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Flow Wrap Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today’s guide will answer all your questions on flow wrapping machine.

So I you want to learn about features, specifications, parts, working principle or applications – read this guide.

What Is Flow Wrapping Machine?

Flow wrapping machine

Flow wrapping machine

A flow wrap machine is a machine that helps execute the process of flow wrapping – a process through which products go through a machine for packaging purposes.

Generally, a flow wrapping machine helps in the packaging process especially for products such as tea bags, biscuits, chocolate bars and many more.

Flow wrapping machines offer convenience and efficiency as they are able to handle voluminous products for packaging in a short duration.

It offers one of the best packaging solutions for products as hygienic levels are highly adhered to. This is achieved through use of UV rays and ensuring less human handling while packaging.

What Are The Components of Flow Wrap Machine?

Flow wrapping machine components

Flow wrap machine components

Flow wrapping machines are available in different sizes and capacities.

However, there are key components that most of them have.

These components include;

  • A long infeed conveyor belt
  • A feed film from top to down
  • A froming bag usually at the collar of the machine
  • A photo cell
  • A display unit or a touch screen
  • Cutting head
  • Back stand
  • Fin sealing units
  • Discharge belt
  • Date printer, although it is an optional feature

Moreover, you can request for customization of your flow wrap machine from your manufacture depending on the product for packaging.

Household items, stationaries and foods all attract different alterations on the machines.

Having a clear purpose for your machine helps manufacturers present to you the best flow wrap machine.

What Is Flow Wrap Machine Working Principle?

Flow wrap Machine working principle is very straight forward.

The packaging film enters the former through the packaging film driving roller and is formed.

Thereafter, there is the feeding of the material into the conveyor.

Longitudinal sealing of products follows with horizontal cutting.

It then proceeds as an output through the output area of the machine.

Flow wrapping machine

Flow wrapping machine

What Is Horizontal Flow Wrapper?

Horizontal flow wrapper machine

Horizontal flow wrapper

Horizontal flow wrapper is a type of machine that is used to package products into their defined packages.

From the name, the products are embedded on the conveyor belt which moves horizontally to the sealing head of the machine.

The product follows a flow that goes either to the right or left depending on the machine, towards its sealing head.

Thereafter, wrapping takes place using the film.

Besides, the film is usually available in various materials in order to suit the packaging needs of your product.

Additionally, horizontal flow wrappers are automatic, hence facilitate the high speed during packaging.

Horizontal flow wrappers are highly applied when packaging products such as lollies, books, pens, and even baked products such as biscuits and Pizzas.

Which Factors Determine Flow Wrap Machine Price?

A number of factors contribute to the price of Flow wrap machine price.

These factors include;

  • The level of automation or technology of the machine.

Machines that are automatic tend to be a little pricey compared to the semi-automatic or manual ones.

  • The type and size of machine also affects its pricing.

The bigger the machine the higher the price.

  • Lastly, the operation mode of the machine will also affect its price rating.

It can either be by use of electricity or gas.

They both come in different prices.

How Does Large Scale And Small Scale Flow Wrap Machine Compare?

Small scale flow wrapping machine

Small scale wrapping machine

Large scale flow wrap machines are adapted to help in packaging of products that are voluminous for large supply industries.

For instance, a company that makes supplies of foods such as chocolates and biscuits will require a large scale flow wrap machine.

This is because the machine is able to withstand long working hours and also boost the packaging of huge amount of the products.

Their power supply is also higher compared to the small scale flow wrap machine.

Lastly, the large scale flow wrap machine comes at a higher price compared to the small scale flow wrap machines.

Small scale flow wrap machines on the other hand are adapted to help in packaging of products at small scale level, just as the name suggests.

They are cheaper and utilize less power compared to large scale flow wrap machines.

Nonetheless, both small scale and large scale flow wrap machines are available with automatic features that facilitate smooth operations.

How Does Hot And Cold Sealing Compare In Flow Wrap Machine?

Flow wrap machine sealing type is dependent on the following factors;

  • Features of the product
  • Cost of materials
  • Speed
  • Capacity of the products
  • Seal strength required

Flow wrap machines applies either hot or cold sealing for its products,

Cold sealing is a type of sealing that applies the use of a water based cohesive coating to seal packages.

From the name, the sealing process does not require any heat.

Cold sealing only applies pressure to enable sealing of the package.

Hot sealing is also another type of sealing used to seal packages.

With hot sealing, heat has to be used on the material for sealing.

The heat melts the material and with pressure from the machine, the sealing process is completed.

Hot sealing is much more expensive and takes time compared to cold sealing.

The heat that needs to be produced adds to the cost of production of the products.

In fact, cold sealing offers a speed that is 10 times faster than hot sealing packaging.

This is facilitated by the fact that this machine does not have to wait for heating in order to seal.

Do Flow Wrap Machine Have Printing Capability?

Yes, flow wrap machines have a printing capability.

The machines are embedded with photocells which enable printing of dates and batch codes on the packages.

Moreover, they also provide room for adding features for printing in case the machine lacks the photocells.

Which Industries Use Flow Wrap Machine?

Flow warp machines are highly applicable in the following industries

  • Detergent and soap industry
  • Health Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food and beverage industry

Which Products Can You Package Using Flow Wrap Machine?

Plastic flow wrapping machine

Plastics Flow Wrapping Machine

Flow wrap machines serve to package different products.

These products include;

  • Foods such as biscuits, candies, chocolates, pizzas, lollies
  • Stationaries such as books and pens
  • Household items that also require packaging also use the flow wrap machine for packaging.
  • Refrigerated products
  • The machines are now being amalgamated to help in packaging pharmaceutical products as well.
  • Cosmetic products
  • Industrial and electronic components
  • Medicines

How Does Flow Wrap Machine Compare To Fold Wrapping Machine?

Fold wrapping machine facilitates packaging of products that need to be folded.

These products include chocolates.

Flow wrap machines facilitates packaging of products in a longitudinal or horizontal manner. Thus the products are sealed in between either ends of the product.

Flow wrap machines cannot permit folding during packaging unless adjusted to fit fold packaging specifications.

It would help if you purchase a fold wrapping machine for fold packaging.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Flow Wrap Machine?

Machines are meant to make work easier and realize efficiency in carrying out various tasks.

The flow wrap machine promotes efficiency in packaging of various products.

Below are various advantages that a flow wrap machine exudes to its users;

A Flow Wrap Machine Increases Production.

The flow wrap machine comes with a high speed that helps facilitate packaging of huge volume of products within a short period of time.

This is advantageous especially to industries that make delivery of products to various destinations.

It helps them make their deliveries on time without delays caused by packaging of the products.

Facilitates Convenient Packaging

Flow wrap machine facilitates convenient packaging by blocking out air to the packaged products.

This helps extend the shelf life of the products.

This aspect is highly applicable to products such as biscuits, chocolates and other food substances.

Flow Wrap Machine Offer One Of The Cleanest Packaging Methods.

This is because there is less handling of the product by human hands.

The whole process of packaging is majorly done by the machine.

Hence eliminating any chances of product contamination during packaging.

The machine also introduces the use of nitrogen to package food products.

It helps the food to remain fresh for a long time hence enticing consumers to purchase.

Moreover, a flow wrap machine provides room for customizing the packaging process.

There are some products that require addition of production date and batch number.

Lastly, a flow wrap machine can be customized to support secondary packaging.

For example, the machine can be linked to another machine in order to facilitate carton packaging.

Are There Limitations Of Using Flow Wrap Machine?

Flow wrap machines come with a few limitations that hinder their operations.

These limitations include;

They are not viable for packaging liquid or powdery products.

Flow wrap machines are constrained to help in packaging solid products.

Any contact with liquids or powder most likely leads to malfunctioning of the machine.

In a worst case scenario, the machine may incur serious damages leading to complete machine failure.

Another limitation is the costly nature of the machines.

They are expensive to purchase and these extends to their maintenance.

Every business person wants to minimize costs.

However, this machine presents an initial burden of costs to the user.

Lastly, most flow wrap machines are huge in size.

As a result, they require a huge space in order to foster the packaging tasks, especially in packaging food products such as biscuits and chocolates.

How Does Semi-Automatic Flow Wrapper Machine Compare To Fully Automatic Flow Wrap Machine?

Semi-Automatic Flow Wrap Machine

A semi-automatic flow wrap machine is a machine that relies partly on manual intervention despite having automatic features.

For instance, in order to initiate the packaging process -as an operator- you will need to feed the machine with the necessary fill materials for packaging.

Thereafter, you are to set the machine to commence packaging in accordance with the type of packaging you want.

Automatic Flow Wrap Machine

An automatic wrapping machine, on the other hand, can operate without manual intervention.

In most scenarios, automatic machines just need one to avail the materials for packaging and then set up the relevant parameters.

Additionally, automatic flow wrap machines come with automated touch screen that allows you to key in the tasks and features for your packaging.

The touch screen acts as a point of operation for the user in order to direct the machine on what type of packaging to execute.

There is also the option of adding batch codes and dates to the products.

Automatic wrapping machine allows you to key in the details for the batch codes and dates and the machine works out on the rest.

A semi-automatic machine speed is lower compared to the automatic machine.

As a result, an automatic machine is recommendable for industrial purposes.

This is because its speed provides efficiency of packaging of products on time hence allowing companies to make supplies and deliveries of the particular products on time.

Conclusively, automatic flow wrap machines are convenient for large scale wrapping and packaging of product as well.

On the other hand, Semi-automatic wrap machines are highly applicable at small scale wrapping and packaging of products.

How Should You Maintain Flow Wrap Machine?

There are a few practices of maintenance that can help keep your flow wrap machine up and running for a longer period of time.

These practices include;

  • Ensuring your machine is up to date especially when dealing with the fully automatic machines.
  • The spare kit for your machine should always be ready and well updated.
  • Minimize emergency shutdowns of the machine.
  • Make sure to improve on the machine utilization.
  • Remember to replace and upgrade the machine drive controls.

Further maintenance features and practices can be made clear by your manufacturer depending on the machine model.

Ideally, the machines should come with manual to guide you on the various maintenance practices.

What Are The Safety Features Of Flow Wrap Machine?

Below are some of the safety features that you can use on a flow wrap machine.

  • First and foremost, ensure you follow the installation instructions as provided by the machines manual.
  • Ensure the factory ground surface is clean and dry.

Avoid operating the machine on wet surfaces or conditions.

  • Use the right tools when operating or carrying out maintenance on the machine
  • If the machine breaks down, ensure you use approved troubleshooting procedures.
  • The operating environment for the machine should be safe.

Also, ensure that you have precautionary measures (such as first aid kit) installed.

Does Flow Wrap Machine Have Warranty?

Yes, Flow wrap machine come with warranties.

Warranties help authenticate the quality of the machines and also in case of any inconveniences or operational failure, the manufacturer is held accountable.

There warranty ranges from 1year up to 5 years.

For further clarity on the warranty of the machine, it is best to consult with the machines manufacturer.

Which Factors Should You Consider When Buying Flow Wrap Machine?

Flow wrapping machine

Flow wrapping machine

Here are a few factors that you should put into consideration before making a purchase for the flow wrap machine.

First and foremost, enquire on the features of the machine.

Some of these features include the shape of the machine and size.

Flow wrap machines come in different shapes and sizes suited to help package specific products.

Packaging type is also another feature to consider.

For example, flow wrap machines cannot help package liquid and powdery products.

It is thus safe to ensure the product you are going to expose the machine to is solid in nature.

It is also important to consider the package features.

This includes measurements of the package width, length and depth.

Also the weights and volumes of the packages should be well known.

These measurements help avoid the cases of product cuts while packaging.

Another key consideration to make before purchasing a flow wrap machine is the speed of packaging of the machine.

The speed is measured in bags per minute.

Therefore, depending on the level of efficiency you wish to have, it is important to consult on the speed of the machine.

For instance, for a flow wrap machine that is to be used for large scale packaging products, a higher speed is most considerable.

The type of packaging you want to use is also a factor to put under consideration.

There are numerous types of packaging styles.

This includes pillow shape packaging, Day packs, flat bottom packs, seal pack of four, three side seal packaging and even pouch packaging.

Having a clear decision on the type of packaging you wish to use n your products helps purchase the right flow wrap machine for intended purpose.

Should You Buy New Or Second Hand Flow Wrap Machine?

Both choices are good, your choice entirely depends on your set-apart budget for purchasing a machine.

Second hand flow wrap machines are machines that have been used before and set up again for a resale.

There are companies that specialize in refurbishing these machines and making them functional again.

As a result, if you are looking forward to minimize on costs or avoid overstretching your budget, a second hand flow wrap machine works just fine.

New flow wrap machine on the hand are a little pricy.

However, they come with features that serve for a long time without much operational maintenance costs.

Second hand machine might need a few spare parts to replace on the old hence adding the operational costs of the machine.

Therefore, if you plan to use the machine for a lengthy period, you can purchase a new flow wrap machine, if it doesn’t stretch your budget.

However, if the machine need is not long term, then opting for a second hand flow wrap machine is much more economical.

How Do You Troubleshoot Flow Wrap Machine?

Troubleshooting comes in handy when machine malfunctions take place.

Trouble shooting helps identify the prevailing problem and offer possible solutions for the same.

Below are some common problems flow wrap machines experience and their possible redress:

Back Seal Folds

It can be in the form of a back-seal wrinkle.

It is usually caused by a mismatch that results from the variation in speed between the middle seal wheel and the packaging speed of the machine.

To correct this, use the black rotating handle between the two middle seal wheels.

There is also risk of belt falling due to numerous revolutions and the handle lacks its effect.

To resolve this open then case cover and restore the belt`s connection to the rotation handle if it has fallen.

Cut Products

This is also another problem affiliated to the flow wrap machine.

Product cutting is associated with wrong level adjustments of the material.

To solve this, simply adjust the material level handle.

Different sizes and lengths of the product might expose the product to cuts.

Ensure to introduce measurable sizes that the machine can handle.

Lastly, product cuts can arise from speed of the machine.

A high speed can lead to cut products.

Simply adjust the speed of the machine to avoid product cuts.

End Seal Encoder Failure

To help resolve this issue, click clear and then shut down to restart the machine.

If the problem persists, move to the lower cased of the end seal encoder.

If the belt on the motor is loose, then the problem is likely to be frequent.

The flow wrap machine has numerous problems that can apply trouble shooting method to resolve.

In case of further malfunctions, it is important to consult with your manufacturer to obtain further directives on how to resolve the issue.

Additionally, one can double check with the machines manual to help resolve the problem.

Do You Have Replacement Parts For Flow Wrap Machine?

Yes. A flow wrapping machine has some of its parts exposed to wear and tear after a prolonged usage time.

As a result, these parts will need replacement over time.

Definitely, your machine’s manufacturer will have the replacement parts for these components.

However, you will need to specify the model of the machine and the specific parts before ordering for the replacement part.

How Much Power Do Flow Wrap Machine Use?

The amount of power a flow wrap machine uses is dependent on the type of flow machine you are using.

Additionally, the level of automation is a key determinant of the amount of power the machine is to use.

For instance, fully automated flow wrap machines require more power since most of its operations are controlled by the machine.

Also, larger flow wrap machines have a higher power consumption as compared to the smaller flow wrap machines.

Which Type of Packaging Do Flow Wrap Machine Use?

There are various types of packaging used by flow wrap machines.

The major types used include;

  • Pouch packaging
  • Sachet packaging
  • Bags packaging.

Sachet packaging and bags packaging are related, hence are highly similar.

However, they differ in the size of packages used.

Sachet packaging are smaller in size compared to bags packaging.

There small size allows for them to be printed on a narrow and mid-web press.

Packaging in bags is applicable to products with a large size.

Pouch packaging is one of the most convenient types of packaging for products.

It provides packages that are good for grab-and-go products such as chocolates, lollies and other snacks.

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For any inquiries or questions about flow wrapping machines, contact SaintyCo now.

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