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CP-50 Coffee Pod Packaging Machine

CP-50 Coffee Pod Packaging Machine

Coffee packaging machine Configuration List:

  • PLC: Omron Touch screen: Omron
  • Relay: Japan Omron
  • Temperature Controller: Omron
  • Eyemark Sensor: Panasonic
  • Servo Motor: SCHNEIDER
  • Cylinder: AIRTAC
  • Power Control: SCHNEIDER

Coffee packaging machine Uses:

  • Automatic coffee pod packaging machine, with inner pod and outer bag.

Coffee packaging machine Characteristics:

  • Horizontal design for elegant coffee pod.
  • Servo motor driven auger filler
  • With nitrogen flushing, nitrogen generator as option
  • PLC control touch screen operation
Technical DataCP-50
Range of measurement(ml)1-20
Pod diameter(mm)40-80
Bag size(mm)Inner bag round shaped bag, round shaped bag with earOuter bag: three sided/ four sided
Voltage Power380v/50, 220v/50-60hz 3.5kw
Packing materialCoffee filtering paper, Paper/PE, PET/AL foil/PE, pet/PE, NYLON/PE
Air-consumption0.3m3/min, 0.6-0.8mpa
Net weight(kg)800
Overall Dimension(mm)1700*1500*1850( L*W*H)

Coffee Pod Packaging Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing high performance coffee pod packaging machine can be an overwhelming task without the right information.

That’s why this guide covers all the vital aspects about this coffee packer equipment – from features, working principle, uses, benefits to specification, among other vital aspects.

So, if you want to be an expert in coffee pod packaging machine, read this guide.

What is Coffee Pod Packaging Machine?

This is a machine that will pack coffee powder inside pods that are round in shape.

Coffee is sensitive and may lose its taste when you expose it to air and light.

 Coffee pod

 Coffee Pods

What Components of Coffee Pod Packaging Machine?

Several components make up a coffee pod packaging machine.

The operator needs to understand how these parts function.

This will assist them when it comes to replacing, repairing, or troubleshooting the coffee pod packaging machine.

Here are the parts that make up a coffee pod packaging machine:

Control Panel

This part contains the programmable logic controller [PLC] and the human-machine interface [HMI].

The operator can easily monitor and input the coffee pod packaging parameters via this system.

Temperature Control

Packaging of coffee pods will occur at various room and product temperature.

This part will control the temperature of the coffee pod packaging machine during the manufacture of coffee pods.


This is a sensor that is at the edge of the coffee pod print packaging product.

After reading the  eye marks or eye spots, it will:

  1. Identify the packaging material
  2. Regulate the position of the material
  3. Separate and cut the packaging material


This part can come as a linear or rotary actuator.

This allows you to control the angular or linear position, as well as the expedition and momentum of the packaging process.

Sensors will relay feedback to the control panel where the operator is present.

Electrical Component

This part houses all the power supply of the machine.

It contains fuses and electrical cables.

Nozzles and Funnels

It functions by guiding coffee powder inside the coffee pods.

This will minimize any spillages.

Coffee Hopper

This part will hold all the coffee products that the machine will use to fill the coffee pods.

The hopper has a special finish to minimize tear, wear, and corrosion from friction.

Load Cells

This part will ensure each coffee pod is in the right quantity.

It does this by weighing the coffee pods after the filling process.

Relay Systems

These systems will open and close circuits either electronically or electromechanically.

Tray Dispenser

This part is suitable if you are planning to fill coffee granules inside coffee pods.

Auger Dispenser

This part will pour the coffee product inside the coffee pods.

The valve will open and close at intervals allowing the coffee to flow inside the pods.

Transport System

This part of the machine will convey products from one part of the machine to the next.

Pod Denesting Unit

A coffee pod packaging machine needs pods to package the coffee product.

This is the function of the denesting unit.

Pod Sealant

Once the coffee pod packaging machine packs the pods, it will seal the pod via the tear notch sealer.

This seal is tight enough to prevent leakages but also easy to open.

How does Coffee Pod Packaging Machine Work?

Different coffee pod packaging materials all work via the same principles.

Here is how the machine will work:

Preparation Stage

Here, make sure the machine is in the best working condition.

Ensure all components work as they should with no faults.

Prepare all the coffee products and add flavors where applicable.

Also, place the packaging material in the right place.

Feeding Coffee in Hoppers

In this stage, the operator will feed the coffee product into cylinders.

This will happen after you mix the coffee products thoroughly.

After this, power on the machine and input the packaging parameters.

This can include coffee pod quantity, coffee pod size, and packaging rate.

All this happens via the control panel.

Pod Formation Stage

The coffee pod packaging machine will form coffee pods as per the production parameters.

A filter forming system will cut and form discs using the filter paper.

Thereafter, these products proceed to the sealing station where they will seal the filters to the pods.

Coffee Filling Stage

The coffee will flow from the hopper and into the auger fillers.

An auger filler will discharge the coffee product inside the coffee pods.

Concurrently, there is an automatic changeover of funnels and nozzles during the coffee filling process.

Weighing Stage

Following the coffee filling stage, the pods go to the load cells.

Load cells will weigh the pods to ensure they are in the right quantity.

This information shows on the control panel, and the operator can take the necessary steps.

It can include adjusting the feeding parameters in case the weight fluctuates a lot.

Cleaning Stage

Coffee might spill on the lids during the filling process.

This leads to poor seals that may lead to leakages.

Cleaning of the lids happens with the help of vacuum systems.

Lidding Stage

The coffee pod packaging machine will supply nitrogen in the headspace.

Thereafter, it placed lids on coffee pods then heat seals the lids.

Inspection Stage

Sensors will inspect the lids ensuring they are in the perfect placement.

If the coffee pods pass the inspection, they proceed to the next stage in the production line.

In case it fails the test, the machine will reject them.

This allows only quality coffee pods to pass through.

What Types of Coffee Pod Packaging Machines are available in the Market?

The two types of coffee pod packaging machines available contain some level of automation.

They include:

 Coffe pod packaging machine

 Coffee pod packaging machine

Fully Automatic Coffee Pod Packaging Machine

This machine will perform all the tasks by itself after you input the packaging parameters via the control panel.

It also has the highest production rate than the semi-automatic version.

Besides, it is also expensive than the semi-automatic version.

This machine can do tasks such as:

  1. Sealing coffee pods
  2. Filling coffee pods
  3. Forming packages for coffee pods
  4. Separating coffee pods into packages
  5. Measuring coffee that will fill the pods

Semi-automatic Coffee Pod Packaging Machine

This machine needs operators to work properly.

It can perform the filling, sealing, and package formation processes.

What are Some Alternatives to Packaging Coffee?

There are various alternatives to pack coffee, and they include:

  • Pillow bags
  • Block bottom bags
  • Dispensing box
  • Flowpack
  • Heat-sealed outer envelopes

How should you use Coffee Pods?

It is simple to use coffee pods.

Here are some ways to use it:

With a Machine

Remove the coffee pod from the packaging.

Place the pod in your coffee making machine, and set your brewing parameters.

Without a Machine

Remove the pod from the packaging material.

Place it in a cup and add hot water to it.

The time you leave the pod in the water will influence the strength of your coffee drink.

What should you Consider when Choosing Coffee Pod Packaging Machine?

 Coffee pod packaging machine

 Coffee pod packaging machine

The number of coffee pod packaging machines present may make it difficult to choose one.

These are some factors that may help when choosing such a machine:


This will allow you to repair or replace the parts of the machine at no extra cost.


Consider if the manufacturer will install the machine at your premises.

Air Consumption

It is vital to understand how much air the machine consumes per unit time to minimize faults during operation.

Packaging Rate

This is the number of coffee pods the machine can package per unit time.

Fully automatic machines will pack several coffee pods per unit time than semi-automatic versions.

Power Consumption

Choose a coffee pod packaging machine that will work with the power supply you already have at your premises.

Otherwise, you might need to upgrade the power setup to handle the machine.


Select coffee pod packaging machines that one can operate with minimal training.

Otherwise, you will need to spend time and money to train the operators.

Financial Cost

The amount you have will influence the coffee pod packaging machine you can purchase.

However, always purchase a machine that will meet your production requirements.

Configuration of Machine

These machines come in varying shapes and sizes.

Select the one that will comfortably fit your work station.

Also, commercial machines require a large work station than mid-sized machines.

Compliance with Quality Standards

Always select coffee pod packaging machines that comply with international quality standards.

This is to ensure the safety of operators and the products.

Also, it ensures the reliability, effectiveness, and acceptability of the production process in the market.

State of the Machine

There are instances you might require to purchase a second-hand coffee pod packaging machine.

It may come with its challenges as some might break down easily.

Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a brand new machine.

Body Material

Choose coffee pod packaging machines that are of durable stainless steel.

This ensures it performs optimally and will last for years.

Level of Technology

Technological advancements are happening all the time.

The level of technology will influence the effectiveness of this machine.

Besides, the best technology will allow you to produce the best coffee pod packaging.


The operational costs will be minimal when you have a machine that is easy to maintain.

Also, ensure the spare parts are easy to acquire in the market.

Besides, being able to replace parts easily will minimize downtime during the filling process.


This is the number of staff you will require to operate the machine.

Fully automatic versions require minimal operators than semi-automatic versions.

What are the Advantages of Coffee Pods?

Here are some reasons as to why you should use coffee pods:

  • They save a lot of time since they are easy to use.
  • The coffee in these pods remains fresh for a long time.
  • Also, they remove the need of using coffee grinders.
  • Besides, they make tasty coffee without the need of using baristas.
  • It is easy to clean and use the coffee makers.
  • These pods will also provide a consistent taste.
  • It is possible to brew individually or as a multi-serving.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Coffee Pods?

Some of the disadvantages include:

  • Some coffee pods are difficult to recycle or are non-recyclable.
  • Some coffee pods only work on certain coffee brewing systems.
  • Also, they are not the same as the classic espresso.
  • They are expensive to purchase.
  • Besides, they discourage baristas with experience.
  • They will not offer a similar variety as the standard espresso makers.
  • If they last for long, they will not be as fresh.

What are the Applications of Coffee Pod Packaging Machine?

Here are some uses of this machine:

  • Food industry

This involves the packaging of coffee, food powders, tea powders, etc.

  • Pharmaceutical industry

Examples include the packaging of medicinal products.

  • Cosmetic industry

These can be products that clients use for beauty purposes.

What Types of Coffee Pods can Coffee Pod Packaging Machine make?

The two types of coffee pods present are:

Hard Pods

These pods require pressure-brew coffee making machines.

They are stronger than soft pods.

Also, they make smoother coffee and will offer more consistent flavors.

Soft Sods

These can operate in a non-pressurized coffee machine.

Its strength allows the right drainage between the pod holders.

The size ranges from 55 mm to 70 mm, and the amount of coffee is between 8.2 grams to 12 grams.

They offer less wastage and more vibrant flavors.

It is also easy to extract coffee from these pods.

However, they will give you fewer ways of brewing coffee, and fewer flavors, mixtures, or roasting variations.

What is the Difference Between Coffee Pods and Coffee Capsules?

The material that makes coffee pods is similar to that which makes tea bags.

Coffee capsules are in materials that can be plastic or aluminum.

To make coffee pods, you need a coffee pod packaging machine.

A coffee capsule filling and sealing machine is necessary when preparing coffee capsules.

Coffee capsules

 Coffee capsules

Coffee pod

Coffee pod

How does Coffee Pod Packaging Machine compare to Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

A coffee pod packaging machine makes coffee pods.

A coffee capsule filling machine will make coffee capsules.

Coffee pod packaging machines use soft materials for packaging coffee.

On the other hand, a coffee capsule filling machine can use aluminum or plastic to package coffee.

Coffee capsule filling machine

Coffee capsule filling machine

What are the Benefits of Using Coffee Pod Packaging Machine?

There are several advantages of using this machine.

They include:

  • Ease of maintenance

It is simple and easy to maintain all the components of a coffee pod packaging machine.

This will lower your operational costs.

  • Multi-purpose

This machine can package and clean other products.

  • Time saver

Manually packaging coffee can be tedious.

An automatic coffee capsule packaging machine will offer a high packaging capacity.

This allows you to meet your production demands.

  • User friendly

This machine is easy to operate as it comes with a control panel.

It allows you to monitor and control the packaging parameters from a single station.

  • Flexible

It is possible to adjust the machine to produce a variety of packages.

The variety is in terms of size and the strength of the package.

  • Consistency

This machine will ensure the coffee pods offer a consistent taste to the consumers.

It will protect the coffee from light and air.

What are the Limitations of Coffee Pod Packaging Machine?

Some of these limitations include:

  • Purchasing Price

Buying and installing the machine might be costly, which means you have to spend a lot.

  • Pollution

Since there are some coffee pods that you cannot recycle, many environmentalists are against them.

  • Coffee freshness

There are instances where clients claim the coffee pods are not as fresh.

This may happen if they remain on the shelf for a long time.

  • Brew setting

The manufacturer will dictate the brew setting of the coffee pods.

This means you cannot use another brew setting.

  • Floor space

The machine is large hence requires a large floor space for installation and operation.

  • Limits experts

Baristas who have experience in brewing coffee are redundant since these pods make it easy to brew coffee.

How will Coffee Pod Packaging Machine Boost your Business?

There are several ways this machine can boost your business:

  • Lower Operational Costs

These machines are expensive to purchase.

However, they will save you a lot during operation in the long run.

  • Quality coffee pods

This machine will help you to produce and pack quality coffee pods.

  • High production

The machine will increase your output as they come with various packaging rates.

Fully automatic versions have a high production rate than semi-automatic versions.

Also, this is because the machine is of a durable stainless steel body design.

  • Safety

These machines come with sensors that will minimize hazards and leakages.

  • Hygiene

The machine maintains high hygiene as contact with products and operators is low.

What Factors Influence the Price of Coffee Pod Packaging Machine?

Some of these factors include:

  • Level of automation

Fully automatic coffee pod packaging machines cost more than semi-automatic coffee pod packaging machines.

  • Type of manufacturer

There are manufacturers with a high reputation when it comes to producing these machines.

Since they have a lot of experience and expertise, their machines will cost more.

  • Country of origin

Coffee pod packaging machines from China will cost less than those from other countries.

  • Production capacity

Machines with a high production rate will cost more than those with a low production rate.

  • Quantity

Some manufacturers will offer you huge discounts when you are purchasing many coffee pod packaging machines.

  • Configuration of the machine

Large coffee pod packaging machines will cost more than small coffee pod packaging machines.

  • Supply and demand

The law of supply and demand has been there for a long time.

Businesses will compete for available tincture filling lines when the demand rises and the supply declines.

This means the price of the machine may go up since it is in high demand.

On the contrary, when the market has an over-surplus of these machines, the price will reduce as demand is low.

  • Market conditions and economy

When market conditions are unfavorable, the machine may fetch a lower price.

This may be due to political tension or ethical and tribal differences.

  • Discounts and sales

It will cost less to purchase a machine that is on sale.

  • Features

A machine with several special features will cost more than that with basic features.

What is the Price of Coffee Pod Packaging Machine?

The price may range between 500 US dollars and 70000 US dollars.

What are the Specifications of Coffee Pod Packaging Machine?

These vary a lot and include:

  • Approximate weight of 1000 kg.
  • A capacity of 10 to 15 bags per minute.
  • The input power of 220V at 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Total power of 3.5 KW.
  • An air source of ≥0.6m3/min.

What are some Salient Features of Coffee Pod Packaging Machine?

They include:

  • Programmable logic controller.
  • Stainless steel body design.
  • It can perform bag formation, measuring, filling, pressing, sealing, etc.
  • It can package several kinds of materials.
  • Servo blanking system.

Depending on your unique requirements, you can trust SaintyCo coffee pod packing equipment alongside coffee capsule filling machine.

Contact us today for all your coffee pod packaging needs.

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