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Chocolate Depositor Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing chocolate depositor machine can be an overwhelming task.

That’s why this guide will make everything simple for you – by answering all your questions on chocolate depositor machine.

Keep reading to learn.

What Is A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

This is a machine that performs the task of forming and pouring chocolate.

Chocolate Depositor Machine

Chocolate Depositor Machine

What Are The Key Features Of A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

Here are some key features that make a chocolate depositing process to be easy and better:

Automatic PLC Unit

These machines contain automatic systems making it simple and easy to control and monitor the chocolate depositing process.

Also, it has an interactive HMI that allows you to operate using the touchscreen.

Besides, you can save the processes in the memory unit so that you can reproduce the same chocolate depositing process several times.

Single-Piston Depositor

This depositor will enhance the depositing accuracy and increase the depositing speed. Using this machine allows you to deposit chocolate in small volumes and at a faster rate.

Mass Channels For Various Applications

The placement of the nozzle plates within the machine has mass channels.

These channels allow you to deposit chocolate having maximum viscosity flexibly.

Also, it allows you to deposit a wide selection of products like mass chocolate and fluid liquor filling. Besides, optional vertical piston units in the machine make it easy for you to deposit and process small ingredients.

Material Construction

Stainless steel is the main material that is suitable for making a chocolate depositor machine.

This is because it is hygienic, corrosion-resistant, durable, and does not contaminate the products.

Quality Compliance

Ensure the machine complies with international, national, and regional standards such as CE mark and Good Manufacturing Practice [GMP]. The machine will be safe and durable if it complies with a set of quality standards.

Compact Design

The design of the machine makes it possible to integrate the machine and use available space within the company.

Single drive technology has a separate control mechanism enabling you to independently use the machine with various systems.

What Are The Benefits Of A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

A chocolate depositor machine can fill a variety of chocolate products.

Also, it has several benefits, which include the following:

Ease Of Use

A control panel will allow you to operate and monitor the chocolate depositor machine from a central station.

Besides, it has touchscreen capabilities and will store data allowing you to start up the depositing process easily.

Lower Production Cost

Once you purchase and install the chocolate depositor machine, you can operate it for long hours and deposit many products.

This feature means you will have your return on investment within a short time.

Increase Production Capacity

Using a chocolate depositor machine enables you to achieve high production rates within a short time. This means you can meet your client’s needs in a short duration.


This machine has safety features making it safe for you to operate. Sensors will detect faults or malfunctions and relay the information back to you via the control panel.

In extreme cases, the sensors will shut down the machine thereby preventing loss and damages.

Accuracy And Reliability

This machine is accurate at depositing various kinds of chocolate and other products.

It can reliably perform the task over and over again without compromising on the quality.

Which Support Equipment Can You Use Alongside A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

These include the following:

Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machines

This machine will employ frequency converters that make the wrapping of an ellipse, ball chocolate, etc., to be an easy task.

It ensures the packaging is appealing and this happens at high speeds.

Also, it contains cam mechanisms with varying gears which 3-phase synchronous motors drive.

Besides, it has automatic shower lubrication units, and a paper supply wheel continuously supplies paper during the wrapping process.

Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machines

This machine will pack and wrap chocolate products with one or two wrapping films concurrently.

Besides, it can seal the wrap using a fold, heat, or glue.

Chocolate fold wrapping machines have inverters that alter the wrapping speed depending on the chocolate size.

Another feature is an alarm system that relays information during a malfunction or shuts down the machine.

Also, it will stop the wrapping process when the wrapping film runs out.

Highly precise optoelectronic prints ensure that the wrapping film is in the correct position for cutting and printing.

Chocolate Tempering Machine

This machine will allow you to achieve the crystallization of chocolate with suitable consistency via heating and cooling techniques.

Chocolate Coating Machines

This machine will enrobe various kinds of chocolate products with varying chocolate flavors.

Chocolate Coating Machine

Chocolate Coating Machine

It contains the following features:

  1. A cooling unit containing various refrigeration capabilities
  2. Evaporating area
  3. Mesh belts and conveyor systems that operate at specific speeds
  4. Heating tunnels with varying operational temperatures

Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

This machine will wrap chocolate products in the shape of a coin in one chromo wrapping film and colored wrapping film.

When the machine runs out of wrapping film, it stops the coin wrapping operation.

Also, it will imprint different decorations on the wrapping film such as:

  1. Stereoscopic effects
  2. Artistic impressions
  3. Bright color designs, etc.

Besides, it produces minimal noise and has servo intelligent control mechanisms that make the operation comfortable.

Chocolate Molding Machines

This is an electromechanical machine that molds chocolate.

The molding process entails the following:

  1. Heating moulds
  2. Pouring moulds
  3. Vibrating mounts
  4. Cooling moulds
  5. Demoulding

Also, this machine can produce chocolates such as:

  1. Chocolate containing left and right double colors
  2. Chocolates with various spray decorations
  3. Strip chocolates containing center fillings
  4. Smooth chocolates

What Are The Applications Of A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

A chocolate depositor machine can deposit other products aside from chocolate.

Here are some industries which can use a chocolate depositor machine:

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Agricultural industries
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Mining industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Food manufacturing industries

What Are Some Types Of Chocolate Depositor Machines?

There are various chocolate depositor machines available in the market.

These include:

Table-Top Chocolate Depositor

This is a portable chocolate depositor machine that you can place and operate on a table. Besides, it has unique designs that allow you to fill the moulds without the use of hands.

Also, it is accurate and deposits the mass material uniformly and you can disassemble it to enhance the cleaning process.

Since they are small, these machines are suitable for small-scale production and R&D. A majority of the operation is manual as it has no PLC system.

This machine has the following parts:

  1. Heated hopper
  2. Control unit to adjust the shot size
  3. Removable heaters that maintain the heat and flow capability of the mass material
  4. Removable nozzles
  5. Adjustable centerlines to accommodate moulds of varying configurations

Decorative Chocolate Depositor

This type of chocolate depositor machine enables you to make different decorations. It allows you to decorate chocolate to various shapes and sizes with the addition of additives like biscuits and candy.

Besides, this machine allows you to draw different patterns.

Some main features of this machine include:

  1. PLC with an interactive HMI for monitoring and controlling the machine
  2. Conveyor belts have automatic correction devices
  3. Cleaning systems will automatically clean the machine within a few minutes
  4. Servo motors that move conveyor belts and other units.

CNC Chocolate Depositor

These chocolate depositor machines can make unique chocolate designs and can use biscuits or not, fillings, etc. CNC chocolate depositors can make various decorations on chocolate products.

Besides, this machine is modular, meaning you can customize it to fit your specific production needs.

For example, you can select the machine with several trajectories of chocolate volume, shape, or speed.

Also, it is easy to use and monitor the machine as it is fully automatic and has a PLC with HMI. CNC chocolate depositor machines have decorative, depositing, and filling nozzles, etc.

These machines contain the following:

  1. A motor control unit that allows for optimum accuracy
  2. Bilateral multi-plunger injection unit that enhances the production
  3. Omni-directional casting units to achieve maximum casting ranges

Horizontal Chocolate Depositor

This machine operates horizontally since it comes in a horizontal layout. A majority of these machines are automatic with PLC and interactive HMI for easy monitoring.

Besides, there are also manual horizontal chocolate depositor machines in the market. This machine is safe to operate since it minimizes the risk of dropping products during the chocolate depositing process.

Also, the horizontal layout enhances the stability of the chocolate depositor. However, this machine requires more space for installing and operating.

Some main features of this machine include:

  1. Ease of transportation through the horizontal conveyor unit
  2. The filing and decorating nozzles are adjustable
  3. Heating and cooling units to maintain the correct temperature of the product at various production stages
  4. Power units to provide power that runs the machine

One-Shot Chocolate Depositor

This machine works depending on discharging the shells harmoniously and depositing the chocolate mass in moulds.

Besides, functional 2D piping chocolate depositing machines are also available.

The one-shot chocolate depositor will use the 2D piping to deposit the product on the cooling belts.

Also, you can find one-shot chocolate depositor machines with 3D or 2D programmable belts.

A touch screen enables you to easily monitor and make changes to the depositing process.

One-shot chocolate depositor machines have the following benefits:

  1. It has a 2D moving head
  2. It is automatic and comes with a PLC with interactive HMI
  3. The nozzles come in varying sizes
  4. It can produce varying sizes per unit time

One-Shot Chocolate Depositor Machine

One-Shot Chocolate Depositor Machine

Manual Chocolate Depositor

This machine operates only with the presence of human labor since it has no automatic systems.

Some of the manual operations you will conduct with this machine include:

  1. Placing the mould at the bottom of the nozzle plate
  2. Depositing chocolate mass through pedaling or pushing a button
  3. Using screw units to set weight for pneumatic systems

Manual chocolate depositor machines are good for startup industries like cake shops, bakeries, small-scale confectioneries, etc.

Here are the main components of this machine:

  1. Vibrators that eliminate bubbles
  2. Center filling units
  3. Hot water circulation units
  4. Pneumatic or servo control units
  5. Power unit to relay power to the machine

What Chocolates Can You Deposit With A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

A chocolate depositor machine can deposit several chocolate materials accurately and efficiently.

Examples of chocolates that you can deposit using this machine include:

Chocolate Liquor

This type of chocolate is in a molten state meaning you can sip it easily and you can mix it with other ingredients.

Soft Chocolate Fillings

This entails filling soft chocolates in thin shells thereby making crispy and chocolatey shells. Besides, it makes the final product have a soft, sweet, and creamy taste thereby increasing sales and profit margins.

Chocolate And Mixed Materials

This chocolate contains other materials like fruits, nuts, wafers, biscuits, or crisps.

The additional materials will enhance the taste of the chocolate or the product you are making.

Chocolate And Floatable Brittle Rice

This type of chocolate contains a mixture of various chocolates and other ingredients such as blueberry sauce.

Decorated Chocolate

This chocolate has decorations on the product such as wavy or zigzag lines. Other decorations include fruit ingredients having different colors which enhance the taste and appeal of the product.

What Are The Components Of A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

Several parts make sure the chocolate depositing machine is functional and effective.

These include:

Cooling Units

Once you deposit the chocolate, it passes via cooling tunnels which cool it to a specific liquid or solid form.

Heating Units

This part of the machine helps in maintaining a specific temperature that retains the chocolate in a molten state.

Filling Nozzles

This part deposits the chocolate in moulds in a precise and accurate fashion.

Chocolate Depositor Machine Nozzles

Chocolate Depositor Machine Nozzles

Servo Motor Unit

This mechanical device provides motion to conveyor units and motor gears.

Conveyor Units

This part will assist in transporting ingredients and chocolate from one part of the machine to the next.

Control Panel

This part allows you to input, control, and monitor the chocolate depositing process from a central station. Also, it has touchscreen capabilities making it easy to use.

Power Systems

This unit provides the chocolate depositor machine with the necessary electrical energy to run the components effectively.

Pneumatic Units

This system applies air to force the chocolate and other materials via the delivery system.

Mass Tank

This part will temporarily store the chocolate that comes from the chocolate manufacturing machine. It holds the chocolate before it flows to the hopper of the chocolate depositor machine.


The chocolate depositing machine needs to be safe for both you and the depositing process.

Sensors will therefore relay information when they notice malfunctions with the process thereby preventing damages and loss.


This part will receive the liquid chocolate while maintaining a specific temperature that retails it in a molten state. From here, the molten chocolate enters the machine ready for depositing.


The mould is a container that holds shells that the filling nozzles will deposit chocolate.

Depositing Head

This part will hold the filling nozzles and adjusts the chocolate quantity that enters the nozzles.

How Does A Chocolate Depositor Machine Operate?

Here is how the machine operates:


This step entails making sure you have the necessary ingredients and ensure the chocolate in the holding tank is at the right temperature.

Also, ensure the chocolate depositor machine is in the best working condition. Power on the machine and input the depositing parameters via the control panel.

Transit Of Chocolate And Moulds

The mass chocolate now moves from the mass tank to pipes to the hopper. Concurrently, shell moldings move via the conveyor system ready to receive the chocolate deposit.

Depositing Process

Once the moulds are under the filling nozzles, the chocolate depositor machine begins to deposit chocolate in them. The hopper will release the molten chocolate via the depositing head.

Through the filling nozzles, the filing head will deposit a specific quantity of chocolate into the moulds.

Also, the depositing process can include decorations on the chocolate by adding other ingredients.

Cooling Process

Once the chocolate is in the moulds, the conveyor unit moves them through a cooling tunnel which eliminates excess heat.

In the cooling tunnel, the chocolate may solidify or be in a semi-solid form, depending on the production requirements.


After cooling, pass the chocolate via a quality assessment phase to ensure everything matches the production needs.

Once it passes the assessment phase, the final product now proceeds to the next stage for packing, storage, and transit.

What Are Some Modes You Can Use In A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

These include:

  • Decoration chocolate depositor mode
  • Chocolate servo depositor mode
  • Mixing chocolate depositor mode
  • One-shot chocolate depositor mode

What Is The Maximum Throughput Of A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

Since there are various types of chocolate depositor machines, the maximum throughput will vary considerably. Depending on the capability and features of the machine, the maximum throughput ranges between a few hundred to thousands of kilograms per hour.

How Do Small-Scale And Large-Scale Chocolate Depositor Machines Compare?

Here is how these two machines compare;


Small-scale chocolate depositor machines are less expensive than large-scale chocolate depositor machines.

Production Capacity

Large-scale chocolate depositor machines have a high production capacity than small-scale chocolate depositor machines.


Large-scale chocolate depositor machines have more features and parts than small-scale chocolate depositor machines.


Small-scale chocolate depositor machines are small in size than large-scale chocolate depositor machines.

Required Floor Space

Since large-scale chocolate depositor machines are large, they will occupy a large floor space than their small-scale counterpart.


Large-scale chocolate depositor machines are suitable for large industries that require large production capacities. Small-scale chocolate depositor machines are suitable for small industries and startups.

How Does A One-Shot 2D And 3D Movement Chocolate Depositor Machine Compare?

One-shot chocolate depositor machines can come with either 2D or 3D movement patterns. You may wonder what this has to do with the process of chocolate depositing.

Here is how one-shot 2D and 3D movement chocolate depositor machines compare:

One-Shot 2D Movement Chocolate Depositor Machine

These chocolate depositor machines come with 2D piping units.

Some advantages of using this kind of movement include:

  1. The nozzles are 2 by 10
  2. It comes with a 2D moving head
  3. Also, it has a PLC with HMI
  4. It can take between 15 and 30 deposits every minute

One-Shot 3D Movement Chocolate Depositor Machine

This chocolate depositor machine comes with 3D piping units.

Some advantages of using this kind of movement include:

  1. It is possible to retrofit the 3D unit to 2D units
  2. It performs complete 3D movements
  3. The machine can make various designs by applying depositor screens and PCs
  4. It comes preinstalled with Hacos Chococad Software

What Factors Will Influence The Price Of A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

There are various chocolate depositor machines and this means the price will vary a lot.

Some factors that influence the price of this machine include:

Level Of Automation

Fully automatic chocolate depositor machines are costlier than semi-automatic and manual chocolate depositor machines.


Some manufacturers have a high reputation and expertise when it comes to manufacturing chocolate depositor machines. These suppliers will have a high price tag on their machinery than less known suppliers.


When you need a chocolate depositor machine to fit your specific requirements, you may end up pay more for those extra features.

Material Construction

A stainless steel material construction will fetch a higher price than those of other materials. This is because stainless steel has suitable traits such as being hygienic, durable, resistant to corrosion, etc.

Production Capacity

This defines the throughput the machine can attain per unit of time. Chocolate depositor machines with a high production capacity will fetch a higher price than manual chocolate depositor machines.

State Of The Machine

Used chocolate depositor machines are cheaper than brand new chocolate depositor machines. This is because they have outdated features, expired warranties, among others.

Country Of Origin

Chocolate depositor machines from China come in varying price ranges as several manufacturers will offer competitive prices.

How Does A Manual And Automatic Chocolate Depositor Machine Compare?

Here is how these two compare:


Manual chocolate depositor machines are cheaper than automatic chocolate depositor machines. This is because they lack the features and capabilities of automatic versions.

Production Capacity

Automatic chocolate depositor machines have a high production capacity than manual versions.

This is because they can perform most or all the tasks independent of human assistance.

Human Labor

Manual chocolate depositor machines cannot operate without human assistance.

Automatic versions can operate with minimal to no human assistance once you set the production parameters on the control panel.

Production Speed

Manual chocolate depositor machines can operate only as fast as human laborers since humans can only work as fast.

Automatic chocolate depositor machines have high and adjustable production speeds.

All you need to do is enter the production parameters and the machine will deposit chocolate by itself.

Level Of Automation

Automatic chocolate depositor machines have high levels of automation. For instance, fully automatic versions can perform the entire chocolate depositing process with minimal supervision.

On the other hand, manual versions lack automation as you have to perform all the tasks by hand.

Accuracy And Efficiency

Automatic chocolate depositor machines are accurate and efficient at depositing chocolate leading to no wastage.

This is because they have automatic features and will adhere to the set production parameters fed in the control panel.

Since manual versions operate by hand, the accuracy and efficiency are lower than automatic versions.

This leads to products having varying characteristics.

Can You Customize A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

Yes, we can customize the machine to meet your specific production requirements.

How Do You Clean A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

Since this machine handles food items, it is necessary to clean them. By properly cleaning the machine, you ensure that you prevent contamination of the chocolate through the buildup of bacteria.

A clean chocolate depositor machine also enhances proper functioning. Prepare the cleaning process by first shutting off the machine completely, and wear the necessary protective clothing.

Use clean water to clean the machine. Also, you can apply a non-reactive detergent when cleaning the machine.

Depending on the machine, you can disassemble the machine to access various parts during the cleaning process. Avoid using water when cleaning the electrical components as it may lead to electric shocks.

Why Has The Use Of Mass Chocolate Depositor Machines Increased In Recent Years?

This is because the machines are energy efficient and you will not incur large energy bills. Also, these machines are flexible and can deposit various kinds of products in different industries.

Fully automatic chocolate depositor machines allow you to perform the depositing process with minimal or no manual labor. This feature will increase your production process.

How Does Chocolate Depositor Machine And Chocolate Chip Depositor Compare?

A chocolate depositor machine will pour and form chocolate in moulds.

A chocolate chip depositor will deposit chocolate, chocolate compounds, and chips of varying shapes and weights. Both of these machines are suitable for use in confectionery industries.

How Does A Chocolate Depositor Machine And A Chocolate Filling Machine Compare?

A chocolate filling machine will fill various types of chocolate.

These machines are suitable for filling chocolate paste, chocolate liquor, chocolate syrup, chocolate edible oils, and chocolate paste.

A chocolate depositor machine will perform the following functions:

  • Refine chocolate to improve the taste
  • Discharge chocolate fillings and shells
  • Deposit chocolate in different moulds
  • Use various designs to decorate chocolate
  • Deposit chocolate fillings on the cooling belt
  • Manufacture chips, tablets, pralines, chocolate chunks, etc.

What Is The Accuracy Of A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

These machines have an accuracy level of +/- 0.1% to 1%.

What Types Of Conveyor Belts Can You Use In A Chocolate Depositor Machine?

These belts will assist in moving products from one area to another and they include:

  • Roller belts
  • Towline belts
  • Unibilt belts
  • Chain belts
  • Power and free belts

Can You Find Standard Molds In Chocolate Depositor Machines?

Yes, you can find standard moulds for these machines, and you can also customize the moulds to fit your preference.

Can You Use A Chocolate Depositor Machine With Other Products?

Yes, you can use it with products such as:

  • Mineral products
  • Detergents
  • Biomass products
  • Chemical products
  • Other food products
  • Pharmaceutical products

What Quality Standards Does A Chocolate Depositor Machine Conform To?

Conforming to set quality standards to ensure you get the best chocolate depositor machine for your application.

These standards also protect you and the consumers.

Some of the quality standards this machine needs to conform to include:

  • CE mark
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice [cGMP]
  • Food and Drug Administration [FDA]

At SaintyCo, we have a range of chocolate machines for your unique applications requirements.

Contact us now for all your chocolate depositor machines.

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