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E50/S250 Pellets Extruder and Spheronizer

E50/S250 Pellets Extruder & Spheronizer

Pharmaceutical Pellet

Development for Laboratory

Extrusion/Spheronization/Centrifugal granulating unit which is compatible two processes

Pellets Extruder & Spheronizer In the production of pharmaceutical preparations, the advanced technology of extrusion and spheronization, as the advanced technologies applied widely in international pharmaceutical industry, has following several advantages:

  • Eliminate dust completely through process operation under a moist state.
  • Narrow granularity distribution strip, good intensity, big density, and good recurrence between batches.
  • Granulates has good roundness, easy for coating, providing conditions for accuracy in allocating and meas uring of capsules.
  • High return ratio of products, high one time passing rate, be able to manufacture spheroids loaded with more medicine.
  • Easy to achieve the mixing of non-compatible active ingredients.
  • Large production capacity, easy to operate, low cost.
Main Technical ParametersE-50 Pellets ExtruderMain Technical ParametersS-250 Spheronizer
Minimum batch charge(Kg)0.05Output (Kg/batch)≤0.5
Output (take Φ1.0 for instance)(Kg/h)≤10Time (min/batch)≤0.5-5.0
Aperture(mm)Φ0.4-3.0Power supply (V/Hz)380 / 50
Power supply (V/Hz)380/50Motor power (Kw)0.75
Motor power(Kw)0.55Rotate speed (r/min)50-2380
Rotate speed(r/min)5-72Return ratio of qualified products>90%
Material return ratio≥99%Noise (db)< 60
Noise(Db)<45Equipped capacitor (Kw)1.0
Outline dimension (mm)500 x 400 x 610Outline dimension (mm)430 x 465 x 660
Net weight (Kg)45Net weight (Kg)84

Experimental Extruder&Spheronizer Group

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