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Chocolate Dipping Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for an effective chocolate dipping machine.

That’s why this guide will answer all your questions about chocolate dipping machine.

Whether you want to learn about the features, parts, or working principle, you will find all information in this guide.

Keep reading to learn more about this chocolate machine.

What is Chocolate Dipping Machine?

This is a piece of electromechanical equipment that will assist you in dipping different food items in a chocolate medium.

Also, it is common in confectionery industries for coating and increasing the final appeal of the product.

Chocolate Dipping Machine Chocolate Dipping Machine

Is there a Difference Between Chocolate Melting Machine and Chocolate Dipping Machine?

Yes, there is some difference as to the main purpose of these machines but they also share some similarities.

You can melt solid chocolate by using either of these machines.

Chocolate dipping machines will assist you in coating the products with liquid chocolate to increase the overall appeal.

It makes use of specific time, varying temperature, and continuous mixing to enhance the production process.

A chocolate melting machine will convert solid chunks of chocolate into a liquid form.

It represents a pan that sits on the hot water while the operator controls the temperature via a thermostat.

The water will heat up and warm then melt the chocolate on the pan. It will also maintain the melted chocolate at a specific temperature thereby you have ready access to melted chocolate.

Besides maintaining the temperature, you need to continually stir the chocolate to ensure it has a consistent temperature. This is because of the temperature reading of the water and not the chocolate you are melting.

What are the Features of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

The elements you need to consider which making a decision are:

Configuration of the Machine

Chocolate dipping machines come in both large and small sizes. This means depending on your work area, you will find one that fits perfectly.

Power Rating

Since these machines come in varying sizes, their power consumption will also differ. For instance, large machines will consume more power than the smaller counterparts.

If you need a large production capacity, it is suitable to have a chocolate dipping machine whose energy consumption meets the demand.

Material Construction

These machines come in durable high-quality stainless steel that is easy to clean and maintains the hygiene of the production process.

Quality Standard

Many international organs will ensure a chocolate dipping machine conforms to certain quality standards. The standards will ensure specific chocolate dipping machines adhere to the necessary manufacturing processes.

Besides, conforming to these standards ensures the machine will offer high efficiency, reliability, and longevity.

Safety Mechanisms

These machines do come with adequate and reliable safety features to minimize harm or danger. This means both the operators and the machines are at no harm during the operation of the machine.

For instance, a control panel will ensure that you can easily operate and monitor the process from a safe zone. It includes a safety switch that turns off automatically when the system runs out of water.

Also, automatic machines can detect a problem and either solve it, warn the operator, or shit down the machine.

Production Capacity

This is an important factor you need to consider since they do come in varying production speeds. With this, you can determine how much you can produce per unit time.

Type of Chocolate Dipping Machine

There are several categories of chocolate dipping machines that will determine your production capacity. Make sure the machine you decide to select will satisfy your production needs.

Besides, you can select between manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic chocolate dipping machines.

What is the capacity of the Professional Chocolate Dipping Machine?

Since the machines come in varying sizes, they can have a capacity that ranges from 3 to 24 kilograms of chocolate.

How do you Monitor the Water Temperature of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

Chocolate dipping machines come with a thermostat which you will use to monitor the water temperature.

Which are the Main Parts of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

Here are the main parts you can find in these machines:


This is the part that you will use to adjust the temperature as per the chocolate dipping process.

Control Panel

It has a programmable logic controller [PLC] and human-machine interface [HMI] which assists in controlling and monitoring the process.

LED displays allow you to see the parameters you are using in the dipping process.

Dipping Pumps

This part will assist the chocolate dipping process on the food items.

Conveyor System

It will assist in moving the products from one part of the machine to another. Also, this part is present in fully integrated systems.

 Automatic Chocolate Dipping Machine

Automatic Chocolate Dipping Machine

Feed Tank

This is the first location in which you will introduce the products into the chocolate dipping machine for processing.

Frame and Housing

This is the part that will hold the entire chocolate dipping machine together. It houses all the components and protects them from external elements.

Cooling System

Here, once you dip and coat the products in chocolate, they will undergo fast, easy, and efficient cooling.

Melting System

This is the tank in which you will use for feeding and melting solid chocolate into a liquid state for the dipping process.

Electronic Speed System

It regulates the dipping process for products that come in different sizes and designs.

What are the Heating Mechanisms of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

These machines can have a water heating system or an electrical induction heating system.

With a water heating system, you will first heat the water which will assist in melting the chocolate.

On the other hand, electrical induction systems will heat an electrical conduction material through electromagnetic induction.

How does Chocolate Dipping Machine Work?

These are the main Stages in the working mechanism of chocolate dipping machine:

Preparation Stage

First, make sure you install the chocolate dipping machine on a flat horizontal surface. Proceed by connecting the electrical power supply to the outlet then fit the container within the tank.

Melting Stage

Here, you will fill the feed tank with the correct amount of chocolate as per the capacity of the chocolate dipping machine.

Turn the machine on and set the correct temperature as per the operation before beginning the process.

Also, a light signal will indicate if the temperature of the heating medium is lower than the suitable temperature.

Proceed by setting the suitable temperature for the melting of the solid chocolate, between 45°C and 50°C.

Continually stir the mass of chocolate to speed up the melting process. When the process is going correctly and the temperature of the water is correct, an LED light will indicate the same.

Cooling Stage

In this phase, you will remove the container out of the chocolate dipping machine.

Then you will make sure the thermostat is at a constant temperature for the type of chocolate.

For instance, this would be 32°C for dark chocolate. Proceed by placing the chocolate on a slab of marble.

Once the temperature reaches the appropriate value of about 26°C, place the container back to the water tank.

Tempering Stage

In this phase, you will allow the chocolate to warm as you continually stir it from time to time.

Confirm that the temperature on the lid is suitable before continuing with the process.

To check the temperature, you can use the thermometer as it gives you an accuracy of 0.5°C.

Afterward, you will dip the food products in this chocolate to give it an appealing look.

Closing Down Step

Once you complete the process, turn off and disconnect the machine, then take out the container.

What is the Temperature Range of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

This temperature ranges between 5°C and 65°C. Besides, this range covers all the requirements that you need in melting and cooling the chocolate.

 Mini Chocolate Dipping Machine

Mini Chocolate Dipping Machine

Why is it Important to Stir the Chocolate Periodically when Using a Chocolate Dipping Machine?

The main reason for continuously stirring the mass is for you to obtain a consistent chocolate liquid temperature. This will lead to a uniform dipping and coating process on the food product.

Thereby, you can use different stirring tools like a spatula.

For this reason, it is mandatory to regularly confirm the temperature of the chocolate by using a thermometer. There are chocolate dipping machines that have these thermometers pre-installed to allow you the ease of monitoring.

Also, you can purchase the thermometer and plug it in a connector. This will allow you to accurately monitor and control the temperature of the chocolate mass.

Which is the Common Heating Tube Used in Chocolate Dipping Machine?

The most common one is the M-tube since it makes sure the entire tank warms up quickly and evenly on every side. It aligns at the bottom of the bowl but does not touch the sides or bottom part.

Also, the high and low water levels will prevent the occurrence of dry burning.

This fast heating mechanism is energy efficient and saves time when using a chocolate dipping machine.

It makes use of three-dimensional heating and enhances thigh temperature circulation. Also, it increases the heating surface area this making heat transfer happens rapidly.

Does the Chocolate Dipping Machine Maintain the Characteristic of Chocolate?

Yes, this machine will maintain the characteristics of the chocolate you will use in the dipping process.

This is possible since the quality of the final food product is important.

It does this by melting the solid mass of chocolate at low temperatures.

Overheating will alter the characteristics of the chocolate by scorching or tightening it.

These machines can maintain a stable temperature across the entire process thus preserving these important chocolate traits.

Systems such as electronic induction will provide a steady supply of heat at the bottom and sides of the pan.

Also, the addition of a polymer lid will protect the chocolate you are melting from bad environmental factors during operation.

What is the Power Consumption of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

These machines are energy efficient and the power consumption varies depending on the capacity of the machine.

Large machines generally consume more power than table-top machines. This is because they process more chocolate per unit time.

For instance, a 12-kilogram capacity chocolate dipping machine will consume 1 unit for every three and a half hours.

On the contrary, a 3-kilogram capacity chocolate dipping machine will consume approximately 1 unit for every 11.5 hours.

Why is Stainless Steel the Best Material to make the Container/Bowl of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

Here are reasons why it is the best material:

Rust Resistance

In contrary to traditional steel, stainless steel will not rust. Also, you can wash it with high-pressure systems and not worry about the moisture affecting it.

These benefits are priceless for food processing machines like a chocolate dipping machine.

Ease of Fabrication

This feature makes it easy and possible to cut, weld, form, machine, and fabricate the bowl or container. It also makes it easy to customize the design as per the client’s needs.

Low and High Temperature Resistance

Stainless steel will resist scaling thus maintaining high strength in high temperature conditions.

Durable and Strong

To lower thickness, weight, and costs, you can use the hardening features of several stainless steel designs. Others may require the use of heat treatment to increase its durability and strength.

Aesthetic Appeal

It comes in many surface finishes thus making it easy to maintain, increases the quality, and is visually appealing.

Hygienic Features

It does not promote the growth of harmful bacteria hence a suitable choice when it comes to food handling.

Low Maintenance

This machine is easy to clean and maintain as you do not need additional seasons to prevent rust or from peeling. It is smooth and comes with a non-porous hard surface which enhances this quality.

Ease of Cleaning

Another reason for the suitability of this material comes from the ease of cleaning. Other materials have pores that can harbor bacteria and germs.

Cleaning is as simple as using the suitable water solution then scrubbing the material.

Resistance to Corrosion

All stainless steel you use in the making of the container is resistant to corrosion. For instance, low alloy stainless steel grades offer more resistance against atmospheric conditions.

On the contrary, high alloy stainless steel offers more resistance against acidic, alkaline, and chlorine environments. It will also resist corrosion at high temperature levels.

No Food-Reactive

This material is the best when it comes to handling chocolate or other food items as it will not react with food. It does not leach harmful chemicals to the chocolate and chocolate products during the entire process.

Reasonable Price

This material comes in varying price ranges thus assist in making both affordable and high-bowls.

Fire Resistant

Stainless steel will not catch fire during hazardous situations.


Stainless steel requires low maintenance, is durable, and less expensive when you compare it to other materials.

What is the Difference Between Chocolate Dipping Machine and Chocolate Tempering Machine?

A chocolate tempering machine will melt and temper small amounts of chocolate to achieve a crisp, smooth, and shiny outcome.

It applies the use of time and temperature while mixing the chocolate continuously to achieve tempered chocolate.

The tempering machine produces a shiny yet hard finish thus enhances the appeal of the product.

Besides, a chocolate tempering machine also involves heating and cooling chocolate to stabilize it.

On the contrary, a chocolate dipping machine will assist you in coating the food products in melted chocolate.

 Chocolate Tempering Machine

 Chocolate Tempering Machine

Can you use Chocolate Dipping Machine Together with Chocolate Tempering Machine?

Yes, you can use both of these machines in one production unit. Having both systems will increase your production speed and capacity.

For instance, the chocolate tempering machine will melt and change the chocolate into a liquid state.

After that, it will supply the liquid chocolate to the chocolate dipping machine to complete the process.

What are the Applications of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

There are several uses of a chocolate dipping machine besides using it to coat food products in a uniform layer of chocolate.

Also, you can use it in confectionery industries, breakfast shops, restaurants, snack bars, cafeterias, and plazas.

The uses of chocolate dipping machine include:

  • You can use it as a food heater.
  • Also, you can use it to heat and melt solid chocolate chunks.
  • Heating and melting of cream, beauty wax, handmade candles, and handmade soap are also possible.
  • It is possible to use it to heat steamed buns.

How do you Clean Chocolate Dipping Machine?

Cleaning this machine will ensure that it continues to operate optimally at all times.

Besides, it will increase the lifespan of the machine and ensure the hygiene of the products you are handling.

Cleaning will also prevent the build-up of bacteria and other microorganisms which will contaminate the food materials.

It will also lower the risk of cross-contamination while using the machine with a different product.

Use a sponge and clean water with a solution of dishwashing detergent to wash off dirt and contaminants.

Also, avoid using a jet of water to clean the body of the chocolate dipping machine.

Water jets usually apply water at high velocities which may damage the components like power knobs.

It may also cause the machine to have dents or cause water to get in the delicate electrical systems like the control panel.

Besides, do not dip the chocolate dipping machine in the water while cleaning.

The water can seep into the electrical circuits and components thereby causing a short circuit when you turn it on.

What are the Benefits of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

This machine will offer a wide range of benefits making it a suitable investment for you.

These benefits include:

Increase in Productivity

This machine will multiply your production capacity since it can process several products per unit of time.

With this, you will make more sales and meet your client’s needs.

On the contrary, manual dipping will take a lot of time thereby lowering the production capacity of your company.

Varying Capacity

It is possible to find a chocolate dipping machine with tank sizes that will match your production.

There are small ones with a capacity of 3 kg to large ones with a capacity of 24 kg. This allows you to achieve your production by purchasing the right fit for you.

Lower Contamination

Since these machines use high-quality stainless steel, you are comfortable knowing the products will not contaminate.

This is because stainless steel does not support the growth of bacteria and is also easy to clean and maintain.

The products you produce will have no contaminants thus safe for human consumption.

Energy Efficiency

These machines will not consume a lot of power thus saves you a lot on electricity bills.

Safe and Cost-effective

Using a chocolate dipping machine enables you to save a lot of money which you would otherwise use on manual labor. Also, since it is of high-quality material, it will last for a long time.

Automatic versions will require a fewer number of operators to keep it operational thus saving you more. With this, you will get your return on investment [ROI] within a short time.

Enhance Quality

A chocolate dipping machine ensures you have a consistent result which would be hard for manual processes. It will give you more control over the whole chocolate dipping process.

This leads to you achieving products that have a uniform coat around them.

Improve Food Quality

By using this machine, the final food product will be appealing to the clients.

Efficient Use of Materials

A chocolate dipping machine will ensure you use the materials effectively thus prevent unnecessary wastage. The design allows optimal use of the materials, thus allowing you to achieve more value from your ingredients.

Compliance with International Bodies

The manufacturing process of a chocolate dipping machine complies with the set rules and regulations. This is to ensure it is safe for use and produces food fit for human consumption.

Such quality standards include CE, RoHS, UL, FDA, SGS, and cGMP.


It is possible to use a chocolate dipping machine with other products like butter, candy, or cheese.

Ease of Use

The machine is simple and easy to use and you can operate it after basic training. Also, the design layout is simple as it has a control panel and control knobs.

This feature makes it easy for your staff to use it as soon as you install the machine.

Which is the Best Material for Making the Chocolate Dipping Machine Body?

This would be strong polymer materials that are also lightweight as it prevents heat loss. It also ensures environmental element do not affect the process.

What is the Rated Voltage of Chocolate Dipping Machine?

The rated voltage is usually 220 V to 240 V at 50 Hz. Others come with a rated voltage of 110 V at 60 Hz.

Are there Double-Tank/Bowl Chocolate Dipping Machines?

Yes, you can purchase a chocolate dipping machine with double tanks or bowls. Besides, you can find chocolate dipping machines with 3, 4, 5, and 6 tanks.

What is the Warranty Period of your Chocolate Dipping Machine?

The warranty period is at least 12 months with others having a longer warranty period. This will also protect you from incurring an extra cost when shipping your chocolate dipping machine.

Do you Supply Industrial Chocolate Dipping Machine?

Yes, we also have industrial chocolate dipping machines. These will offer you a high production capacity over the small versions.

Also, they are fully automatic meaning it will perform all the tasks by itself with little human intervention. These industrial machines are suitable for large companies that produce large quantities of products.

 Industrial Chocolate Dipping Machine

Industrial Chocolate Dipping Machine

What is your Chocolate Dipping Machine Price?

The price of this machine will range anywhere between 50 US dollars and 50000 US dollars.

Also, the price will depend on factors such as:

  • Sales and discounts
  • The number of chocolate dipping machines you are purchasing
  • Supply and demand of the machine
  • The capacity of the machine
  • Size of the machine
  • Type of manufacturer
  • Country of origin
  • Condition of the machine

At SaintyCo, we are committed to giving you efficient and reliable chocolate dipping machines.

Depending on your specific needs, you will find a machine that meets your unique specifications.

Contact us now for all your chocolate dipping machine needs.

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