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Effervescent Packaging: The Ultimate Guide

I know you are probably looking for safe and reliable effervescent packaging.

A reason this guide explores all information you need about effervescent packaging solutions.

Keep reading to learn more.

1.  Best Effervescent Packaging?

effervescent packaging

effervescent packaging

2.  Effervescent Packaging In Metal Tubes

Seamless, extruded metal tubes, commonly used in Europe for packaging effervescent tablets and are often made from aluminum.

They are impermeable to moisture as are glass tubes.

effervescent packaging in metal tubes

effervescent packaging in metal tubes

Effervescent Packaging In Glass Tubes

Glass offers the non-flexible packaging materials with the highest degree of moisture protection; however, the cost of shipping a heavy package and breakage are the existing inherent limitations.

Moisture-proof closures must be used for these multiple-use containers since individual packaging in glass is economically infeasible.

A waxed metal caps, pulp-backed liner aluminum foil usually prove satisfactory when opened and closed repeatedly.

effervensence packaging in glass tube

effervenscence packing in glass tube

Moisture is excluded from the interior of the package if properly closed after each use.

Any free moisture in the tablet or in the air, desiccants are used to bind up so that to prevent the effervescent reaction from premature starting.

Effervescent Packaging In Plastic Tubes

Plastic tubes are not effective as glass and metal, they are most suitable for packaging effervescent tablets with low order hygroscopicity.

Plastic tubes with moisture-proof closure can package tablets with a low order of hygroscopicity.

However, plastic tubes can be used with special caps containing silica gel or some other desiccants that absorbs moisture vapor that enters through the closure.

effervescent packaging in plastic tubes

effervescent packaging in plastic tube

Plastic packaging has permeability moisture vapor properties.

Strip Wrap For Effervescent Packaging

Effervescent tablets are usually arranged in sized strips, frequently strip wrapping in individual pouches, and stacked in a paperboard box.

Each effervescent tablet is hermetically sealed in its individual container and this will keep them uncontaminated and dry until their time of use.

strip wrap

strip wrap

They are many different flexible packaging materials that are available for packaging.

Amongst them, there are only a few that are suitable to protect the effervescent tablets from physical damage or moisture vapor.

Blister Packaging For Effervescent Tablets

These require thermoformed plastic blisters with foil backing in the packaging of some effervescent tablets.

Blister packaging requires you to press the blister so as to push the tablet through the foil backing.

To avoid the breakage of the tablets when they are being removed from their package, the tablets packaged in this manner should be hard enough.

blister packaging

blister packaging

Most small diameters, relatively thick effervescent tablets can be made hard enough to withstand the required force to remove them from this type of packaging.

Aluminum Foil For Effervescent Packaging

Aluminum foil is immune and nontoxic to microbiology attacks. It is a flexible, absolute barrier to water vapor, gases, and light.

It is an excellent choice for heat-sealing strip-packaging operation since it has great heat conductivity.

In order to minimize the risk of holes, foil packaging should be a heavy gauge.

Aluminum foil packaging

aluminum foil packaging

To hold the tablets, the surrounding pocket should be large enough but the inclusion of air to be minimized.

3.  Testing Qualities Of Effervescent Packaging?

It’s important to perform tests because it assures you that the closure and seal integrity of the effervescent packaging is high.

This implies that the packaged tablets also have a high quality.

The best method of testing is to store under severe humidity and temperature conditions that are similar to those expected to be encountered.

Since they have to be stored for similar durations, this procedure is long-term. It has to be simulated because it is also not practical.

Storage conditions are simulated by which the effervescent packaging are stored in test rooms regulated at constant elevated humidity and temperature.

They are kept for about three months in the test chambers.

The packaging must show little moisture pickup or zero in order to pass the test.

There are some methods that do not require such much time when used to test the packaging.

Examples of such methods include infrared seal testing, vacuum underwater testing, electronic air-tightness testing, using detectable gases, and detectable tracer material.

These methods are just reliable since they assure product quality.

4.  Benefits Of Effervescent Packaging?

  • Effervescent packaging conforms to GMP/ISO 15378 standards.

This shows that effervescent packagings are certified as durable and highly effective and have been subjected to thorough seal integrity tests.

  • Effervescent packagings can be used automated filling process since they are light yet rigid containers.
  • Effervescent packaging contains exceptional Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate Control. Apart from using effervescent tablets with them, this exceptional MVTR control allows you to as well use chewables and lozenges.

Half spiral, flip top, tamper-evident stoppers, or easy opening can be incorporated into the overall design depending on someone’s preferences.

  • Effervescent packagings have desiccant stoppers that when packaging they are relatively easy to insert.

5.  Choosing Effervescent Packaging Machine?

The following are some specifications to look for when choosing an effervescent machine.

Speed Of The Machine

Since full automatic machines are faster than semi-automatic machines you should always specify the speed with which the machine operates.

The speed of the machine depends on the level of automation.

 Material Of The Machine

Manufacturers in most cases prefer using stainless material for constructing the body of the machine.

This is due to its high durability and resistance against corrosion, water, temperature, and other damages.

The machine should have the ability in withstanding harsh environmental changes, so consider stainless as the best material for making the machine.

Utilization Of Electricity

You should know the right production procedure in your production line since the machine will consume power following the production demands.

The machine will consume more power when the production demand is higher. Always check the latest models that have options for power saving.

Technical Specifications Of The Machine

You should always check the technicalities that you need for your machine before buying.

  • Capacity
  • Compressor air
  • Weight of the machine
  • Size of the machine
  • Diameter of the tablet
  • Power supply
  • Speed of filling
  • Length of filling
  • Thickness of tablets

Design And size

Specifying the design and size of the machine needed according to your application requirements will determine the size and amount of tablets to fill.

A big machine will occupy big space and will have high efficiency for packaging the tablets, therefore suitable for a large scale industry.

On the other hand, a small machine will occupy a small space and it will be the best fit to package a small number of tablets, hence suitable for small scale industry.


Always consider having a machine that is friendly when using.

The machine should be easy to learn its working principle for the proper operation of the machine.

Technology of Machine

You should consider checking the complete machine automatic operations with high-tech commands.

The technology of the machine should be with the latest functions and must be advanced.

The technology must be easy to comprehend as well as flexible in case of changes in the future and there should be no burden to the operator when operating the machine.

Machine Compatibility With Other Equipment

Before purchasing the machine, you should consider how compatible the machine is with other equipment in your production line.

Always keep in touch with the manufacturer or read the user guide book to specify the type of the machine.

Here are some effervescent packaging machines to choose from.

6.  Uses Of Effervescent Packaging?

They are commonly applied in the pharmaceutical industry and nutraceutical industry.

You can also apply effervescent packaging in industries such as personal care, cosmetics, supplement industries, etc., for secondary packaging roles.

In the pharmaceutical industry effervescent packagings are used as follows;

Glass tubes: This type of effervescent packaging is classified into four types of glass i.e.

Type I glass, Type II glass, Type III glass, and Type IV glass based on their degree of hydrolytic/chemical resistance to water. Each glass has its uses.

  • Type I glass container is used to contain alkalis and strong acids.

They are suitable for packaging materials whether parenteral or non-parenteral for most preparations.

  • Type II glass container is used for neutral aqueous and most acidic preparations whether parenteral or non-parenteral.
  • Type III glass container is used in packaging non-aqueous, non-parenteral preparations, and parenteral use of powder except for freeze-dried preparations.
  • Type IV glass container is used in storing topical products as well as oral dosage forms.

Plastic tubes: This type of effervescent packagings are used as squeezable tubes for ear drops, eye drops, and nasal sprays.

It is also used as a sterile packaging system for blood components and human blood.

It is used as a packaging system for solid dosage forms like capsules and tablets.

They are used as prefillable syringes and as bags for the parenteral solution.

7.  How To Choose Suitable Effervescent Packaging Solution?

When choosing effervescent tablet packaging they are some guidelines to follow so as to make the right choice.

Packaging Cost

When making decisions in your business your priority should always be getting a profit.

If you make an investment that is out of your budget, it might be hard to achieve.

Therefore, you should choose packaging that ranges within your budget.

Construction Material

Different materials such as metal, glass, plastic, etc. are used in making packagings

These materials are appropriate for specific classifications of effervescent tablets and their permeability level is different.

Compare them against the permeability of the material that you would like to purchase and also conduct research on what levels of humidity can cause damage to your tablets.

8.  The Size And Design Of Effervescent Tablet To Be Stored

Ensure that you choose the packaging that will be able to hold the tablets for their entire shelf life. For example, using blister packs is not the right choice since the tablets might break if they are thin, light, and with a large diameter.

9.  Why Effervescent Tablets Need Special Packaging Solution?

Effervescent tablets need special packaging such as tubes with desiccant to protect them from external influences and potential damage.

Effervescent tablets are pharmaceutical dosages that when exposed or submerged to water or juice they dissolve into a solution.

They are tablet preparations that are not coated in which they contain a combination of acids substances, medicinal agents, and hydrogen carbonates or carbonates.

This combination reacts quickly with water releasing carbon dioxide.

When exposed to moisture it causes these products become damaged and structurally decompose.

10.  Benefits Of Spiral Desiccant Stoppers For Effervescent Packaging?

  • Spiral desiccant stoppers are non-toxic since they are not susceptible to microbiological influence.
  • The stoppers contain silica-gel desiccant that keeps away light, moisture, and humidity.
  • Desiccant caps are cost-friendly, easy to use, and can be recycled.
  • Spiral desiccant stoppers have a special feature. This feature is spiral rings which have the role of protecting the tablets from breakages.
  • They come in many colors. These colors will help to increase your brand value.
  • Spiral desiccant stoppers have pilfered rings that protect them against pilferage.

11.  Quality Standards Effervescent Packaging Should Comply With?

They are as follows;

The stoppers or desiccant caps have silica gel. The gel keeps away light, humidity, and moisture from the tablets contained within.

Spiral desiccant stoppers conform to microbiological TYMC and TAMC tests and sensory.

This shows that effervescent packaging complies with EC/EU standards that come in contact with consumables.

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