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DPL Multi Function Fluid-Bed Granulator and Coater

DPL Multi Function Fluid-Bed Granulator and Coater

Fluid-Bed Granulator and Coater-Combo

DPL Series Fluid Bed Granulators and Coaters have multi-functional systems. The top spray system is the third generation of the top spray granulator. It is more efficient than most common fluid bed granulators in the industry. This type of advanced series equipment integrates three fluid bed processes including the top-spray granulating, bottom spray coating, tangent spray pelleting and coating, so that it achieves both technological and economical advantages in solid dose processing and other applications.

DPL Pellet Coater & Dryer Main Features:

  • High efficient dryer
  • Granulator meeting different requirements
  • Bottom spray coating system
  • Tangent spray rotor system for powder laying, pelletting, coating
  • Intelligent control system
  • 2bar shock resistant as standard
  • Different spray nozzles for choosing

DPL Fluid-Bed Granulator &Coater-Combo

Fluid-Bed Granulator &Coater-ComboDPL-5/10DPL-15/30DPL-30/60DPL-60/120DPL-100/200
Material ContainerVolume (L)45100220420670
Dimension (mm)500900120014001600
Capacity (Top Spray) kg/batch103060120200
Capacity (Bottom, Tangent Spray) kg/batch5153060100
SteamPressure (Mpa)0.4-0.6
Steam flow (kg/h)50100160240320
Compression airPressure (Mpa)0.6
Steam flow (m3/min)
Blower (Kw)7.57.5112230
Heater (Kw)215478108163
Noise (db)less than 75 db
Tower Dimension (mm)A29003200390043004800

DPL Fluid Bed Granulator & Coater Combo

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