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Chocolate One Shot Production Line

Specialized in chocolate CNC depositing technology: 3D move depositing & Accurate flow control. Modular design brings more benefites to users. It is designed to 300-500 kg/h.

  • Line Number: 16010
  • Automation: Automatic,In-Line
  • Max Output: Up to 500 Kg/h
  • Staff Needed: 1-2

Machines Included:

  • Auto Heating&Demoulding Machine,
  • One Shot Machine,
  • Vibration Machine,
  • Cooling Tunnel.

One Shot Depositor Chocolate Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you but one shot depositor chocolate machine, read this guide.

It has all the vital information that will help you choose high quality and reliable chocolate depositor machine.

Keep reading.

What is a One-Shot Depositor Chocolate Machine?

One-shot chocolate depositing machine is a device that you will use to fill chocolates in one step using a one-shot depositing system.

The system ensures that it mixes all the relevant ingredients for making chocolate and deposits them in one deposit system.

Chocolate one shot depositor machine

Chocolate one-shot depositor machine

How Much Does a One-Shot Depositor Chocolate Machine Cost?

The cost of purchasing the one-shot chocolate depositing machine is competitive and ranges between 15,000 to 90,000 US Dollars.

The price you will pay for the one-shot chocolate depositing machine may be higher depending on the types of machines.

You must note that the variation in price is as a result of different levels of automation and production capacity.

For instance, a semi-automatic one-shot chocolate depositing machine will cost less in comparison to fully automatic one-shot chocolate depositing machine.

Do You Offer Customizable One-Shot Depositor Chocolate Machines?

Absolutely, we offer customizable one-shot depositing chocolate machines to fit your applications.

We welcome all the details that you would like to have on your one-shot chocolate depositing machine for proper customization.

Here are some of the details that you should provide to us for proper customization:

  • Design of the one-shot chocolate depositing machine
  • Level of automation such as semi-automatic of fully automatic machine
  • Types of materials you want on the machine
  • Special parts that you would want on the machine
  • Production capacity of the machine

We will have a close review with our team before we proceed with the process of manufacturing your machine.

What are the Advantages of Using the One-Shot Depositor Chocolate Machine?

As a chocolate manufacturer, you will benefit a great deal from using the one-shot depositor chocolate machine.

Here are some of the advantages of using the one-shot depositor chocolate machine:

Chocolate one shot depositor system

 Chocolate one-shot depositor system

· High Production Capacity

The machine is capable of producing a lot of chocolate within an hour of production.

The production capacity, however, will vary according to the type of machine that you are using.

· Low Cost of Production

You will also spend less in the production of chocolate especially if you are using the fully automatic machine.

It eliminates the need of hiring excess support labor as it produces a high quantity of chocolate within a short period.

·  Easy to Use and Maintain

You will enjoy using the one-shot chocolate depositor machine especially if it is the automatic one-shot depositor chocolate machine.

Apart from that, you will spend less on cleaning and maintenance as the replacement parts are cheap and readily available.

· High Accuracy Levels

It is very efficient in the production process with very highly accurate depositing abilities.

It comes complete with a 2D moving head which concentrates the deposits and reduces wastage of raw materials.

· Versatility

One-shot depositor chocolate machine is capable of producing different shapes, colors and sizes of chocolate.

It has nozzles of varying sizes that can automatically change depending on the settings of chocolate production.

How Does the One-Shot Technology in One-Shot Depositor Chocolate Machine Work?

Well, the one-shot depositing technology is quite a simple process which involves accurate levels of chocolate depositing.

All you have to do is fill the chocolate and the fillings into the reservoir section of the one-shot depositor chocolate machine.

The reservoir has two sections which will hold different capacities of chocolate and filling materials.

Once you initiate the production process, independent pistons on every side of the reservoir will push the chocolate and fillings.

The fillings and chocolate will move to the dosing chamber which will determine the number of ingredients.

It is the point where the machine will automatically determine the size of the chocolate according to the product specifications.

As it does that, it results in a proper mixture with the filling and chocolate making one solid shape of chocolate.

What are the Types of Fillings that Pair Well with the One-Shot Deposit Chocolate Machine System?

There are specific types of fillings that you should consider using in the one-shot depositor chocolate machine.

Medium viscosity and creamy fillings with fat, condensed milk, or ganache work well with this machine.

Liquid fillings including heavy liquids and liqueurs are not suitable for this type of machine.

What Kind of Chocolates Can I Use in the One-Shot Depositor Chocolate Machine?

You can use any type of chocolate in the one-shot depositor chocolate machine.

Some of the chocolates you should consider using are:

  • White Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Couverture Chocolate
  • Bitter Chocolate among others

You can also have particular solid inclusions on the chocolate with nuts among other inclusions.

What are the Main Uses of the One-Shot Chocolate Depositor Machine?

One-shot depositor chocolate machine is capable of performing quite a number of functions.

Here are some of the activities that you can perform with the one-shot depositor chocolate machine:



  • It helps in releasing proper dosages of the chocolate shells and fillings thus making chocolate of any sizes.
  • It provides proper direction of chocolate from the filling station straight to the cooling belt.
  • You can use it to deposit additional decorations on the chocolate such as chips, pralines, and chocolate chunks.
  • Heating the chocolate so as to maintain proper temperatures all through the production process.
  • Apart from that, it cools the chocolate and solidifies the chocolate to proper textures.

What are the Main Parts of a One-Shot Chocolate Depositor Machine?

One-shot chocolate depositor machine works in conjunction with all the parts to produce chocolate.

Here are the main parts of the one-shot depositor chocolate machine.

Parts of chocolate depositor machine

 Parts of chocolate depositor machine

· PLC Control System

In a fully automatic machine, we have the PLC control system that comes complete with a touch screen.

You will use the PLC control system to control by programming the machine to perform its key functions.

· Heating System

The machine has a heating system that maintains high temperatures for keeping the ingredients in a molten state.

· Cooling System

You will program the cooling system to get rid of excess heat from the mixed chocolate ingredients turning it to solid.

· Transport System

The transport system consists of the conveyor belt and guide rails which help in moving the ingredients through different stations.

· Power System

The machine has a power system that will control the amount of power you need for normal machine operations.

· Sensors

One-shot depositor chocolate machines have particular sensors that help in maintaining the safety of the machine.

The sensors also work in a manner that they control the quantities of different ingredients of the machine.

· Depositing Head

The depositing head holds all the nozzles of different sizes and changes them according to the product specifications.

The nozzles are responsible for controlling the amount of chocolate and fillings to deposit in the molds.

· Pistons

The machine has a piston on every side of the fillings and chocolate reservoir that pushes the materials out of the reservoir.

· Hopper and Reservoir

These are temporary holding points for chocolate making ingredients before you push them to the molding station.

· Moulds

The molds are available in different sizes and shapes for the purpose of shaping the ingredients into different chocolate pieces.

Which Quality Certifications Must the One-Shot Chocolate Depositor Machine Adhere To?

It is very important to ensure that the one-shot chocolate depositing machine is of high quality.

You can do this by making sure the machine you purchase adheres to international quality requirements.

Here are the main quality specifications that your machine must adhere to:

  • CE Quality Certifications
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality Certifications
  • International Standards Organization Quality Standards (ISO)
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices Quality Standards (cGMP)

What is the Best Material for Making the One-shot Depositor Chocolate Machine?

The best materials that you can use to make the one-shot depositor chocolate machine is stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a very strong material with very high tensile strength and corrosion-resistant properties.

It is also very easy to clean and does not stain easily thus proper for maintenance of high-quality standards.

How Do You Clean and Maintain a One-Shot Depositor Chocolate Machine?

One-shot depositor chocolate machine is capable of automatically getting rid of the debris and dirt from the system.

It usually comes complete with an automatic in-built cleaning system that cleans the system automatically.

It is a safe and time-conserving system that will automatically ensure maximum use of production time.

Which Support Equipment Will You Use Alongside the One-Shot Depositor Chocolate Machine?

In a complete production line, there are other support equipment that help the one-shot chocolate depositor.

Some of the support equipment that you will need to create a complete production line are:

  • Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine
  • Chocolate Vibrating Table
  • Chocolate Moulding Machines
  • Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machines
  • Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine
  • Chocolate Coating Machine

How Does the One-Shot Depositor Chocolate Machine Work?

With the help of the one-shot depositing technology, here is a step by step process on how the machine operates.

1) Preparation Stage

First, you have to ensure that you have all the ingredients and the machine is working properly.

You will begin the production process by preparing all the ingredients in terms of proper mixing.

As soon as the ingredients are ready, you will pour them into separate reservoirs for the chocolate and fillings.

The reservoirs have a heating system that will ensure the chocolate remains in a molten state throughout.

After that, you will initiate the production process by powering the machine on.

2) Molding of the Ingredients

As soon as the power is on, the pistons in the reservoirs begin by pushing the chocolate and fillings out of the reservoirs.

The ingredients will move squarely into the molding stage through the depositing head and nozzles.

The machine has the capability of switching the sizes of the nozzles according to the product specifications.

It will deposit the ingredients into the mold that will determine the size and shape of the final chocolate.

3) Cooling the Ingredients

You will pass the ingredients from the molding station on a conveyor belt to the cooling station.

The machine will get rid of excess heat from the ingredients thus solidifying them properly.

After that, you will ensure that the chocolate is of high quality through proper inspection.

Finally, you will package the chocolate that meets the production requirements for storage and transportation.

Why Should you Manufacture Chocolate Using the One-Shot Depositor Chocolate Machine?

There are numerous reasons that should compel you to use the one-shot chocolate machine to produce chocolate.

Here are the reasons why you should use the one-shot deposit chocolate machine.

· Proper Control

You will have full control of the machine just through proper programming of the machine from the control panel.

· Automated Capabilities

After programming the machine from the control panel, you will sit back and monitor the process of production.

This is possible only with machines that have fully automated capabilities in the production of chocolate.

· High Production Speed

The speed of producing chocolate using the one-shot chocolate depositing machine is very high.

It is capable of producing chocolate within a very short period thus saving you a lot of time.

What are the Limitations of Using the One-Shot Depositor Chocolate Machine?

Unfortunately, despite the numerous benefits of the one-shot chocolate depositing machine, there are particular limitations.

Some of the limitations that you might experience using the one-shot chocolate depositor machine include:

· High Cost of Acquisition

You will spend a considerably high amount of money in the purchase and installation of the machine.

You should consider purchasing the fully automatic one-shot depositor chocolate machine for established businesses.

· Limited Fillings

You will use limited types of fillings in the production of chocolate using the one-shot depositor chocolate machine.

It is not capable of incorporating heavy liquids and liquors in the production of chocolate thus leaving you with few options.

How Does the One-shot Depositor Chocolate Machine Compare to CNC Chocolate Depositing Machine?

One shot chocolate depositor machine

One shot chocolate depositor machine

You can either choose to use the one-shot depositor chocolate machine or the CNC chocolate depositing machine.

Here are how the two types of chocolate depositing machines compare.

You will use the CNC chocolate depositing machine to make chocolate without using other additions and fillings among others.

On the other hand, you will use the one-shot depositor chocolate machine to mix different types of ingredients.

Implying that there are particular variations in the different types of chocolate deposit machines that affect the production process.

You can have both machines in both semi-automatic and fully automatic variations depending on your requirements,

Apart from that, most of the features are similar and you can also customize the machines according to your own specifications.

What is the Difference Between One-Shot Depositor Technology and Servo Depositor Technology?

Two main operating criteria depositing machines use which as servo and one-shot depositor technology.

One-shot depositing technology consists of X, Y, Z moving axis, and A, B, flowing axis in the one-shot operating system.

It has 24 pistons that produce 24 items at one particular time and suitable for rich filling products such as a soft filling.

On the other hand, servo depositor technology consists of A, B flowing axis, and lifting systems in servo operating systems.

It has 48 pistons that are capable of producing 48 products ate every production instance.

It is the most convenient technology for servo and general depositing of chocolate.

You can also upgrade it to the one-shot or decorating operating technologies.

Depending on your production needs, SaintyCo offers a range of chocolate machines, ranging from chocolate molding to chocolate packaging machines.

Contact us today for the best prices of one-shot depositor chocolate machines.

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