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CFP-1 Coffee Capsule Filling Machine

CFP-1 Coffee Capsule Filling Machine Features:

Customized coffee capsule fill seal machine, with function of auto cup feeder, cup detect, full auger filler, nitrogen flushing, Premade Lid Place Or Roll Film Punch, Cup Seal, Output etc.

Popular used in coffee capsule, Can connect with vertical packing machine or flow wrapper.

CFP-1 Coffee Capsule Filling Machine  Characteristic:

  • Horizontal machine design easy maintenance Moveable mould,
  • easy change mould Pneumatic driven mould,
  • stable simple design PLC Control,
  • Touch screen easy operation Premade lid or roll film cut for choice Door Open Stop Safety Protect Device Auto cup feeder,
  • store lot of cups Full auger filler suitable for coffee capsule Servo driven auger,
  • high fill accuracy Adjustable auger height,
  • easy installation Nitrogen Flushing As Optional No cup, no fill
Technical DataCFP-1
Fill ToolAuger
Fill Range3-15gram
ContainersCup in PP,PS etc
Container sizeAccording to sample
Max. Reel WidthAccording to sample
Reel MaterialLaminated Film
Air consumption0.43/min
Overall Dimension(mm)2050*950*1800MM
Net weight500kg

Coffee Capsule Filling Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you buy coffee capsule filling machine, read this guide.

It has all information you’re looking for about coffee capsule machine such as features, specifications, uses, parts and working principle, amongst others.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

This is a machine that will fill coffee in capsule cups.

 Coffee capsule

Coffee capsule

Coffee capsule filling machine

Coffee capsule filling machine

What are the Parts of Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

Several components work together to achieve the best coffee capsule filling process.

It is vital to understand these parts as they can come in handy during repair, replacement, and operation.

Also, there are different types of coffee capsule filling machines available in the market.

This means they may come with some specific parts, but they all perform the same function.

Here are the parts of a coffee capsule filling machine:

Coffee Hopper

It holds all the coffee that the machine will fill in the coffee capsules.

Capsule Hopper

This part will contain all the empty coffee capsules that the machine will fill.

Coffee Capsule Filling Station

This is the part where the empty coffee cups pass for filling to happen.

The coffee capsules and the filling system are in synchrony, thereby allowing no room for spillages.

Control Panel

This is an interactive part of the coffee capsule filling machine.

It comes with a programmable logic controller [PLC] and a human-machine interface [HMI].

The operator can easily monitor the filling process and input the filling parameters via this component.

Automatic versions may come with a counting mechanism that will show the number of cups that have coffee fillings.

Electrical Component

It contains all the electrical units that will assist in providing power to the stick packing machine.

These include cables, fuses, etc.

Auger Filler

This is the component that will fill the coffee in the capsule cups.

It can control the amount of coffee entering each cup as per the product specifications.


These parts prevent accidents and losses from happening during the filling process.

The sensors will sound an alarm warning the operator of any faults present with the machine.

In extreme cases, it may turn off the machine independently.

Level sensors will detect the amount of coffee that is in the hopper.

Besides, it will detect capsules that have faults and rejects them from proceeding to the next stage.

Also, it has a no-capsule, no-filling capability, which will minimize losses during production.

Motor System

This part will convert electrical energy into mechanical energy that will drive the parts of the machine.

Conveyor Systems

They help with the transportation of materials from one part of the machine to another.

Supporting Platform

This is the frame that holds the entire coffee capsule filling machine.

It is of durable stainless steel.


These are the wheels that will enable the operators to move the machine within the production plant.

They are at the bottom of the coffee capsule filling machine.

The wheels are of durable stainless steel with a rubber surrounding.

Outlet System

Once the machine fills coffee in the capsule cups, they exit the machine via this system.

Emergency Switch

This button or level will allow the operator to manually stop the machine if they notice any malfunction.

Observation Window

This is a transparent window that allows the operator to view the number of the coffee capsule in the hopper.

It will ensure the coffee capsules are in the right amount during the production process.

How does Coffee Capsule Filling Machine Work?

Here is the working principle of a coffee capsule filling machine:

Preparation Stage

The first step is to ensure the machine is in the best working condition.

Ensure all components are clean and functional.

Feeding Stage

In this stage, the operator will feed coffee in the coffee hopper.

After this, they will feed coffee cups in the coffee cup hopper.

Finally, they turn the machine on to begin the coffee capsule filling process.

The operator will input all the filling parameters via the control panel.

This includes the speed of operation, the filling capacity, etc.

Sorting Stage

The machine will sort the coffee capsule cups before they enter the filling stage.

It will align the cups together as this will streamline the filling process.

The coffee capsule cups then enter the filling stage in an upright position.

Coffee Filling Stage

In this stage, the machine will fill each coffee capsule cup with the right amount of coffee.

The cups come in varying capacities, and the operator will determine this capacity before the filling process starts.

Ejection Stage

After the filling happens, the coffee capsules leave the filling stage and enter the next phase.

Depending on the support equipment, this may be the sealing machine, labelling machine, packaging machine, etc.

What are the Categories of Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

These machines can come in three distinct categories.

This depends on the level of technology that they contain, and this will also affect their price.

Here are the categories of this machine:

Manual Coffee Capsule Filling Machine

This is the cheapest of all these three coffee capsule filling machines.

They always require operators for them to function.

Also, they have a lower production capacity as their speed depends on the operators.

Besides, they contain fewer parts than the automatic versions.

They are suitable for small scale coffee capsule filling plants.

Semi-automatic Coffee Capsule Filling Machine

This is a hybrid between manual and automatic coffee capsule filling machines.

They have a higher production capacity than a manual machine.

Also, their price is between the manual and fully automatic versions.

This machine is suitable for small to mid-sized coffee capsule filling plants.

They need some operators to ensure the coffee capsule filling process happens in the best way.

Fully Automatic Coffee Capsule Filling Machine

These are the most expensive of the coffee capsule filling machines.

They have the highest production rate as they can perform all functions by themselves.

Also, they can operate 24/7 as long as the machine is in the best working condition.

Besides, they require minimal to no human supervision during its operation.

They also produce the highest quality coffee capsule filling process.

Integrating other support equipment is possible with a fully automatic coffee capsule packer machine.

What are the Packets you can use to Fill Coffee?

There are several packages you can fill coffee with, and they include:

  • Bag-in-bag application
  • Single-serving cups
  • Brick packs
  • Rigid containers
  • Retail bags

What are some Fillers and their Applications in the Market?

Auger fillers can handle a wide array of products.

It is advisable to use machines that will meet your production specifications.

Here is a list of some applications and fillers for each:

Bottle Filling on Conveyor Systems

This kind of application is best when using automatic auger fillers that range from 1 gram to 10 pounds.

A multi-lane conveyor is suitable if the filler has several filling heads.

Small Fills

For filling requirements of up to 4 oz, it is suitable to use a compact tabletop filler.

It can come as a manual filler with foot pedals.

Also, it can accommodate both free-flowing and non-free flowing materials.

Different fill sizes will require several augers without the need for retooling.

Packet Machine Integration

A multi-head auger filler is suitable when you plan to fill varying packets concurrently with conveyors.

It is possible to use a multi-lane conveyor with a multi-head auger filler.

Also, it is handy for both free-flowing and non-free flowing materials.

Bulk Application

A multi-head filler is suitable for this kind of application.

Also, it is possible to operate the auger heads individually or as a whole.

Unstable Containers Application

Unstable containers are containers that can lose their balance due to their shape.

Therefore, automatic auger fillers with an alternating conveyor are suitable.

It can fill from 1 gram to 5 pounds of products.

An alternating conveyor will halt the belt following each fill.

This will lower the possibility of the containers falling over.

Manual or Accurate Filling

A standalone auger filler can operate manually or on an automatic form fill seal machine.

This can happen by adding conveyor systems that have an indexing cylinder.

Precise Ground Coffee Filling

The best filler for this application is a multi-head auger filler.

They have several augers that use servo motors.

This makes them fast, reliable, and accurate.

Stainless steel hoppers ensure the products flow seamlessly into the augers.

They come in automatic versions.

High-speed Filling

The best filler for this application is a high-speed rotary auger filler.

This machine can handle more than 250 containers per minute, depending on the type of container.

They are available in different configurations and specifications.

What should you Consider when Purchasing Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

Coffee capsule filling and sealing machine

Coffee capsule filling and sealing machine

It might be difficult to choose the perfect coffee capsule filling machine as several options are available in the market.

They come with different features and specifications.

Here are some factors that will help you when choosing a coffee capsule filling machine:

Fill Weight and Size of Coffee Capsule Cups.

The size of the coffee capsule will depend on your production requirements.

This will assist you in determining the weight of your fill.

It also influences the coffee capsule size.

The density of the coffee will also determine the weight of the coffee capsule.

Ensure the machine can handle this specification.

Filling Rate

This is the number of coffee capsule cups the machine can fill per unit time.

Fully automatic machines will fill several coffee capsules per unit time than semi-automatic machines.

Also, multi-lane coffee capsule filling machines will offer a high packing rate than single-lane versions.


Always purchase a coffee capsule filling machine that will produce the best filling processes.

Financial Estimate

The amount you have will determine the coffee capsule filling machine you can afford.

However, always go for a machine that will meet your production needs.

Configuration of Machine

Coffee capsule filling machines come in different designs and sizes.

Select the one that will comfortably fit your work area.

Commercial machines require a large work area than tabletop machines.

Hopper Capacity

Ensure the hopper is capable of adequately holding coffee and coffee capsule cups.

This will enable you to continue the filling process without stopping.

Compliance with Quality Standards

Always select coffee capsule filling machines that comply with international quality standards.

This is to ensure the safety of operators and the products.

Also, it ensures the reliability, effectiveness, and acceptability of the production process in the market.

Body Material

Select coffee capsule filling machines that are of durable stainless steel.

This ensures it performs optimally and will last for years.

Level of Technology

Technological advancements are happening all the time.

The level of technology will influence the effectiveness of a coffee capsule filling machine.

Besides, the best technology will allow you to produce the best coffee capsule fillings.


The operational costs will be minimal when you have a coffee capsule filling machine that is easy to maintain.

Also, ensure the spare parts are easy to acquire in the market.

Besides, being able to replace parts easily will minimize downtime during the filling process.

What are the Features of Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

The features of this machine will vary from one machine to another.

Here are some features you can find:

Coffee capsule filling machine

Coffee capsule filling machine

  • Ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Durable high-quality SUS 304 stainless steel body.
  • A self-adjusting controller.
  • A programmable logic controller [PLC] and human-machine interface [HMI].
  • An adjustable auger height functionality.
  • Customizable functions.
  • No capsule, no filling capability.
  • Easy to clean hopper.
  • Filling accuracy of +/- 0.1 grams.
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Nitrogen flushing option.

What are the Specifications of Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

Just like the features, these specifications will vary from one machine to another:

They include:

  • Auger filler.
  • Weight of up to 800 kg.
  • A voltage of 220 V of 380 V.
  • GMP quality compliance certificate.
  • It can handle different packaging materials like plastic, paper, or metal.
  • A filling capacity of up to 70 coffee capsules per minute.
  • Air consumption of 0.2 m3/min to 0.3m3/min.

How does Inline and Rotary Coffee Capsule Filling machine compare?

A rotary coffee capsule filling machine will circularly perform the filling process.

This means it requires less floor space since the start and endpoint are close to one another.

An inline coffee capsule filling machine will perform the filling process in a straight line.

This means the start and endpoint are at the extreme ends of the machine.

Also, rotary coffee capsule filling machines are popular because:

  • Uses small floor space.
  • Have an ergonomic design.
  • They are affordable.

How does Manual Coffee Capsule Filling Machine compare to Automatic Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

Here are how these two machines compare:

Production Rate

Automatic coffee capsule filling machines have a high production rate than manual coffee capsule filling machines.

Support Equipment

It is possible to integrate other support equipment with an automatic machine.


Manual labeling machine always requires operators for them to function.

An automatic coffee capsule filling machine will conduct all tasks with minimal to no human supervision.


Manual machines are affordable than automatic machines.

Control Panel

This part allows a single operator to monitor and control an automatic coffee capsule filling machine.

Operating Time

Automatic coffee capsule filling machines will operate 24/7 as long as they are in good working condition.

The operating time of manual machines depends on the availability and morale of operators.


These sensors will enhance the quality of coffee fillings in an automatic coffee capsule filling machine.

The manual versions lack this capability.

Maintenance Cost

Manual machines have fewer parts thus easy to repair and maintain than automatic machines.

How can Coffee Capsule Filling Machine Boost your Business?

This machine will offer a lot of advantages to your production plant.

Here are some ways it can boost your business:

Quality Coffee Filling

This machine will assist you to produce quality and reliable coffee fillings.

Increase Production

The machine will increase your output since they come with various filling rates.

Automatic versions will offer you a high production capacity.


Automatic versions will allow you to maintain high levels of hygiene since operators will not touch the products.

This is because the machine is of a durable stainless steel body design.

Minimal Operational Costs

It may be expensive to buy automatic coffee capsule filling machines.

Besides, it will save you on operational costs in the long run.


The automatic version of this machine has sensors that will minimize hazards and spillages.

What are the Benefits of Purchasing Coffee Capsule Filling Machine from China?

There are several benefits to purchasing this machine from China, and they include:

  • They offer a variety of these machines.
  • The price of these machines is affordable.
  • These machines will comply with international quality standards.
  • They support business OEM.

What are the Applications of Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

The main industry that uses this machine is the food industry.

Other industries that may use this machine include:

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Cosmetic industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Biological industries

How do you Maintain Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

Maintaining this machine will ensure that it works optimally and lasts for years.

Lubricate all moving parts to minimize tear and wear while increasing the durability of these components.

Repair or replace worn out parts to ensure quality coffee capsule filling processes.

Replace all faulty electrical components as it may lead to electric shocks and fire hazards.

Conduct regular analysis and cleanliness of the sensors.

Ensure all parts are working well by conducting frequent inspections quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

Replace broken and faulty motors with new ones to ensure a smooth operation.

Use genuine parts when replacing components to ensure the machine will not break down during operation.

What are the Benefits of using Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

There are several benefits, and they include:


Coffee capsule filling machines can fill several cups in a short time depending on their capability.

This allows you to fulfill your production demands.

Ease of Use

It is easy to operate an automatic version of this machine.

This allows one to operate it without much training.


Automatic versions will enable you to meet your production requirements at low operational levels.

Production Capacity

This machine allows you to achieve various production rates.


It is simple to repair and replace parts of this machine.


This machine is accurate, reliable, time-saving, and can achieve high production rates.

Support Equipment

There is a possibility of using other machines with a coffee capsule filling machine.

Examples include sealing, labelling, and packaging machines.


Automatic sensors will minimize damages, hazards, and loss during the filling process.

What are the Limitations of Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

These limitations should not make you not purchase this effective machine.

They include:

Price Tag

Technological levels will influence the price of this machine.

Automatic versions cost more than manual versions.

Depending on your production needs, you may need to spend more to acquire the best machine.


The operator has to be knowledgeable when it comes to operating this machine.

It enables them to detect faults and troubleshoot the machine with ease.

Power Consumption

Commercial coffee capsule packing machines will consume more power than small machines.

This will increase your operational costs.

What Quality Standards should Coffee Capsule Filling Machine conform to?

Quality standards will ensure the health and safety of operators and the public.

They include:

Food and Drug Administration [FDA] quality standard

FDA will protect public health by ensuring safety, efficiency, and secure drugs and biological products.

European Union CE marking

All companies in the world accept this quality standard even though it applies to European Economic Areas.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances [RoHS]

This standard assists in reducing environmental effects and health impacts.

It ensures the machine will not produce any harmful substances during its operation.

Current Good Manufacturing Practice [cGMP] quality standard

Current Good Manufacturing Practice quality standard ensures that the machine has:

  1. Consistent manufacturing practices.
  2. Conforms to international quality standards.
  3. Produces quality coffee capsules.

What Factors Determine the Price of Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

Some of these factors include:

  • Level of automation
  • Discounts and sales
  • Model and features
  • Brand of machine
  • County of origin
  • Production rate
  • Supply and demand
  • Market conditions and economy
  • The physical state of the machine
  • Design of the machine

What is the Cost of Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

This machine can cost anywhere between 500 US dollars and 200000 US dollars.

How do you Troubleshoot Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

Troubleshooting allows you to identify and solve some faults with the machine:

Inconsistent Target Weight

This may happen when there is an insufficient flow of coffee.

Ensure there are no blockages on the fillers.

Damage to Coffee Capsule Cups

This may be due to an incorrect alignment of the rectifier block and bushes.

Solve this by aligning these components properly.

How does Fully Automatic Coffee Capsule Filling Machine and Semi-automatic Coffee Capsule Filling Machine compare?

Fully automatic versions are expensive than semi-automatic versions.

Operators need to be present when a semi-automatic version is functioning.

The fully automatic versions can function independently.

Fully automatic versions have a high production capacity than semi-automatic versions.

A semi-automatic machine is a hybrid of manual and automatic coffee capsule filling machine.

Fully automatic versions have sensors not present in semi-automatic versions.

This allows it to be accurate, precise, and reliable than the semi-automatic coffee capsule filling machines.

How does Manual Coffee Capsule Filling Machine and Semi-automatic Coffee Capsule Filling Machine Compare?

 Semi automatic coffee capsule filling machine

 Semi-automatic coffee capsule filling machine

Manual versions are affordable than semi-automatic versions.

Operators need to be present for manual coffee capsule filling machines to operate.

Semi-automatic versions can function with fewer operators than manual versions.

Manual machines have a low production capacity than semi-automatic versions.

It is easy to maintain a manual coffee capsule filling machine as it has fewer parts than a semi-automatic machine.

What are some Design Specifications for Coffee Capsule Filling Machine?

These are some specifications you can customize, and they include:

  • Changeover
  • Body material
  • Maintenance
  • Configuration

Apart from coffee capsule filling machine, SaintyCo offers coffee pod packaging machine.

The best part, we can customize these coffee packaging machines according to your unique specifications.

Contact us today for all your coffee capsule filling machine needs.

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