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Chocolate Packing Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Your chocolate production line will not be complete without a high quality and reliable chocolate packing machine.

So, if you’re looking for the best chocolate packing machine, this is the right guide for you.

Keep reading.

What are the Benefits of Buying Chocolate Packing Machine?

 Chocolate packing machine

 Chocolate packing machine

Here are some of the benefits of chocolate packing machine:

  • It has a highly modernized working mechanism for chocolate packaging, making the work easier.
  • It is easy to use, especially with the modernized mechanism.
  • The parts are also easily accessible hence easy maintenance.
  • It is easy to use with a chocolate packing machine to constantly adjust the packaging speed.
  • You are also guaranteed high levels of hygiene since contamination can be prevented.
  • It is possible to pack as many chocolate bars as possible, depending on the number needed.

Which are the Stages Involved in Chocolate Packaging Machines?

Chocolate is usually packaged in different forms for sale in stores and malls.

The packaging process is straightforward, as illustrated below:

Chocolate packaging process

 Chocolate packaging process

  • According to the Schematic Drawing of Packaging ;

Film Passing and Winding, after turning on the power and heat switch and the set temperature reached, install the packaging film on the roller.

  • Open the rubber pressing roller control handle and pull it through the bag maker to lower the conveyor, after which you close the handle.
  • To start the process, the operator should press the start button, cut a few bags, and observe the packaging film-forming.

You must measure the bag length for easy tracking of the process.

  • Adjust the cutter tracking position and then supply chocolate to the feeding conveyor.

The conveyor automatically transports the packaged chocolate to the packaging position.

  • The chocolate is then packaged in the packaging film, heated and pressed into shape then sent to be sealed and cut in the horizontal sealing cutter.
  • As a finished product, it is output by the conveyor belt.

What are the Chocolate Products that you can Package Using Chocolate Packing Machine?

Chocolates are widely known due to the different chocolate products we use.

Some of these known chocolate products include:

  • Baking chocolate
  • Chocolate milk
  • Chocolate spread
  • Dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • White chocolate

Which Types of Chocolate Packing machines are available in the Market?

Some of the available options for chocolate wrapping machines are:

Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

Chocolate foil wrapping machine

 Chocolate foil wrapping machine

This kind of machine uses a converter mechanism to package the chocolates into balls. Different kinds of foils may be used in this case, such as gold or black foils.


  • Many pistons that aid in influencing the erratic movement of the machine.
  • The machine is capable of replacing wrapping papers through the supply wheel.
  • Automatic lubrication is hence easy to maintain.


  • It is user-friendly hence easy to use. This is made possible by the PLC the machine has from where all operations are monitored and controlled.
  • The machine wraps chocolate fast.
  • Little manpower is needed since the machine is automated. This reduces the cost of wrapping chocolates.
  • The output is high, which means returns are also high.
  • The machine is accurate in chocolate wrapping.

How the machine works:

Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

The Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine is a flexible device that can pack both chocolates and solid candies and usually wraps one or more covers simultaneously.

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

Chocolate fold wrapping machine

Besides, the chocolate wrapping machine has got many different capabilities.

These may include regulating packing speed and even automatic folding and wrapping of chocolates.

Some of its available features include:

  • It has a specialized sealing technique whereby the machine can apply glue, heat seal, or fold the wrap.

This is one unique feature that makes it a perfect choice.

  • Uses multi-operational wrapping strategies.

This means that the machine can apply both single and two-layer wrapping simultaneously.


  • The parts are easily accessible hence easy to maintain.
  • Flexible packaging solutions, especially with the glue mechanism.

How it works

  • Chocolate is pressed on a single sheet made of foil or paper designed as per the given company specifications.
  • A color mark tracing system ensures efficiency in wrapping.

In contrast, an optoelectronic print recognition provides the print is well-positioned for cutting.

  • The chocolate is then folded and tucked to produce a wrapped product.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy many benefits, such as guaranteed efficiency and increased production, a Chocolate fold Wrapping machine is the way to go.

Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

The chocolate coin wrapping machine wraps the chocolate in the shape of a coin.

Traditional chocolate employed the use of single chrome, but more modern machines have colored bristled paper

Chocolate coin wrapping machine

chocolate coin wrapping machine

Feature of chocolate coin wrapping machine

  • It has a cutting unit for foil.
  • This machine has a distribution system made up of feeders and a conveyor belt.
  • A coining unit reduces the time for printing and ensures coining is perfectly done.
  • The machine contains a unit of power that will supply power to the device.
  • It has a Chocolate coin wrapping unit that undertakes the wrapping of the chocolate coins fully simultaneously.
  • This machine also has a smart controller to regulate the temperature.
  • It has a Programmable Logic Controller, control system, which is equipped with a touch screen for ease of operations.

Benefits of chocolate coin wrapping machine

  • The machines contain an intelligent control system that efficiently operates the machine.
  • Also, the machine is relatively quiet, which improves the overall comfort of the workers.
  • The PLCs touch screen makes it easier for you to operate the machine as it displays the menu as well as all the parameters
  • Besides, the chocolate coin wrapping machine has sensors that mechanically halt the device if an error occurs or is about to happen.
  • The chocolate coin wrapping machine is fully automated and is directly connected to production.
  • All the processes are automatic, which is advantageous since it saves time and ensures continuous output.

How it works

The machines have both a coining unit as well as a wrapping unit. This makes perfect coins.

The machines use two reels, at the bottom and one at the top.

This ensures perfect engraving on both sides and saves time if the designs at the top are different from the bottom.

Which is ideal in deep engravings.

Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine

The chocolate bar wrapping machine wraps the bars of chocolate with foil or cardboard wrappers.

The packages are hermetically sealed to ensure that the bar retains its flavour while increasing its shelf life.

Chocolate bar wrpping machine

 chocolate bar wrapping machine


  • The chocolate bar wrapping machine has DC driving motors that have inverters. These are controlled by the PLC system.
  • Also, the touch screen display system allows you to calibrate the length of the chocolate bar and the wrapping speed.
  • Besides, the machine allows you to customize the size of the bars and the size of the bars.
  • The chocolate bar wrapping machine is made with stainless steel to prevent contamination.
  • It also has a double transducer control system with an adjustable cutting system for bag length.
  • The machine has sensors that alert you in case there is a malfunction.


  • The chocolate bar wrapping machine has high-quality wrappings with unique designs.
  • It allows for a variety of wrapping packaging, including bands, envelopes, and cubes.
  • The chocolate wrapping bar machine is designed so that it is easy to operate.
  • Also, this machine is automatic, which saves time
  • It carefully handles the chocolate bars saving on loses

How it works

The chocolate bar wrapping machine has a bar cutting system that is efficient ensures that bars are all similar.

Again, the cut bars are feed onto the foil wrappers.

The wrapped are then folded, cut, and sealed before being packaged for distribution.

Cartoning Machine for Chocolate

A cartooning machine for chocolate is a machine that forms cartons used to store chocolates.



  • Very efficient in packaging the products
  • It saves on time and labor cost as it is automated
  • They can perfectly pack products of different shapes and sizes.
  • Ensures that the products are sealed and are therefore safe
  • Can package products using various cartons of different shapes and sizes
  • Ensures that the quality standards of the product are maintained throughout the packaging processes
  • It is cost-effective as it reduces losses that generally occur during packaging

How it works

It works by putting up a folded carton. It fills the good cartoon with the products and then seals the carton.

The carton can be sealed using adhesives or adhesive tapes.

Is there a Difference Between Chocolate Packing Machine and Chocolate Wrapping Machine?

A Chocolate packing machine is an example of a horizontal flow wrap machine.

The chocolates are then fed to a conveyor wrapped with a continuous wrapping material.

That is before they are cut and sealed into individual wrappers by a cutter and a heat sealer.

The result is a tight-fit sealed package that is flexible.

A chocolate wrapping machine first makes the wrapping base material: paper, aluminum, or a plastic film.

The material is made into a cylinder by the bag-making part of the machine.

The chocolate is fed into the cylindrical package, where it is sealed using heat before being cut into individual containers.

Chocolate foil wrapping machine

chocolate wrapping machine

What are the Features to Look for in Chocolate Packaging Machine?

Choosing a quality chocolate packaging machine may not be easy as there are many options to choose from.

However, you can still make the right choice by checking the machine’s features.

Some of the key features to look at include:

Adjustable Large Touch Screen Panel

This makes it easy to operate the chocolate packaging machine.

It helps store information and technical parameters of the chocolate product, retrieved when packaging.

Open Cantilever Structure with a Synchronous Belt Drive.

The operating system of a chocolate packaging machine is designed to make the machine easy to maintain and reduce noise transmission.

  • Automated lubrication systems on the transmission parts; hence no need for human intervention always unless necessary.
  • The machine should have an automatic alarm system that alerts if the machine malfunctions in packaging or wrapping.

Additionally, it is designed to indicate the hitch point.

How do Manual Chocolate Packing Machine and Semi-Automatic Chocolate Packaging Machine Compare?

Manual Chocolate Wrapping MachineSemi-Automatic Chocolate Wrapping Machine
Manual Chocolate Wrapping Machine can be used for a smaller scale wrapping of chocolate.Semi-Automatic Chocolate Wrapping Machine can wrap chocolate on a slightly larger scale.
The Manual Chocolate Wrapping machine is a lot slower and takes considerable time to wrap chocolate.Semi-Automatic Chocolate Wrapping Machine is a little bit faster; thus, it takes a shorter time to wrap chocolates.
It is comparatively cheaper to purchase and also operateIt is more expensive and but allows you to save some money in its operations.
The machine needs a lot of labor force in order to assist in operationsNeeds a less manpower to help in the functioning, whether it is to fill the machine or introduce the packaging.
It can wrap a limited range of chocolate products.The semi-automatic machine can handle a slightly more extensive size range of chocolate.
The manual Chocolate Wrapping Machine is small in size, making it easier for you to move it around.The semi-automatic machine is more extensive and covers a broader floor space limiting its portability.
Manual Chocolate Wrapping Machine is dependent on an electrically powered system and a pneumatic system to carry out some minor functions.Semi-Automatic Chocolate Wrapping Machine also requires its pneumatic and electrically powered system for its more critical functions.
The Manual Chocolate Wrapping Machine is not that accurate; this affects efficiency when wrapping chocolates.Semi-Automatic Chocolate Wrapping Machine has increased accuracy and is, therefore, more efficient in the wrapping chocolates
The Manual Chocolate Wrapping Machine has very few parts since most of the work requires support from humans.Has an increased number of parts that decrease the need for too much support from humans.

What are the Main Components of Chocolate Packaging Machine?

Some of the main components are:

PLC Control System

The PLC Control system is a computer system for control that constantly keeps track of the condition of input devices.

It controls the form of the output devices based on a customized program.

The chocolate packaging machine comes to PLC equipped with a touch screen for a simplified exhibit of the control parameters.

All PLCs are equipped with four main components: the power supply section, processor section, programming section, and input and output section.

 Shower Lubricant Distribution system

The lubrication system helps guarantee that all the components of the chocolate packaging device are well oiled.

This is done to ensure that all the features are running smoothly.

Removable Oil Pallets

The oil pallets carry the oil that is used for lubrication. They are simple and can be removed once the oil is dispensed.

Distribution System

The distribution system is equipped with various components, including the motors, to drive the device’s operations.

The distribution systems ensure that each chocolate goes through all the processes from start to finish.

The conveyor transports the chocolate from the feeder to the end of the packaging.

Packaging System

The packaging system depends on the type of chocolate packaging machine in use.

For example, the chocolate coin wrapping machine has a coin wrapping unit, the chocolate fold wrapping machine has a fold wrapping unit, and so forth.

Each packaging system differs with the type of chocolate packaging machine.

Feeder System

The feeder system supplies the chocolate packaging device with the packaging material as well as the chocolate.

Automatic System for Printing

Although not always the case, most chocolate packaging machines have an automatic printing system.

You can personally design the logo or whatever you want to appear on your wrapper.

Automatic Sensors and Alarming System

The sensors and alarm ensure that you are promptly alerted should an error occur or if a mistake will occur.

This helps to improve the overall safety of the machine.

What is the Packaging Speed of Chocolate Packing Machine?

This varies depending on the machine design and configuration.

Manual chocolate packing machines are smaller and mostly rely on human intervention.

They are, therefore, slow and can produce up to 50 packets in a minute or less.

On the opposite end are the fully automated chocolate packing machines that can produce up to 5000 packages per minute.

Therefore you can choose the chocolate packing machine best suited to your needs.

Which are the Chocolate Packaging Materials Used in Chocolate Packing Machine?

Several packaging materials can be used to wrap chocolates.

Most manufacturers opt for double packaging to ensure that the chocolate is well protected.

The most common materials are for the primary wrappers include aluminium, paper, plastic.

Secondary wrappers such as boxes, tins, bags, and pouches can be used.

The packaging material you use should consider the heat-sensitive nature of chocolate.

It is essential to choose a primary material approved for direct contact with food. Most manufacturers prefer aluminium as their immediate wrapper.

Chocolate wrapping

 Chocolate wrapping


Aluminium is preferred as it is light while maintaining its sturdiness.

It is less porous, ensuring that the chocolate retains its original flavour rather than changing the taste by absorbing flavour from the air.

Also, it is cheap and readily available. It is also a good conductor of heat, which adds an advantage as chocolate is sensitive to heat.

Aluminium is flexible and can therefore be easily shaped.


Paper is light as well as readily available. It can be easily recycled and is therefore environmentally sustainable in the long run.

When sealed, paper prolongs the shelf life of the chocolate. It also prevents possible contamination from outside sources


Plastic has an excellent protective feature as it is vital.

The material is light and flexible as well. Plastic is readily available and is therefore quickly and cheaply acquired.

The plastics sturdiness prevents damage and dramatically increases the chocolate’s shelf life.

Does your Chocolate Packing Machine use Roll stock Film or Premade Pouches?

Yes, there are both available.

Roll stock films are affordable and readily available. They are flexible and can therefore be used to package chocolates of different sizes efficiently.

Premade Pouches

These are already made pouches that can be later filled with your chocolate.

Premade pouches are made from roll stock film using a pouching machine.

Therefore, they are light and flexible, just like their raw material, while managing to give out an improved look.

What are the Pack Styles that you can Produce on Chocolate Packing Machine?

There are several pack styles available, and they depend on the type of chocolate packing machine in use.

The pack styles are numerous, and in some cases, you can customize the packs to best suit your vision.

The most commonly found pack styles include;

Flow Pack

Flow packs are most commonly used when packaging single or multiple items such as chocolate bars, chocolate tablets, chocolate coins, etc.

Flow packs are flexible plastic that is not only light but is highly durable.

They are also preferred as they increase the shelf life of the chocolate.

Flow pack films used in the chocolate packing machines are designed to maximize speed and output during packaging.

Mixed Pack

Mixed packs are used for packaging several items in one package.

The mixed packs could be used to package a large number of the same type of chocolate, or it could be used to package different flavoured chocolates.

Mixed packs could be made from card boxes or plastic as the secondary packaging, whereas aluminium is the primary wrapper.


Multipacks are used for packaging a larger number of chocolates. They are more spacious and offer more protection.

There are different types of multipacks, including;

PP Film Multipacks

With this type of multipack, the chocolate bars are wrapped and sealed with a film that has a tear tape and tear thread.

Carton Multipacks

Several chocolate bars are packed into a carton that could have has an opening. The style is dependant on what you want.

How Does Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine and Center Seal Chocolate Bar Packaging Machine Compare?

Horizontal Form Film Seal Machine

This machine works intermittently. It works by drawing a plastic laminated film off the supply reel using a roller pair.

The film is transported to a folding plough, folding it in half. The next stage involves sealing.

Furthermore, the bottom seal and the vertical seal are made according to the size of the pouch you require.

Besides, the sized pouches are then separated then transferred to the rotary turret.

The pouches are held by a pair of Grippers as it passes through the following stations.

Also, the stations include product filling.

Followed by the final top sealing and then, lastly, discharged onto the conveyor belt for final packaging before distribution.

orizontal form fill seal machine

 horizontal form fill seal machine

Center Seal Chocolate Bar Packaging Machine

The Center Seal Chocolate Bar Packaging Machine works by drawing a plastic laminated film off the supply reel using a roller pair.

Also, the film is transported to a folding plough, folding it in half.

The next stage involves sealing. The film is heat-sealed down the center. The bottom seals are made according to the sizes required.

They are cut, and transferred rotary turret where the pouches made are held by a pair of grippers as they are filled with the product, sealed, and transported for final packaging.

There are different types of bags made by the Center Seal Chocolate Bar Packaging Machine.

They include; standard punch, hole punch, hanger punch, off-center sealing, side gusset, etc.

 center seal chocolate bar packaging machine

Center seal chocolate bar packaging machine

What is the Difference Between Single-stage Primary Packaging and Two-stage Primary Packaging by Chocolate Packing Machine?

In single-stage primary packaging, the products are packaged using single or multiple packaging materials.

This usually occurs in one operation, unlike the two-stage primary packaging.

In two-stage primary packaging, the products are packed in two packaging materials and in two steps.

They can either be mono packs or multipacks.

Can the Chocolate Packaging Machine Print on the Package?

Yes, printing comes as an optional/additional feature.

Most customers prefer machines with printing as it allows you to customize your packaging.

Are there Mini Chocolate Packing Machines?

There are various sizes of chocolate packing machines.

The size of the device you choose to use depends on how much packing needs to be done, usually small scale or large scale.

For large-scale production, you should get a larger machine.

However, if the packaging is on a small scale, then a mini chocolate packing machine is preferable.

What is Chocolate Packing Machine Price?

The prices for chocolate packing machines depend on the type of machine in question and the size of the devices.

Manual Chocolate Packing Machine is cheaper compared to semi-automatic.

Likewise, the automatic Chocolate Packing Machine has a higher price range than the semi-automatic.

For small-scale businesses, it is better to use smaller machines as they are cheaper and are therefore cost-effective.

Which are the Problems you may Experience with Chocolate Packaging Machine?

Like any other machine, it is possible to encounter problems with your Chocolate Packing Machine Price.

Some of the issues you may experience with your machine include;

The Wrapping film Moves away from the Center of the Machine

When troubleshooting, this problem is identified by making the following observations;

If the film roll has moved away from the center of the film carriage, If the Film roll isn’t appropriately tightened.

If the film roll is loose or the belts are not correctly positioned.

Replacing the belt and or aligning the wrapping film could help fix the problem.

Wrapping Film does not Properly Track

This problem is identified if; The roll is off the middle of the spindle, the spindle could be loose, or when the film is not on a proper thread on the carriage.

Position the roll at the middle and tightening the pivot will rectify this problem.

The wrapping Belt Stops Moving.

With this particular problem, you can identify the problem by checking the film drive couplings, gearbox, drive, cables, feed motor, bearings for any irregularities.

The solution for this problem would be to loosen the tight belt and accordingly to adjust the film drive couplings, gearbox, drive, cables, feed motor, bearings

Inconsistencies With the Bag Length

This could be caused by Improper threading of the film, Inaccurate alteration of the tension between the film and the feed belts, and an unclean feed belt.

This could be resolved by cleaning the feed belt, replacing the film with one that has been properly threaded.

Lastly, adjusting the tension could also help.

Creases on the Wrapping Film

Creases could be caused by several factors, including a forming collar that is worn out or that has a stuck valve, wrong alteration of the forming collar, and the roller.

Contaminated rollers or rollers with stuck valves are another cause of creases. Obstruction of the forming collar could also cause a crease.

The solution to this problem is to replace the forming collar and ensuring that it is correctly placed and adjusted.

Difficulty in Unwinding the Film

This could be caused by an unclean forming part, by the zipper getting hooked on the collar.

Incorrect positioning of the foaming tube, increased co-efficient resistance of the film, the elevated contact force of the belts.

This could be solved by replacing the forming belt. I less severe cases, it could be cleaned and adjusted.

The Film Jamming at the Molding Tube

This could be caused by a hot vertical seal causing the film to stick high friction of the film coefficient and excessive pressure on the vertical seal band.

Reducing heat formation and friction can be used to solve this problem.

What is the Role of Buffering and Feeding System in a Chocolate Packaging Line?

 Chocolate packaging machine

Chocolate packing machine

Buffering systems are not always necessary but enhance packaging.

They assist with properly position the chocolate in the feed and distribution, adjusting it as required. This helps balance the fluctuations in the output by creating temporary storage areas preventing overflows of the product.

Depending on the type of machine, the feeding system could be manual; that is, the product is loaded on the machine using manpower.

Automatic feeding systems load the product from the manufacturing process into the packaging machine.

This is not only efficient as it saves time and requires less manpower.

It is also sanitary as the chocolates will not be exposed to contaminants after the manufacturing process.

The automated feeding system ensures a continuous production process from manufacturing to packaging.

What are the Important Specifications of Chocolate Packing Machine to Consider?

To find a suitable chocolate packing machine, it is essential to know what you expect from your packaging machine in terms of production capacity and distribution.

The main specifications to consider fall under the following categories

Electrical Specification

Under electrical specifications, you should consider the  following

  • Main motor
  • Wrapping material
  • Maximum Reel dia
  • Core dia
  • Supply voltage
  • Pencil Heater
  • AC frequency drive
  • Roller Heater
  • Power Consumption
  • Transformer
  • Maximum width of the wrapper

Size specifications

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Speed

Technical specifications

  • Film width
  • Film roll diameter
  • length of the bag
  • width of the bag
  • Height of the Product
  • Packaging Material
  • Speed of Packing
  • The voltage
  • Driven Type
  • Material quality
  • Control

What are Quality Certifications for Chocolate Packing Machine?

International organizations have quality standards that all chocolate packing machines should meet. Typically, the standards ensure that you produce quality chocolate that is safe for human consumption.

These are thus some of the quality standards that a chocolate packing machine should meet:

  • Should have a CE marking.
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS)quality standard.
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) quality standard.
  • SGS certification
  • Electromagnetic compatibility certification (EMC)
  • The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) certification
  • Physical Agents Directive Certification (PAD)

Can you Customize the Chocolate Packaging Machine?

Yes, you customize your packaging to best suit your vision for your chocolate production.

Is it Advisable to Buy Second-Hand Chocolate Packing Machine?

When you want to buy a chocolate packing machine, there are certain vital factors that you should look at, and one of them is the quality of the machine.

In most cases, the price also determines the quality of the product you are looking for.

Therefore, you will need a quality machine in better working conditions for chocolate packaging.

So, whether it is a second-hand or brand-new chocolate packing machine, ensure that it functions well and can serve its intended purpose.

For any questions or inquiry about chocolate packing machine, you can contact SaintyCo right now.

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