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Chocolate Manufacturing Machine-The Complete Guide

If you’re planning to start a chocolate making business, you may need to invest in a quality chocolate manufacturing machine (s). These machines are designed to make different chocolate confections and other products.

So read on to find out about the different types of chocolate machinery available and other helpful information.

1.  Types Of Chocolate Manufacturing Machines

There are different types of chocolate machinery, each with different characteristics and uses.

They include:

Chocolate Coating Machine

Chocolate coating machine

Chocolate coating machine

A chocolate coating machine produces different varieties of chocolate. It is mainly used to coat food products and confectionaries such as pastries, nuts, and candy. This machine is also often used to cover different types of cholate to give them a unique taste.

In addition, the pharmaceutical and health and nutrition industries use chocolate coating machinery to coat pills, tablets, and lozenges. The chocolate coat helps to mask the taste and odor of these products.

Key features of a chocolate coating machine include:

  • A digital PLC Display control
  • Stainless steel framing construction
  • Temperature control
  • Compatibility with existing or new lines
  • Compact structural construction
  • Adopt power rating
  • Fully or semi-automatic options

Note that these machines can adapt to various kinds of food surface dip chocolate multifunctional equipment. They can also be configured according to client application requirements, i.e., product specifications, feeding mechanism, etc.

Chocolate Enrobing Machine

Chocolate enrobing machine

Chocolate enrobing machine

Chocolate enrobing machines are ideal for producing hard candies, gummies, biscuits, fondant centers, and chocolate-coated nuts. These machines add a shell of chocolate to products for decorative purposes or to enhance their taste.

Some typical characteristics of a chocolate enrobing machine are:

  • Closed cavities
  • Sugar mass shape standard
  • Smooth surface
  • Large production capacity
  • A high degree of automation
  • Compact structure
  • Consistent coating weight control
  • Adopt power rating

The machines can produce squares, rectangular, spherical, flats, rounds, ovals, and other unique product shapes.

Furthermore, compared to other chocolate machinery, chocolate enrobers offer numerous advantages, including:

  • High production efficiency
  • Reduced initial capital and operational costs
  • Minimal material wastage
  • Greater production rates
  • Enhanced production quality with greater control to improve product consistency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Better texture on products

Chocolate Panning Machine

Chocolate panning machine

Chocolate panning machine

If you are looking for a high-quality chocolate manufacturing machine that is cost-effective and efficient, try a chocolate panning machine.

It is used to evenly frame chocolate on candy-based centers in a very controlled manner. The machine uses rotating pans called dragees to cover confections with chocolate or other material coatings, hence the name.

Note that panning machines are best suited for large commercial applications.

Features include:

  • Rigid but sleek stainless steel construction
  • Controller knob that provides for variable rotating speeds
  • Reversible direction (clockwise and anticlockwise)
  • Removable agitating ribs
  • Washable cooling fan
  • Changeable pan designs for different capacities

Panning machines are available in different sizes, suitable for large and small scale production. There is also a wide variety of different designs to meet all requirements.

Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

Automatic chocolate tempering machine

Automatic chocolate tempering machine

An automatic chocolate tempering machine is an essential piece of equipment in chocolate manufacturing.

Its purpose is to heat and cool chocolate during production.

The machine is automatically controlled based on the temperature required in each chocolate regulation process. This automation allows for precision and consistency in the tempering process, ensuring chocolate quality.

Notable features of this machine include:

  • full automation ensures constant processing mode
  • Flexible chocolate nozzle to accommodate various molds
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Intelligent temperature control for tempering
  • Vibrating table
  • Easy coverture refilling (no need to stop the machine for refilling
  • Movable mixing arm

More importantly, because it is fully automated, this machine provides guaranteed accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. The chocolate tempering machine will always be in constant processing mode. What is more, it ensures excellent product quality with a fine finish. It also provides significant cost savings on labor.

Chocolate Dipping Machine

Industrial chocolate dipping machine

Industrial chocolate dipping machine

In a chocolate dipping machine, products are coated with liquid chocolate to enhance their overall appearance.

This machine uses continuous mixing, specific time, and varying temperature to facilitate the entire production process.

It has unique features that help facilitate the entire process. They include a machine configuration tool, power rating, high-quality and durable stainless steel, a control panel, and a safety switch.

The benefits of this machine range from increased productivity and lower contamination to varying capacity, ease of use, cost, and energy-efficient.

Chocolate Conching Machine

Chocolate conching machine

Chocolate conching machine

A chocolate conching machine comes in handy to relieve manufacturers of the hassle of undertaking the extensive conching process by themselves.

It helps in mixing, aerating, and agitating heated liquid chocolate to remove water vapor and off-flavored, biter substances from chocolate.

The machine consists of a container filled with grinding materials that crush chocolate beads into small particles.

Unmatched features include natural granite that hardly chips during the process, an automatic motor, and a jacket heat for the quality end product. It also has a durable structure and an automatic temperature control mechanism.

Some of the key reasons to include this equipment in a production line include:

  • It helps reduce the overall processing time.
  • Enhances product lifespan by getting rid of excess fats from cocoa mass
  • Adds flavor
  • It helps to reduce product particle size for refined taste and smoothness.

Chocolate Packaging Machine

After an extensive production process, manufacturers will want to package several chocolates per unit time. That’s where a chocolate packaging machine comes into play.

These machines wrap chocolate bars in one of two ways: A decorative paper sleeve that fits over the entire bar and an aluminum foil.

They also have a high production capacity that helps manufacturers meet clients’ needs in no time.

Key features include a conveyor system, a discharge area, photoelectric sensors, HMI, and PLC that facilitate monitoring and operation process.

Its design consists of a stainless-steel body and has a packaging speed of up to 1500 items per minute.

Here is how a typical chocolate packing machine works:

Overall, this machine is an excellent packing solution for commercial chocolate production. It offers advantages such as:

  • Accurate packaging
  • Increased production
  • They are easy to maintain
  • Enhanced safety. When sensors detect any malfunction, the machine shuts off.
  • Improved product quality
  • Saves on production cost
  • Easy to use
  • Faster than manual packaging

Chocolate Filling Machine

Food processing industries use a chocolate filling machine to fill chocolate syrup and paste, edible oils, cream, and liquor.

However, the feeling speed of this machine may vary due to the filing character and viscosity of chocolate produced.

Critical parts of this machine include a hopper, depositing head, cooling units, electrical unit, control panel, sensors, pneumatic unit, and filling nozzles.

Large chocolate filling machine

Large chocolate filling machine

Considering the numerous types of chocolate filling machines on the market, choosing the ideal one has proved to be an uphill task for many.

Despite the predicament, these features make the best filing machines.

  • Ease of use: The best machine should be easy to use during the process.
  • Accuracy: Should have an accurate filing ability to decrease production loss.
  • Service life: The machine should be durable enough to lessen service costs in case of breakdown.
  • Energy efficiency: The filling machine should be highly energy-efficient to reduce recurring production costs.
  • Design: It should be compact enough for easy installation and operation.

Chocolate Grinding Machine

Chocolate grinding machine

Chocolate grinding machine

A chocolate grinding machine grinds nibs and changes them to chocolate liquor, producing chocolate products.

They operate for a few hours every week. But for instances where you need to develop flavor and texture, you can run it for an extended period.

This production equipment includes the lid, stone holder, roller stones, deflector blades, bowl heaters, stainless steel drum, motor unit, and top lock knob.

Note that several grinding machines in the market vary in specifications and output quality. Some benefits of using a chocolate grinding machine include:

  • Reliability
  • They come with a warranty (usually 12 months) hence serving you for some time.
  • New machines make use of technological advancements.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Help save on labor cost

Chocolate Bar Machine

Multifunction chocolate bar machine

Multifunction chocolate bar machine

A chocolate bar machine is stand-alone equipment meant to manufacture filled chocolate bars in one operation.

While most of these machines are similar, they tend to exhibit different features due to the type of machine.

For chocolate-making machines, the different types include a fully automatic molding line, semi-automatic chocolate depositor, and mini one-shot chocolate depositor.

Nevertheless, they all have enhanced accuracy and precision, production output, and increased production speed.

Standard features in these machines include:

  • A tamper infused into the machine for pre-crystallization
  • Main connects other parts of the machine
  • A chocolate pump for easy mixing of ingredients to the molding chamber
  • A transport system that includes a hydraulic system and conveyor belts
  • A control unit panel to facilitate a comfortable and efficient production of bars

One-Shot Chocolate Machine

To make filled chocolates, a one-shot chocolate machine gets filled with filling and chocolate in the reservoirs then the depositing system is turned on.

The two independent systems pistons then push the filling and the chocolate into the dosing nozzles.

If you’re looking to purchase this machine for your production process, these features will undoubtedly guarantee you value for your investment.

  • Body material: While not every machine should have a stainless steel design, the contact parts should be steel.
  • Electrical specification: A one-shot chocolate machine should continuously operate within the limits of the power source. However, the production rate depends on the production rate of the equipment.
  • Dimensions: The machine should be able to be accommodated in your factory. Since these machines come in many sizes, manufacturers ought to choose one that doesn’t crowd their factories.
  • Versatility: A good machine should be able to be modified from one-phase to three-phase. This can be installing additional equipment, say a tempering unit.

Chocolate Depositor Machine

A chocolate depositor machine deposits chocolate into molds or onto a belt.

Manufacturers use a particular type of equipment to pour and form chocolates. Other functions include:

  • Making pralines, chips, drops, tablets, and chocolates
  • Cools the chocolate to a solid form after direct deposit
  • Heats the chocolate to uphold a specific temperature
  • Refining the chocolate for enhanced taste
  • Decorate chocolate molds into different designs and patterns

If you are looking for a depositing machine, these features will certainly come in handy:

  • Accuracy: The machine’s precision will enhance the time and speed of chocolate deposition.
  • Flexibility in the deposition: it comprises mass channels in nozzle plate arrangements for various applications of extreme viscosities.
  • Modular and compact design enables one to integrate the machine and save on the factory’s space.
  • Construction material: A stainless steel material should be a hygienic and durable option to assure you of minimal levels of contamination.
  • Quality compliance: The depositor machine must comply with quality standards such as CE and CGMP. This will guarantee you safety and durability.

Chocolate Coin Making Machine

Chocolate coin making machine

Chocolate coin making machine

A chocolate coin making machine helps facilitate the production of chocolate products in the form of a coin.

The chocolate paste is deposited on a specific mold to facilitate this process. It is then transferred into a cooling tunnel to enable the formation process.

Even though features vary from one machine to another, standard features in this equipment include:

  • Quality standards: It should have all the accreditations to produce quality products.
  • Power output: While these machines have diverse output capacities, the most common ones range between 300/75Hz and 220/Hz.
  • Production capacity: Different capacities help one explore different options according to specific requirements.

Investing in this machine is worth every penny spent as it offers a wide array of benefits such as:

  • Increased production rate
  • Ease of operation
  • High-quality stainless steel makes it resistant to punitive settings, hence durable.
  • Reduced cost of production
  • It can be used to produce other products other than chocolate coins
  • Easy to clean and hygienic

Chocolate Bean Machine

Manufacturers use a bean machine for the cold rolling of pure chocolate paste to varied shapes of beans.

Examples include the MM bean-shaped, the egg-shaped, and the spherical-shaped chocolate beans.

Essential parts include a cooling system, a cold roller, a beam rim separation unit, and a cooling tunnel.

The machine is highly efficient with a simple linear structure for easy maintenance and installation.

Chocolate Melting Machine

Small chocolate melting machine

Small chocolate melting machine

Chocolate melting machine is a piece of advanced equipment that helps to eliminate physical labor and uncertainties involved in chocolate melting.

Raw chocolate is melted into different pastries and confectionery to be creamy and crispy before being tempered.

Or else, the melted chocolate may dry to an ugly, dull, and patchy tint with gray streaks. Melting machines help overcome this hurdle by allowing crystalline grains to take on a constant shape.

Key features include the functionality of storage and melting, temperature and energy control system, self-cleaning capability, high-speed electrical scraper, and mixing equipment.

This machine has a high market demand owing to its numerous benefits, which include:

  • Improved overall taste and chocolate’s appearance, thus increasing returns on investment
  • Can retain melted and tempered chocolate for an extended period saving you the burden of tempering
  • Ensures uniform blending and heating of chocolate grains for an ideal outcome
  • It’s highly efficient, dependable, and precise in the overall production process
  • Cuts down on running expenses by eliminating the need for human labor

2. Benefits Of A Chocolate Manufacturing Machine

Using a chocolate manufacturing machine promises the following benefits:

Improved efficiency

A chocolate-making machine helps you get the most of the ingredients while cutting the need for human power. It also helps cut down on waste and time.

An efficient manufacturing process will go a long way to improving productivity while adjusting operational costs.

Simplified operations

This machine helps simplify operations by getting the job done within the shortest time possible.

While you may be often involved in molding and mixing, they will take a considerable amount of work off your hands.

Increased production output

Chocolate-making machines today help increase the production rate by reducing the amount of time needed to produce one chocolate.

Their mechanization allows multiplied productivity by streamlining the preparation process.

Increased production accuracy

When producing chocolates, manufacturers will want to achieve consistency in quality and quantity, like for the mass market.

A chocolate manufacturing machine helps attain higher accuracy levels through its steady process.

3. Factors Determining Chocolate Making Machine Price

Several factors influence the cost of the chocolate machine in the market.

They include:


When it comes to chocolate manufacturing machines, a handful of companies have a good reputation.

Since they have more expertise and experience in the field, they will be costly.

Automation Level

Fully automatic machines tend to be more costly than semi-automatic chocolate-making machines.

Country of Origin

Machinery from China typically costs lower than in Western countries and other regions.

This is attributed to the lower cost of production, cheap and readily available raw materials, favorable government policies, and good infrastructure in China.

Size of machine

Size also plays a massive role in determining the price of a machine.

Unlike small-scale chocolate-making machines, large-scale machines are bulky and come in different shapes and sizes. As a result, they will be more expensive than the smaller portable ones.


Most suppliers will give discounts to buyers when they purchase chocolate-making machines in bulk. Also, lower unit prices apply for bulk and repeat purchases.

Production capacity

Different machines come with varying capacities of production.

Suppose the production capacity of a particular machine is upscale; its price will be high as well.

4. Small Chocolate Making Machine Vs. Commercial Chocolate Making Machine

A small-scale chocolate-making machine is specially designed for small-scale businesses.

It can complete the entire process from beans to chocolate moulding and process up to 200kg of cocoa beans in an hour.

Production flow includes peeling, cocoa roasting, mixing, refining, chocolate bar moulding, grinding, and automatic operation.

Besides being small, they are reliable, efficient, and offer suitable production capacities for small industries. The whole set of equipment is also easy to control and operate.

On the other hand, commercial chocolate-making machines serve the sole purpose of producing chocolate candles purchased at the local store.

They are designed for large-scale businesses and require a skilled workforce to operate.

These machines provide numerous applications that include tempering, molding, and spinning machines that work together to form various chocolate styles and types.

5. Choosing Moulds For Chocolate Manufacturing Machine

 Chocolate moulds

Chocolate moulds

In a moulding process, chocolate moulding machines use chocolate moulds to produce various chocolate shapes and sizes.

The suitable mould for a manufacturing machine will significantly depend on size and shape.

The idea is to choose one that can hold many chocolates depending on your specifications.

The earlier made moulds can hold chocolates of up to 20 grams, while those made today can accommodate 10 grams of chocolate.

Another thing to consider is shape. There is a wide range of mould shapes today. You can opt for simple/traditional shaped ones like circles and squares.

On the other hand, modern shapes include musical instruments, skulls, chess pieces, and human-shaped moulds.

It is also worth noting that the chocolate mould manufacturer you choose to work with is essential in ensuring quality chocolate production. As I said earlier, chocolate machinery suppliers in China offer very competitive pricing.

But that is not all; when you work with a chocolate mould manufacturer from China; you are assured of the following:

  • A range of effective mould designs
  • Strict quality control processes
  • Turnkey solution
  • A variety of chocolate moulding solutions
  • Use of high quality and safe mould material


A chocolate manufacturing machine is a vital component in the chocolate production process.

It’s crucial to conduct due diligence with numerous types available on the market. This will help ensure you get the necessary equipment for your specific industry and value for your money.

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