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Chocolate Enrobing Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before investing in a new chocolate enrobing machine, read this guide.

It has all information that will help you choose the best chocolate machine for all your applications.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

It refers to an electromechanical machine in the confectionery industry used for coating different food items with a coating medium.

This equipment coats various ingredients and flavors on the surface material of different food materials.

Chocolate enrobing machine features wide-ranging structural and technical specifications based on the particular type.

It is available in different sizes, surface materials, and production capacities.

What’s more is use sugar icing, fondant, and caramel among others, with this machine depending on the final product you’re enrobing.

Chocolate enrobing machine

Chocolate enrobing machine

Is there Difference between Chocolate Enrobing Machine and Chocolate Coating Machine?

Not necessarily.

Both chocolate enrober and chocolate coating machine can work interchangeably as long as the settings for the product are appropriate.

The working principle is also similar making it challenging to figure out any significant difference between them.

However, the major difference, in this case, revolves around the specific components and auxiliary equipment each machine uses.

Technically, both can use similar or different auxiliary equipment depending on the type of product you are coating or enrobing.

Chocolate coating machine

Chocolate coating machine

Which are the Products you can Process with Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

You can use chocolate enrober to coat a broad range of food and pharmaceutical products.

The common ones include the following;

  • Ice cream
  • Cookies
  • Nuts
  • Candy bars
  • Toffees
  • Biscuits
  • Tablets
  • Lozenges
  • Pills

What are the Salient Features to Look for in a Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

When shopping for an ideal chocolate enrober, it is prudent to consider a few critical factors in guiding your decision-making.

Some of these elements include the following;

 Chocolate enrobing machine

 Chocolate enrobing machine


Ordinarily, chocolate enrobing machines are available in different sizes.

Of course, this is important since it gives you broad options in choosing the most suitable one for your coating demands.

However, you need to make a purchase decision based on the available space for installing this component.

Moreover, it would be imperative to establish the right size to fit into your specific workspace.

Power Rating

Different chocolate enrobing equipment feature varied power consumption levels depending on size and production capacity.

Ideally, it is necessary to pick a chocolate enrober with an energy consumption proportional to production capacity.

In essence, this minimizes energy loss, which in most instances leads to inflated production costs.

Safety Features

Always choose a chocolate enrober with adequate, efficient, and reliable safety elements.

And this should be all-round by safeguarding the machine, operators, and any properties within the surrounding.

For instance, an ideal enrober should have a defined control knob section for operators.

Such safety elements facilitate efficiency while safeguarding the surrounding.

Enrobing Speed

It is a fundamental aspect you must never overlook when purchasing an ideal chocolate enrobing machine.

Technically, the enrobing speed determines the actual working rate, thus influencing production capacity directly.

Ensure your desired output matches the specific type of machine you are purchasing.

Type of Chocolate Enrober

Typically, you can find this type of machine in several variants.

When selecting one, it is advisable to consider your demands and ensure your choice is correct.

Of course, each type offers its uniqueness in terms of operational characteristics.

Quality Concerns

Several agencies are in place at national, regional, and international levels to ensure the equipment meets required quality standards.

These standards guarantee a specific chocolate enrobing machine complies with the required manufacturing procedures.

Essentially, such type of equipment exhibits unmatched efficiency, reliability, and durability.

And all these are significant elements of an ideal chocolate enrober.

What are the Benefits of Buying Chocolate Enrober?

A typical chocolate enrobing machine offers a broad range of advantages, making it a worthy investment as your production unit.

Some of these benefits include the following;


In the long run, chocolate enrober allows you to save significant amounts of money you’d otherwise spend on labor and related costs.

Most variants are automatic; thus little or no need for operators to keep them running efficiently.

As such, it guarantees a considerable return on investment (ROI) within shortest time possible.

Enhances Quality

This machine delivers more consistent enrobing results than any manual variant.

In essence, it gives you more control over the entire enrobing process, which ultimately makes the products uniformly attractive.

Maximizes volume and Production  Levels

Ordinarily, a chocolate enrobing machine does its job faster and efficiently than humans can do.

As such, it means you’ll produce more products in relatively less time, which is essential if you are fulfilling a large order.

Efficient Material Usage

This machine is vital in preventing unnecessary wastage.

Its design features ensure optimal use of the products, allowing you to obtain most value out of your ingredients.

Ideally, this machine has a “no-chocolate-no-enrobing” feature, which prevents wastage of materials.

What are the Main Parts of Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

They are quite several depending on the specific type of chocolate enrober you are looking at.

Nonetheless, here are some of the main parts you’re likely to find across all types of chocolate enrobing machines;

  • Thermoregulator – facilitates easy and faster temperature adjustment to fit the required processing.
  • Control panel – Features an HMI PLC display touchscreen for straightforward and seamless chocolate enrober operation.
  • Electro-speed regulator – Facilitates enrobing optimization of different chocolate product sizes and designs.
  • Enrobing pumps – Also known as coating pumps, they facilitate liquid chocolate flow on food products for enrobing.
  • Conveyor belt – Plays the role of relaying products from the enrobing area to the cooling tunnel. It is mostly available in fully integrated model lines.
  • Feed tank – It is the point the materials are introduced into the machine for enrobing.
  • Cooling tunnel – Allows for easy, faster, and efficient cooling and solidification of chocolate enrobing products.
  • Melting tank – Used for feeding and melting chocolate into liquid form for enrobing.

Are there Mini Chocolate Enrobing Machines?


You can always find a wide range of mini chocolate enrobing equipment that suits your specific needs.

They are available in different spectrums from the technical and structural technical specifications.

If need be, you can order customized mini chocolate enrober depending on your production demands.

The good thing about this variant is that it is lightweight and compact size.

Thus, it is convenient to carry it around.

You can also install it in small spaces and still obtain better efficiency and results.

What are the Sizes and Types of Chocolate Enrobers Available in the Market?

Mini chocolate enrobing machine

 Mini chocolate enrobing machine

Ideally, chocolate enrobers are available in a wide range of sizes and types.

Even so, this is mainly dependent on the specific manufacturer since most of them offer varied designs.

Nevertheless, you can find various small-scale, medium-scale, large-scale, and customized scale production.

As such, the ideal size is dependent on your particular chocolate enrobing demands.

In terms of types, you can as well find as many options as possible based on the manufacturer you are purchasing from.

Most suppliers usually market these devices based on their ability to produce specific products.

For instance, some enrobers are designed for enrobing cheese with wax, others for frozen products, and some for chocolate mounds among others.

What’s more, is that other manufacturers offer extra customizations for their main enrobers.

Thus, you’ll need to pay additional money to gain specific additional capabilities.

However, some of the common types of chocolate enrobers based on your coating demands include the following;

  • Compact enrober

 Chocolate enrober

Compact enrober

  • Enrober with minimal changeover
  • Enrober for medium production
  • Continuous chocolate enrober

Continuous chocolate enrober

Continuous chocolate enrober

  • Energy-efficient chocolate enrober
  • Automatic continuous chocolate enrober

How Does Chocolate Enrober Work?

The working principle of a typical chocolate enrober is relatively straightforward.

However, the entire enrobing process occurs in stages; thus, most of these machines come complete with equipment handling the whole process.

Essentially, using all-in-one machines offers high convenience.

Here are the steps involved in full enrobing line;

  • Chocolate is placed on a tempering system to melt and turn into liquid form.

Tempering system is integrated with the enrober to supply liquid chocolate for an enrobing machine.

  • The product is placed on a wire rack carrying the item.

At this stage, the prebottomer coats the bottom section of the product evenly to provide uniformity of the item.

  • Wire rack transfers the item towards the enrober allowing it to pass through a preliminary cooling conveyor.

This conveyor makes it easy for the chocolate to solidify once the prebottomer applies it.

  • The conveyor relays the product towards the enrobing pumps, creating a continuous chocolate waterfall covering the item.

Technically, the pumps perform the actual enrobing on the particular product.

Chocolate, which fails to end up on the product, drains through the wire rack.

Also, most machines have a return system, cycling unused chocolate back to the tempering unit.

  • After the product passes under enrobing pumps, wire racks vibrate to ensure chocolate coats the item evenly on the top, bottom, or part of product.

Most of the modern enrobers come with a tail cutter, which removes any pieces of ingredients that the enrober leaves.

  • Now the already chocolate-covered pieces are transferred onto wax paper. It allows them to be removed easily once the product cools.

They then move to the cooling tunnel for further solidification and in readiness for packaging.

Cooling tunnel is quite long and plays a crucial role in determining quality of an enrobed product.

Primarily, the main principles of chocolate enrobing machine revolve around the following elements;

  • Product moving along the wire mesh conveyor
  • Item passing through a chocolate coating curtain
  • Emergence of a coated product
  • Removal of excess or inappropriate coating by air drying or vibration

What is the Typical Belt Speed of Chocolate Enrober?

It varies depending on specific type and size of chocolate enrobing machine.

For instance, the belt size plays an imperative determinant role in establishing the average speed of a chocolate enrober.

Technically, the wider the belt, the higher the speed, and vice versa.

You can find a belt size ranging from 6” to 100” and beyond.

Nevertheless, a typical belt speed for an ordinary enrober is between 0.45 to 1.75 meters per minute.

Does a Chocolate Enrobing Machine include a Tempering System?

Not necessarily.

It mainly depends on the specific manufacturer you are purchasing from.

Some would include it, whereas others would hardly incorporate it during the purchase of this machine.

The tempering system is an important component of the chocolate enrober, but it can be bought separately.

It is an independent unit often connected to the chocolate enrober to supply liquid chocolate at the enrobing stage.

What is the Chocolate Enrobing Machine Price in China?

Notably, the actual cost of chocolate enrober in China is dependent on a host of variables.

Even so, most of these machines are usually made based on your liking since some components can be added or removed accordingly.

Moreover, it is also possible to customize belt widths to suit your preference as far as speed is concerned.

Prudently, purchasing an all-in-one enrobing line often allows you to save a considerable amount of money.

In China, an entry-level all-in-one enrober starts from around US $15,000.

However, such a variant will rarely have any meaningful fancier technical and structural features.

But it would be ideal for small-scale chocolate enrobing.

On the other hand, a typical all-in-one industrial chocolate enrober costs over US $ 100,000.

Such variants are suitable for large-scale industrial production and fulfillment of high-quantity orders within shortest time possible.

In some instances, you may only need to purchase particular components of an enrobing line.

This can be relatively affordable but always ensure such parts are compatible with the existing system.

The bottom line is that there is no fixed amount of buying this machine.

Cost is mainly dependent on several factors.

How can you Control the Amount of Chocolate Used and Conveyor Speed of Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

Most modern chocolate enrobers feature a single control panel allowing you to precisely monitor chocolate quantity pumping through enrobing pumps.

The control panel also allows you to determine the actual conveyor speed and monitoring the chocolate in the tempering system.

As such, it makes it easy for you to regulate these parameters from the control panel.

What are the Advantages of Buying an All-in-one Chocolate Enrober Line?

  1. It is cost-effective since you seemingly get all the relevant components of the enrober line simultaneously.

This allows you to save time and money you’d otherwise have spent searching for other independent components.

  1. An all-in-one unit reduces stress related to assembling the production line and other inconsistencies such as incompatibility.

At times it could be stressful to assemble the components accordingly to the existing system.

This is an addition of a mismatch of the parts with the current system leading to wastage of time due to more extended downtime.

  1. Uniformity is guaranteed when using an all-in-one chocolate enrober, which is unlikely to attain when buying this line in different components.
  1. Most all-in-one units are generally more efficient and reliable than enrober units, which come in different parts.

Moreover, the former is easier to maintain and repair than the latter.

Which are the Option Chocolate Processing Equipment you can Integrate with a Chocolate Enrobing Line?

Typically, chocolate enrobing line consists of various equipment integrated or combined to form the entire unit.

As such, each piece of equipment in the enrobing line is tasked with performing a specific role from the start to the end of the process.

The specific type of auxiliary machine you’d need in this process often varies depending on the particular design features and the type of final product required.

Some of the commonly used options include the following;

Melting Cabinet or Table

It is a relatively large surface component made of stainless steel material.

This equipment is heated to a desirable temperature to facilitate melting of chocolate ingredients from solid to liquid or syrup.

This makes it possible for the enrobing process to take place on the respective products.

Mold Filling Module

This component is responsible for filling liquid chocolate in respective molds for subsequent product enrobing.

Cooling Tunnel

It is a long, insulated channel kept at an uninterrupted low temperature where enrobed products get in from the vibrating table.

The role of this equipment is to cool and solidify the chocolate into the coated product.

Ideal temperatures on this tunnel ensure the product hardens, attains a glossy finish and optimal shelf-life.

Longer Paper Take-Off Table

This is the component where the already enrobed products are withdrawn from the enrobing unit.

What are the Factors to Consider when Buying Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

Ideally, a chocolate enrober is a vital investment in a bakery or a wide range of chocolate-related processing applications.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure you look into some critical factors before spending your money on it.

The main elements you need to consider include the following;

Specific Application

Ordinarily, you can use an enrober to coat different products and in the bakery sector in general.

As such, you need to ensure the specific type of chocolate enrober you are buying fits the particular needs of your application.


Enrobers are available in a broad range of sizes, from small, medium to large.

You can also find them in different customized sizes depending on your specific application demands.

In this case, it means you can always find a suitable size, which fits all your needs best way possible.

Production Capacity

You also need to figure out the ideal volume of coated chocolate products to produce within a specific timeframe when choosing this equipment.

Different enrobers are designed for varying speeds, which has a direct impact on the overall production capacity.

Auxiliary Features

A typical chocolate enrobing line consists of various features designed to perform different functions in the whole process.

When choosing the ideal machine, it would be appropriate to determine the core features you need for your production needs.

It is vital since this enhances efficiency when enrobing your products using this machine.

What is Energy Enrobing Concept in Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

Chocolate enrobing machine

Chocolate enrobing machine

It is a technique for feeding chocolate into an enrobing machine designed for energy saving in the enrobing process.

This method allows for a constant stable temperature and tempering index in the chocolate mass.

Technically, this concept works by injecting tempered chocolate mass directly from tempering machine to consumption flow.

The process delivers energy savings and a more uniform production with a relatively less solidification of mass in the enrobing machine.

This patent-pending process stabilizes the machine, given it produces chocolate mass with a uniform tempering index.

It also delivers less feeding of chocolate mass from tempering machines.

This is necessary because it enables use of smaller tempering machines leading to considerable energy saving.

What’s more, is this concept enables enrobing machine to run longer since there is less solidification of the chocolate mass in the enrober.

And importantly, it ensures less chocolate is returned to the tempering machine, which is vital in guaranteeing more energy savings.

Can you Customize Chocolate Enrobing Machine?


Most users have unique and different demands depending on their specific enrobing applications.

 Customized chocolate enrobing machine

Customized chocolate enrobing machine

As such, manufacturers have seen the need to producing enrobers, which meet the particular production demands.

Different users have different customization needs, making it necessary to contact the manufacturer directly for customized units.

In most instances, you’ll need to submit a prototype of your preferred customized unit or request one from the manufacturer’s in-house designers.

After approval of its feasibility and meets the requirements, the manufacturer will produce the customized unit.

Why do Chocolate Enrobing Machine Belts Break?

There are several circumstances often lead to breaking of chocolate enrobing machine belts.

Some of the common causes include the following;

  • Incorrect installation of new belts making the loop edges curve back and away from the belt travel direction.
  • Splicing or fixing wire mesh enrobing belt incorrectly. When installing new wires, ensure there is equal spacing without distortion.
  • Enrobing belts, which are not entirely free from traces of dried chocolate, can also cause the belt to break.
  • Inconsistent workspace temperature and failure of using more fluid couverture chocolate is also a possible cause of belt breakage.

In a nutshell, several possibilities, including those mentioned above, can make the enrobing machine belts break.

Which are the Quality Certifications for Chocolate Enrober Machine?

They are quite several depending on the specific market for these machines.

You can find them at national, regional, and international levels.

The common ones, which cut across different markets and regions, include the following;

  • Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)
  • American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM International)
  • CE Marking
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
  • SGS Certification

Why is Stainless Steel the Best Material for Hygienic Chocolate Enrober?

Stainless steel offers numerous beneficial features making it the most suitable choice for chocolate enrober.

 Hygenic chocolate enrober

Hygienic chocolate enrober

Notably, this material has anti-bacterial compounds making it repellant to any form of bacteria from forming on the surface.

Stainless steel is also easy to clean as long as you use recommended washing detergents.

Furthermore, it is non-corrosive hence can withstand any form of chemicals or acidic materials it could be subjected to.

These make it a suitable material for hygienic enrobing process, which meets stipulated health and sanitary standards.

What is Tabletop Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

It is a compact type of enrobing device used primarily for relatively small-scale production.

As the name suggests, it is commonly placed on top of the table since it is lightweight.

This type of chocolate enrober offers convenience since you can carry it around and use it in different locations.

In most instances, it is suitable for artisan chocolatiers and laboratories for coating different products.

Table top chocolate enrobing machine

Tabletop chocolate enrobing machine

Which are the Common Enrobing Process Methods Used in Chocolate Enrober Machine?


This process involves heating and cooling of chocolate to stabilize and use it for making candies confections.

Tempering gives chocolates a soft and glossy finish and preventing them from melting on fingers easily.


It is a technique, which involves forming an aqueous chocolate film around different food products.

Are Chocolate Enrobers Designed According to Current GMP?


Mostly, these devices are produced for foreign markets.

And in many instances, most governments only allow cGMP-compliant chocolate enrobers to be imported and used in their respective countries.

Current GMP also makes it possible for the manufacturer to detect any fault in the machine and rectify it before it gets to the user.

Some of these anomalies can be difficult to establish by mere quality certification.

cGMP compliant chocolate enrober hardly produces health hazards products.

This is essential given that the chocolates and other food materials are made for direct human consumption.

Therefore, these devices must be designed according to the current good manufacturing practices.

At SaintyCo, we design and manufacture a range chocolate enrobing machines depending on your specific needs and requirements.

This is alongside other equipment such as candy machines, and gummy machines.

Contact us now for all your chocolate enrobing machines.

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