Drying Trays and Dolly

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Drying Trays and Dolly

Drying Trays and Dolly /DT Drying Trays and Trolleys

Softgel Drying Trays and Trolleys Description:

Drying trays is used for soft gelatin capsules drying and setting. The trays are manufacted of polypropylene resin(PP) which is in line with GMP requirements. Its dimension is 750mm*475*55mm. The moving brackets are manufacted of SUS304 stainless steel, with four casters in the bottom.

Drying occurs by tumbling or by a combination of tumbling and tray drying
Standard Tumble Drying
• 1 to 6 baskets
• Drying trays in tunnels
Continuous Tumble Drying
• 8 to 16 baskets
• Larger baskets and blowers
• No trays or tunnel
Tray Drying – The softgels come out of the tumble dryers and are placed on paper lined drying trays. The trays are then stacked on dolleys and pushed into drying tunnels. This method is used in a multiple product process.
Continuous Drying – Continuous drying uses more and larger tumble dryers, the softgels spend more time in the dryers. This method is usually found in a single product process.

DT Drying Trays and Dolly

Drying Trays and Dolly

Technical Parameters





Material PPE SUS304
Dimension 750*475*55mm 750*475*55mm
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