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E Series Extruder

E Series Extruder

Uniform Kneading, Mixing and Extruding Process

E Series Extruder Application & Process:

Extruder is used to convert wetted powder/ Dough material into uniform size extrudes/ granules with addition of binders. Applications are mainly pharmaceuticals, chemicals, Agro Chemical, ceramics, herbals, polymers, catalysts, food, sugar industries etc.

Axial press extruder has either single or twin screws, depending on the output required, which transfers the materials to the flat die. The thickness of the die can be provided as different thickness to deliver a range to compressive energies. The axial die perforation size range available from 0.7 to 5mm with varying thickness up to 5mm.

The screws transport the wetted powders/ dough to the straight sieve/die which can be provided with varying thickness as can the holes for extruding. The extrusion takes place at the face of the mesh.

E Series Extruder Salient Features:

  • Designed as per cGMP –Current Good Manufacturing Practices & Non GMP STANDARD Model.
  • Contact parts in AISI316, AISI304 as desired by customer.
  • Different models in extruders such as Single Screw Axial Extruder, Double Screw Axial Extruder, Cone Extruder, Radial Extruder.
  • Length of extrusions is adjustable.
  • Up to 96% uniformity (substantially formulation dependant).
  • Change of extrusion diameter/ pellet size by changing die roller.
  • Continuous cooling arrangement during extrusion operation for pressing roller.

E Series Extruder Optional Features:

  • Option for A.C Drive with digital RPM indicator for screw.
  • Option for Direct Inline with Spheridizer.
  • Jacketed chamber for cooling or heating.

E Series Extruder Safety Features:

  • Total drive transmission system enclosed.
  • Overload relay Protection and Emergency stop button.

E Series Extruder

ExtruderSingle-screw extruder   E-50Double-screw extruder E-100Double-screw extruder E-150
Minimum batch charge(Kg)
Output (take Φ1.0 for instance)(Kg/h)≤10≤100≤400
Power supply (V/Hz)380/50
Motor power(Kw)0.5547.5
Rotate speed(r/min)5-725-1005-100
Material return ratio≥99%≥99%≥99%
Outline dimension (mm)500 * 400 * 6101125 * 650 * 11802300 * 750 * 1250
Net weight (Kg)45660950

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