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Coating Pan Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Coating pan machine plays an integral role in pharmaceutical industries by adding an extra layer after tablet compression.

In today’s guide, you’re going to learn about everything you need to know about the coating pa machine.

So, if you want to be an expert in a tablet coating machine, read this guide.

What is a Coating Pan Machine?

 Coating pan machine

Coating pan Machine

Coating pan machines are devices that you will employ in the application of organic or aqueous films on pellets or tablets.

Apart from applying a coat on the pellets and tablets, you can use the coating pan machine to coat other pharmaceutical products.

What are the Advantages of Using the Coating Pan Machine?

Investing in a coating pan machine comes with numerous benefits that would skyrocket your business to great heights.

The benefits that you will experience with the coating pan machine include:

  • It will help in masking the bad odor, taste as well as color of pellets and tablets.

Masking the pellets and tablets will increase the rate of sale for the drugs while maintaining its efficacy.

  • It will also provide proper protection to the drug from chemical as well as physical damages.

The protection from the outer shell of the drug will increase the shelf life of the drug.

  • The coat will also improve the appearance of the pellets and tablets with more attractive colors.

You will, therefore, have a much easier time selling the drugs to potential clients.

  • It will also give you the chance to incorporate other ingredients within the coat to prevent chemical incompatibility.

You will be able to understand the chemical ingredients that you require thus making it easy to blend chemically compatible ingredients.

  • It will also prevent the pellets and tablets from disintegration especially after gastric fluid exposure.

Are there Disadvantages of Using Coating Pan Machines?

It is imperative to understand that the coating pan machine is very efficient but also has its limitations.

You may experience a few drawbacks when using the coating pan machine such as:

  • It is an expensive machine to purchase and establish in comparison to other types of machines.
  • You will also have to train or hire professionals to help in most of the operations of the coating pan machine.
  • Setting up a coating pan machine will also require vast installation space which is often difficult to acquire.
  • You might also experience uneven results on the coated tablets especially where the coat is not even.
  • Apart from that, you will spend most of your time in monitoring the film coat quality to ensure uniform coat thickness.
  • The coating pan machine may also interfere with the pharmacodynamic properties of pellets and drug formulations.
  • Coating pan machines do not have a proper fume control system thus may release toxic fumes and harm the operators.

What is the Essence of the Coating of Tablets?

Coated tablets

Coated tablets

The coating of tablets is an essential process in the manufacturing process of different types of drugs.

Well, the main reason why you should consider coating tablets, pellets, and other drugs include:

  • It will help in increasing the swallowing ability of the tablets by masking the bad test and odor of the tablets.
  • The coating of tablets is important because it does not increase the weight of drugs significantly.

It often places a very thin fil around the pellets and tablets thus increasing the weight by about 2 to 3%.

  • You will also provide the tablet or pellets with a better taste thus protecting the tongue from the effects of bad taste.
  • Coating the tablets will also protect the drugs from light and moisture thus maintaining the active properties of the drugs.
  • The coat around the tablets will also protect your esophagus as well as stomach from the irritation properties of active ingredients.
  • The coating of the drugs will also help in preventing the activation of the drugs while in the stomach.

It protects the drugs against the conditions within the stomach thus allowing it to pass to the point of disintegration.

  • The film coating will also improve the effectiveness of the drugs while prolonging the dosing intervals of the drugs.
  • It also boosts patient compliance with swallowing drugs by improving the appearance and taste of the drugs.
  • Additionally, the film coating will increase the shelf-life of the drugs by preventing dust formation and increase drug stability.
  • It will also improve the ease of identifying a particular drug by providing it with a unique appearance.
  • The film coating will promote proper drug absorption into your body by improving agitation levels in the right conditions.

How many Types of Coating Pan Machines Do You Have?

You are likely to come across quite a number of coating pan machines while on the shopping spree.

Well, there are different types of coating pan systems that have different operating systems.

The main types of coating pan machines that you should consider purchasing include:

  • Standard Tablet Coating Pan
  • Perforated Tablet Coating Pan

How Does a Standard Tablet Coating Pan and Perforated Tablet Coating Pan Compare?

One of the most notable differences between the standard and perforated coating pan is the perforations.

Just from the name, you will note that the perforated coating pan is partially or fully perforated.

On the other hand, the standard coating pan does not have any form of perforation on the pan.

Apart from that, both types of coating machines have an air introduction system for supplying air and coating film.

Additionally, you will find a motor in both coating pan machines that is responsible for rotating the coating pans.

 Perforated coating Pan

 Perforated coating pan

What is a Standard Tablet Coating Pan Machine?

You can also identify this type of tablet coating pan as the conventional tablet coating pan.

It consists of a stainless-steel rotating pan with varying diameters ranging between 60 to 80 inches.

Apart from that, it has an electric motor for tilting ad rotating the coating pan.

It comes complete with a spraying gun that will introduce the coating film either from the bottom or from the top.

How Can You Achieve Drying Efficiency Using the Standard Tablet Coating Pan?

After coating, you have to dry the tablets to allow the film coat to adhere to the pellets or tablets permanently.

You will achieve drying efficiency using the standard tablet coating pan through different ways such as:

4 Parameters in tablet coating pan process

Parameters in tablet coating pan process

· Using the Immersion Sword

This is the process of immersing air distribution immersion sword into the bed of coated tablets to provide dry air.

· Using a Baffle Pan and Diffuser

It will enable proper air distribution over the bed of tablets thus leading to proper drying of the drugs.

· Using the Immersion Tube System

In this case, you will immerse a tube of air into the system that will provide enough hot air for drying the tablets.

How Does a Standard Tablet Coating Pan Work?

Basically, the rotating pan will set the drugs ins tumbling motion thus allowing the coating film all over the tablets.

Here is a step by step process that will show you how the standard tablet coating pan works.

Step One: Preparing the Coating Formulations and Tablets

First, you have to prepare the coating film formulations in a separate machine by mixing all the ingredients uniformly.

After that, you will obtain a homogenous mixture that is ready for spraying on the tablets to form a coat.

Apart from that, you will inspect the standard coating machine and ensure it is working well.

You will introduce a particular quantity of drugs into the stainless-steel pan.

The number of drugs that you will introduce into the pan will vary according to the size of the coating pan.

Step Two: Initiating the Coating Process

Here, you will initiate the coating process by starting the machine which will set the pan in motion.

As that continues, the pan will rotate at a particular speed thus enabling the tumbling and suspension of the tablets.

This gives the perfect opportunity for the introduction of the coating film on the tablets.

Step Three: Introduction of the Spraying Film

Well, at this stage, you will initiate the spraying process by introducing the film coating formulation or solution.

Through a calibrated spray nozzle, the homogenously mixed solution of the film coat will spread in the air of the coating pan.

Step Four: Coating Process

With the tablets and the coating film in the air, there will be a coalition of the tablets and the film coating solution.

This enables a proper and uniform coating of the tablets on all sides of the tablets.

Step Five: Drying the Coated Tablets

Finally, you will dry the coated tablets using one of the different drying mechanism as you so, please.

What is a Perforated Tablet Coating Pan?

This type of coating pan machine consists of fully or partially perforated drum which constantly rotates on a horizontal axis.

Apart from that, it also has a sealed housing system that prevents entry or exit of the chemicals through

How Does a Perforated Tablet Coating Pan Work?

Well, perforated coating pans have different working mechanisms depending on the type of perforated coating pan in use.

Basically, it depends on the perforations to introduce the coating film and the drying agent.

Here is a step by step process explaining how the perforated coating pan works:

Perforated tablet coating pan

Perforated coating pan

Step One: Preparation Stage

First, you need to prepare all the ingredients such as tablets or pellets and the coating solution.

You will prepare the coating solution separately before providing it a proper inlet into the rotating drum.

Apart from that, you will also introduce the pellets or tablets into the rotating drum by measuring proper quantities.

After that, you will initiate the costing process by starting the machine.

Step Two: Introduction of the Coating Film

Well, as the drum rotates, it suspends the pellets and tablets in the air thus positioning them accordingly.

At the same time, you should prepare the coating film and introduce it into the drum through a calibrated nozzle.

Ensure that you control the speed of rotation and the quantity of coating film in the rotating drum.

Step Three: Coating the Drugs

At this point the coating film will come in contact with the pellets or tablets.

As the tablets tumble in the air, it will expose all the sides of the tablet, thus allowing it properly mix with the film.

It will lead to the creation of a uniform film that will account for about 2 to 3 % of the entire tablets.

Step Four: Drying the Coated Drugs

Drying of the coated tablets will occur at the same place as the coating process.

This will happen when you stop spraying the coating film and instead introduce a stream of drying air.

The hot drying air will reinforce the coating film thus creating a permanent film on the back of the tablets.

Step Five: Ejecting the Tablets

Finally, after the entire process, you will allow the tablets from the rotating drum through the perforations.

What is the Recommended Coating Pan Machine Validation Protocol?

During the validation protocol, the coating pan machine will undergo three main processes.

Let us have a brief look at each of the validation process protocols.

Installation Qualification Validation Protocol

IQ is the validation protocol that will make sure that you have enough confidence in the installation of the equipment.

During the IQ process, there are particular guidelines that you will have to follow for proper certification.

After that, you will receive an installation qualification certificate to ensure that the installation is perfect.

Operational Qualification

OQ will establish that the coating pan machine has specific tolerances and limits within which the machine operates.

You will be able to validate the OQ in the long run by looking at its operational efficiency over time.

Performance Qualification

Yu will perform the performance qualification after installing and stabling the operational qualification protocols.

What should you Consider when Installing a Coating Pan Machine?

The installation process is an entire process that will not be successful without proper consideration of many factors.

Implying that you must have specific documentation in place during the installation qualification inspection protocol.

Apart from that, you have to ensure that you meet or follow the electrical code accordingly.

The protocol demands that you need to have the following features in check.

Proper Documentation of the Coating Pan Machine

Here, you will have records of the manufacturer and machine maintenance and operation manual.

Apart from that, you must also have a relevant drawing of the machine on a particular table.

On the table, you must have fields detailing the number of the machine, date as well as description.

Proper Equipment Identification

In this case, you will have proper records on the ID of the equipment on a table among other key information.

The table must also have the following information:

i. Serial and Model Number

ii. Location of the Machine

iii. Purchase Order Number

iv. Component Materials

v. Number assigned by the company

Proper Equipment Utility Requirements

In this case, you will do a comparison between the specifications allocated to the machine by the manufacturer.

Yo0u will compare them early enough to make it easier to compare during the operation period of the machine.

Having the Equipment Safety Features in Check

Here, you must note every safety feature that the manufacturer has included on the coating pan machine.

Ensuring that the Lubrication System is in Check

You will record the type of lubrication on the machine with emphasis on whether it gets in contact with the materials.

Ensuring the Inclusion of all the Major Components

Here you will look at all the components of the coating pan machine which include:

i. Motor system that has the coating pan, supply blower, and exhaust blower motors

ii. Spray System

What are the Main Parts of the Coating Pan Machine?

Well, for a coating pan machine to work efficiently, it will depend on the following parts.

· Automatic PLC Control System

This is the system that will control all the operations of the machine from one standard point.

· Electronic Motors

The electric motors are suitable for rotating the coating pan at particular velocities.

· Guide Plate

It provides proper direction for the coated tablets out of the coating pan machine.

· Touchscreen Operation Interface

This is the touchscreen interface where you will key in all the control variables of the entire system.

It also provides you with the right platform for monitoring the entire coating process.

· Spraying System

The spraying system is a combination of the tank, pump, and the nozzle.

It is very simple with the ability to maintain proper cleanliness in the process.

· Peristaltic Pump

The peristaltic pump will help in the simplification of the sprayer thus stabilizing atomization.

This will lead to the application of very thin but effective film coats on the tablets.

What is Involved in the Operational Qualification of the Coating Pan Machine?

In this case, you will look at features such as the calibration features of the coating pan equipment.

Implying that all the factors associated with the calibration of the machine are in check and also recorded.

Apart from that, you can also look at:

  • Control features of the coating pan machine
  • Operation features of the equipment such as speed, spray system, and temperature operations

How Do You Determine the Performance Qualification of Coating Pan Machines?

 Tablet coating machine

Tablet coating machine

In this case, you will ensure that the machine is installed and is operating at specific working parameters.

This will confirm that the coating pan machine is actually performing according to the set routine.

You can determine this by allowing the machine to operate normally as you take and compare notes.

How Do You Troubleshoot a Coating Pan Machine?

Well, there are instances where you might experience problems when using the coating pan machine.

You will be able to identify such problems by troubleshooting the machine.

Troubleshooting the machine will allow you to identify and fix problems such as:

· Color Variations on the Tablet

You will notice that the tablet coating has different colors on them due to uneven mixing and spraying of tablets.

You can sort this out by adjusting the process parameters and changing the plasticizers and additives.

· Roughness on the Tablets

In this case, you will engage the machine to mild drying conditions thus reducing tablet roughness.

Apart from that, you might minimize the polymer by adding more solvents to the mixture thus reding spraying rate.

· Tablet Blistering

Here, you will also engage mild drying conditions, and moderate temperatures to reduce tablet blistering.

· Clipping of Tablets

In this case, you will adjust the number of plasticizers within the solution and use high molecular weight polymers.

Where Can you Use a Coating Pan Machine?

You can use the coating pan machine in different industries such as:

  • Pharmaceutical industry to coat tablets and pellets
  • Food industry to coat certain types of food products
  • Nutraceutical industry to coat and mask the odor of the particular nutrients

How Do Coated and Uncoated Tablets Compare?

Well, the main difference between the uncoated and coated tablets is the presence of the film coating.

The coated tablets have a film coating while the uncoated tablets do not have a film coating.

Film-coated tablets are much easier to swallow in comparison to the uncoated tablets.\

Apart from that, the coated tablets have a longer shelf life due to the protection they receive from the film coat.

When it comes to disintegration time, coated tablets often take longer than non-coated tablets to disintegrate.

Most of the uncoated tablets often have a good taste and odor thus no need to for masking with the film coating.

On the other hand, coated tablets often have a very bad taste and odor prompting manufacturers to mask it.

What are the Ingredients for making the Coating Formulation for the Tablets in the Coating Pan Machine?

You will require different types of ingredients to make the film of the tablet coat.

Depending on the type of coat, the most common ingredients include:

  • Solvents such as propanol and ethanol among others
  • Polymers such as acrylic polymers
  • Plasticizers such as polyethylene and propylene glycol.
  • Opacifiers such as titanium oxides

How Long Does It Take before a Coated Tablet Begins to Disintegrate?

Coated tablets usually take longer than the usual 30 minutes that uncoated tablets take to disintegrate.

Well, du to the coating, the drugs are likely to take longer than usual and might only disintegrate in the right conditions.

Some of the coated tablets may not disintegrate in the stomach due to the acidic conditions in the stomach.

The coating on the tablets will, therefore, protect the tablet from the harsh conditions of the stomach.

Do You Supply Coating Pan Machines with Clean in Place Systems?

Absolutely, we also supply coating pan machines with the clean in place system.

Well, the clean in place system is an automatic system that will get rid of contaminants from the machine.

You will program the clean in place system to get rid of the contaminants from the system at particular intervals.

All you have to do is provide proper specifications and we will customize your machine with a clean in place system.

Which Qualities Standards of Coating Pan Systems Must You Adhere to?

 Machine coating pan

 Coating pan machine

You have to ensure that the coating pan machine adheres to specific quality standards before purchasing.

The main quality standards that the coating pan machine must adhere to are:

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality Standards
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Quality Standards
  • International Standards Organization (ISO 9001: 2000) Quality Standards
  • Kosher and Halal Quality Standards

With the information in this guide, am sure you can choose high quality and reliable coating pan machine.

At SaintyCo, we design and manufacture high quality and reliable coating machines.

Contact us today for the best prices on coating will pan machine.

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