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Candy Hook: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for any information about candy hook, you will find it right here.

From design, installation, material type, and features, amongst others – so keep reading to learn more.

What Is Candy Pulling Hook?

Refers to an item manufactured from stainless steel and is manually used in the making of candy.

Using hands, the batch is repeatedly pulled and put back for at least 30-60 minutes.

This is necessary to help incorporate air bubbles into the batch.

Aeration of the batch helps in making the candies lighter thus easy to chew.

Pulling is done repeatedly until the batch turns white.

Candy Pulling Hook

Candy Pulling Hook

How Do You Choose Best Candy Hook?

The best candy hooks are fully constructed from stainless steel material.

This is because the material has excellent physical and mechanical properties.

The material is stainless which makes cleaning easy.

It is also resistant to rust, therefore, does not wear off over a short period.

The toughness, hardness, and strength of steel are the reasons behind its durability.

When it comes to size, measurements are done in dimensions of L, W, and D which are 364, 180, and 20 mm respectively.

Pricing of the hooks may also lead you to make the right choice.

Quality is usually subject to pricing the tool.

Hooks made of poor-quality materials other than steel will always cost less.

Good quality steel hooks tend to cost more.

Why Is Candy Hook Made From Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is the most preferred material when it comes to the construction of Candy pulling hooks.

This is so because cleaning the material is usually very easy.

Moreover, the durability of stainless material is incomparable to other materials.

It is known for its long-lasting properties, a factor that rules in quality.

Stainless Candy Hook

A Stainless Candy Hook

Is There Recommended Shape Of Candy Hook?

Yes, the candy hooks are constructed in a curved or bowlike shape.

Their curved nature creates enough space where the batch is hung for pulling.

Curved hooks are much easier to work with when compared to other different designs.

What Are The Main Parts Of Candy Hook?

The candy hooks are made up of two parts.

This comprises the mounting plate and a hook.

The mounting plate is usually plunged into the wall with the help of screws for support.

Hooks on the other hand cling on the batch plates and can be slipped in and out easily.

This simplifies the cleaning process of this tool.

Where Should You Install Candy Pulling Hook?

Candy pulling hooks are installed on the walls of your working station.

You can install it on the concrete walls or drill them into studs.

Studs are wood frameworks done behind your walls to give support to hooks.

A stud finder is a machine used to locate the wood on the walls.

To mount the hook, make holes through the walls with the help of a drill bit.

Wall anchors are plunged into the wall.

Lastly, fix the hook by tightening the screws into the wall anchor.

How Can You Install Candy Pulling Hook?

The first step is to get the wall anchors for your screws.

They are very common in concrete masonry and dry walls with no studs to support the hooks.

Ensure that the wall anchors are made of the same material as your walls.

Working with the hook put-in studs with no anchors is difficult as everything may fall off.

How many wall anchors do you need?

Well, this is usually equivalent to the number of screws you have.

With everything assembled, the next step is the drilling of holes.

The holes should match the size of your wall anchors.

Using a drill bit, make holes carefully taking into account the size of the wall anchors.

The deepness of the hole should be equal to that of the wall anchor.

Drilling is a slow process to contain the dust as well as protect the drill bit from damage.

For your safety, ensure you have your face mask and safety glasses on during the process.

Step three is fixing your anchors into the holes.

Using your hands, feed them at the tip of the holes and hammer them in to fit properly.

This applies to anchors with no threading.

Those with threading could be fixed with the help of a screwdriver.

Ensure the edge of the anchors aligns with the walls.

Step four involves fixing the mounting plate.

The mounting plates are made with holes where you are required to feed in your screws.

Fix your screw into the mounting plate and align it with the set anchors in your wall.

Slowly drive them in with the help of a screwdriver until they fit in well enough.

The wall anchors are made in a way that they can expand while creating the desired grip.

Alternatively, you could use a drill with a screwdriver bit as it is fast.

Repeat the same procedure for the remaining holes.

Once all the screws are fixed, your hook is now firm and ready for use.

You may clean it before using it for pulling off the batch for your candies

Above Is A Procedure Of Installing A Candy Hook

Above Is A Procedure Of Installing Candy Hook

What Is The Function Of Candy Hook?

This is a very important tool used in the manufacturing process of candy.

It is used by candy makers while pulling the batch, in preparation to produce candies.

This is done manually, whereby the batch is pulled over the hook in repeated motions.

The hooks provide support during this process to ensure your batch is well aerated.

It also helps in improving the quality of the candy through pulling.

Uniform mixing of the additives used in the preparation of the batch is also achieved.

According to the inspection regulatory body, the quality of candies is analyzed based on appearance, weight, and taste.

How Does Candy Hook Determine Quality Of Candy?

The quality of candy is analyzed based on different factors.

Among them, we have the weight, appearance, and taste of the candies.

The candy pulling hook plays a big role in ensuring that the three are set to the required standards.

Through pulling of the batch, the weight of the candy is reduced making them light as per the requirement.

This is also attributed to the aeration of the batch through the incorporation of air bubbles during this process.

The advantage of light candies is that you can chew them easily.

In addition, pulling makes these candies less hard while maximizing their brittleness.

Their texture is also improved as they appear finely textured and soft.

Failure to adhere to this step could lead to poor-quality candies.

Are Candy Hooks Durable?

Yes, the hooks will give you service for the longest time before you consider a replacement done.

Candy pulling hooks are preferably made of steel material.

The material is known to have excellent physical and mechanical properties.

Some of them include hardness, tensile strength, toughness, yield strength, malleability, resistance to corrosiveness, etc.

The properties give an account as to why the material may not wear out over a short period.

All this summed up guarantees you a long lifespan for your candy pulling hooks.

The replacement cost budget should be off the table while you enjoy the long service.

Steel Offers Excellent Physical And Excellent properties

Steel Offers Excellent Mechanical And Physical Properties

How Much Does Candy Hook Cost?

The cost of a Candy Pulling Hook for caramel is 90 dollars.

The figure is not constant as this varies from one manufacturer to another.

This is based on various factors including the size and quality of the material used.

Good quality hooks made of steel will always tend to cost more than those made from different materials.

What Are The Critical Dimensions Of Candy Hooks?

There exist different dimensions for the mounting plate and hook.

The mounting plate dimensions are estimated in height/length and width.

These are 20 and 15cm respectively.

Hook’s dimensions are usually in diameter which is approximated to be 15cm.

For the best hooks and efficiency in working, consider these measurements for any hook with superior properties.

Are There Plastic Candy Hooks?

No, all candy hooks are made of steel.

This is because steel is known to exhibit superior quality properties when compared to other materials.

Candy pulling hooks made of steel are strong, stainless, less prone to rust, and easy to wash.

Other materials may not exhibit the same properties which rule them out.

Can How Does Candy Pulling Process Improve Quality Of Candy?

Pulling of candy is a very crucial step, one of the last steps of candy manufacturing.

Repeated pulling of the candy over the hook helps in the aeration of the batch being prepared.

Through aeration, air bubbles are inducted into the batch making it lightweight and of good quality.

This makes chewing of the candy easier as they are less hard and brittle.

Skipping this step may result in very rock-hard candies with a rough texture and hard to chew.

Pulling helps you achieve the fine-textured soft candies which are symbolic of good quality candies.

This is why you should be keen at this point and ensure pulling is done properly to achieve the desired quality candies.

Pulling Of Candy Aerates The Batch Thus Improving The Quality

Pulling Of Candy Aerates The Batch Thus Improves The Quality Of Candy

How Do You Determine The Right Size Of Candy Hook?

You could determine the right size of your hook by looking at the gap between the shank and shaft of the hook.

The gaps have numbers that tell how big or small the hook is.

The smaller the number, the bigger the hook and vice versa.

For an appropriate size, you could consider the critical dimensions which are 20cm(L/H), 15cm(W), and 15cm(D).

This will help you get an idea of what will best suit your work depending on how small or large your business is.

How Does Taffy Hook Compare To Normal Candy Hook?

A Taffy Hook

A Taffy Hook

Taffy hooks are strictly made of stainless steel for various reasons.

Steel is known to be a very strong material that is less prone to rust and can be cleaned easily.

Normal hooks on the other hand could be manufactured from any other material not necessarily steel which depends on the use.

This is because their uses are diverse, some of which the above properties won’t be such a big deal.

Taffy hooks are curvy whereas normal hooks are made in different shapes.

Installation of taffy hooks is done through mounting whereas that of normal could be either mounting or sticking.

Why Should You Pull Candy?

Pulling candy is the most crucial step during the manufacturing process.

The process is necessary for the addition of air into the batch.

The incorporation of air bubbles makes the candy lightweight for easy chewing.

This explains why candies are always less hard and brittle.

Pulling also helps you achieve the desired color output as well as texture.

It also ensures uniform mixing of the prescribed ingredients bringing out that desired taste.

Why Is Automated Candy Pulling Machine Better Than Candy Hook?

Candy Pulling Machine

 A Candy Pulling Machine

They are fast

The machines are very efficient when it comes to speed since closely all operations are automated.

Candy hooks on the other hand require manual operation which is time-consuming therefore making the entire process relatively slow.

Easy to operate

The operation of the automatic candy machines does not require highly skilled or experienced personnel.

It is guided by a set of configured instructions with close monitoring of the process.

Unlike candy hooks where labor is applied for the process to take place.

Reliability by the user.

Automated machines are fast and accurate.

This makes them reliable as minimal errors are experienced with the correct configuration of instructions.

It is less tedious

Operation of the machines is not involved as they only require a proper set of instructions configured.

All that you are left to do is constant monitoring of the process.

Unlike candy hooks, pulling is fully dependent on you as it is done with hands which makes the process tiresome.

Cost efficiency

Cheap labor input as the process does not require highly skilled or trained personnel.

For candy pooling hooks, labor input is a necessity and so is cost.

Higher production capacities

The automated machines are made to operate at high speed and can pull massive batches in one round.

Candy pooling hooks are slow and would do a lesser quantity in a single round as the process is highly dependent on your energy.

They are easy to clean and so is maintenance since they possess a clean system that automatically gets rid of debris.

Good quality candies.

The quality of candies is guaranteed as the procedures are automated.

Hooks are fully dependent on your effort therefore not fully reliable.

How Does Candy Pulling Machine Work?

An automated candy pulling machine is made up of three arms.

Usually, they are covered with nylon to prevent the sticking of the batch while pulling.

One of the arms is firmly attached while the other pair is made in a way that it spins around it.

The batch is therefore placed on the machine and the arms set to pull it.

The process is continuous for approximately 30-60 minutes while being monitored.

Pulling and stretching aerates the batch causing it to change color to white.

This is done repeatedly until the desired color is achieved.

Which Candy Hook Designs Are Available?

Non-detachable candy pulling hooks

This type of candy hook is designed in such a way that the hook cannot be separated from the mounting plate.

All of the parts are intact and mounted as a whole with the help of screws.

Detachable candy pulling hook.

It is designed in a way that the hook can be dismantled from the mounting plate.

Only the mounting plate is screwed against the wall as the hook can be attached.

The ability of the hook to slip out of the plate makes the cleaning process easier.

Sharp candy pulling hooks.

Their far end is sharp and can dig in deeply.

You are required to be keen while using them to avoid accidents.

Blunt candy pulling hooks

They are cut at the far end of the hook, therefore, bares minimal risks of getting injured while using it.

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