GZS-15A Suppository Filling and Sealing Machine

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GZS-15A Suppository Filling and Sealing Machine

GZS-15A Suppository Filling and Sealing Machine


GZS-15A is a sturdy, high-precision-made machine, designed to achieve high production rate, low noise levels, safe and hygienic performances. The machine is equipped with a PLC , from which all machine functions are controlled and monitored.

The features of the machine are the following:

  1. Optimized operation system which allows to have no waste during the production process and in case of machine stop.
  2. Forming station for plastic films (by thermoforming process), to produce perfect suppository cavities.
  3. Bead (or linear) welding of the two films. Each cavity is sealed around the outline of the formed cavity to guarantee a perfect and uniform sealing and to allow an easy extraction of each suppository from the pack with the “peel-off” opening system.
  4. The product is filled into the container by a volumetric filling pump whose nozzles fit inside the cavities. The filling volume is automatically set through the man machine interface.
  5. Cooling process for product solidification, available in one or two cooling stages; the continuous suppository band is fed through a spiral path where it is cooled by the flow of filtered air, on both sides, until the suppositories are perfectly solidified, in order to obtain the best shape and consistence.
  6. The production of suppositories in continuous band allows any number of suppository per pack even if the machine is connected to any horizontal cartoner.
Main Technical Specifications GZS-15A Suppository Filling and Sealing Machine
Production capacity 1,8000-3,0000 pcs per hour
Dosage per granulation 1-5g per granulation(also can be made special qualification)
Dosage difference allowed ±2%
Suppository form Bullet, torpedo, and other special shape
Adapting group Semi-synthesis fatty acid glyceride gelatin,polyethylene glycol, etc.
Volume of storing fluid vessel 50L
Height of wadding 2,000mm
Electric pressure of power three-phase AC 380V
Total power 21kW
Air pressure 0.6MPa
Air supply 1.0m3/min
Volume of consuming water 1,000kg/h (used in circle)
Overall size (L x W x H) 7400 x 2100x 2400mm
Weight of overall machine 2500kg


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