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CFJ Hammer Mill

Rotary valve conveys materials well-distributed into pulverizing bin and materials are instantly crushed into due granularity under pulverizing effect (cutting and collision) from high-speed rotary crushing knife.

CFJ Hammer Mill


  • Zero pollution for materials;
  • Materials would not adhere to machine shell, easy-cleaning;
  • Flexible module design;
  • Self-protection for overheating and overload;
  • Speed reaches 2500-6000RPM;
  • Fast dismantle and renewal of rotor and screen, reliable safety.

Mesh crushing and screening room:

Rotor and screen can be disassembled instantly from front cover. Design advantages are as follows: controlled filtering, stabilized processing capacity, convenient dismantle and cleaning, high security.

Work Principle:

This equipment can be connected to a vacuum feeding machine of continuous feeding and use of pneumatic rotary valve for periodic feeding. Crushing knife in the crushing cavity is provided with a single axis and multi blade, so that the material subjected to shear and collision in the high-speed rotation of the grinding knife on the role and then crushed. Ascreen mesh with a plurality of apertures  is aranged inside the crushing cavity, which can achieve the precision of 0-200. The link below will crush the goods transit bin can be transported to the next station to implement continuous process.

CFJ Hammer Mill

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