DP-23W/25W Effervescent Tablet Press

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DP-23W/25W Effervescent Tablet Press

DP-23W/25W Effervescent Tablet Press

Effervescent Tablet Press Applications:

This Tablet press machine is the latest development of a professional repression effervescent rotary tablet press for pressing granular raw materials into tablets. The machine adopts to produce effervescent tablet, aromatic tablets, washing block, crucibles and so on.

Effervescent Tablet Press  Feature:

>External casing is fully enclosed, the external and internal tops adopts stainless steel 304, it can keep the surface luster and prevent cross-contamination

>The machine installed the vacuum devices, which can absorb the dust in the air.

>The machine adapt to all kinds of large and small pieces of tablets, is the best choice.

DP-23W/25W Effervescent Tablet Press

Effervescent Tablet Press

Technical Parameters

 DP-23W DP-25W
Pounching Station 23 25
Max. Compression 80KN 80KN
Max. Diameter of tablet 25mm 22mm
Max. filling depth 10-25mm 10-25mm
Max. thickness of tablet 6-12 6-12mm
Rotary speed of the turret 10-20r/h 10-20 r/h
Output 27000 pcs/h 30000 pcs/h
Weight 2000kg 2000kg
Dimension 1230*950*1800 1230*950*1800


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