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Machine Details

  • Line Number: 16012
  • Automation: Automatic, In-Line
  • Bottles Per Minute: Up to 40 caps/min.
  • Staff Needed: 1-2

Effervescent Tablet Packaging Line Machines Included:

  • Silicagel Inserting Machine,
  • Effervescent tablet Tube Filling Machine,
  • Tube Labeling Machine.

Effervescent Tablet Packaging: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Your effervescent tablet production is not complete without efficient effervescent tablet packaging machine.

That’s why I am going to answer all questions you have been asking about effervescent tablet packaging equipment.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is an Effervescent Tablet Packaging?

This is a type of packaging which you use to package effervescent tablets.

Packaging effervescent tablet

Effervescent tablet packaging

They have unique characteristics such as moisture-proof and airtight that make them suitable for such a purpose.

Effervescent tablet packaging machine

Effervescent tablet packaging machine

Which material is used in the Manufacturing of Effervescent Tablet Packaging?

There are different materials that you can use to manufacture effervescent tablet packaging.

The common ones include:

· Glass Material

Glass guarantees you an airtight and moisture-free effervescent tablet packaging material.

It is best suitable if you are packing effervescent tablets that are enclosed in moisture-free packages such as nylon papers

The cover of the glass package is usually an aluminum foil with a pulp backed cap.

This prevents moisture from entering your package.

However, this material is prone to breakage, which may affect the quality of your effervescent tablets.

You have to spend more compared to other materials when purchasing this material.

· Plastic Material

Plastic has less protection against moisture and air compared to a glass material.

However, they are flexible and less prone to breakage compared to a glass material.

It is the best material to use if you are packing low hygroscopic effervescent tablets.

You need to have silica gel lids for closing these types of packages.

· Metal Material

The primary metal you can use to manufacture these packaging is aluminum.

This is due to the unique characteristics of glass, such as non-reactivity to other elements and corrosion-free.

It offers the same moisture-proof characteristics as glass and a cheaper option to use.

However, it is not as durable as plastic material; hence it increases your overall packaging cost.

· Aluminum Foil Material

This offers a flexible and gas-proof material for packing your effervescent tablets.

This material is also light proof and waterproof.

It has unique characteristics that make it suitable for use as a packaging material.

Such features include resistance to micro and macro foul and nontoxic.

However, it is essential to use a heavy gauge when using this material for packing your effervescent tablets.

What are the Benefits of an Effervescent Tablet Packaging?

The following are the benefits you experience when using an effervescent tablet packaging:

· Protection

Effervescent tablets are delicate and quickly react to the environment. the use of these packages protects these tablets, ensuring they remain in perfect condition before using them.

· Reduces Costs

Using effervescent tablet packaging reduces the overall costs associated with handling these tablets.

These costs include breakage and contamination.

Such costs affect the price you place on your effervescent tablets hence the need to reduce them.

· Information

Proper usage of effervescent tablet packaging requires you to label the type of tablets and their use appropriately.

This creates awareness to potential customers.

This means you can print informative words on the packaging for potential customers to read and understand the product.

· Improves Tablets Hygiene

The hygiene of your effervescent tablets remains high through the use of these packaging since there is no contamination.

The sealing process prevents any contamination of your tablets, thereby reaching the customer I good condition.

What are the Features of an Effervescent Tablet Packaging?

You need to check on the following features when searching for an effervescent tablet packaging:

· Non-reactive

An adequate effervescent tablet packaging should not react with different environmental factors such as air, fluid, and dust.

This is to prevent contamination of your effervescent tablet.

· Easy to Handle

An ideal effervescent tablet packaging should be easy to handle.

This is in terms of moving it from one area to another and storing it.

It should not have complicated procedures which may confuse you hence lading to

· Better Strength

the strength of a particular effervescent tablet packaging facilitates the effective handling of your tablets.

The material should not leak, wear, or tear easily before reaching the final consumer.

· Ability to Print Information

The material you select should allow for printing informative words on its outer part.

This helps you inform potential clients of the content of your effervescent tablet packaging.

· Moisture and Airproof

Air and moisture-proof is a feature that offers safe and reliable packing of your effervescent tablets.

This minimizes fluid or air from getting into contact with your tablets.

This ensures the tablets are in proper condition during the storing and transportation process.

How many Effervescent Tablets can a Package hold?

The number of effervescent tablets that a particular package can hold varies due to several factors.

These factors include the size of tablets and the design of the package.

Number of tablets in a packaging

Number of tablets in a packaging

What are the Limitations of using Effervescent Packaging?

The following are the limitations you will experience when it comes to effervescent packaging:

· Cost

Packaging has an effect of increasing the overall cost of your effervescent tablets.

This is due to their cost, which can be higher depending on the type of material.

· Increases Production Time

Packing these tablets implies you have to use a different machine from your effervescent tablet filler machine.

This affects your tablets’ production time since you have to proceed further to pack your products.

What are the Types of Effervescent Tablet Packaging?

The main types of effervescent tablet packaging available are:

· Glass Effervescent Tablet Packaging

Glass effervescent tablet packaging is usually in the form of tubes.

Their use requires a desiccant which absorbs free moisture available in the tub or tablet.

The absorption of free moisture prevents premature effervescence reaction.

Besides, the effective use of glass effervescent tablet packaging, however, decreases once you open them.

This is because air flows to the tube hence increasing the effervescence reaction.

· Plastic Effervescence Tablet Packaging

Plastic effervescence tablet packaging is in the form of a tube.

They are flexible types of packaging which are durable compared to glass effervescence tablet packaging.

You can use this type of packaging for packaging low hygroscopic effervescence tablets.

These tubes use a silica gel cap to prevent free moisture and air from flowing into the tube.

· Metal Effervescence Tablet Packaging

The best type of metal you can use for your effervescence tablet packaging is aluminum.

Their moisture and airproof characteristics are what make these tubes suitable for packing these tablets.

· Strip Wrapping Effervescence Tablet Packaging

This is the typical type of effervescence tablet packaging that you can use.

It involves sealing the individual tablets hermetically and stacking them in a paperboard box.

You have to consider the gauge thickness when considering this type of packaging.

· Blister Effervescence Tablet Packaging

This type of packaging entails packing your effervescence tablets in thermoformed blisters consisting of a foil backing.

The packing process involves pushing the tablets to the foil backing through pressing the blister.

However, you have to consider your effervescence tablet’s hardness level to avoid breaking them while pushing them.

How do you Test the Quality of Effervescent Tablet Packaging?

Testing the quality of an effervescent tablet packaging involves subjecting it to the following tests

  • Crush glass test which examines the force that your effervescent tablet glass packaging can withstand without breaking.
  • Leakage test. This examines if your effervescent packaging material is leaking. This prevents fluid from flowing through your package and into the tablets.
  • Chemical resistance test. This is a test that examines the reactivity of your packaging material to different chemicals and surroundings. It minimizes the compromise of your packages.
  • Strength test. This test ascertains the number of tablets a given package can hold without tearing or breaking apart. It is essential when considering the number of tablets that a particular package can have.

What should you Consider when Selecting Effervescent Tablet Packaging?

It would be best if you considered the following factors when selecting an effervescent tablet packaging:

· Tablet Size and Design

The type of effervescent tablet packaging you select should hold your tablets effectively regardless of the dimensions.

You have to consider the size and design of your tablets when choosing the right packaging for use.

· Packaging Material

The different packaging materials have other characteristics that make them suitable for packing your effervescent tablets.

The material you select should consider the shelf life of the effervescent tablet and its packing condition.

· Cost

The different effervescent tablet packaging materials have different pricing due to their unique characteristics.

You have to select the right material that fits your budget.

Cost also includes the maintenance cost of your effervescent tablet packaging machine and the accessories you need.

Effervescent tablet packaging machine

Effervescent tablet packaging machine

What is the Effect of Pinholes in an Effervescent Tablet Packaging?

Pinholes have the effect of allowing air and fluid flow within the packaging, which reduces the quality of the effervescent tablets.

These tablets quickly react with the external environment and cannot function as per expectation.

Pinholes are a common problem when using aluminum foil packaging material.

To reduce this, you have to use a high gauge aluminum foil.

Also, ensure that the aluminum foil holding area is large enough to hold the effervescent tablet without tension.

However, the site should take into consideration that there is minimal room air within the package.

What is the Cost of an Effervescent Tablet Packaging?

The cost of an effervescent tablet packaging differs depending on various factors such as:

· Material

Different effervescent tablet packaging materials have other properties, which affect the final pricing.

For instance, the durability of plastic material is higher compared to that of an aluminum foil.

Other characteristics that affect your effervescent tablet packaging price include reaction to the external environment and their strength.

· Size and Shape of Effervescent Tablets

Effervescent tablet packaging is available in different sizes and shapes.

You, therefore, have to consider these dimensions when selecting your package.

However, before selecting a particular size or shape, you have to consider your effervescent tablets’ quantity and dimensions.

· Labeling Requirements

The labeling requirements of your effervescent tablet packaging affects its overall cost.

In some instances, the labeling may be a simple letter wording, or it may be pictorial.

Simple labeling involving words is cheaper compared to one where drawings are involved.

How Durable is an Effervescent Tablet Packaging?

The durability of a particular effervescent tablet packaging depends on the type of material you use.

Generally, plastic materials have a higher lifespan compared to other materials.

The handling procedure of these materials also affects their durability.

For instance, if you handle your glass effervescent tablet packaging properly, it can last for a longer period.

It is vital to check on your manufacturer’s manual on how to handle a particular effervescent tablet packaging material.

Effervescent tablet packaging line

Effervescent tablet packaging line

How do you store an effervescent tablet packaging?

The procedure of storing your effervescent tablet packaging depends on its type of material.

However, the general storing process entails placing your packaging in a cool, dry place.

It will help if you place the packaging in a moisture-free environment.

When storing glass effervescent tablet packaging, you have to remove any objects from the surrounding, leading to breakage.

How Does Effervescent Tablet Packaging Machine Work?

The working of an effervescent tablet packaging machine entails the following:

· Preparation

Here, you have to place the empty effervescent tablet packaging in the hopper.

The package differs depending on the material.

You can adjust the hopper to accommodate the different types of effervescent tablet packaging.

Preparation also involves setting the right parameters like speed for the effective working of your machine.

· Filling Process

Once you have set the machine, you need to switch it on via the control panel to allow for its operation.

As the machine starts operating, the packaging material flows from the hopper to the filling station.

Your effervescent tablet packaging machine has two sections which facilitate the flow of tablets during the packing process.

There is also a pneumatic stop that is responsible for counting tablets as they flow to the tubes.

This prevents excess tablet packing in one packaging material, thereby ensuring the tablets are uniform.

· Inspection

Inspection is a critical step in the packaging process.

It is here that your machine monitors and removes any defects present in the entire process.

Such defects include cracking of the packaging material and excess number of tablets in a particular package.

This ensures your packaging material is in the right condition and consists of the same number of tablets.

· Capping

The capping stage involves closing or sealing the open end of your effervescent tablet packaging material.

In plastic and glass packaging, you have to place a desiccant to remove moisture from the pack.

The presence of a detector here ensures the capping process is effective.

The sensor removes any package that misses proper sealing or capping.

· Labeling

Labeling can either be the printing of words, images, or symbols on your effervescent tablet packaging.

The importance of labeling is to inform your potential customers of what the package contains.

Your labeling should, therefore, be visible and easy to read.

What is the Manufacturing Process for Effervescent Tablets?

An effervescent tablet’s manufacturing process involves the compression of active ingredients and sodium bicarbonate mixture and organic acids like tartaric or citric acid.

Is Effervescent Tablet Packaging Eco-friendly?


Effervescent tablet packaging is eco-friendly.

This is because you can easily recycle these materials hence reducing the environmental pollution.

They also don’t quickly react with the environment or emit poisonous gas.

Which Technologies can you Apply on Effervescent Tablet Packaging?

There are different technologies that you can apply to your effervescent tablet packaging.

Some of these technologies are for facilitating your packaging process while others lower your cost.

Standard technologies you can use include:

· Smart Packaging

Smart packaging entails using various technologies such as Radio-frequency Identification codes to print on your effervescent tablet packaging.

RFID technology also prevents the theft of your effervescent tablets as you can easily track them.

· 3D Printing

3D printing is a cheap and easier way of packing your effervescent tablets.

It entails the modeling of the package by laying the layers through computer assistance.

It is a new trend in manufacturing effervescent tablet packaging since it is not costly and time.

· Fiber-based Material

The use of this technology is gaining traction due to its unique characteristics.

For instance, it is a cheaper option that you can use to manufacture your effervescent tablet packaging.

Among the features you get when using this material include durability, water, and air proof.

Do you have Custom Effervescent Tablet Packaging Machine?

Effervescent tablet packaging setup

Effervescent tablet packaging setup


You can get a custom effervescent tablet packaging machine that meets your specifications.

Among the specifications that you can ask for customizations include the packaging size, speed, size, and printing configurations.

Now it’s your turn.

Whether you want to expand, upgrade or start an effervescent tablet compression business, SaintyCo is here to help you expand your market share.

Contact us today for all your tablet compression needs.

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