DPP-140D Blister Packing Machine

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DPP-140D Blister Packing Machine

DPP-140D Blister Packing Machine

  • It is specially designed for small size productions that require a high flexibility.
  • Its modular and compact concept optimizes the production in a small working area.
  • Main advantages of this machine are the simple operation and the high efficiency.
  • It allows forming thermoplastic and cold forming materials (Alu-Alu).
  • Automation by PLC and operation through touch screen control panel.
  • It has mechanical drives, which lend it high robustness and low maintenance.

DPP-140D is flexible and allows the adding of a great variety of accessories and optional extras:

  • Cold forming
  • Pre-cutting
  • Extended feeding area
  • Inspection and rejecting control systems.
  • Print mark registration
  • Automatic feeder

DPP-140D Blister Packing Machine

DPP-140D Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine DPP-140D
Output Max.100blisters/min
Speed Alu/PVC,15- 50 cycles/minAlu/Alu,15-30cycles/min
Die-cutting range max. 140*120mm
Forming depth max. 12mm(Optional:up to 20)
Indexing max. 130mm
Forming foil Thermoplastic, PVC, PVC-PVdC, PVC-Aclar, PET, etc.Cold forming (Alu-Alu).
Max.wide 150mm
Max.diameter 300mm
Max.thickness 300 microns
Lidding foil Al, paper, etc.
Max.wide 150mm.
Max.diameter 250mm.
Power supply 380V/220V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 3.2Kw
Water consumption 50 Its/hour @ 15/18℃
Air consumption 150 Its/min. @ 6Kg
Dimensions L=2300mm A=560mm H=1410mm
Net weight 650Kg


DPP-140D Blister Packing Machine (alu-alu)


DPP-140D Blister Packing Machine (alu-pvc)


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