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Pre-sterilized Syringes

Pre-sterilized Syringes

Syringe Manufacturing Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers every concept about syringe manufacturing machine.

Whether you want to learn about parts, working principle, quality standards, or maintenance of syringe machines, you’ll find everything here.

Let’s get started:

What is a Disposable Syringe Making Machine?

It is a device you can use to manufacture disposable syringes.

Basically, you will use the machine in making basic responding siphons consisting of a plunger that fits inside a barrel.

Syringe manufacturing machine

 Syringe manufacturing machine

How to Start a Disposable Syringe Manufacturing Machine Business?

Well, it is important to know the basic things that you need before thinking about starting a disposable syringe manufacturing business.

Disposable syringes

Disposable syringes

Your plan should include having the basic essentials that will enable you to run a profitable syringe manufacturing machine business.

Here are the basic factors that you need to place under proper consideration before you begin the syringe manufacturing business.

1) Have a Proper Plan

In this case, you will determine the outcomes that you require of your disposable syringe manufacturing machine business.

This involves having proper knowledge on the type as well as the size of the disposable syringes that you would like to manufacture.

The standard sizes of syringes that you should consider are 1ml, 2ml, 5 ml and 10 ml syringes which are on high demand.

Apart from that, your plan should also come after identifying a particular market where you will sell your produce.

With the increase in awareness and health standards all over the world, you are sure of proper market all over the world.

Apart from that, your market will also determine the quantity of disposable syringes that you will produce.

In other words, you also need to have a proper production capacity at hand that will influence your choice for machines.

2) Establishment of Manufacturing Plant

 Syringe manufacturing equipment

Syringe manufacturing equipment

Well, in this case, you will look at the basis of establishing the disposable syringe manufacturing plant.

This includes having a proper plan on the land where you will place the manufacturing plant for your syringes.

Apart from that, you will also outsource and find out the type of manufacturing machines you will need.

Some of the equipment and machinery that you will need include:

i. Injection Molding Machine or the Syringe Manufacturing Machine

ii. Blister Packaging Machine

iii. Sterilization Plant

iv. Water Pumps

v. Scrap Grinding Machineries among others.

vi. Raw Material

In this case, you will look at the raw materials in terms of the inputs you will transform into syringes using the machines.

Apart from that, you need to look at other factors of production such as labor when you are looking for the raw materials.

In the case of labor, you need to look at hiring skilled labor or training of personnel on the different production parameters.

i. Cost of Establishment and Production

Finally, it is important to know how much it will cost you to establish all the above factors.

You must always consider quality of the machinery, raw materials as well as labor when factoring in your overall cost.

Implying that, you may spend a lot of money in purchasing high quality machinery that will serve you for a longer period.

Apart from that, you should choose your suppliers carefully as they will have a great impact on your cost of production.

This includes the technical equipment and production machine suppliers as well as raw materials suppliers.

With all the factors in place, you can easily proceed with starting your business of producing syringes.

Do not forget that there are a lot of paper work and permits that you must have before your business starts.

These permits will come after the relevant government and health agencies have determined legality and safety of the production plant.

How much does Disposable Syringe Manufacturing Plant Cost?

Disposable syringe plant

 Disposable syringe plant

The cost of setting up a disposable syringe manufacturing plant will vary greatly depending on different factors.

In this case, the size of the manufacturing plant will play a huge role in determining the cost of the plant.

The bigger the disposable syringe manufacturing plant, the higher the cost of setting up the entire system.

Apart from that, the quality of the machines you will buy also play a significant role in determining the overall cost.

Obviously, higher quality machines will definitely cost you more in comparison to low-quality machines.

You must also make sure that you get the right suppliers who will supply high-quality machines at considerable prices.

Generally, you will spend between 50,000 and 200,000 US Dollars in setting up the disposable syringe manufacturing plant.

What are the Benefits of Medical Syringe Manufacturing Machine?

Using disposable syringe manufacturing machines have numerous benefits to you as well as the community at large.

Here are some of the benefits that you will experience in the process of using disposable syringe manufacturing machines.

· High Manufacturing Speed

Disposable syringe manufacturing machines are fully automatic and can, therefore, work at very high production speeds.

All you have to do is set the production speed from the control panel and the machine will follow it diligently.

· High Production Accuracy

Due to its automatic nature, your syringe manufacturing machine will manufacture syringes at very high accuracy levels.

· Increased Production Efficiency

The rate of syringe production using the disposable syringe manufacturing machine is very efficient.

The machine will follow all the command prompts from the control panel and produce the best disposable syringes.

· Low Cost of Production

Apart from the high cost of installation, you will gradually spend less on the production of disposable syringes.

All you have to do is purchase the raw materials and pay the few employees that you have on your production plant.

· Easy to Use

You do not have to spend a lot of time understanding all the processes in the manufacturing of syringes.

The machine has a friendly user-machine interface which will guide you through all the process parameters of the machine.

· Easy Cleaning and Maintenance Procedures

The machine comes complete with an automatic cleaning system that will automatically sterilize after every production process.

Apart from that, all you have to do is replace the worn-out parts as part of the maintenance process of the machine.

· Easy Integration with Support Equipment

You can also integrate your syringe manufacturing machine with another support machine very easily.

It has provisions where you can connect other machines easily to proceed with other production processes.

· Saves Energy

The machine comes complete with the most efficient technology in energy converters thus saving power.

You will not have hefty power bills to pay at the end of the month as conserves a lot of energy.

Which Machines can you Integrate with Syringe Production Line Machinery?

Well, just as I have stated above, you can easily integrate the syringe manufacturing machine with other machines.

These machines perform other essential disposable syringe manufacturing processes.

Here are the main support machinery that you can integrate with the syringe manufacturing machine.

· Disposable Syringe Injection Molding Machine

Disposable syringe molding machine

 Disposable syringe molding machine

This is the main part of the disposable syringe manufacturing equipment which determines numerous syringe factors.

You will use the machine to determine the component quality of the syringes such as how smooth the barrel is.

In that case, you need to have the most accurate syringe injection molding machine as well as syringe molds.

· Syringe Printing Machine

Disposable sysringe manufacturing machine

Disposable syringe manufacturing machine

You can also integrate the syringe printing machine to the syringe manufacturing machine to create a complete production plant.

You will use this machine in the process of printing labels and numerical on the tube of the disposable syringes.

It consists of the latest frequency converters that are capable of printing while saving on the energy spent.

Apart from that, it is capable of printing the syringes at a very high speed with ranging between 240 and 300 pieces per minute.

It has several set-pads that you can automatically change to fit different sizes of disposable syringes.

·  Syringe Assembly Machine Line

You will use this machine in the process of assembling all the parts of a syringe together to form a complete syringe.

This includes the assembly of separate barrels, gasket, plunger as well as needles to make a complete syringe.

It is a stable machine that can match the high speed of all the integration machines on the production plant.

It is a fully automatic machine that comes complete with the following parts:

i. Automatic feeder that will feed the system with the relevant parts

ii. Automatic assembly that will assemble all the parts of the syringe

iii. Automatic elimination that will remove all the unqualified syringes.

All you have to do is control all the assembly parameters from the control panel of the syringe assembly machine line.

· Disposable Syringe Blister Packaging Machine

Sysringe blister packing machine

Syringe blister packing machine

You can also integrate the syringe manufacturing machine with the disposable syringe blister packaging machine.

The disposable blister syringe packaging machine is responsible for packaging the complete syringes into various packages.

The machine has the capability of performing the following:

i. Automatically loading the syringes

ii. Paper and film heat sealing packages

iii. Cutting of the heat sealing packages

The machine also uses different heat-sealing mechanisms in the process of packaging the syringes appropriately.

· Sterilizer Sterilization Equipment

You can also use the Ethylene Oxide sterilizer equipment to sterilize and kill all the unwanted contaminants.

It uses ethylene oxide gas to sterilize and get rid of the contaminants from the disposable syringes.

Since the disposable syringes are not suitable for high-temperature sterilization, you will use the ETO sterilizer sterilization equipment.

In addition to these, you can also integrate cartooning machines.

What is the Best Material for Manufacturing Syringes?

The best materials that you can use in the process of manufacturing disposable syringes are:

Parts of syrange

· Polypropylene

This is the material that you will use in the process of making the plastic parts of the syringes.

You will use it to make the barrel and the plunger as well as rubber at the tip of the plunger.

· Needle

You will make the needle of the syringe using a piece of steel and entrench a hole for passage of the medicine.

You must also ensure that the materials you’re using are sterilizable and non-toxic to reduce harm of people.

What are the Parts of Syringe Manufacturing Machine?

A syringe manufacturing machine will work best with the combination of the working power of different parts.

Here are the main parts of the syringe manufacturing machine that performs different functions.

Parts of syringe making machine

Parts of syringe making machine

· Control Panel

This is the part of the machine where you will key in all the production parameters of producing disposable syringes.

It comes complete with a touch screen that allows you to control and monitor all the production parameters.

· Transport System

This is part of the machine which is responsible for moving the raw materials from one station to the next.

· Electric System

You will depend on the electric system to control and supplement all the power requirements of the syringe manufacturing machine.

· Machine Hopper

This is the part of the machine where you will feed all the relevant raw materials that you need for making syringe tubes.

It is also the point where you will place the steel raw material that you will use in making the syringes.

· Moulding System

The molding system is the part of the syringe manufacturing machine that shapes the syringes into tubes.

You can control the molding system to mold syringes of different sizes depending on the product specifications.

What are the Key Processes in Manufacturing Syringes?

There are different mechanisms that you can employ in the process of manufacturing disposable syringes.

Despite the numerous mechanisms that you can choose from, the method of making the disposable is often simple.

Here is a step by step process which you can follow in the production of disposable syringes.

Preparation of the Machine and Raw Materials

First, you have to make sure that you have the syringe manufacturing machine in perfect condition before production begins.

After that, you also have to make sure that all the raw materials including steel and polypropylene are in place.

After that, you will program the machine from the control panel with all the product specifications you need.

As soon as everything is set, you will load the materials and the production process will begin with the manufacturing of needles.

Manufacturing of Needles

You will make the syringe needles using steel which has to go through heating and melting to a liquid state.

After that, you will draw the molten steel through a particular die design that will determine the size of the needles.

As it moves through the production line, the machine will form the steel further and roll it into a continuous hollow wire.

The machine will then cut the long hollow wire into different pieces according to different sizes of the needles.

In case you intend to produce more complex needles, you will have to use die casting to make them appropriately.

The production process also involves the production of other metallic parts of the needles.

Making the Plunger and Barrel

The type of syringe that you will produce will depend to a great extent on your design as well as raw materials.

One of the methods that you can use to produce the syringes is extrusion molding.

In this case, you will supply the machine with powder or granules of polypropylene through the large hopper.

It has a huge spiral screw that will force the materials through a heated chamber resulting into a thick flowing mass.

After that, you will force the thick flowing mass through a particular die that will produce a long continuous tube.

The long and continuous tube are of different sizes and you will cut them according to the size you desire.

Apart from the above process, you will use injection molding process to make pieces that have complex designs.

This includes the complex shapes of the ends, safety cups, as well as the plunger.

Here, the machine will heat the plastic raw materials and convert it into molten materials.

After that, you will inject the molten plastic into a mould that has the inverse of the shape you desire.

After cooling, it will cool down, solidify and hence maintain the shape that you desire.

As it cools down, you have to ensure that you open the die where the medication will flow through.

After that, you will automatically place the rubber on the head thus making it easy to use in the production process.

You can manufacture the head of the plunger through injection molding before attaching it to the plunger handle.

Assembly and Packaging

With all the pieces in place, you can comfortably assemble them to make a complete disposable syringe.

The barrels will move down the conveyor belt and the machine will feed them and fix the plunger in the barrel.

After that, the disposable syringes will pass through the printers where the machine will label then accordingly.

You will have to calibrate the printing machine to ensure that it prints the right measurements on the barrels.

As soon as all the components are in place, you will package them appropriately using the packaging machines.

 Blister packaging syringes

Blister packaging syringes

Which Quality Standards Should Syringe Manufacturing Machines conform to?

During the manufacturing process of the disposable syringes, you have to make sure that it conforms to specific quality standards.

Since they are health products you have to conform to specific health and quality standards.

Here are the main quality specifications that you need to adhere to:

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality Standards
  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Quality Standards
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices Quality Standards (cGMP)
  • CE Quality Standards for Electronic Quality Standards

Are there Disadvantages of using Automatic Syringe Machine?

Just like any other machine, you might see a couple of limitations when using the syringe manufacturing machine.

Here are some of the limitations that you might experience:

High Cost of Purchase and Installation

You might spend a lot of money in the purchasing as well as installation of the syringe manufacturing machine.

This will include the cost of purchasing all the other support machines which are often very costly.

Apart from that, you will also spend money in the installation process which will require professionals.

What’s more, hiring and training of professionals is also very expensive.

What are the Common Problems in Syringe Manufacturing Process?

You might experience some problems that come during the manufacturing process of the disposable syringes.

Here are some of the problems that you might come across and how you can solve them.

Syringe filling and plugging machine

Syringe filling and plugging machine

Different Shapes of Syringes

You might have a lot of different syringe barrel shapes due to improper calibration at the control panel.

This might lead to uneven supply of heat and cooling parameters thus leading to uneven shapes of the syringes.

You can sort that, by having proper calibration of the control panel with the right production specifications.

Different Calibration Measurements

You might also realize that your calibration on the barrels do not match with other barrels of the same type.

This can be as a result of poor calibration of the disposable syringe printing machine.

You can sort this out by properly adjusting the calibration of the disposable syringe printing machine

What are the Safety Features in Syringe Manufacturing Machine?

One of the most notable features of the syringe manufacturing machine are the sensors on the machine.

The sensors are capable of detecting any foreign object that might be within the production line.

Apart from that, it is capable of detecting any malfunction on the entire machinery.

In case the sensors note foreign objects, it will trigger other safety features such as the alarm system.

The alarm system will warn you that something is wrong and there is need to make necessary adjustments.

Additionally, the sensors the trigger the automatic shutdown of the machine to avoid further damage.

What are the Future Prospects in Syringe Manufacturing Technology?

Looking ate the future of the syringe manufacturing machines, you will note that there are probable improvements.

In this case, you should expect a disposable syringe manufacturing machine that is safer, more reliable, cheaper and durable.

Apart from that, you should also expect developments in the manufacturing process of the syringe manufacturing machines.

This involves reducing the production process liabilities with better methods such as elimination melting of raw materials.

This can lead to minimization of waste, reduce cost of production and increase the speed of production as well.

Why is Sterilization Important in Medical Syringe Manufacturing Machine?

Sterilization is important in the medical syringe manufacturing machine as it gets rid of germs.

It will help in making the machine clean thus leading to production of clean disposable syringes.

This will help in the reduction of transmission of other health problems through the disposable syringes.

How can you Clean Syringe Production Line Machinery?

Modern automatic disposable syringe manufacturing machines have inbuilt cleaning systems.

You can, therefore, initiate the cleaning process of the machine by initiating the automatic cleaning system.

Apart from that, you can also stop the machine and clean all the parts of the machine thoroughly.

The cleaning process will involve removing some parts of the machine to access the hidden and dirty parts.

You can therefore clean and replace the broken parts of the machine during the cleaning process.

It is also important to grease the moving parts of the machine to reduce friction on the moving parts.

After that, you will assemble the parts together before allowing the machine to proceed with the production process.

How can you Conduct Quality Validation for Syringe Manufacturing Machine?

You can conduct quality validation of the disposable syringe manufacturing machine through different channels.

These channels are important at different times as you are about to find out.

Here are the main validation processes that you can conduct for the disposable syringe manufacturing machine.

· Factory Assessment Test (FAT Test)

This is the process of testing the machine while at the factory level.

You will certify that the machine is in proper working condition and receive an FAT Certificate for approval.

· Installation Qualification Test (IQ Test)

You will conduct an IQ test before the and after the installation to ensure that it is working well.

After that, you will receive an IQ certificate to prove that the machine in indeed in proper working condition.

· Operational Qualification (OQ Test)

After the installation process, it is time to power on the machine and allow it to operate with the raw materials.

You will test the results of the manufacturing process and compare them to the initial expectations.

Finally, you will receive a certificate to prove that the disposable syringe manufacturing machine is in proper working condition.

How do you Prepare User Requirement Specification for Syringe Manufacturing Machine?

You have to prepare a user requirements specification document as a mode of communication with the manufacturer.

In it, you will specify all the production parameters that you need on your syringe manufacturing machine.

Here are the main components of the syringe manufacturing machine user requirement specifications.

· Introduction

You will specify the scope of the system, key objectives, as well as applicable regulations in the manufacturing process.

· Program Requirements

In this case, you will consider the work flow that you expect on the syringe manufacturing machine.

· Date Requirements

Here, you will indicate the type of information that you need your syringe manufacturing machine.

· Life Cycle Requirements

This involves how you intend to clean and maintain the disposable syringe manufacturing machine.

Clearly, before you choose syringe manufacturing machine, it is important to consider specification, working principle and URS, alongside other things mentioned here.

At SaintyCo, we can help you get a custom syringe manufacturing equipment for your specific needs.

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