FL-2000 Aluminum Foil Sealer

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FL-2000 Aluminum Foil Sealer

General Description:

The electro-magnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine utilizes the principle of electro-magnetic induction to obtain hermetic sealing by making the surface of aluminum foil instantaneously heat to adhere tightly on mouth of bottle. The machine is suitable for sealing all types of products in many industries such as pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, petroleum, cosmetics, chemical and other applications to obtain the highest sealing quality to increase the shelve life of the products and for safety purposes.


  • High quality stainless steel construction to meet cGMP standard.
  • Panasonic variable drive motor and speed control.
  • High operating efficiency and stable sealing.
  • Most affordable automatic induction sealer in the industry.
  • Composite aluminum foil for sealing is also produced.

FL-2000 Aluminum Foil Sealer

Technical Specifications FL-2000
Output 50-160 bottles/min
Sealing Cap Diameter Ф 16 – Ф 60 mm
Cap Height 30-260mm
Power Supply 1P AC 200V 50-60Hz 15A
Power 2Kw
Main Machine Dimensions(L*W*H) 600 ×450 ×1200 mm24″×18″×48″ 400 × 600 ×1060mm16″×24″×42″
Weight 90kg 82kg

FL-2000 Aluminum Foil Sealer Component List

Item Name Manufacturer Specification Quantity
1 IC USAMOTOROLA 4427,1093,4047 11
2 Power Mos FET USAADV BVFR5020 4
3 Descrete Freds USAADV 4148 4
4 Operational Amprificrs JapanTOSHIBA LF351N 5
5 Zener Diodes HollandPHILIPS P6KE16CA 5
6 Diods & Transistors JapanHITACHI IN4007、C0913、C9012 21
7 Capacitors JapanCHEMICOM 25V 1000µf 50V 10µf50V 100µf 16
8 Solid State Relays MexicoAssembled GN84137010 2
9 Auto Switch USAABB公司 1EC60898 GB10963 1
10 Control Relay GermanySIEMENS 3TB40 22-0XM0 1
11 Push & LED JapanIDEC IDEC NC   IDEC NO 5
12 Terminals GermanyWEIDHÜLLER ASK. SAK. EK. 21
13 Pump LEO XQM60 1
14 Connectors GermanyFESTO CK-1/8-PK-6 10
15 Metal Cases JapanWith stainless steel surface Proceeded on CNC 2
16 Fans TaiwanADDA AA8382 1
17 Duty Castors USACOLSON 3” 4
18 Resistor UKRS公司 100Ω 5

Tablet Capsule Counting Line

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