on the humidity level as well as your recipe. With a humidity level between 35 and 40%, your hard gummy candies can be ready in 8 hours. 

The drying process takes between 24 and 72 hours, depending on your recipe.

8th Step: Quality Inspection & Packaging

After effective drying, your gummies go through a quality check. Defective gummies go back to the machine for re-processing. The rest of the gummies are moved to your suitable Gummy Packaging machine.

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