High Speed Bottling Counting Line for Capsule/Tablet/Softgel

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High Speed Bottling Counting Line for Capsule/Tablet/Softgel
High Speed Bottling Counting Line for Capsule/Tablet/Softgel

SaintyCo’s Mid-Speed and High Speed Tablet/Capsule Bottling Lines are suitable for counting and filling wide range of diameters of tablets between 5-18mm and hard gelatin capsules #5 ~ #00 in plastic or glass bottles. It is the most complete, innovative and affordable bottling line in the marketplace. We fully integrated this line to include from bottle arranging, counting and filling, paper and desiccant inserting, capping, inspecting, induction sealing to pressure sensitive labeling system. Equipped with high quality U.S. Made Honeywell’s Intelligent Sensors for 100% counting accuracy and reliable performance:  SL-16 Channels Counter has 176 Sensor Eyes and SL-24 Channels Electronic Counter has 264 Sensor Eyes.  Standard PLC Control with Color Touch Screen Panel.  Vibrating Nozzles, Dust Collection System, secure bottle neck system for precision filling, No Bottle–No Fill, Tool-less dismantle for cleaning and maintenance, automatic lifting system for quick bottle height changing, etc. are among standard features on each unit.

  • The Most Complete Innovative and Affordable Bottle Packaging Lines in the market
  • Production Output:  Up to 60 bottles/min. on SL-16 Electronic Counter & Up to 80 bottles/min. on SL-24 Electronic Counter
  • Custom integration available to meet specific requirements by our customers
  • Available Tablet/Capsule Elevator for quick and convenience loading
  • Free Integration, Set-Up, Installation and Training on purchase of our complete bottling line

■ High Speed Bottle Unscrambler
Capacity: Up to 360 bottles/min.
Dimension & Weight: 35” x 35” x 51” / 330 pounds

GLP-800 Bottle Unscrambler

■ SL-24 Automatic Counter & Filler
Capacity: Up to 80 bottles/min.
Air Consumption: 20 liters/min.
Dimension & Weight: 110” x 55” x 67” / 890 pounds

SL-24B Tablet&Capsule Counter

■LSM-50 Automatic Cottoner / LGD-100 Automatic Desiccant Inserter
Capacity: 40-60 bottles/min.
Air Consumption: 40 liters/min.
Dimension & Weight: 47” x 24” x 59” / 260 pounds
2 Units required of each for HI-Speed Bottling Line

LSM-50 Cotton InserterLGD-50 Desiccant Inserter-Sack

■SGP-200 Automatic In-Line Capper
Capacity: 50-120 bottles/min.
Air Consumption: 15 liters/min.
Dimension & Weight: 71” x 35” x 59” / 1300 pounds


■ FL-2000 Automatic Induction Sealer
Capacity: 80-150 bottles/min.
Dimension & Weight: 71” x 24” x 55” / 450 pounds


■ TPY-200 Automatic Labeler with Accumulation Tray
Capacity: 60-120 bottles/min.
Air Consumption: 15 liters/min.
Dimension & Weight: 83” x 24” x 51” / 550 pounds

TPY200 Pressure Sensitive Labeler-

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