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Chocolate Grinding Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Looking for a chocolate grinding machine – let me show you how to choose one for your chocolate production line.

So, if you have any question about chocolate grinding machine, you will find the answer right here.

Keep reading.

What Is The Use Of Chocolate Grinding Machine?

It is a compact and sleek wet grinding device that you will use for grinding chocolate.

It will help in grinding chocolate at a faster rate and even in a more efficient manner than manual grinding.

Chocolate Grinding machine

Chocolate Grinding machine

Is Chocolate Grinder Machine Suitable For Different Raw Materials Other Than Cocoa Beans?

You can use the chocolate grinder machine for grinding other raw materials other than cocoa.

It is suitable for grinding different types of materials such as:

  • Nuts such as peanuts
  • Tahini
  • Shear Butter
  • Tamarind to make Tamarind Paste
  • Ginger and Garlic to make ginger garlic paste
  • Tomatoes to make tomato paste

How Does A Chocolate Melanger And Chocolate Grinder Compare?

In the process of making chocolate, you can either use the chocolate grinder and the chocolate Melanger.

To avoid confusion between the two machines, here is a comparison between the two machines.

Chocolate Melanger– This machine grinds small chunks of nibs roasted cocoa beans to make a thick liquid.

The machine is suitable for grinding nibs in a bid to make thick liquid chocolate liquor. Apart from that, you can use it to refine chocolate to have a smooth feel in the mouth. It is the machine that can help in conching chocolate to refine the taste of the chocolate.

Chocolate Melanger Machine

Chocolate Melanger  Machine

Chocolate Grinder -You will use the chocolate grinder machine to grind different types of chocolate.

It is the most suitable machine that will increase the speed of grinding different types of chocolate.

It is also suitable for grinding materials other than chocolate.

Is A Chocolate Refiner Machine A Type Of Chocolate Grinding Machine?

Yes, a chocolate refiner is a type of chocolate grinding machine.

It is part of the whole grinding process that makes chocolate smooth and fine for a better mouthfeel.

The chocolate refiner machine is the device that will finally grind all the solid particles.

It is capable of making the chocolate particles even smoother and finer to eliminate any form of grit.

What Is The Difference Between Chocolate Grinder Machine And Chocolate Conching Machine?

Well, the process of manufacturing chocolate involves a very long chain of materials and machines.

Among the machines that you will use in the manufacturing process of chocolate are chocolate grinders and chocolate conching machines.

Here is a comparison between the chocolate conching machine and the chocolate grinder machine.

Chocolate Grinder Machine

You will use the chocolate grinder machine to grind the original raw materials in the chocolate-making process.

The machine is capable of grinding chocolate to make it softer to add more value to chocolate.

Chocolate Conching Machine

The chocolate conching machine is a device that you will use to mix, agitate, and aerate heated chocolate liquids.

It aids in the evaporation of off-flavored products, bitter substances, and water vapor from the chocolate.

It helps in coating every particle with cocoa butter, thus giving it a delicious and well-developed texture and flavor.

Chocolate Conching Machine

Chocolate Conching Machine

How Many Types Of Chocolate Grinding Machine Are There In The Market?

Depending on the scale of production, there are three main types of chocolate grinding machines.

Here are the three main types that you can choose from depending on the scale of production.

Manual Chocolate Grinding Machine

You can opt for the simple and cheaper type of chocolate grinding machine that you can move from place to place.

It has a very simple design that allows you to dismantle and clean it well, thus making the maintenance process simple.

Semi-Automatic Chocolate Grinding Machine

You can also opt for the semi-automatic chocolate grinding machine, which requires a few manual laborers.

Apart from that, the machine has an intuitive nature which helps in increasing the scale of production.

Fully Automatic Chocolate Grinding Machine

You can also opt for the fully automatic chocolate grinding machine, which does not require human labor assistance.

It can work at high speed and with very high efficiency to ensure proper grinding of chocolate.

What Is The Main Advantage Of Tilting Chocolate Grinder Machine?

To make the grinding process of chocolate simpler, you can opt for the tilting chocolate grinder machine.

You will empty the finely grounded chocolate from the machine just by tilting the machine.

As soon as you complete the grinding process, you can tilt the machine to eliminate finely ground chocolate.

Is There Difference Between Chocolate Stone Grinder And Chocolate Melanger Machine?

No, there is no difference between the chocolate stone grinder and the chocolate Melanger.

The chocolate Melanger machine is a chocolate stone grinder that you can use to grind cocoa beans.

You are implying that the chocolate stone grinder is similar to the chocolate Melanger.

You can refer to the chocolate Melanger as the chocolate stone grinder.

It is capable of grinding the cocoa bean nibs into chocolate liquor.

It is the best machine that you can use to make chocolate using bar to beans or cocoa nibs to liquor.

What Are The Features Of Multifunctional Chocolate Grinding Machine?

Just from the name, you will note that the multifunctional chocolate grinding machine performs numerous functions.

To properly identify the chocolate grinding machine, you will have to look at the machine’s features.

Here are the main features of the chocolate grinding machine that you have to look at.

The Capacity Of The Multifunctional Chocolate Grinding Machine

You will look at the Capacity of the multifunctional chocolate grinding machine in liters.

The Capacity of the machine will vary depending on the type of machine and size of the machine.

Dimensions Of The Machine

It would help if you also looked at the machine’s dimensions regarding the size of the chocolate grinding machine.

It is important to look at the machine’s dimensions in terms of the floor space available for installation.

Type Of Materials

It is also very important to look at the type of materials for manufacturing the chocolate grinding machine.

The best material you can use to make the chocolate grinding machine is AISI 304 food-grade stainless steel.

Automation Level

There is one main level of automation that you can opt for with the multifunctional chocolate grinding machine.

Since it is multifunctional, the best automation level is the fully automated level which supports the multifunctional aspect.

Overload Protection

You should also look at the machine and confirm that it has overload protection, increasing the safety levels.

In other words, it is a very secure and safe machine that will protect the operators and parts of the machine.

Do All Chocolate Grinder Machines Have Standard Power Requirement?

No, all chocolate grinder machines do not have standard power requirements.

You will note that the power requirements for the chocolate grinding machines vary according to the machine.

There are bigger machines that will use a lot of energy, thus having greater power requirements.

On the other hand, the smaller machines require less power to conduct the grinding activities, thus fewer power requirements.

For instance, you can have a chocolate grinding machine with either 220V or 380V, depending on the grinding abilities.

What Are The Main Parts Of Chocolate Grinding Machine?

Main parts of Chocolate Grinding Machine

Main parts of Chocolate Grinding Machine

The main parts of the chocolate grinding machine are the parts that are responsible for performing the grinding tasks.

You are implying that the chocolate grinding machines have different parts that perform different functions.

These parts support the overall function of the chocolate grinding machine, which is the grinding of chocolate raw materials.

Here are some of the main parts of the chocolate grinding machines that you should look at.

Feeding Inlet

You will use the feeding inlet of the chocolate grinding machine to place the grinding materials into the grinding machine.

It increases the safety of handling the products, the levels of efficiency, and the speed of operating the machine.

Rotor And Stator

These are the main drivers of the machine that rotate the grinding parts of the machine to grind the chocolate.

They are made of stainless steel, are very easy to clean and maintain, thus serving you for longer periods.

Water Cooling Pipe

Just from the name, you will note that the water-cooling pipes deliver cooling water to the chocolate grinding machines.

You will require the water cooling pipes with the cooling nozzles first to cool the machine before grinding proceeds.

Adjustment Disks

You will use the adjustment disks to adjust the grinding parameters of the chocolate grinding machine to produce fine chocolate.

The adjustment disk is made of stainless steel that is non-corrosive and is also very easy to clean.

Equipped Stator

The conical stator works with the motor drives to move the conical rotor at very high velocities.

During these movements, the conical rotors will rotate to form relative movements with the conical stator.


You will depend on the outlet of the machine to release the final ground product of the chocolate grinding machine.

It is made of an easy-to-clean stainless steel material that allows the final product to flow out smoothly.

The Base Of The Chocolate Grinding Machine

The machine also has a very wide base responsible for holding all the other parts of the machine together.

The base is also made out of stainless steel, thus providing the machine with the necessary strength and ground stability.

How Does Chocolate Colloid Mill Grinding Machine Work?

Chocolate colloid mills grind different types of cocoa beans, which will eventually produce perfectly ground chocolate.

You ought to understand how the chocolate grinding machines work to get the best out of the machine.

Colloid Mill Grinding Machine

Colloid Mill Grinding Machine

Here is a step-by-step process that you can follow to handle the grinding process of the chocolate colloid mill grinding machine.

Step One: Feeding The Machine

First, you will have to prepare the machine and the raw materials to grind to make chocolate.

In this case, the main raw material is cocoa beans which you will feed into the machine’s hopper.

As soon as the machine is ready to begin the grinding process, you will adjust the grinding parameters.

After that, you will proceed with the grinding process as the hopper releases the cocoa beans into the machine.

Step Two: Grinding Process

The cocoa beans move slowly to the grinding zone, where the whole grinding process will take place.

Here, the grinding process will proceed with the help of the relative movement from the stator and rotor.

This machine has three grinding areas within the grinding room that perform the grinding functions of the raw materials.

You should also note that the cooling water pipes help reduce the generated heat during the grinding process.

The cocoa beans will pass through the coarse grinding area first before proceeding to the fine grinding area.

The coarse grinding area will break the cocoa beans into smaller particles before allowing them into the fine grinding area.

At the fine grinding area, the machine will grind the small particles into finer details.

After that, the fine particles will flow to the third crushing stage, which is the superfine crushing stage.

You will be able to adjust the stator and rotor to produce the superfine chocolate particles accordingly.

The machine will also mix the materials with other materials to finally produce the finely ground chocolate.

You will collect the final product from the main outlet of the chocolate grinding machine.

What Is The Particle Size Of Chocolate Grinding Machine Products?

The chocolate grinding machine is capable of grinding cocoa beans of different particle sizes.

It can be adjusted to allow the entry of particles within the machine for proper grinding.

It has three grinding stages that will grind the raw materials into:

  • Coarse Particle Size
  • Fine Particle Size
  • Superfine Particle Size

Can You Integrate Chocolate Grinder Machine Into Chocolate Production Line?

You can integrate the chocolate grinder machine into the chocolate making machine production line.

It will form a great partnership with the other parts of the production line.

After crushing the raw materials, it will deliver the ground product to other machine parts for value addition.

Some of the machines within the production line include:

  • Chocolate packaging machine
  • Chocolate coating machine
  • Chocolate filling machine

What Is The Hourly Production Rate Of Chocolate Grinding Machine?

The hourly production rate of the chocolate grinding machine will vary from one machine to another.

Implying that the hourly production rate of the machine will vary depending on the type of machine.

For instance, you can have a machine capable of grinding 500kgs of cocoa beans per hour.

On the other hand, you can have a bigger machine capable of grinding 1000kgs of cocoa beans per hour.

You can also have a machine with a wide range of grinding abilities per hour that you will adjust accordingly.

Do You Have MOQ For Chocolate Grinding Machine?

We do not have a minimum order quantity for the chocolate grinding machine.

You will get the quantity of chocolate grinding machines you need, with the least being one machine.

They imply that we work at the convenience of our customers, who dictate the number of machines they need.

What Is The Material Of Construction Of Contact Parts Of Chocolate Grinder Machine?

You will use stainless steel to make the contact parts of the chocolate grinding machines.

Stainless steel is the main material that you will use in the construction of chocolate grinding machines.

In most cases, you will note that the grade of stainless steel varies from one part to another.

For the contact parts, you will use AISI 304 food-grade stainless steel.

Are There Automatic Chocolate Grinding Machines?

Yes, there are automatic chocolate grinding machines that you can opt for.

You can opt for the fully automatic chocolate grinding machine or the semi-automatic chocolate grinding machine.

In case you settle on the semi-automatic chocolate grinding machine, you will have to hire additional labor.

You will need very few human labor resources to help in operating fully automated chocolate grinding machines on the flip side.

Apart from that, the semi-automatic chocolate grinding machines cost less than the fully automatic machines.

Automatic Chocolate Grinding Machine

Automatic Chocolate Grinding Machine

What Does Your Chocolate Grinding Machine Warranty Cover?

Usually, we will provide you with a warranty for the chocolate grinding machine to serve you for a year.

In other words, we will be responsible for any damages that may occur on the machine post-delivery for a year.

We believe that our machines are of the best quality in the market and are not prone to damages.

In case of damages that fall under our faults, we will do the service and even replacements free of charge.

Which Industries Can Use Chocolate Grinding Machine?

You can use chocolate grinding machines to grind different types of materials in different industries.

Here are some of the industries where the chocolate grinding machine comes in handy.

  • Food Processing Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

What Stops The Roller Stone Of Chocolate Melanger From Spinning While In Use?

Roller stones of the chocolate Melanger can stop from spinning while in use.

It may happen due to a wide number of reasons such as improper cleaning of the machine.

You should make sure that you clean the machine regularly to remove the sticky chocolate on the parts.

The presence of chocolate on different parts of the machine may make the roller stones freeze, thus preventing rotation.

Apart from that, the roller shafts may be misaligned, thus freezing the roller stone and preventing movement.

You should do proper maintenance on the machine by aligning the parts of the machine accordingly.

The presence of hard raw materials or ingredients inside the drum may also prevent the proper rotation of roller stones.

You have to be very careful and start the grinding process with the basic raw materials in this case.

You will add the other ingredients to the mixture once the machine begins the grinding process.

Can You Customize Chocolate Grinder Machine?

You can work with our team of designers and engineers to come up with a custom chocolate grinder machine.

You can also present us with your custom design, and we will gladly test it and finally produce it.

Customized Chocolate Grinder Machine

Customized Chocolate Grinder Machine

What Is Industrial Chocolate Grinding Machine Price?

The industrial chocolate grinding machine price will vary from one type of machine to another.

For automatic chocolate grinding machines, the industrial price ranges between 2,000 and 15,000 US dollars.

The manual grinding machine is often cheaper since it does not require costly automated parts.

How Do You Specify Chocolate Grinding Machine To Your Supplier?

When shopping for the chocolate grinding machine, you need to be very specific to your supplier.

They are implying that you have to get all the details right so that the manufacturer can understand your machine needs.

Here are the main specifications that you will provide to your chocolate grinding machine suppliers.

  • Model Number of the Machine
  • Types of Construction Materials
  • Level of automation
  • Power Requirements
  • Grinding Capacity of the machine in kg/h
  • Size of the machine

Which Are The Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Chocolate Grinding Machine?

You have to clean and maintain the chocolate grinding machine regularly.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to clean and maintain your machine properly.

Have A Cleaning Schedule

It would be best to have a cleaning schedule that will detail when you have to clean the machine.

Inspect The Machine Regularly

It would be best to inspect the machine regularly to identify the parts that may wear out.

Lubricate The Moving Parts

You should also apply lubricants to the moving parts regularly to prevent damage from friction.

Replace Broken Parts

You should also identify the broken parts and replace them regularly to prevent further damages.

You should also align the machine accordingly to prevent unnecessary downtime on the machine.

At SaintyCo, we offer perfect solution for all your chocolate grinding machine needs.

Contact us today for competitive prices and high quality chocolate grinding machines.

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