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Chocolate Conching Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers all information you’re looking for about chocolate conching machine.

From specifications, features to working principle, you will find all information you’re looking right here.

Keep reading.

What Is A Chocolate Conching Machine?

A chocolate conching machine is a piece of equipment that will enhance the texture and flavor of chocolate as a final step.

The machine will mix, agitate, and then aerate the heated chocolate liquid.

Also, the machine will eliminate some unwanted volatile compounds, tastes, bitter substances, off-flavored materials, and water vapor.

Besides, the machine will also assist in coating particles with cocoa butter, thereby making it delicious with suitable flavors and texture.

Chocolate Conching Machine

Chocolate Conching Machine

Is There Difference Between Chocolate Conching Machine And Chocolate Refining Machine?

These machines are vital for the processing of chocolate but they do operate differently.

Here is how these two compare:

Chocolate Conching Machine

This machine will develop the texture and flavor of the chocolate by homogenizing products that come out of the grinder.

A chocolate conching machine will also eliminate volatile odors, and evenly coat the sugar crystals within the fat.

Also, the conching process is long and intense ensuring every solid particle has a coat of cocoa butter.

The process of chocolate conching will enable the transfer of flavor in the sugar particles. Besides, the speed, temperature levels, and duration of the chocolate conching process determine the flavor of chocolate products.

Chocolate Refining Machine

Here, the machine performs a refining process as the products pass via rollers until the product has a fine flake.

The machine will grind the solid particles, making them smoother and have a fine feel thereby eliminate any grits.

A chocolate refining machine will ensure that the size of particles is small enough. This feature enables the chocolate to have a suitable mouth feel and viscosity.

What Are The Features Of Chocolate Conching Machine?

There are several types of chocolate conching machines which means they come with varying features.

Besides, here are some main features you can find in a chocolate conche machine:

  • Stainless steel material construction, which is of high quality and food-grade
  • Natural granite that will not chip during the conching process
  • Control panel with PLC and HMI for ease of use and monitoring
  • An automatic motor that tightens and loosens the belts
  • Ease of maintenance, assembly, and disassembly
  • Jacket heat preservation to enhance the quality of the chocolate
  • Durable and stable structure
  • The machine is multipurpose as you can conche other materials besides chocolate
  • Performs dehydration, deodorization, and is highly efficient and economical
  • An automatic temperature control mechanism
  • You can achieve smooth operations as it comes with either a belt or chain drive mechanism
  • A pressure control mechanism that increases and decreases pressure
  • Motors within the machine have a CE mark of quality
  • The machine can operate for 5 to 7 days continuously
  • Motors are on the sides, thus making the chocolate conching machine stable, and allows for easy tilting

What Are The Main Parts Of Chocolate Conching Machine?

Several parts make up a chocolate conching machine. All these parts work together to ensure the conching process is effective and accurate.

Here are the parts that you will find in a chocolate conching machine:

Feed Hopper

This is the part where you will introduce the chocolate materials that you will conche. It comes in various capacities with commercial chocolate conching machines having the largest capacity.


All the parts that make up a chocolate conching machine will rest on the frame of the machine. This component is durable and offers sturdy support to all components ensuring that they are in the right place.

Machine Base

This part provides sturdy stable support to the machine.

Jacketed Cylinder

This part will contain the liquid that you will use for cooling and heating the chocolate liquid. The cylinder will house circulating water which is vital for the conching process.

Stainless Steel Process Drum

This part is where the chocolate conching process takes place. Stainless steel material construction is suitable as it will not contaminate the chocolate.

Also, it is resistant to corrosion, easy to clean, and hygienic.

Chocolate Conche Parts

Chocolate Conche Parts

Ball Valve Outlet

It is the part where once you complete the conching process, the chocolate will exit the machine. Also, this feature allows you to sample the chocolate that you are conching and see if it meets the specifications.

Extractor Fans

These fans offer cross-refiner airflow via the hopper to minimize acidity, moisture, and volatiles.

Gearbox End Covers

This part will cover the gears that drive the chocolate conching machine.

Pressure Adjustment Mechanism

This part will assist in adjusting the pressure between the lining bars and the grinding bars. Besides, this feature enables you to achieve a reliable conching process, maintaining a constant chocolate quality from one batch to another.


This part allows you to power on or off the chocolate conching machine.


These parts will enable the machine in converting electrical energy to mechanical energy which is vital for the chocolate conching process.

Rotors And Stator

These parts will assist in rotating the conching components that enable the chocolate conching process.

Stainless steel material is suitable for the construction of these parts as they are easy to clean and maintain.

Grinding Blades And Tapes

These parts will contact the chocolate you are conching and thereby enhance its texture and flavor in the process.

Motor Reducer

This part will assist in tilting the bowl and discharging the chocolate

Which Is The Best Material For Making The Rotating Bowl Of Chocolate Conche Machine?

Stainless steel is by far the most suitable material for making the rotating bowl of this machine.

Here are the reasons why stainless steel is the best material:

  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to corrosion

Stainless steel withstands rust, moisture, and corrosion making it suitable for high-temperature and pressure applications.

This feature makes it possible to use with food items since it will not contaminate them.


Stainless steel is robust and maintains its form during the chocolate conching process. This makes it suitable for use in high temperature and pressure environments.


Stainless steel is tough thereby will not bend when you expose it to great weight. This feature also makes it suitable in varying environments.

How Does Chocolate Conching Machine Operate?

Here is how this machine operates:

Stage One: Preparation

This stage entails checking the machine to ensure all parts are in good working condition. Preheat the cylinder with an electric heater to increase the temperature of the water thermometer to over 35 °C.

Ensure you heat the machine till the mass chocolate in the process zone forms a liquid.

Stage Two: Feeding The Machine

Here, you will feed the materials into the chocolate conching machine while the blades are loosened. Tighten them before beginning the process.

Ensure you input the correct conching parameters via the control panel before you begin the process. Then start the chocolate conching process by releasing the materials from the hopper into the machine.

Stage Three: Conching Process

In the machine, natural granite will move thereby assisting in the chocolate conching process Also, cooling water will assist in minimizing the heat that the machine produces during the process.

Chocolate Conching

Chocolate Conching

The machine will assist in the mixing, agitation, and aeration of the heated chocolate liquid material. As the conching process takes place, the machine eliminates bitter substances, water vapor, and unwanted volatile compounds.

By doing this, the machine will enhance the taste and texture of the chocolate liquid. Also, the machine operates at varying speeds, temperatures, and duration to enhance the flavor of the chocolate.

Stage Four: Discharge

Once the chocolate conching process is complete, turn off the machine and open the exit to allow the chocolate to discharge.

Which Are The Different Phases Of Conching Process In A Chocolate Conching Machine?

Various researchers placed different opinions as to how many phases are in a chocolate conching process.

These include:

Dry Phase

In this phase, you will transfer the mass of chocolate from the chocolate refining machine. The chocolate comes as flakes, and once you transfer them, the conching machine will heat, mix, and aerate it.

Dry phase is responsible for evaporating volatile acids from the cocoa liquid. This phase also eliminates water that comes from chocolate components.

Besides, the concentration of acetic acid, which comes from the fermentation of cocoa, remains constant. This is because there is no free water that will act as the vapor carrier.

Plastic Phase

The chocolate mass that experienced mixing, shearing, heating, and degassing will enter this second phase, also known as the “long step”.

Here, the chocolate develops the flavor characteristics through the process of chemical reactions.

These chemical reactions will come about due to temperature conditions and the processing time in the chocolate conching machine.

Besides, this step is vital as it assists in eliminating volatile acetic acid that forms due to the fermentation of cocoa.

This phase is known as the plastic phase due to the physical changes that happen to the mass chocolate.

The change happens as the flakes turn into a paste and become more fluid since cocoa butter will cover the solid particles.

Besides, temperature and duration are important in the plastic phase. Temperature relates more closely to the chocolate you are manufacturing, be it dark, white, or milky chocolate.

Time or duration relies on factors that depend on the quality and variety of the cocoa beans that you use to produce cocoa liquid.

The chocolate conching machine technology is vital as it is time and energy-efficient.

During the plastic phase in the chocolate conching machine, you will conch milk chocolates at 50°C.

This temperature is conducive as it prevents the caramelization of the chocolate product.

When you increase the temperature, it leads to the formation of lumps and sandiness when you eat the chocolate product.

When conching some dark chocolate, you can perform the process at up to 90°C.

This is because fermentation makes them contain more volatile by-products.

Liquid Phase

This phase is brief, and the final adjustments relating to flow properties and viscosity happen. Besides, you will add emulsifiers and cocoa butter to assist with the final adjustments.

What Factors Influence The Chocolate Flavor Change In A Chocolate Conching Machine?

All of the factors below are vital when it comes to optimizing the flavor of chocolate that you use in a product.

One flavor of chocolate is rarely enough for a range of sweet centers.

For instance, peppermint flavors require strong acidic elements so that the chocolate flavor will not be overwhelming.

Also, nut praline will require a mild coat of milky chocolate.

Here are the factors that will influence the flavor change of chocolates:

  • The type and speed of the mixing or shaft mechanisms within the chocolate conching machine
  • Humidity within the chocolate conche
  • The flavor of the cocoa liqueur
  • The temperature of the chocolate conching process
  • Dry conching duration: 70% suitable for long dry chocolate conching versus 30% for long liquid chocolate conching
  • The distribution of the particle sizes of the milled raw ingredients
  • Ventilation system within the chocolate conching machine
  • No fat level at the beginning of the chocolate conching process
  • The total energy or average power that the chocolate conching machine consumed

Which Are The Possible Conching Methods Used In Chocolate Conche Machine?

The two basic conching methods include:

Dry Conching

Here, the fat content will remain at a constant level of 23% during a large part of the conching process. Then, you will add more fat towards the final stage of dry conching.

Wet Conching

In this stage, you will add the entire fat content when beginning the chocolate conching process.

What Is The Importance Of The Jacketed Body Of Chocolate Conche Machine?

The jacketed body ensures that chocolate near the wall of jacket remains in a liquid state, just like the mass chocolate remains warm.

Chocolate conching machines have a jacketed body that contains mechanisms that tumble all the ingredients that are vital for making chocolate.

Tumbling the ingredients can produce a lot of heat.

If you fail to cool the ingredients, the low friction level will lead to an incomplete mixing process.

After mixing the ingredients, you may need to heat the conch then cool it again.

The jacketed body enables the chocolate to be in the same state since chocolate has large surface area than the chocolate conching machine.

This difference in surface area causes the chocolate to take a long time to heat or cool.

Chocolate Conche Machine

Chocolate Conche Machine

How Long Is The Conching Time Of Chocolate Conche Machine?

Conching times are between a few hours to several days depending on the quality of the final chocolate you desire.

Modern machinery has sped up the conching time with plain chocolate needing up to 96 hours in longitudinal chocolate conching machines.

Milk chocolate, using modern machinery, requires between 10 hours and 16 hours. Chocolatiers have discovered that this time enhanced dispersal of solids within the fat, ensuring complete coverage with butter.

This effect will improve the texture of the chocolate. Besides, depending on the quality of the products and the formulation, the conching time is between 6 and 24 hours.

Also, you will conduct this process at 50 °C to 60 °C for white coatings and milk and 55 °C to 65 °C for dark coatings.

What Are The Advantages Of Longer Conching Time During Operation Of Chocolate Conching Machine?

These include:

  • It offers suitable solid dispersal within fat
  • Also, it improves the taste and texture of the chocolate product
  • It ensures all solids are covered with cocoa butter
  • Besides, it helps in eliminating unwanted volatile odors and taste
  • It removes excess moisture from the chocolate

What Is The Batch Capacity Of Chocolate Conche Machine?

The batch capacity varies from one chocolate conche machine to another.

Commercial chocolate conche machines have a large batch capacity than small chocolate conche machines. Besides, the batch capacity can range between 20 kg to 5000 kg.

Which Are The Optional Chocolate Conching Machine Accessories?

These include:

Anti-Vibration Strip

This part will minimize vibration thus, lowering transmitted noise. Besides, this part is suitable when you include it with a sound reduction blanket.

Shear Attachment

This part allows you to process the chocolate to enable it to have a fat content of 21.5%.

PLC Control Panel

This part is fully automatic and allows you to operate the chocolate conching machine overnight.

Also, you can input the conching parameters and allow the machine to operate while you focus on other tasks.

The PLC enables you to monitor the chocolate conching parameters and alters the traits of the conche to achieve the best conching cycle.

Besides, you can configure the system via control panel to allow chocolate conching process to take place for a given duration and temperature.

Sound Reduction Blanket

This combines shrouding and a rigid urethane board which you fit around the cylinder of the chocolate conching machine to minimize noise levels.

  • Vacuum Extraction
  • Cabling between the chocolate conching machine and the control panel

Are There Chocolate Processing Machines That Can Perform Both Refining And Conching In One Machine?

Chocolate refining and conching can happen as two separate processes on independent equipment. Also, you can combine both refining and conching.

This involves processing the coating mixture in a machine that will grind down the particles. It will then mix the coating at a conching temperature for some hours.

For instance, ball mills will reduce the size of particles by stirring the coating mixture.

This happens by the use of ceramic or metallic balls, and a combination of the refiner-conche machine.

The combination has a ridged drum and another rotating drum with slats springing on walls of outer drum to grind down the particles.

Small Chocolate Conche-Refiner Machine

Small Chocolate Conche-Refiner Machine

What Are The Products You Can Produce Using Chocolate Conching Machine?

A chocolate conching machine can produce the following:

  • Creams and cream fillings
  • Compounds
  • Paste
  • Chocolate
  • Couverture
  • Pralines
  • Truffles
  • Dried fruit paste
  • All chocolate types and compounds
  • Chocolate for enrobing products
  • Liquid chocolate for enrobing and molding

How Do You Install Chocolate Conching Machine?

These are the installation steps you should follow:

  • When installing, ensure you have at least a clearance of 1 meter around the chocolate conching machine to facilitate operation and maintenance
  • Ensure the area has adequate ventilation to prevent the gearboxes and motors from overheating
  • Remove all protective and packaging materials from all the parts of the machine
  • Install the chocolate conching machine on a flat concrete reinforced floor, with a minimum thickness of 230 mm
  • It is not mandatory to bolt the machine on the concrete surface
  • When installing the machine upstairs, ensure the floor is larger than 2000kg/M2
  • It is suitable to mount the machine on anti-vibration pads or strips as the pads enable the machine to be stable and lower noise levels
  • Locate the standalone control panel in a location that allows the operators to monitor and adjust the operation of the machine
  • When servicing the machine, use suitable carrying equipment such as cable trays or trucking when carrying electric supplies to the machine
  • Install in an area with a 3-phase electrical supply
  • Connect water feeds and return pipes to the machine to facilitate cooling by the cooling tanks
  • Ensure you connect the wiring according to the electrical blueprint set by the manufacturer

What Is The Recommended Cycle Time When Using Chocolate Conche Machine?

The cycle time depends on quality of the chocolate raw materials, recipe, required fineness, and type of chocolate conch machine you are operating.

Besides, you can get an estimation of the cycle time by contacting the manufacturer.

How Do You Clean Chocolate Conching Machine?

When cleaning the machine, ensure you disconnect the machine from the power supply. Use clean warm water and a soft cloth to clean the machine.

Also, avoid the areas with no paint as this may cause corrosion. After wiping, use a dry piece of cloth to dry the machine completely.

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Chocolate Conche Machine?

A chocolate conche machine will benefit you in a lot of ways.

Here are some benefits to investing in this machine:

  • The machine has a low energy consumption thus your electricity bills will be low, and is also good for the environment
  • The machine is compact and requires minimal floor space since it universally mills sugar and cocoa, premixes the ingredients, refine, and conche in one machine
  • Automation enables you to operate the machine with minimal human labor
  • The machine will achieve a low moisture level of up to 0.3%
  • It will vaporize volatile oils and other compounds
  • There is also a low metal count which is approximately 23 parts that you add per million
  • The machine is cost-effective and can produce pure chocolate, couverture, cream fillings, compounds, pralines, truffles, etc.
  • The machine can handle fat content of between 24% and 70% and by adding a shear attachment, it can handle fat content as low as 21%

Is There A Single Chocolate Conching And Tempering Machine?

Despite being separate processes, conching and tempering can happen within a single machine.

What Is The Chocolate Conching Machine Price?

There are various chocolate conching machines and this means the price will vary a lot.

Some factors that influence the price of this machine include:

Automation Level

Fully automatic chocolate conching machines are pricier than semi-automatic chocolate conching machines.

Batch Capacity

Chocolate conching machines with a high production capacity will fetch a higher price than table-top chocolate conching machines.


Some suppliers have a high reputation and experience when it comes to making chocolate conching machines. These suppliers will have a high price tag on their equipment than those who are less known.

Material Construction

When the entire material construction is high-quality stainless steel, the machine may be pricier than those using other materials.

State Of The Machine

Brand new chocolate conching machines are expensive and better than used chocolate conching machines.


When you need a chocolate conching machine to fit your specific needs, you may pay more.

Country Of Origin

China has several chocolate conching machine manufacturers. This feature makes them offer the machines at competitive prices.

When you consider the above factors, the machine may cost between 500 USD and 36000 USD.

Can You Customize Chocolate Conching Machine According To Customer’s Requirements?

Yes, we can modify the chocolate conching machine to meet your specific requirements.

At SaintyCo, we have a range of chocolate machines depending on your specific needs and requirements.

Contact us now for all your chocolate conching machine needs.

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