CTP Capsules,Tablet and Soft-Gel Printing Machine

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CTP Capsules,Tablet and Soft-Gel Printing Machine

CTP Capsules,Tablet and Soft-Gel Printing Machine

Model CTP-2 full automatic Capsules,Tablet and Soft-Gel printer can print characters on any empty capsule, filled capsule and tablets in any size and shape. It is compact in structure and easy to operate.

Capsule&Tablet Printer Mode of operation:

Capsules,Tablet and Soft-Gel  printer can print empty capsules, filled capsules, tablets and can dies-almost  any  size  and  shape.  Printing  can  be in single color  on one side or double colors on two sides. It is controlled from a  single  panel and is so easy to use that a single operator can run several at one time.  Cost  per print is low, yet the legend quality is  extremely high.  The look,  brand identification and quality of  your products are enhanced.


CTP Capsules & Tablet Printer

CTP Capsules&Tablet Printer Machine

Capsules&Tablet Printer Machine CTP-1Single Side Printing CTP-2Double Sides Printing
Tablet(one side or two sides) φ3mm up 80,000 PCS/HR    φ6mm up 50,000 PCS/HRφ12mm up 40,000 PCS/HR    Any shape up 40,000 PCS/HR
Capsule #5 through #00 up 40,000 PCS/HR
Soft Capsule Any shape up 20000- 40,000 PCS/HR
Power Supply 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
Power input 0.25 kw
Compressed Air 40psi at 4SCFM continuous clean dry air (270Kpa at 0.0005m3/s)
Dimensions H610 x L910 x W640 mm
Weight 120kg


CTP Capsules&Tablet Pringting Machine


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