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Gummy Making Machine: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Gummy making machines are confectionary equipment, which you will use in manufacturing gummy candy.

Today’s guide will take you through the critical aspects to consider before buying gummy candy equipment.

These will range from machine design, specification, understanding the working principle to validation documents, amongst others.

Let us begin with how you can use the gummy candy equipment to skyrocket your business.

Know How Gummy Bear Machine can Skyrocket your Business

You can use the gummy making machine to make a lot of profit in the gummy candy market.

Here are the main factors that you need to take under consideration to maximize output using gummy candy making machine.

  • You need to choose gummy candy making machines that are reliable due to the high-quality levels.
  • Apart from that, you must consider the latest level of technology when choosing a gummy candy making machine.
  • You must also learn the concept and right skill for operating a gummy candy machine and how it works.
  • Through proper maintenance of the machine, it will serve you for a very long time hence boosting your business.
  • You have to have the right knowledge on troubleshooting the gummy making machine for proper diagnosis of the machine.
  • Another important factor that you need to ensure is right is the installation of the gummy candy making machine.
  • As you choose the machine, you must also consider the future prospects and how you can upgrade the machine accordingly.
  • Since the machine cannot perform on its own, you need to get the right support equipment for a complete production line.
  • You must also ensure that the gummy making machine is of very high quality by adhering to the international quality standards.
  • You must also consider having different flavors of gummy candy so that customers can have variety to choose from.
  • It is important to perform frequent tests on the gummy making machine to avoid surprises in the future.
  • You should hire or train personnel with the right set of skills for operating the gummy candy making machine.
  • The working principle of the gummy candy making machine should also be at the palm of your hands.
  • You should not lose touch with the gummy candy machine manufacturers and always consult on regular basis.


Consider Limitation of Gummy Making Machine

As you use the gummy making machine, you might experience a few setbacks which should not discourage you.

Here are some of the things that might limit or discourage you from using the gummy making machine.

  • The original cost of purchasing the machine might force you to dig deeper into your pockets.
  • You may also have to hire professionals to install the machine which will require more money.
  • Apart from that, the professionals will also train your personnel thus increasing the cost.
  • Due to the weight and size of the machine, you will not enjoy the luxury of moving it from place to place.

Understand Trends in Gummy Candy Market

G150 gummy production line
Gummy making machine

A revamp in traditional gummy candy market is the reason behind different and new trends in gummy making process.

These trends go beyond the traditional understanding gummy bear candy into unique gummy candy ingredients.

It also shows how new brands and innovation from new players in the industry can transform a childhood nostalgia.

The new trends must not only appeal to the new market but also have a significant effect on the older generation.

Here are some of the examples of trends that you should keep in mind in gummy candy market.

  • Boozy Beer Gummy Bears
  • Cold Brew Gummy Bears
  • Edible Cocktail Gummy Bear Candy
  • Vegan Friendly Gummy Bear Candy
  • Vibrant Gummy Bear Museums
  • Inclusion of real fruit juices with clean labels and natural colors.
  • Considerations of healthier ingredients in making gummy candy

Avoid Used Gummy Bear Machine; Buy Brand New Gummy Candy Machine

Gummy making equipment

You must always consider purchasing brand new gummy bear making machine.

There are situations where financial constraints might drive you towards purchasing used gummy making machines.

In such a scenario you must always consider one that is of very high quality and safety standards.

Despite the financial constraints, it is important to have a proper plan that will enable you to purchase brand new machines.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy brand new machines:

  • You can order for a custom brand-new machine that meets your production specifications.
  • Brand new machines will come with brand new parts that will serve you for a longer period without failure.
  • You will also avoid cases of contamination that come with used gummy making machines.
  • You will also get the value for your money as you will use the machine for a very long period.
  • You can also dictate and have the latest form of technology in the brand-new gummy bear candy making machine.
  • Additionally, you will be in a position to include all the factors that lead to the integration of other machines.

Compare Gummy Bear Machine and Candy Making Machine

G40 gummy candy equipment
Candy making machine

You can use a gummy bear making machine and candy making machine in making different types of candy.

You can find the candy making machine in the manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems or modes.

You can only have the gummy making machines in the semi-automatic and automatic modes without the manual mode.

The production capacities of the candy and gummy making machines will also vary according to customer specifications.

Candy making machine can make hard and soft candy of various sizes and shapes.

Gummy candy making machine makes spongy and chewable candy of various sizes, shapes and colors.

In many cases, gummy making machines make candy of different animal shapes unlike the candy making machine.

The working principles of making gummy candy and that of making candy is different due to mechanic compositions.

The ingredients that you will use in candy making machines will also vary from the ingredients in gummy making machines.

Have a Budget for the Gummy Production Equipment

You need to have a budget for the type of gummy production equipment that you need.

This includes knowing the cost of the gummy candy equipment that you need.

As you make your budget, you need to look at the type of gummy candy equipment that you need.

Obviously, fully automatic gummy candy making machines will cost more than a semi-automatic candy making machine.

Apart from the level of automation, you need to consider the following factors as you make your budget.

  • Speed of production

The cost of the gummy candy making machine will increase with increase in the speed of production.

  • Production Capacity

The cost of the machine will also increase with an increase in the production capacity of the gummy candy making machine.

  • Quality of the Gummy Making Machine

High quality gummy making machines will cost more in comparison to low quality gummy making machine.

  • Number of Sets

The higher the number of sets that your gummy making machine has, the more money you will pay.

As you budget for your gummy making machine, you should have the following cost ranges in mind.

  • Gummy making machine gummy candy machine costs between 10, 000 – 40,000 US dollars.
  • Semi small starch mogul gummy making machine is available at an estimated price of 40,000 – 80,000 US dollars.
  • Automatic weighting cooking gummy coating sugar candy jelly costs between 60,000 – 200,000 US dollars.

Consider Future Prospects in the Gummy Production Equipment

In your quest for a gummy making machine, you must also look at the future prospects in gummy production equipment.

You should consider purchasing a gummy making machine which you can improve the efficiency and production speed.

Apart from that, there are very serious considerations of making the gummy making machine safer than it was before.

At the moment, there is a lot of work on going with a bid to improve the explosive hazard of the machine.

You should consider purchasing a machine with spark proof switches and blast walls.

Additionally, you must also think of considering the machine with better microbial killing techniques.

Apart from the machine, you should also think about the final product which is the gummy candy.

In this case, you should think of having better flavors of the gummy candy and better forms of gummy candy.

For instance, you can consider trying the combination between marshmallows and gummy candy.

G600 gummy production line-0
Gummy making machine

Consider Types of Gummy Making Machines in the Market

One significant factor that you should look at when purchasing the gummy making machine is the type of machine.

Here are the main types gummy making machines that you can choose from.

· Semi-Automatic Gummy Making Machine

You can opt for a semi-automatic gummy making machine where you will have to employ a few personnel.

You will need the personnel to assist you in performing some of the activities in gummy making process.

The machine is also capable of performing some of the gummy making activities on its own.

· Fully Automatic Gummy Making Machine

In this case, you will need very few employees if any since the machine is fully automatic.

All you have to do is program and configure the machine according to your production specifications.

The fully automatic nature of the machine also increases the production capacity of the gummy making machine.

Why Import Gummy Candy Machine from China

You should consider importing gummy making machine from China since it supplies to all countries all over the world.

Apart from that, you should also consider importing from China due to the following reasons:

  • Quality of the Machine

China produces gummy making machines of very high quality that meets the value for your money.

They use very high-quality materials such as stainless steel to make very high-quality gummy making machines.

  • Quantity of the machine

China is also capable of meeting the right quantity specifications that you need within specific production time.

  • Quick Turn-around Time

You will get your gummy making machine order within no time after approving your order for the machine.

  • Efficient Transport System

China has efficient transport systems that will allow you to get your order for the machine within the right time.

It has many airports and sea ports which they can use to transport your gummy making machine.

  • Durability of Gummy Making Machine

You will also get gummy making machines that are highly durable and will serve you for a very long time.

Know Gummy Making Machine Specifications for Production Needs

You should have the right knowledge on the type of gummy making machine that you need.

This involves having the right information on the gummy making machine specifications.

Knowing the gummy making machine specifications will also assist you order your custom gummy making machine.

Apart from that, you will also have a proper negotiation power when discussing for the gummy making machine.

Here are some of the gummy making machine specifications that you need to look at.

Gummy candy bear production

· Capacity of the Gummy making Machine

You will decide on the capacity of gummy making machine depending on your custom requirements.

The bigger your production facility, the bigger the capacity of the gummy bear making machine.

· Dimensions of the Machine

You need to decide on the weight, and size of the gummy bear making machine that you need.

The size includes deciding on the length, height, width of the gummy making machine that you need.

You should also consider the size of the warehouse where you will place the machine.

· Pneumatic Requirements

These are the pressure requirements that you will consider when purchasing the gummy making machine.

You need to take care of the gummy making machine pressure considerations in the following specifications:

i. Range of steam pressure in mpa

ii. Consumption of compressed air in cubic meters per minute.

iii. Consumption rate of steam in kilograms per hour.

· Power Requirements

You need to know the amount of work that your machine will perform before considering the power ratings.

Different machines have varying power requirements thus influencing the choice of machine you make.

· Rated Depositing Time

This is the time it will take for the machine to deposit a certain amount of gummy candy.

This will depend greatly on the production speed of the gummy making machine.

· Operational Conditions and requirements

In this case, you will look at certain things such as operation temperature in degrees centigrade and humidity in percentage.

Make User Requirement Specifications for Gummy Bear Machine

You should consider preparing a user requirement specification document that for proper communication with your supplier.

User requirement specification documents has all the details you need on your gummy making machine.

It will dictate to the manufacturer the kind of specifications that you need on a gummy making machine.

Here are some of the factors that you should include in a user requirement specification document.

  • Type of machine you need
  • Level of automation which can either be semi-automatic or fully automatic gummy making machine.
  • Power specifications including the right power rating for operating the gummy making machine.
  • Pressure requirements of your custom gummy making machine.
  • Dimensions of the gummy making machine in terms of size and weight among other key dimensions.

The user requirements specifications documents will assist you in planning in terms of time as well as the budget.

It will also show you the kind of milestone you need to cover in order to get the right gummy making machine.

Additionally, you will also have plans of doing proper testing of the machine before and after installation.

Buy Gummy Bear Machine from Trusted Manufacturer

You must look at a reputable gummy bear machine manufacturer to supply you with the best machine.

This includes having proper surveillance and enquiries about different suppliers and choose the best.

So far, SaintyCo is the best gummy bear machine manufacturers that you should consider purchasing from.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider purchasing your gummy bear making machine from SaintyCo.

SaintyCo gummy production machine

· Reliability

You can rely on SaintyCo to give you the best advice on the type of gummy making machine that you need.

It has a team of design engineers who will offer you free advice on the best mode for your gummy making machine.

Apart from the, you will also get assistance every step of the way on the designing and planning process.

· High Quality Machines

You should consider SaintyCo as your gummy making machine manufacturer as they will offer you very high-quality machines.

SaintyCo uses very high-quality materials such as stainless steel in making the gummy making machine.

Apart from that, the manufacturer will surely update your machine with the latest form of gummy making technology.

· Valid Documents

You will also receive valid documents from SaintyCo on your gummy making machine after proper testing of the machine.

· Quick Turnaround Time

SaintyCo will make sure that they deliver you with the custom gummy making machine according to the right schedule.

· After Sales Services

You will receive after sales services from SaintyCo such as transport, free installation, and training of your workers.

SaintyCo will also be in touch with you to provide you with the latest updates on the gummy making machine.

You can also receive repair and maintenance services of the gummy making machine from SaintyCo.

Check if Gummy Candy Making Machine Allow for Future Production Expansion

As you plan for a gummy making machine, you must also consider the future of the gummy making machine.

This is in terms of technological improvements of the machine in terms of flexibility.

You should ask yourself if your machine is flexible enough to accommodate any changes in gummy making technology.

Additionally, is your gummy making machine flexible enough to handle the changing demand for gummy candy production in future.

How safe is your gummy making machine and is it possible to make the gummy making machine safer?

You need to know if the gummy making machine can integrate properly with other support equipment.

With all these questions at hand, you should discuss with your manufacturer to provide you with the best machine.

Know the Components of Gummy Making Machine

Parts of gummy candy making machine

Well, one important factor that you must know is the parts of the gummy making machine.

Knowledge of the parts will come in handy when you want to conduct repair of the gummy making machine.

It will also enhance your knowledge on the step by step principles of how the gummy making machine works.

Here are the main parts of the gummy making machine you should consider:

· Electrical Unit

This is the part of the gummy making machine with the main source of power for the operations of the machine.

It has a number of control systems that regulate the amount of power you need for different machine functions.

· Control Panel

You will control all the operations of the gummy making machine from the control panel of the gummy making machine.

You can configure, program, and monitor all the operations of the gummy making machine from this point.

It comes complete with a touch screen and a human machine interface which is easy to control and manipulate.

· Pneumatic System

You will need the pressure systems of the gummy making machine to push and drive some of the operations within the machine.

You can control the air pressure from the pneumatic system accordingly to perform particular operations.

· Refrigeration System

After heating and mixing of the gummy making ingredients, you will use the refrigeration system to properly cool it down.

Apart from that, the refrigeration system will also cool the gummy candy and allow it to solidify to the right levels.

· Mixing and Melting Tank

You will heat and mix all the gummy candy ingredients within the mixing and melting tank.

It has various mechanisms for controlling the amount of heat, pressure, and speed for mixing and melting ingredients.

· Transport System

Transport system consists of guide rails and conveyor belts that move the gummy candy from one station to the next.

You will also depend on the transport system for transportation of gummy making ingredients through different stations.

· Products Hopper

You will place all the ingredients you need for the gummy making process inside the products hopper.

The machine will then move the ingredients from the products hopper and distribute them accordingly.

· Lubrication System

As a machine with moving parts, the lubrication system will oil the moving parts to prevent damage from excess friction.

Apart from that, the machine has an automatic lubrication system for the gummy bear candy at various stages.

· Gummy Candy Moulding Station (Mogul)

With the help of the mogul or the gummy candy moulding station, you can make gummy candy of different shapes.

Gummy candy moulding station has different shapes and tooling systems for proper moulding of gummy candy.

It has the ability to quickly change from one shape to another according to how you program the machine.

· Sensors

The sensors of the gummy making machine increases the safety of the machine through proper detection of any malfunctions.

It will trigger the machine to automatically shut down in case of any malfunction thus increasing safety.

It is also capable of denoting the maximum levels of ingredients according to the production program.

· Sieves

The machine depends on the sieves to get rid of excess start or sugar that you will sprinkle on the gummy candy.

Through proper vibrations of the machine, you can easily shake off the starch sprinkles on the gummy bear candy.

· Oscillating Brushes

These are brushes that are in constant movement in a bid to brush off excess starch as well as debris.

· Dust Collection Unit

This is the part of the machine where you will collect all the starch dust that the machine brushes off gummy candy.

You can easily clean and recycle the starch dust that you will collect within the dust collection unit.

Learn How Gummy Production Equipment Works

You need to understand the main working principle or how the gummy making machine works.

The main working principle that you need to understand is the starch moulding process of gummy making machine.

Here is a step by step guide through the process of making gummy candy using gummy candy making machine.

1. Preparation Stage

The first thing that you need to do is prepare everything that you will need in the gummy making process.

This includes preparations of the gummy making machine as well as the gummy making ingredients.

Make sure that the gummy making machine is in proper working condition through thorough inspection of the machine.

You will also measure the quantity of ingredients for making gummy candy and place them in the products hopper.

Before you begin the process, you will program the production specifications from the control panel of the machine.

You can commence the gummy making process using the gummy making machine by pressing the start button.

2. Compounding Section

The ingredients move from the hopper through a channel and into the mixing and melting tank of the gummy making machine.

The mixing and melting tank come in various capacities with the mixing, stirring and heating capabilities.

Gummy candy making machine can take one to three hours to properly compound the ingredients.

The time it takes to properly compound all the ingredients will depend on the amount of ingredients.

3. Testing Stage Section

After the completion of the compounding process, you will take samples from the batch of compounded ingredients.

You will take the batch through the testing laboratories to see if it meets all the right standards you need.

Testing the batch is a process of testing the quality of the final mixture of ingredients as well as its safety for human consumption.

Make sure that the batch is in accordance to the production specifications.

4. Formation of Gummy Candy Section

You will pump the gummy candy ingredients mixture from the mixing mad melting tank of the gummy making machine.

The mixture will flow to the mogul or the moulding station of the gummy making machine.

At the moulding station, you will mix the molten mixture with starch.

You will use starch in the mixture of gummy candy ingredients to perform the following:

i. Prevention of the molten batch from sticking to the walls of the gummy making machine.

ii. Starch will hold gummy candy at the right place during the moulding, drying, setting and cooling stage.

iii. It helps in improving the texture of gummy candy through proper absorption of excess moisture from the mixture.

At the moulding stage, trays with different shapes and sizes will assist in moulding the starch accordingly.

Due to the conditions within the moulding station, the moulds will solidify into different animal shapes.

Some of the common shapes that you can make using the gummy making machine are bear, fish, and fruits among others.

After that, the machine will move the moulds to the starch buck of the gummy candy making machine.

As the gummy candy moves along the conveyor belts, the machine will iwove the candy accordingly.

5. Final Process in Gummy Candy Manufacturing Process

The batch of gummy candy will fall on sieves as soon as it reaches the starch buck.

Action from oscillating brushes together with vibration of the sieves will eliminate excess starch from the batch.

You can also decorate gummy candy accordingly by passing it through the decoration stage.

After that, you will pass the gummy candy through the inspection machine to get rid of the damaged gummy candy.

You must also pass it through the sorting machine to sort the gummy candy out according to size and shape.

Finally, gummy candy will move to the packaging stage for packaging and further processing.

Know how to Troubleshoot Gummy Making Machine

You need proper knowledge on how to troubleshoot the gummy candy making machine.

This knowledge will come in handy when you experience malfunctions and you can easily repair the machine.

Here are some of the problems that you might experience during the gummy candy making process.

Lack of Proper Ingredient Flow

You may have difficulty in the proper flow of the ingredients due to the following obstacles.

i. Improper mixture of the gummy making ingredients leading to very thick syrups

ii. Slow speed of the machine which delays the flow of the ingredients through the right channels

iii. Blocked outlets that restrict the movement of the ingredients.

The solution to the above problems will begin with proper inspection of the machine to unclog the outlets.

Apart from that, increasing the speed of the machine will also increase the flow of the ingredients.

Finally, you must evaluate the mixing quantities of all the ingredients accordingly to prevent making very thick syrups.

Request for Gummy Bear Machine Quality Validation Tests

Definitely, this is a very important step that you need to be part of.

With the help of your manufacturer, you must test the machines for proper validation at various stages.

Here are the main quality validation tests that you must request for.

· Factory Assessment Test (FAT) for Gummy Making Machine

You will perform the factory assessment test at the factory level before packaging and transporting the machine.

You will ensure that all the parts are new and in perfect working conditions.

In case of a problem, you will allow your manufacturer enough time to make the necessary corrections.

Apart from that, you must confirm that the manufacturer was using your user requirement specifications to make your machine.

After a successful test of the machine, you will receive a FAT certificate as proof.

· Installation Qualification Test (IQ) for Gummy Making Machine

As soon as the installation of the gummy making machine is complete at your production plan, you will conduct a test.

You will confirm that all the parts are in the right positions and are working well.

In case of a problem, you will replace the parts and ensure everything is in the right order.

You will also receive an installation qualification certificate for proper documentation of the process.

· Operation Qualification Test (OQ) for Gummy Making Machine

After installation, you will do a final test to see if the machine is working well.

This includes testing whether the machine is capable of making gummy candy according to your specifications.

Successful testing will also earn you an OQ certificate document as proof for a working machine.

Confirm Gummy Production Equipment Quality Standards and Certifications

Your manufacturer has a responsibility of making a gummy making machine that meets international quality standards.

Before you purchase the machine. You have to make sure that the machine adheres to international quality standards.

Here are the main quality standards and certifications that the machine must adhere to:

  • Current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) quality standards and certifications
  • International Standards Organization (ISO) quality standards and certifications
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quality standards and certifications
  • CE electrical quality standards and certifications

Understand the History of Gummy Candy

Gummy candy making machines dates back to the 1920’s from a German entrepreneur by the name Hans Riegel.

Initially, the first gummy candy was in the shapes of bears before advancing to other shapes.

He decided to use the shape of bear due to the amazement trained bears solicited on the streets and carnivals.

Gum Arabic was the main ingredient for making gummy bear candy hence the name gummy bear candy.

Gummy bear

Learn how to Maintain Gummy Bear Machine

You should clean and maintain the gummy making production equipment accordingly to increase the service life of the machine.

Here is a step by step guide for proper maintenance of the gummy making machine.

Step One: Disconnecting the Machine

You need to stop the machine from operating and allow it to cool down to prevent burns on the skin.

Make sure that you unplug it from the main power supply system to avoid shocking during the maintenance process.

Step Two: Disassembling the Machine

You can begin the maintenance process by disassembling all the parts of the machine as soon as it cools down.

You can follow the manual from the manufacturer to assist you in proper disassembly of the machine.

All this while, you should have the products that you need for proper cleaning and maintenance of the gummy making machine.

Step Three: Cleaning the Gummy Making Machine

You will use different cleaning products such as brushes, different detergents, and water among others to clean.

You should be careful with the type of soap or detergent that you will use to avoid damaging the parts.

You can get rid of the stubborn stains by soaking in soapy water before scrubbing using a brush.

After proper cleaning process, make sure that you rinse and then dry the machine accordingly.

Step Four: Replacing Worn-Out Parts

You will also inspect the machine during the cleaning process and look for worn out parts.

Remove the worn-out parts and replace them with new ones.

You should also grease the moving parts of the machine after cleaning them.

Finally, you will assemble all the parts accordingly and test the machine before using it again.

Consider Safety Feature for Gummy Making Machine

Safety is a very important factor that you need to take care of during the cleaning process.

In this case, you will look at different safety factors such as using sensors in the gummy making machine.

You must make sure that the machine has safety sensors that will warn you in case of a problem with the machine.

These sensors also have the capability of detecting any human hand in the wrong place prompting shutdown.

Apart from safety features of the machine, you should also look at the safety of the ingredients.

You will use ingredients that are safe for human consumption and will not cause allergies or other complications.

Train Personnel how to Operate Gummy Making Machine

You need to hire professionals in the field of making gummy candy to train your personnel.

The professionals will train them on the best techniques that they can use in operating the machine.

This will include training on proper working conditions while reducing wastage of materials in the production process.

You must also train your personnel on the best safety features to follow during the production process.

Consult Experts in the Gummy Making Machine Industry for Advice

Proper consultation with experts in the gummy making industry will also assist in elevating your business.

You should consult on the best manufacturing practices as well the best ingredients for use in the production process.

Your consultation should begin from the point where you are looking for a credible supplier for the gummy making machine.

You can also consult on the market trends and how you can produce gummy candy that will appeal to the market.

Consider Gummy Making Machine with Modern Technologies

You must procure a machine with the best modern form of technology,

This includes purchasing fully automatic gummy making machines that requires minimal human assistance.

This kind of technology should also assist you in configuring, programing and monitoring the production process.

It must have a human machine interface that will make it easier for you to operate the gummy making machine.

Modern technology come with touch screen control panels where you will monitor and configure the machine accordingly.

Invest in Support Equipment for Gummy Production Process

To have a complete gummy making production line, you must have different support equipment.

Here are some of the support equipment that you need for a complete production line:

· Holding Tank

The holding tank will store all the ingredients for making the syrup you need for gummy making process.

You can choose from the wide variety and capacities of the holding tanks available in the market.

· Jacketed Cooker

You will use the jacketed cooker to heat and melt the ingredients such as sugar and maltose rapidly.

· Cooling Tunnel

You will get rid of excess heat from the gummy bear candy by passing them through the cooling tunnel.

· Candy Cleaner

A candy cleaner will remove unwanted debris from the gummy bear candy thus making them clean for consumption.

· Gummy Depositor

You will use a gummy depositor to deliver and deposit gummy candy at the right point after manufacturing.

· Gummy Packaging Machine

You will use a gummy packaging machine to properly package gummy candy in the right packages.

· Coil Cooker Gummy Making Machine

This is type of gummy making machine that involves mixing and boiling the ingredients using a coil cooker.

· Weigher Gummy Making Machine

This machine depends on the weighing process to weigh and produce the gummy candy accordingly.

· Additive Blending System

You will use this machine to properly add and mix different ingredients to the gummy candy manufacturing process.

· Jet Cooker

A jet cooker will heat, melt and mix the ingredients for making gummy bear candy.

· T-Gel Starch Conditioning

You will use the T-Gel starch conditioning to assist in proper conditioning of starch in the gummy making process.

· Gel Moulding Starch 800 R-HC

You will use the T-Gel starch moulding in moulding gum masses and jellies.

· Sander

You will use a sander for proper and continuous coating of gummy candy using sugar coating.

You can use it in the efficient moulding of starch molded soft boiled gummy candies.

· Oiler or Oiling Drum

The oiler or oiling drum will assist you in automatic lubrication and adding of polishing agent layer or gumming candy.

I hope you found this gummy manufacturing equipment buying guide to be useful.

However, before you buy this equipment, ensure you contact the gummy equipment manufacturer.

They will guide you through the entire process.

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