FPS-10 Filling and Plugging Machine

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FPS-10 Filling and Plugging Machine

FPS-10 Filling and Plugging Machine 

FPS-10 Filling and Plugging Machine Features:

  • The machine is compatible to the pre-sterilized syringes, B-D Hypac SCF or alike.
  • Linear rails ( X & Y shafts ) are of German origin with high precision and free of maintenance.
  • Driven with three sets of servo motors ( Japanese YASKWA ).
  • Vacuum plugging, avoid micro particles due to friction if vibrator is used for rubber stoppers.
  • Print-out of process parameters, original data is stored.
  • All contact parts are of AISI 316 L and pharmaceutical silicon rubber.
  • 4” color touch screen displaying all working status including real time vacuum pressure, nitrogen pressure, air pressure, multi languages are available.
  • AISI 316 L or high-precision ceramic rotating piston pumps are driven with servo motors. Only set-up on touch screen for automatic accurate correction. Each piston pump can be tuned without any tool.

FPS-10 Filling and Plugging Machine

Technical Specifications FPS-10
Filling Volume 0.5ml, 1ml, 1-3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml
Number of Filling Head 10 Sets
Capacity 2,400-3,600 Syringes/Hour
X Travel Distance 80 mm
Y Travel Distance 300 mm
Printer Hot-sensible printing paper width 56 mm,max. 20 alphabets per line
Vacuum -98Kpa—0   (-720mmHg—0)
Nitrogen 1Kg/cm²,   0.1m³/min  0.25μ
Compressed Air 6Kg/ cm²,   0.15m³/min
Power Supply (including vacuum pump) 3P 380V/220V  50-60Hz  3.5KW
Dimension 1400×1000×2200mm   L×W×H
Net Weight 750Kg


FPS-10 Filling and Plugging Machine for Pre sterilized Syringes


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