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Gummy Count 50/90 Bottling Line

Modified from the reliable SL-12A counter for tablets, pills, and capsules, the GummyCount 50/90 features specialized functions for moving and counting gummies. Upgrade your gummy production process with the GummyCount 50/90- the ultimate solution for accurate and efficient gummy counting.

GummyCount 50/90 automatic counting machinery for gummies is accurate in counting, operates rapidly, and meets the standard rules of CE food grade and cGMP. The GummyCount 50/90 consists of 2 filling funnels on the same production line with a double conveying system.

One GummyCount 50 counter allows for counting speeds of up to 30 bottles per minute on a 60-count medium-sized gummy and GummyCount 90 can achieve  60 bottles per min. The Gummy elevator feature supports both horizontal and inclined infeed, enabling use straight from a production conveyor or manual operator-level feed. Gummy counting reduces product giveaways compared to weighing systems, and the SuperGummy Counters and feeders offer easy cleaning and fast changeovers.

GummyCount 50 &90 line L GummyCount 50 &90 line

GummyCount50-90 Bottling line-2 GummyCount50-90 Bottling line-3

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