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FG Fluid-Bed Dryer

FG Fluid-Bed Dryer

Fluid-Bed Processor Application:

FG Series Fluid-Bed Dryer is one of the main process equipments in the solid dosage production procedure in pharmaceutical industry, and is also widely used in chemical, foodstuff industries, etc. This equipment is set with mixing and drying functions.

Fluid bed dryer in pharmaceutical Principle:

Glatt fluid bed dryer This equipment is composed of main machine (Processor), air handling unit (AHU), heating and control systems. When operating, charge the materials into the FBD Bowl, set the procedure and parameters according to process requirements and then, start the processor. The inlet air is filtered by the air handling unit (AHU) and heated by the heating system, and then the processed air enters the processor to blow up materials into fluidization condition. Materials are apace dried and moisture rapidly vaporized. When the operation has been finished according to the set procedure and parameters; move out the FBD Bowl to lock with NTF Series FBD/FBG Bowl Post hoist for lifting and discharging the produced granules. During the whole process, powder dust and cross pollution are effectively controlled.


Vibrating fluid bed dryer Features:

Continuous fluid bed dryer This equipment is successfully designed on the basis of a wide research, absorption and digestion of foreign advanced models. It has a reasonable structure with stable performances and easy operation; the whole machine has no dead angle or protruded screws. PLC is designed to ensure a fully automatic control. All the operations are automatically finished according to the customer’s set parameters; moreover, process parameters can be printed and records of original data are fully true and reliable. FG Series Fluid-Bed Granulators comply entirely with GMP requirements for medicine production.

FG Fluid-Bed Dryer

Fluid-Bed GranulatorFG5FG15FG30FG60FG120FG200FG300FG500
Materials Bowl VolumeL224510025042067010601500
Production capacityKg/batch5153060120200300500
Compressed airPressureMpa0.45~0.6
Fan powerKw5.57.51118.518.5304555
Outline dimensionsWmm820870120014601650189020902300

FG Fluid Bed Dryer

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