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Chocolate Bar Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for more information about chocolate bar machine.

That’s why this guide will answer all your questions on chocolate bar equipment.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is The Use Of Chocolate Bar Machine?

Chocolates are a form of confections that fall under the sugar confections category. It takes a long but simple process to make chocolates.

Chocolates made in the older days and the modern ones have a slight difference resulting from processing variation.

Currently, with the advancement in technology, chocolate production has been made easier.

Additionally, you can even produce more batches of chocolates and other chocolate confections within a short time.

And to accomplish this, you will need to have a chocolate bar machine.

Therefore, the chocolate bar machine is the equipment used in the production industry of chocolate bars and central-filled chocolates in bulk.

It has enhanced the commercial production of chocolates and profited many chocolate-producing industries.

Its main purpose may be to produce chocolates in bulk; however, it can also serve other useful purposes.

chocolate bar machine

chocolate bar machine

These are hence some of the uses of chocolate bar machines:

  • To suit your taste, you can use a chocolate bar machine to coat chocolates with different flavors.
  • You can also provide chocolate brands with unique labeling and packaging using a chocolate bar machine.
  • It helps you as a confection business to determine the required and appropriate standard for chocolate production.
  • With the chocolate bar-making machine, you can make many chocolate candies.

Does Chocolate Bar Machine Come As A Stand-Alone Equipment?

No, it does not. It requires other essential add-on parts and components as well that are essential for the production of chocolates.

Sometimes it may require you to customize the depositor or the tamper depending on the production scale and capacity.

What Are The Features To Look For In A Chocolate Bar Making Machine?

When you want to buy a chocolate-making machine, there are certain factors that you need to look at to get the right one.

One of these factors happens to be the features that the chocolate bar-making machine comes in.

In most machines, the features are similar, but always there is a slight distinction among machines which usually depends on the types of machines.

For the chocolate-making machine, there are a few and commonly known types. They include;

  • Mini one-shot chocolate depositor.
  • Semi-automatic chocolate depositor
  • Fully automatic chocolate molding line.

As stated above, these types of chocolate molding machines may have specific features that give them their name and value.

But they still share some common ones.

This specificity in features is due to the different uses of the chocolate bar-making machine.

Some are used to make homemade chocolates, while others are for the commercial production of chocolate candies.

Moving on, the common features in chocolate bar machines include:

  • The chocolate bar machine should have the main unit that connects all the other parts of the machine hence providing the support required.
  • Since heating and mixing ingredients are an important step in the chocolate production line, an ideal chocolate-making machine;
    Should have a tamper infused in the machine.
    This is where pre-crystallization occurs, which is an important process when producing chocolates.
  • In a chocolate bar machine, power must be distributed accordingly to all parts, hence the need for an electrical unit.
    This feature is key as it facilitates the sharing of power to the various components within the chocolate bar production line.
    However, different parts of a chocolate bar machine require different power values for effective functioning.
    You should always have to check on that.
  • It should have a chocolate pump that facilitates the mixture of ingredients to the molding chamber.
  • Another important feature is the control unit which has a control panel.
    This allows you to control the production of chocolate bars efficiently and comfortably.
  • An ideal chocolate bar-making machine should have a transport system that includes conveyor belts and a hydraulic system.
    These will help facilitate the mixture of ingredients from one point to another during the production process.

Which Are The Chocolate Products You Can Make With Chocolate Bar Machine?

With the chocolate bar machine, you can make chocolate products as either confectionery or supplements.

Notably, there are many chocolate products in the market, some of which include;

Dark Chocolate

It is made from three main ingredients: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and sugar.

It also contains a varied amount of sugar and cocoa, which mainly depends on the bar type.

Milk Chocolate

This chocolate product is a combination of cocoa solids, sugar, and milk powder.

It is a bar of popular chocolate that contains larger amounts of milk powder and sugars that give it a sweet taste.

White Chocolate

Firstly, it contains no cocoa solids. Its main ingredients are milk powder, sugar, and cocoa butter which is the only cocoa bean product used in its production.

Additionally, it is the only chocolate product with the highest sugar levels among the various chocolate bars.

It also has a sweeter and creamier taste compared to other chocolate bars because it lacks cocoa mass.

Baking Chocolate

Traditionally was used as a baking ingredient.

During the old times, it was typically an unsweetened bar of chocolate as compared to recent times .

Where, there is a variety of sweetened baking chocolate products.

Types of baking chocolates include;

  • Bittersweet baking chocolate.
  • Semisweet baking chocolate.
  • Sweet baking chocolate (has the highest sugar content) and
  • Unsweetened chocolate.

What Are The Main Components Of the Chocolate Bar Machine?

Chocolate bar machine is usually an entire production line, not a one equipment affair.

As such, some of the components are stand-alone machines.

Below are some key components in the chocolate bar machine production line:

  • Cocoa fat melting tank – For melting the raw material into chocolate paste.
  • Chocolate conche machine – For fine grinding, the chocolate
  • Chocolate storage tank – It mainly stores the refined chocolate syrup to retain the requirement for continuous production. It continuously stirs the chocolate paste; while cooling and insulating it.
  • Chocolate tempering machine – Maintains the required temperature that gives the good chocolate taste and prevents it from forming a white frost on the surface.
  • Chocolate moulding machine – It shapes and produces the chocolate bars.

How Does Chocolate Bar Machine Work?

Chocolate bar making machine follows the below basic process during its operation:

  1. First, the cocoa fat is melted in a melting tank to form a chocolate paste.
  2. The chocolate paste is then deposited into the conching machines.

Here, the chocolate paste is plowed back and forth by rollers at regulated temperatures and speed.

Conching machines have three prominent roles:

  • Eliminate any retained bitterness through aeration
  • Make the chocolate paste ultimately homogenous
  • Create distinct chocolate flavors
  1. After which, the liquid chocolate is temporarily stored in the storage tank
  2. Next, the chocolate undergoes tempering through heating, cooling, and reheating.
  3. Finally, the chocolate is molded into bars by the chocolate molding machine.

Can You Adjust The Dosing Volume Of Chocolate Bar Machine?

Yes, both automated and manual chocolate bar machines allow you to adjust the dosing volume.

This is important, for example, when you change a recipe or want to resolve customers’ complaints.

Additionally, you can use an automated dosing system to adjust the dosing volume timely.

What Are The Capabilities Of Multifunctional Chocolate Bar Machine?

Multifunctional chocolate bar making machines have the following significant capabilities:

multifunctional chocolate bar machine

multifunctional chocolate bar machine

  • Most of them are fully automated hence automating the entire production process, including molding and pouring.
  • They offer full vibration making the production process more efficient.
  • Other than manufacturing chocolate bars, it can also make sandwiched, upper and lower two-color, and right-two color chocolate.
  • Minimal production time with maximum output.

Can You Manufacture Center Filled Chocolate Using Chocolate Bar Machine?

Yes, you can manufacture both plain and central filled chocolate using a chocolate bar machine.

Nonetheless, you will have a production rate of between 50 to 500 kg per hour.

Switching between manufacturing plain chocolate to center filled chocolate is made possible by the uniquely designed filling and dispensing plate.

Which Are The Available Driving Mechanisms For Chocolate Bar Machine?

Servo Motor

A servo motor is a self-sufficient electrical device with the capability of rotating machine parts with great precision and efficiency.

It controls the acceleration, velocity, and angular position.

It can also control the pouring quantity accurately with rare instances of error not exceeding 2G.

Pneumatic Drive Mechanism

The actuator system for the chocolate bar machine can also be pneumatically driven.

Compared to servo motors, the pneumatic drive mechanism has a filling capacity that is 20 % lower.

What Is One Shot Chocolate Bar Depositing Machine?

One shot chocolate depositing machine is stand-alone equipment designed to manufacture filled chocolate bars in a single operation.

It achieves this by simultaneously injecting chocolates and fillings in the percentages pre-determined by the customer.

Consequently, the end product is a chocolate praline with an outer chocolate jacket.

Also, the machine has a tempering unit -at its back- which feeds the chocolate; and a temperature-controlled hopper to dispense the filling.

one shot chocolate bar depositing machine

one shot chocolate bar depositing machine

Can You Adjust The Pistons In The Dispensing System Of Chocolate Bar Machine?

Individually adjusting the chocolate dispensing system is possible when the need arises.

The adjustment may be necessary when transitioning from making plain chocolate bars to chocolate pralines.

Which Is The Type Of Conveyor System Used In Chocolate Bar Machine?

Most chocolate bar machines use conveyor belts made from stainless steel.

These belts are non-sticky and are easy to clean.

The conveyor belt transports the chocolate through the various stages of production.

Does The Chocolate Bar Machine Come With A Chocolate Tempering Equipment?

Some chocolate bar machine, such as the one-shot, has an inbuilt chocolate tempering equipment.

However, large-scale chocolate bar machines have separate chocolate tempering equipment.

As such, you can purchase the entire chocolate bar production line, which contains the chocolate tempering equipment.

Alternatively, you can buy the tempering equipment individually, if it’s all you need.

What Are The Advantages Of An Automatic Chocolate Bar Machine?

Automation is ultimate in any sector. Some advantages of an automatic chocolate bar machine include:

  • Speedy production – Automated chocolate bar machines are fast in production.
  • Maximum outputs – Once correctly programmed, the automatic chocolate bars will be maximizing output at the shortest time possible.
  • Reduced labor requirement – With most of the production automated, there will be less need for human labor
  • Increased precision and accuracy

If you correctly program an automatic chocolate bar machine, it will produce the chocolate bars as per the required specifications.

automatic chocolate bar machine

automatic chocolate bar machine

How Many Cavities Does Each Chocolate Mold Of Commercial Chocolate Bar Machine Have?

Depending on the size of the chocolate bar machine, the number of cavities will vary.

Also, a mold can have many cavities with smaller dimensions.

Most chocolate molds have 21 cavities. However, the cavities can be as many as 40 (mostly polycarbonate molds).

On the other hand, the number of molds for commercial chocolate bar machines ranges between 280 to 320 pieces.

commercial chocolate bar machine

commercial chocolate bar machine

Which Are The Types Of Cooling Tunnel That You Can Integrate With Chocolate Bar Machine?

A cooling tunnel helps the chocolate bar achieve perfect drying after molding.

As such, this is an essential piece of equipment to use alongside the chocolate bar machine.

Cooling tunnels integrated by chocolate bar machines are mostly conveyor cooling tunnels.

The conveyor cooling tunnels can be classified into two:

  • Single layers conveyor cooling tunnel
  • Multiple layers conveyor cooling tunnel – Offers fast cooling results

Most chain conveyor cooling tunnels operate entirely on an air cooling unit with different temperatures at various lengths of the cooling tunnel.

Other chain cooling tunnels have evaporators and fortresses to aid in the cooling process.

Although cooling tunnels operate almost similarly, they differ in terms of length and the presence of an exit table.

Can You Control The Conveyor Running Speed And Temperature Of Chain Conveyor Cooling Tunnel Of Chocolate Bar Machine?

It is possible to regulate the temperature and running speed of a chain conveyor cooling tunnel.

These adjustments are necessary to perfectly cool the chocolate bars.

You can easily control these parameters using the control box panel.

Can You Customize The Mold Size Of Chocolate Bar Making Machine?

We focus on customer satisfaction when manufacturing our machine.

Consequently, most parts of our chocolate bar-making machines, including the molds, are customizable.

The machine can be designed to efficiently meet your production needs.

customized chocolate bar machine

customized chocolate bar making machine

Is It Possible To Package The Products Directly From The Chocolate Bar Machine?

A chocolate bar machine production line can incorporate a chocolate packaging machine.

After the chocolate bars have been molded and cooled, they are then packaged.

Meaning, at the end of the production line, you have an already packed chocolate bar.

What Is The Cost Of a Small-Scale Chocolate Bar Machine?

The prices of small-scale chocolate bar machines can vary depending on their condition, used or new.

Also, different manufacturers may have different prices for a more or less similar machine.

Usually, the price of a new small-scale chocolate buying machine ranges between $7500 and $60,000. The range might be slightly lower for used machines.

Does The Chocolate Bar Machine Meet The Food Hygiene Standards?

We use SUS 304 stainless steel materials to manufacture our chocolate bar machines.

This means that the machine is easy to clean and less likely to contaminate the chocolate.

Also, the FDA approves stainless steel for machinery to be used in the food industry.

What Is The Production Capacity Of Your Chocolate Bar Machine?

Our chocolate bar machines can achieve an hourly production capacity of between 50 to 500kg, depending on the size and automation.

Which After Warranty Services Do You Offer For Your Chocolate Bar Machine?

The warranty period of our machines can last from 1 year to 5 years after the purchase of the machine.

During this period we can offer a parts warranty or general machine warranty. Also, our customer care will be at your disposal.

After the warranty, you can continue to buy spare parts for the machine at discounted rates. Moreover, we will walk with you throughout the life span of the machine.

What Is The Material Used To Make The Molds Of Chocolate Bar Machine?

Mostly, we use polycarbonates in manufacturing the molds for our chocolate bar machine for the below reasons:

  • They are thermoplastic solid polymers
  • They have a good thermal resistance
  • They are generally easy to work with

Alternatively, silicon can be used in making molds.

Which Are The Important Specifications Of Chocolate Bar Machine To Consider When Ordering The Equipment?

Purchasing the right chocolate bar machine is critical for your chocolate bar production for the following reasons:

  • It increases the output level
  • It minimizes on costs, such as labor
  • To help you produce quality chocolate bars
  • It will help you meet the required food industry standards.

Now that you know why you need to choose the correct chocolate bar machine, below are some specifications to guide you in your selection.


Rarely are manual chocolate bar machines used in large-scale production.

Preferably, it would be best if you bought a semi-automatic or automatic machine.

This will give you a better return on your investment and increase the efficiency of your production.


The size of your projected output will directly determine the size of the machine you buy.

Large machines allow for large output production with minimal time.

Technology Employed

Production technology is ever-evolving. Consequently, you should pick a machine with the most recent chocolate bar production technology.


The material used in manufacturing the machine is a critical consideration.

For example, if it is stainless steel, you should inquire about the grade of stainless steel used.

The material should be durable and accepted in the food industry.

Operating Mechanism

The operating mechanism should be efficient. Consider the type of motors used and the power input required to run the machine.

At SaintyCo, we design and manufacture a range of chocolate machines, depending on your specific needs and requirements.

Contact us today for all your chocolate bar machines.

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