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DP-23W/25W Effervescent Tablet Press

DP-23W/25W Effervescent Tablet Press

Effervescent Tablet Press Applications:

This Tablet press machine is the latest development of a professional repression effervescent rotary tablet press for pressing granular raw materials into tablets. The machine adopts to produce effervescent tablet, aromatic tablets, washing block, crucibles and so on.

Effervescent Tablet Press  Feature:

>External casing is fully enclosed, the external and internal tops adopts stainless steel 304, it can keep the surface luster and prevent cross-contamination

>The machine installed the vacuum devices, which can absorb the dust in the air.

>The machine adapt to all kinds of large and small pieces of tablets, is the best choice.

DP-23W/25W Effervescent Tablet Press

Effervescent Tablet PressTechnical Parameters DP-23WDP-25W
Pounching Station2325
Max. Compression80KN80KN
Max. Diameter of tablet25mm22mm
Max. filling depth10-25mm10-25mm
Max. thickness of tablet6-126-12mm
Rotary speed of the turret10-20r/h10-20 r/h
Output27000 pcs/h30000 pcs/h

Effervescent Tablet Press: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about the effervescent tablet press.

So if you want to skyrocket your effervescent tablet business, read this guide.

What is an Effervescent Tablet?

This is a tablet which when it dissolves in water releases carbon dioxide.

Their manufacturing process entails compression of powder ingredients to form a dense product.

Effervescent tablet

Effervescent tablet

Why Invest in Effervescent Tablet Press?

You need to invest in an effervescent tablet press because:

  • High production capacity

An effervescent tablet press has a high production capacity which enhances the volume of products you need. This has an effect to improve your sales and profit.

  • Lowers cost

This machine reduces the overall cost of your productivity by cutting labor cost.

Since there is automation, you don’t need to hire many laborers to work for your company.

The automation process also reduces wastage as a result of the wrong production process.

This is because there is a reduction of human interference.

  • Easy to operate

The machine is easy to operate since one has to set the controls and allow for operation.

This facilitates production hence increasing your output.

Are there Limitations of Effervescent Tablet Press?

Yes. This machine has minor limitations which include:

Effervescent tablet press

Effervescent tablet press

  • Cost

The initial purchasing and maintenance cost for this machine is relatively high.

You have to consider this cost before purchasing the machine for your use.

Getting such funds can be a challenge even when one wants to own the machine.

  • Product size

This machine is unsuitable for packaging smaller tablets.

This is due to the production process, which requires compaction of the ingredients.

  • Operation

The tablet production process is complicated.

This requires qualified personnel to operate and run the machine.

Failure to hire qualified personnel may lead to machine breakdown, which increases the overall cost.

What are the Main Parts of Effervescent Tablet Press Machine?

The main parts of an effervescent tablet press machine are:

  • Hopper

The function of this part of your effervescent tablet press machine is to hold raw material that you are going to process.

  • Die

A die moulds your materials into the shape and size that you want for your tablets.

  • Punches

The function of a punch is to compress your raw materials to a defined mass within the die.

There are two types of punches in an effervescent tablet press machine, that is, lower and upper punches.

Upper punches rotate vertically from within the dire bore to the outside.

Lower punches are present within the tube and are stationary as the machine functions.

  • Compression turret

Compression turret ensures proper alignment of the punches and dies pockets.

You can increase the production capacity of your machine by using a rotary turret which is segmented.

  • Cam tracks

A cam track facilitates the tracking punches movement during the manufacturing process.

This is by guiding the lower and upper punches along the various stages of tablet compression.

  • Feeding unit.

This is that part between the die and the hopper.

It regulates material moving to the die from the hopper unit.

  • Cap vibrating part

The function of this part is to restructure and aligns the caps during the loading process in the hopper.

This is by vibrating and aligning the caps.

  • Tablet inserting unit

The function of this part is to moves the tablets to the tubes during the filling process.

It consists of sensors that detect the number of tablets filling a particular tube.

This prevents tablets from overflowing which may lead to losses.

  • Cap pressing unit

This unit is responsible for capping the tube once the filling process is over.

This seals the tube that holds the tablets in position.

  • Electric unit.

This is that part of an effervescent tablet machine that powers it.

It is a risky area where personnel handling it should have the necessary qualification.

How does Rotary Effervescent Tablet Press Work?

The working process of an effervescent tablet press work involves:

· Preparation

This step entails checking if every part you have fixed it properly and tightening loose screws.

Check if the machine has all the right parameters for the production process.

This includes setting the size of the tablets, the number of tablets to fill in a tube, and the mixing proportion for the raw materials.

You have to get all the materials for processing, including empty tubes and the tablets in powder form.

· Tablet compression stage

You will feed the right formulation of the powder into the machine.

The shape and size of the effervescent tablet will depend on the design of the tooling system.

Normally, the effervescent tablet press has both lower and upper punches.

Please note that the sequence of the operation may vary from one tablet press machine to another.

However, it involves the following key processes:

i. The powder flows to the tooling system as it rotates

ii. Powder fills the lower punch

iii. Upper punch moves into position

iv. It compresses the powder in stages – pre-compression stage and main compression stage

v. Upper punch moves back into position

vi. Fully compressed tablets are discharged through the chute

Stages in effervescent tablet compression

Stages in effervescent tablet compression process

·  Filling process

This step entails moving and arranging the tubes vertically into their correct filling position.

While this happens, there is a channel that guides the tablets to flow into the tablet table.

The presence of a pneumatic stop ensures there is accurate counting of the tablets.

This provides uniformity when it comes to filling the tubes.

The tubes rotate as filling takes place.

The machine detects an empty tube and fills it accordingly.

· Inspection process

Once the filing process is complete, the tubes move to the inspection stage.

Here, there is a detection of the right number of tablets per tube.

The machine also checks to confirm if the tubes are in perfect shape for capping to take place.

Rejection takes place for tubes that do not meet the requirement of the inspection process.

This ensures that the tubes proceeding to the next step meet the requirements.

· Capping process

Capping entails sealing the tubes, thereby containing the tablets within the tubes.

There are sensors that detect the sealing of a particular tube or not.

· Packaging

The sealed tubes go through the packaging process where you pack in boxes ready for market shipment.

What Causes Wear in Effervescent Tablet Press Machine?

The leading causes of wear in an effervescent tablet machine are:

  • Dirt accumulation

Using an effervescent tablet press machine without cleaning it results in accumulation of dirt within its vital parts.

Such dirt can cause your machine not to function correctly due to friction while the machine is working.

You can minimize this by cleaning the machine after every use.

  • Lubrication

Failure to lubricate moving parts of your machine increase friction which has the effect of wearing out these parts.

Friction also destroys the lifespan of the individual parts affecting the production capacity.

The solution to this is to lubricate the parts after every use.

  • Spare parts

Your effervescent tablet press machine can wear out if you are continually purchasing low-quality spare parts.

Such parts only run for a limited time before breaking down.

You must purchase your spare parts for your machine from a reputable dealer.

This reduces the chances of buying faulty spare parts.

Where can you use Effervescent Tablet Press Machine?

The use of this machine is every day in applications like:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and beverage industry.
  • Nutraceutical Industry

How does Single Station and Multiple Station Effervescent Tablet Press Compare?

A single station effervescent tablet press is a straightforward machine to use compared to a multiple cation effervescent tablet press.

A single station tablet press consists of a pair of lower and upper punches and a die.

A multiple station effervescent tablet press consists of die table cam and cam tracks and turrets for holding punches.

There are numerous dies around circular die table which rotate horizontally.

In a single station effervescent tablet press, the upper punch is responsible for the compression force.

The lower hole is always stationary during the tablet compression process.

Both the upper and lower punches are responsible for the compression force in a multiple station effervescent tablet press.

A single station effervescent tablet press has a lower production rate compared to a multiple station effervescent tablet press.

Using a single station effervescent tablet press gives you total control over the raw materials.

That is in terms of loading and ensuring there is a uniform thickness.

The use of multiple station effervescent tablet press gives you control over the tablets’ weight and hardness.

Multiple station effervescent tablet offers you the option of selecting your preferred tooling system.

How do you Choose Appropriate Effervescent Tablet Press Tooling System?

You need to consider the following factors when choosing an effervescent tablet press tooling system:

· Size and design

tooling system come in different sizes and design.

The size and design affect the functioning pf your effervescent tablet press.

You have to check on the designs and dimensions of the different tolling system for one which can operate on your machine.

· Usability

How easy it is to use a particular tooling system contributes to its selection.

An appropriate tooling system should fit into the machine and function properly.

You need to check on their different accessories which facilitate their functioning.

· Compatibility

An effective tooling system should be compatible with various machines and equipment.

This facilitates the operation of your effervescent tablet press while reducing human control and wastage.

The more compatible a particular machine settled, the better the tooling system to use.

· Quality standards

An appropriate effervescent tablet press tooling system should have all the quality standards.

This ensures that the function properly, can withstand the various operational environment and offer quality production performance.

· Energy consumption

He energy consumption of a particular machine should be within the total output of the effervescent tablet press.

This ensures proper functioning without affecting the machines’ power output.

How does B Tooling and D Tooling of Effervescent Tablet Press Compare?

The main difference between these two tablet press tooling systems is in their diameter.

D tooling has a greater diameter compared to a B tooling.

The tip punches for B tooling usually have a lower diameter compared to that of D tooling.

How does the Euro Standard (EU) and Tablet Specification Manual (TSM) compare in Effervescent Tablet Press Tooling?

The punch length in a Euro standard is more significant compared to that of a TSM standard.

Euro standard for effervescent tablet press tooling has a head punch whose configuration is doomed.

The head punch configuration for TSM standard is angled while its thickness is smaller compared to that of euro standards.

The everyday use of a TSM manual is in America while the Euro manual is standard in the European market.

How do you Choose Effervescent Tablet Packaging Machine?

The primary considerations when selecting an effervescent tablet packaging machine are:

· Design and size

The size of a particular effervescent tablet packaging machine and its design influences how and where to install it.

You have to select one that can fit into a specific place and leave room for maintenance purposes.

The size also determines the production capacity.

It is therefore vital that you select a size that can meet your output volume.

· Compatibility

The compatibility of a given effervescent tablet packaging machine with other equipment facilitates the production of unique products.

You, therefore, should select a machine that can function together with other devices.

· Speed

Speed dictates the volume of production output.

A critical factor that determines the rate of your machine is its automation level.

Semi-automated machines are relatively slower compared to fully automated machines.

· Power output

The power output of a given effervescent tablet machine determines its efficiency and power cost.

However, the machine you select should factor in the total power input to minimize overloading of your energy source.

·  Operation

The ideal effervescent tablet machine should be easy to use with a safe operational interface.

This prevents damage to the user and also allows for an easy maintenance procedure.

· Material

There are different materials for an effervescent tablet machine.

However, an ideal material should be easy to clean and hard to allow for contamination from factors such as bacteria and rust.

Stainless steel is one such material that you can select for this machine.

· Technology integration

There are different technologies you can have for a particular effervescent tablet machine.

Such technology aims at facilitating the use of your machine and increase productivity.

However, the latest technology that a machine has, the expensive it is to purchase.

· Manufacturer

You must purchase your effervescent tablet machine from a reliable manufacturer.

This way, you are assured of the quality and durability of your machine.

Trusted manufacturers offer a warranty period on these machines, which guarantees their functionality.

· Specifications

Specifications help in determine the shape and size of your products.

They also help in getting to know the power consumption rate and speed for your machine.

It is essential to consider such specifications before buying a particular effervescent tablet machine.

How do you Troubleshoot Effervescent Tablet Press Machine?

Troubleshooting an effervescent tablet press machine depends on the type of problem it is experiencing.

Common issues and how to troubleshooting this machine are:

Effervescent tablet compression machine

Effervescent tablet compression machine

Spilling of Excess Material from the Frame

The causes of this problem include faster movement of materials into the feeding unit, unlevel frame, and quicker movement of the feeder.

To correct this problem, you have to regulate the feeder speed since this minimizes the peddle.

Reducing the rate also reduces the movement of material, thereby allowing for all materials to flow through the feeder.

You also need to consider levelling the frame.

Punch Depth Vibrating Abnormally

Abnormal punch depth vibration results in tablets having different compactness and sizes.

This ultimately increases the rejection of the tablets leading to loses.

You, therefore, should correct this by either reworking on the punches and dies.

This can be through setting them to have the correct punch depth.

You may also have to check if the tablet pressing tools are of the right dimension.

You also need to check if the tooling system is in proper working condition.

You need to check if you can replace them when they wear out

Sticking of Tabletting Lower Punches

Failure to clean your machine for an extended period causes the lower punches to stick.

To solve this problem, you have to clean the punch’s tip and the sockets.

This removes material build up around this area.

Always maintain a proper cleaning schedule to ensure the machine remains in adequate condition.

Insufficient Material Flow around the Die Cavity

The cause of this problem is the component misalignment and using worn-out parts.

This has an effect of inconsistency in production, resulting in tablet rejection which increases the losses.

There are different ways you can solve this.

For starters, you can check on the inclination of the feeder and raise it if possible, to increase the flow of material.

It would be best if you also had uniformity on the side of the material you are using.

Another solution is to increase the feeder speed rate.

Abnormal Noise or Vibration

The leading cause of abnormal noise or vibration is the moving parts either becoming loose.

This makes operating the machine to be tiresome due to the unnecessary noise.

Solving this problem involves tightening loose nuts and bolts and lubricating the moving parts.

Alternatively, you can align the driving mechanisms such as the gears.

Which Support Equipment do you need alongside the Effervescent Tablet Press Machine?

An effervescent tablet press machine is compatible with the following machines:

  • High shear mixer
  • Fluid bed granulation
  • Conical unit
  • Bin blender
  • Tablet coater
  • Fluid bed dryer
  • Diductors
  • Metal detectors
  • Weight checker.

How do you Increase the Efficiency of the Effervescent Tablet Press Machine?

There are different ways you can increase the efficiency of your effervescent tablet press machine.

For instance, you can increase the speed of production to an optimum level.

This ensures there is maximum production while maintaining quality.

Proper maintenance also ensures your machine is at optimum production capacity.

This entails replacing worn out parts, tightening loose parts, lubricating and removing dirt from the machine.

Check on the source of power.

Your machine may not work effectively since the power input is less than the power output for the machine.

If this is the case, then you should expect lower production.

What is the Best Material for Effervescent Tablet Press Tooling System?

The best material for an effervescent tablet press tooling system is stainless steel.

The unique characteristics of stainless steel make it the best material for use in an effervescent tablet press tooling system.

Such properties include resistance to bacteria and corrosion, durability and high melting point.

Do Effervescent Tablet Manufacturing Process Require Pre-compression and Main Compression?


In some instances, depending on the characteristics of the raw materials, you may have to pre-compress before actual compression process.

This ensures there are uniformity and quality tablet fabrication.

Why is some Effervescent Tablet Press Machine Tooling Coated?

Coating of the effervescent tablet press machine is due to the nature of specific raw material which can corrode it.

By coating it with other metals, you can reduce machine wearing out and contamination of the product.

What are the Benefits of Interchangeable Turrets in Effervescent Tablet Press?

The main benefit of using an interchangeable turret in an effervescent tablet press include is it allows for different tablet manufacturing sizes.

This reduces time and overall cost of purchasing different turrets.

What are the Benefits of Multi-Tip Tooling System in Effervescent Tablet Press Machine?

The benefits of using a multi-tip tooling system in an effervescent tablet press machine include:

· Increase in Productivity

A multi-tip tooling system allows you to compress different sizes of tablets at a go using just one machine.

This increases the volume of tablet production while ensuring its operation is efficient.

·  Saves Cost and Time

You can save on time and cost of producing your tablets.

This is ensuring continuous high-volume production at a single moment.

You don’t have to stop the machine to replace the tooling system.

This is because one tooling system contains several tooling tips.

· Long-lasting

A multi-tip tooling system is of high-quality material that gives you service for your machine.

This as the effect of reducing the overall operating cost.

What Material is Effervescent Tablet Press made of?

Different materials make an effervescent tablet press. Such materials include aluminum and stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a preferred material due to its unique properties.

These include anti-corrosiveness, resistant to bacteria, and durability.

Given the nature of products these machines produce, the primary material mustn’t have any contamination.

How does Lower and Upper Punch System compare in Effervescent Tablet Press Machine?

 Punch system for effervescent tablet press

Punch system for effervescent tablet press

 The upper punch system is located on the upper part of the rotary system while the lower punch is on, the lower part.

An upper punch system moves in a vertical direction from either in and out of the machine’s die bore.

A lower punch system remains inside the bore during the compression process.

How do you Maintain Effervescent Tablet Press?

Proper maintenance of an effervescent tablet press entails performing several activities.

For starters, you have to clean it after a given duration.

This removes dirt from the machine including in hidden places which may hinder effective performance.

Lubrication is essential in ensuring the movable parts of your machine does not create friction.

Maintenance also involves replacing worn or non-functional parts.

This ensures the new parts work to increase the productivity of your machine.

However, always ensure to purchase these parts from your manufacturer or a reliable dealer.

This is to minimize chances of low-quality parts or parts that can lead to breaking down of your machine

What is CAM in Effervescent Tablet Press?

CAM refers to that part of an effervescent tablet press which guides the functioning of its different parts.

The different types of CAM in this machine includes ejection CAM and CAM tracks.

At SaintyCo, we offer a range of pharmaceutical machines that meet the perfect needs of your effervescent tablet production requirements.

Whether you need an effervescent tablet packaging line, or an effervescent tablet tube filler, SaintyCo offers perfect solution for tablet production needs – contact us now.

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