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Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

This is a piece of equipment that you will use to wrap chocolate products whose shape is in the form of a coin.

In this ultimate guide, you will know more about a chocolate coin wrapping machine.

This includes information about the components, functions, applications, working principles, among others.

 Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

What are the Advantages of Buying a Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

There are various benefits of purchasing and using a chocolate coin wrapping machine including:

Level of Automation

These machines come as semi-automatic or fully automatic systems. This allows you to lower the number of operators you need in the production plant, thus lowering costs too.

Automation will make it simple for you to notice faults as soon as it happens thus lowering downtime. Functions that the machine automates include filling, wrapping chocolate coins, feeding, and filling.

High Production Capacity

The machine will wrap several chocolate coins per unit time than manual wrapping. This ensures that you meet high demands within a short period.

Also, it will increase your sales and profit margins.

Low Noise Levels

The machine will produce minimal levels of noise thus reduce noise pollution which is harmful to humans. This means the operators will work comfortably thereby enhancing productivity.

Enhances the Aesthetics

A chocolate coin wrapping machine improves the overall look of the chocolate products. This means it may appeal to customers who will purchase them thereby increasing your sales and profits.

Automatic Sensors

The machine has alarm sensors that will detect problems that may disrupt the production process. They will sound alarms when there is a problem that needs immediate intervention.

In extreme cases, these sensors may shut down the machine to prevent damages. Also, they send feedback to you thus prompting you to take necessary measures that will reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Low Recurring Costs

By using a chocolate coin wrapping machine, you will save more money since the overall cost will be low. These costs include hiring operators for its operation.

Quality Compliance

The machine conforms to international quality standards which ensure you meet the manufacturing requirements.

This makes sure the products are safe for human consumption and that you are using the best and acceptable manufacturing practices.

Touch Screen

This is the part that will be the interface between the machine and you. Here, you will input all production requirements from a safe position.

Stainless Steel Material

This machine will use high-quality food-grade stainless steel which ensures the hygiene of the products.

Besides, this material is easy to clean and maintain while being resistant to corrosion.

Ease of Use

Operating this machine is easy since the tasks occur automatically. Once you set the wrapping parameters, you can monitor the entire process from a central station.

Besides, you only need to train the operator about the basics of the machine.

Enhances Hygiene

A chocolate coin wrapping machine makes sure the chocolate products will not experience contamination. Besides using stainless steel, the machine handles the products with no human intervention who may introduce contaminants.

The wrapping process also conforms to international standards thus the product is safe for human consumption.

Accurate Wrapping

Using a chocolate coin wrapping machine increases the accuracy and efficiency of the chocolate wrapping process. When you use automatic machines, the whole process happens independently after you set the wrapping parameters.

Also, the machine will ensure accurate and consistent chocolate coin wrapping with no loss in quality.

Intelligent Control System

This servo system will make the operation of the machine easy.

Can you use Chocolate Coin Wrapper Machine to Package other Chocolate Shapes?

No, the hopper can handle round coin shape chocolates and not other kinds of shapes. However, the capability to handle other shapes is under development.

Which Machines Are Used in Making the Chocolate Coins?

These include:

Chocolate Coin Punching Machine

Here, chocolate paste deposits on the chocolate coin line of production. It starts at the food-grade belt then moves to the cooling system.

At the cooling system, the paste cools and solidifies forming a long flat, and thin sheet of chocolate. After this, you will use a chocolate coin cutter that will punch the sheet of chocolate to form coin-shaped chocolates.

Then the machine transfers it to the chocolate coin wrapping machine.

Chocolate Coin Molding Machine

This machine will deposit the chocolate paste on plastic molds preparing them for chocolate coin formation. The plastic mold has coin-like shapes on its surface.

It then moves the paste to a cooling tunnel which solidifies it then forms the chocolate coins. Also, a depositor controller will make sure the weight is as per the production parameters.

Chocolate Coin Moulding Machine

Chocolate Coin Moulding Machine

Why is Hydraulic Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine the Best Option when Packing Chocolate Coins made using Chocolate Coin Molding Machine?

Chocolate coins usually experience a sag at the center when you use a chocolate coin molding machine.

Hydraulic chocolate coin wrapping machines will solve this issue since it uses pressure to hold the chocolate together.

Besides, it can handle both chocolate coins that you make using a chocolate coin punching machine and a chocolate coin molding machine.

What are the Features of Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine to Look for During Selection?

These machines come in different categories but here are some main characteristics of chocolate coin wrapping machine:

  • Are automatic thus there is no need to handle the chocolate products manually.
  • They incorporate hydraulic systems which makes the patterns on the chocolates deep and clear.
  • PLC and HMI touch screen makes it easy to operate.
  • High production capacity of between 60 and 110 pieces per minute.
  • Have color mark sensors that ensure accuracy when it comes to making designs on chocolates.
  • Can pack chocolate coins of various sizes ranging from 22 mm to 80 mm.

How does Chocolate Bar Foil Wrapping Machine and Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine Compare?

A chocolate coin wrapping machine primarily wraps chocolates whose shape resembles a coin.

On the other hand, chocolate bar foil wrapping machines will wrap chocolates whose shape is bar-like or tablet-like.

Both of these machines are suitable to package chocolate products in the confectionery industries.

Also, you can use automatic versions of these machines with other support equipment in the chocolate production line.

A chocolate bar foil wrapping machine can wrap other products such as fruits, vegetables, healthcare products, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Which are the Types of Chocolate Wrapping Materials used in Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

This machine can use various types of materials for wrapping chocolate such as:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Paper
  • Film
  • Composite Materials

What are the Main Parts of Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

The primary components of chocolate coin wrapping machine consist of:

Parts of Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

Parts of Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

Distribution Unit

This part comprises the conveyor belts and feeders. It allows the movement of products from one part of the machine to the next.

The size of the machine will determine the width of the conveyor belt, meaning large-scale machines have broad belts.

Hopper Units

This part holds the raw material that you will use in the machine. It can be a wrapper hopper to hold the wrapping material or a chocolate hopper to hold the chocolate products.

Dancer’s Arm

It is a free-moving roller that aligns itself according to the wrapping material. This part maintains a neutral position when the wrapping material has correct tension.

Besides, it will adjust automatically when the tension becomes high or low.

Motor System

They operate by converting electrical energy to mechanical energy which is responsible for driving the distribution unit.

Chocolate Foil Cutting System

This component will cut and trim the wrapping film readying it for the wrapping process.

Coining Unit

This is the part responsible for printing or embossing details and designs on the chocolate coin. By doing this, it enhances the appearance of the product.

Electrical Component

This part has all the parts that provide electric power to the chocolate coin wrapping machine. The size of the machine will determine the voltage capacity that it needs.

Also, it has insulation mechanisms to prevent electrocution and fire hazards.

Chocolate Coin Wrapping Unit

It operates by wrapping chocolate coins in their shapes and comes in various sizes depending on how you want to wrap.

Control Panel

It comes with a PLC and HMI which makes it intuitive to monitor and control the chocolate coin wrapping process. For instance, you can control the production rate and speed of the machine.

Temperature Controller

This is an intelligent system that is important when it comes to chocolate coin wrapping. It will lower or increase the temperature levels of the machine as per the needs of the wrapping film and machine.

Discharge Area

Once you wrap the chocolate coins, the final product leaves the machine via the discharge area to the next stage.


These parts will detect the presence or absence of wrapping paper or chocolate coins. If the sensors detect there are no raw materials, it notifies the operator. This prevents wastage thereby improving productivity.

How does a Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine Operate?

Here are the steps that the machine takes in wrapping chocolate coins:

Step One: Preparation

The first stage involves preparing all the raw materials you will use in the machine.

Also, make sure that the machine is in good working condition before operating it. These include the chocolate and the wrapping material.

Begin by loading the wrapping material on the wrapper hopper together with the chocolate in its hopper.

Step Two: Wrapping Process

You can use different chocolate wrapping materials to wrap the chocolate coins. Different machines will offer different wrapping processes and stages.

For example, you may use a single wrapping process for chocolate coins. The entire wrapping process happens automatically as the chocolate reaches the wrapping phase.

Step Three: Sizing the Wrapper

The machine will automatically cut the wrapping paper as per the size of the chocolate coins. Also, the machine accurately cuts the wrapper to eliminate wastage and minimize damage to chocolate coins.

Step Four: Sealing

In this phase, the machine will seal the ends of the chocolate coins that are loose. Besides, different sealing techniques exist, for example, laser heating or using glue.

However, make sure the sealing technique will not affect the chocolate coins or react with the wrapping material.

Step Five: Printing

Here, you will print the necessary information on the chocolate wrappers. The information you can include are ingredients, brand name, manufacture date, expiry date, nutritional information, etc.

Also, the manufacturer’s preference, appeal, and readability will affect the design of the print works.

Step Six: Inspection and Packaging

After printing, the chocolate coins that have wrappers pass a screening stage. Here, the machine will automatically check for packaging and chocolate flaws and eliminate them from the production line.

This will ensure the final product the consumer receives is of high quality and meets all necessary manufacturing standards. Finally, you will pack the chocolate coins ready for shipping.

What is the Coin Size of Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine Products?

The machines can wrap chocolate coins of varying sizes.

For instance, you can have a chocolate coin having a diameter ranging between 22mm and 39mm.

With this, the thickness will be between 2mm and 6mm.

Also, there are those chocolate coins whose diameter ranges between 40mm and 80mm. They also have a thickness of between 2mm and 6mm.

Which Chocolate Shapes can you package Using Chocolate Coin Foil Wrapping Machine?

This machine mostly wraps coin-shaped chocolates but can extend to:

  • Heart coins
  • Gold bars
  • Mini chocolate tablets
  • Chocolate fish shapes
  • Chocolate medallions

What is the Accepted Tolerance for Gold Coin Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine?

The permissible chocolate machine tolerance are a thickness tolerance of 0.5mm and a diameter tolerance of 0.05mm.

Can you have two Chocolate Sizes Utilizing a Single Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

No, a single machine can wrap only one size.

However, you can alter the size of the chocolate coin as per the tolerance allowable.

This happens at no extra cost with no additional spares necessary.

After how long should you Replace the Knives of Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

The part which you will mostly chance is the knives since they may become blunt over time. In instances where you use the machine all day long, it is advisable to change the knives after every 2 months.

Which is the Best Type of Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine Between Automatic Hydraulic Pressure Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine and Common Automatic Chocolate Coin Foil Wrapping Machine?

Automatic hydraulic pressure chocolate coin wrapping machines are suitable. This is because they can handle chocolate coins that you make with a chocolate coin punching and chocolate coin molding machine.

 Automatic Hydraulic Pressure Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

Automatic Hydraulic Pressure Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

What is the Production Capacity of Automatic Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

Since the automation level varies a lot from one machine to another, the production capacity will differ.

Besides, the production capacity ranges between 40 pieces per minute to 800 pieces per minute.

How do you Solve the Common Problems in Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

The kind of troubleshooting technique you will use depends on the nature of the problem.

Such issues include:

Inconsistent Length of the Bags

This will happen due to different reasons such as:

  1. A dirty film feeding system
  2. The threading film becoming inaccurate
  3. Incorrect adjustment to the tension of the film belt

To solve this problem, you can undertake the following steps:

  1. Clean the film feeding system
  2. Always use the correct film thread
  3. Correctly adjusting the tension of the film belt

Wrapping Materials Running Incorrectly

Common causes of this issue are:

  1. A loose film roll
  2. The film roll winding incorrectly
  3. Incorrect alignment of the tube to the belt

The possible solutions to these issues include:

  1. Ensure the film roll is tight to the spindle
  2. Make sure the arrangement of the belt is accurate
  3. Also, make sure the roll of film aligns itself to the middle of the spindle

The Wrapping Material has Inaccurate Tracking

Possible causes of this problem are:

  1. A loose spindle
  2. The film roll incorrectly aligns itself to the spindle
  3. Placing the film roll improperly to the carriage

Possible solutions to these problems include:

  1. Making sure the wrap film contains the right threading
  2. Also, properly aligning the film roll and the spindle

Problems Unwinding the Wrapping Film

The causes of this problem are:

  1. Incorrect alignment of the forming tube
  2. A dirty forming component

Solving these issues involve:

  1. Properly aligning the forming tubes
  2. Cleaning the forming component

The Wrapping Film Developing Creases

There are several possibilities to this problem and they include:

  1. Incorrectly adjusting the forming collar
  2. Making use of a forming collar that is already worn out
  3. Also, a barrier on the forming collar can cause this to happen
  4. A film path that has contamination
  5. Incorrectly changing the roller configuration

The ways of solving this problem include:

  1. Repairing or replacing the forming collar
  2. Correctly adjusting the forming collar
  3. Cleaning the path of the film
  4. Eliminating possible barriers that are on the forming collar

What are the Key Technical Specifications of Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine to Consider when Choosing one?

These include:

Size of the Machine

The size of the chocolate coin wrapping machine influences the work area it needs for installation and operation.

Besides, take note that you will also need extra space for the maintenance of the machine.

If the work area is small, consider a machine that can fit the area leaving room for you to maneuver.

Production Capacity

These machines can wrap between 40 and 800 pieces per minute.

Make sure the chocolate coin wrapping machine you choose will meet your production needs.

For large-scale production, it is suitable to select a machine having a higher production capacity.


Make sure you consider if you want a manual or automatic chocolate coin wrapping machine. Automatic versions will offer you several advantages over the manual counterpart.

For example, it will cost you less to operate automatic machines than manual machines.

 Automatic Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

 Automatic Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine


The size of a chocolate coin wrapping machine will affect the weight. Large machines will weigh more than the smaller versions.

Depending on your usage and the need for mobility, this is an important factor to consider.

Wrapping Material

Since these machines can handle different wrapping materials, ensure the one you select can accommodate your choices.


Since you will be using the machine most of the time, ensure the warranty period is also long. The minimum warranty for these machines is 12 months.

After Warranty Service

This factor is important once you run out of warranty. Such services can help lower your maintenance cost.

They include technical support, online support, spare parts, repair services, and field maintenance.

Packing Size

These machines can come with a single forming or a double pressing system.

A double pressing system can form a coin shape whose diameter is between 22mm and 39mm.

Single forming systems wrap chocolate coins whose diameter is between 40mm and 80mm.


Make sure the chocolate coin wrapping machine conforms to international quality standards such as:

  1. PAD certification (Physical Agent Directive)
  2. CE mark
  3. SGC certification
  4. CO certification
  5. Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification (EMC)
  6. Machine Safety Directive certification (MSD)
  7. PUWER certification (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation)

Power Supply

Ensure the voltage of the main supply matches the power that your chocolate coin wrapping machine needs.

This will make sure you will have continuous production as it eliminates chances of power disruptions.

Also, ensure the connection of the machine to the power supply is user-friendly.

Can you Label the Chocolate Package with the Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

Yes, this is possible.

The chocolate coin wrapping machine uses a mechanical cam design.

Chocolate coins will pass through it as it labels the wrapping material and the chocolate coins.

For instance, a twin feeder chocolate coin wrapping machine comes with 4 pairs with 8 patterns of coin molds or dies. Also, you can customize the label as per your requirements on request, and change the labels in the future.

Which other Industries Use Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine apart from Confectionery Industry?

Several industries can use this machine and include:

  • Food and Beverage Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries

Are there Mini Commercial Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machines?

Yes, you can find mini commercial chocolate coin wrapping machines. These machines are suitable for small-scale industries.

 Mini Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

Mini Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

Some benefits of mini small chocolate coin wrapping machine are:


This being the main advantage, they are cheaper than large commercial chocolate coin wrapping machines.

Easy Maintenance

It is simple and easy to maintain this machine as it does not have many parts like the large commercial versions.

Saves Cost

These machines do not need too many operators meaning you will save a lot in the long run.


It is easy to move the machine around in instances where you are reorganizing or cleaning the work area. Besides, you can easily relocate as it does not need special equipment to haul it.

Ease of Use

These machines are simple and easy to use meaning once you set up, you are good to go. Also, you need minimal training thus saving you a lot in the long run.

Low Noise Pollution

The machine will produce minimal noise pollution meaning you can work comfortably around it. This prevents any ear damage and is environmentally friendly.

Space Consideration

These machines occupy less space than large commercial coin wrapping machines. This means it will fit well in a small work area without compromising on your movement.

Can you Integrate other Chocolate Processing Equipment with Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

Yes, you can use several kinds of equipment with a chocolate coin wrapping machine. These machines include:

Chocolate Pumps

This machine will force chocolate to move in the production line of a chocolate coin wrapping machine.

In effect, it will improve the wrapping process thus you will achieve the smooth flow of these chocolate products.

Nut Feeder

This machine will assist you to include nuts in the chocolate products by feeding the nuts in the production process.

Chocolate Analysis Machine

The equipment analyses the chocolate to ensure they satisfy the quality standards you are to meet.

It will detect and eliminate chocolate that does not meet the set quality standard thereby maintaining high quality.

Feeder Mixer

It will assist you to include other raw materials such as raisins, pieces of fruits, rice crisps, or groundnuts. This machine makes sure the mixing of these products happens properly.

Granule Dosing Machine

It uses a lapel spreader and pneumatic systems to mold various granules on the products.

Chocolate Granule Mixer

This machine properly mixes granule chocolate and pure chocolate in the right proportion. After this, the mixture via automatic chocolate depositors.

Filling and Weighing Machine

This system will offer the right quantity of chocolate that you are to wrap using a chocolate coin wrapping machine. Once you set the weight requirements, it will ensure all chocolate coin products are of equal weight.

Automatic Molding Machine

This machine will automatically mold chocolates thereby shaping them as per the production parameters.

Automatic De-Molder

This equipment, without altering the product, eliminates unnecessary sizes and shapes of the chocolate.

Chocolate Enrobers

This machine will add a chocolate layer to items like cookies, biscuits, or nuts. Besides, this happens before you begin the wrapping process.

Biscuit Feeding Machine

This is a machine that you will use when you plan to incorporate the chocolate with biscuits. It automatically controls and feeds biscuits in molds.

Tempering Machine

This machine will heat and cool the chocolate mixture to enhance its smoothness and appearance.

Automatic Chocolate Depositor

It operates by depositing chocolate in pre-formed molds accurately and uniformly.

Do you Supply Double Feeder Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machines?

Yes, we do and this machine allows you to wrap chocolate coins whose diameter is between 22mm and 39mm.

What is the Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine Price in China?

The price will vary from one machine to another depending on its capabilities. Besides, you can opt for a manual or automatic chocolate coin wrapping machine.

The price will range anywhere between 700 USD and 30000 USD.

Do you Offer Free Spare Parts for Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine?

We offer a single set of spares for free when you purchase the machine. Also, we replace and repair parts for free within the warranty period if the problem occurs to hard parts of the machine.

For all your chocolate coin wrapping machines, contact SaintyCo now.

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