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Candy Forming Machine: Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for any information about candy forming machine, you will find it right here.

So keep reading to learn more about candy forming machines.

What Is Candy Forming Machine?

Confectionery making is a very important industry in the current world, being that it is one of the most consumed foods.

This is because of the high caloric nature and their easy assimilation into the body.

However, making candy is a complex process that requires specific equipment if you want to make it to perfection.

Thus, the need for special machinery in candy production.

Therefore, a candy forming machine or candy making machine is a piece of equipment designed and manufactured to make candy.

It can make either soft or hard candy for commercial or small-scale purposes.

Consequently, as a candy manufacturer, this machinery should be at the top of your equipment list.

candy forming machine

candy forming machine

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Candy Forming Machine In Candy Production Line?

If you invest in a candy forming machine, below are the benefits you it will accord you:

A Candy Forming Machine Is Reliable

The process of making candy is outlined in the machine’s manual, and if followed to the latter, you are guaranteed quality candy.

It Operates Automatically

The automatic nature of a candy forming machine is one of its advantages.

It speeds up the process of candy production; hence and ensures timely candy production.

Other than that, you will not have to higher labor hence saves you extra expenses.

You have to only configure and monitor the production process through the candy forming machine control panel.

It Is Safe To Use

Just like other modern machinery, a candy forming machine comes with special in-built safety features .

They will protect you, your staff, and the machine from any potential damages.

The machine is able to warn you and will turn off in case of any malfunctions. Besides, it makes work easier for you in case of repairs.

The standard material used is stainless steel which has been sterilized hence not easily contaminated.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

The candy forming machine is not just simple to operate, but you will also enjoy cleaning and maintaining it.

This is because some of its parts are removable; hence you can clean it as needed. Additionally, the maintenance cost is also modest.

What Are The Features Of A Candy Forming Machine?

The standard features that an ideal candy forming machine should have include:

  • Should feature a control panel from where you can configure and monitor the process of production of candy.
  • A mixing tank where homogeneous mixing of all the ingredients to form a syrup occurs.
  • The machine should have a conveyor belt for easy trsanportation of the products within the candy production line.
  • Stainless steel body and contact parts to ensure sanitary conditions in the candy production.
  • High production capacity to limit time used in production.
  • Different moulds for various candy shapes.
  • It should have an electrical system which is essential for the production of candy.

These features can also act as a guide when buying a candy making machine.

What Are The Available Types Of Candy Forming Machine In The Market Today?

You can always choose from a variety of candy making machines.

This is because different candy forming machines have specific features with room for customization to suit the particular customer requirement.

The candy type you plan on manufacturing will also determine your machine selection. The major types of candy are hard candy or soft candy.

Below are some of the types of candy making machines you can choose from.

Fully Automatic Candy Forming Machine.

All its systems are under proper automation; hence you require few or no personnel to operate the machine.

It is ideal in the commercial production of candy since it allows for the production of candy in large quantities.

One significant advantage of investing in a fully automatic candy forming machine is that it will save you a lot of time and money in the candy production process.

fully automatic candy forming machine

fully automatic candy forming machine

Semi-automatic Candy Forming Machine

These types of machines have both automatic and manual systems.

Therefore, a candy making business will have to hire few employees who will assist in some operations.

However, the machine will conduct some operations automatically.

In terms of production, a semi-automatic candy machine has a lesser production rate than a fully automatic candy forming machine.

The good thing is that it is easy to clean, and maintenance is also easy, making it reliable in candy making.

semi automatic candy forming machine

semi automatic candy forming machine

Manual Candy Making Machine.

Technically, it is a small candy making forming machine that is mainly used for small-scale production such as in homes or small candy businesses.

It mainly requires you to carry out all the operations because it does not have any automatic systems. However, a major advantage here is that it is small.

Therefore, you can move it from place to place, unlike the fully automatic and semi-automatic candy forming machines.

Typically, the types mentioned above are the common types of candy forming machines. Your choice will depend on the specific need.

manual candy making machine

manual candy making machine

What Is The Cost Of Buying A Candy Forming Machine From China?

When it comes to the cost of buying a candy making machine, there is no fixed price.

You need to have a budget of between 20,000 US dollars and 180,000 US dollars to get a good machine from China.

The variation in prices is due to several reasons which may include:

Quality Of The Candy Forming Machine

There are many machines of different qualities. If you want a candy making machine with the best quality, then you may have to spend more.

Type Of Candy Forming Machine

The type of the machine will also dictate the price tagged to a machine.

Due to the varying sophistication depending on the type, the machines cannot have the same price.


Importing more than one machine may attract a discount by the manufacturer thus lowering the cumulative price.

However, buying more thatn one machine will also mean you have to pay more.


If you want your machine(s) to be designed according to your specifications, it may add to the price. However, some dealers may do free customization, making it even affordable, so you should also consider your dealer’s offers.

Note: Exhaustively consider all your options so that you can get a quality machine at an affordable price.

How Does Candy Forming Machine And Gummy Making Machine Compare?

Below is how candy and gummy making machines compare:

  • Both the candy and gummy making machines are used to make confectioneries.
  • Both belong to the same level of automation: the semi-automatic and fully automatic confectionery-making machines.

candy making machine

candy making machine

However, for gummy bear production, there is no manual machine, unlike candy production.

  • The ingredients used and the working principles of the machines vary in both.
  • Candy making machines can make either soft or hard candy, but for the gummy making machine, it produces spongy and bouncy gummy bear candy.
  • Candy forming machine is smaller in size as compared to a gummy making machine.

gummy making machine

gummy making machine

What Are The Primary Components Of A Candy Forming Machine?

When choosing a candy forming machine, you must ensure it has all the functional parts.

A reputable manufacturer will always ensure that their machines are complete.

This is because, without specific components, you be unable to achieve your production needs. Moreover, the design must also be according to your structural specifications.

Below are hence some of the components a candy making machine should have:

  • Hopper. Here is where all the ingredients are placed to begin the process of production.
  • Control panel. From here, you can configure all candy making operations.
  • Mixing tank. Mixing of ingredients is done here to obtain the syrup used to make candy.
  • Electrical system. A candy making machine needs power to operate.
  • Pressure units. They are responsible for driving all pressure systems of the candy production line.
  • Refrigeration system. This is where the syrup is cooled and solidified to form ribbons.
  • Transport system. It is suited with conveyor belts and guides rails to move substances from one part to the other.
  • Discharge system. Upon completion of production, the machine discharges the candy from the machine through this point.

How Does A Candy Forming Machine Work?

When you buy a candy forming machine, you must know its working principle and the whole production process.

The kind of machine is also important as it determines whether you will produce soft or hard candy. Otherwise, below is a step-by-step process of how a candy making machine works:

Mixing of Ingredients

The first thing to do is prepare the ingredients, including sugar, water, milk, some flavor, and color, among others.

The ingredients should be dissolved in water or milk to form a syrup.

Boil the syrup in a heating and melting tank until it reaches the required concentration, where it caramelizes.


  • The time the syrup takes to boil determines the type of candy you are making.
  • The concentration of sugar in the candy determines the final texture the candy will have after production.

After a homogenous mixture has been formed, transfer the mixture back to the candy making machine.

Cooling And Rolling Stage

After transferring the mixture back to the candy making machine, it will be passed through the refrigeration system, solidifying to form a soft ribbon.

Passing the syrup through the refrigeration system is necessary because it is here where excess heat is eliminated.

Cutting And Shaping

The ribbon is cut into the required sizes as you specify in the control panel. It is then passed into moulds where the pieces can be shaped.

Here, they can be moulded in any shape according to your production needs and target market.

It is then further cooled down to form the correct texture and obtain the hardness required.

Inspection Stage

From the moulding stage, the candy is discharged from the system to the inspection stage.

Here the candy is sorted based on required specifications.

The candy that meets the required specification is then moved to the packaging and branding stage.

How Do You Troubleshoot A Candy Forming Machine?

During the candy making process, you can experience certain challenges.

Therefore, you must know how to detect and troubleshoot these problems.

Below is how you can detect and solve these problems that may interfere with the production of candy.

Improper Flow Of The Ingredients

With keen observation, you can always observe that the mixture of ingredients has an abnormal flow. This may be due to the following:

  • Thick syrup may slow down the flow due to its weight.
  • The outlet may be blocked hence preventing the mixture of ingredients from moving to the next stages.
  • Here, the machine could be the problem, especially if its operating speed is slow, preventing the mixture of ingredients from flowing properly.

Solutions include:

  • Ensure the ingredients are mixed homogenously and the syrup is less thick.
  • Unclog the blocked pathway of the mixed ingredients.
  • Increase the speed of the machine which can be done from the control panel.

The Candy May Have Damages.

With proper observation and with the help of a candy inspection machine, you can easily detect the damages present on the candy.

This may be due to alignment issues as some of the key parameters in the machine may be incorrectly aligned, which always results in loss.


Align the candy making machine parameters correctly to avoid the damages and losses that may result from that.

Jelly-like Candy

If you notice that the candy you are making is too soft and taking a jelly-like form, it may be due to improper mixing of the ingredients in the mixing chamber.

You can fix this by using the right proportions of the ingredients to make candy and ensure that they mix homogeneously.

How Do You Determine The Shape Of Candy In A Candy Forming Machine?

At the moulding stage in the candy forming production line, cutting and shaping of candy is done.

After the syrup has cooled and solidified, it is moved to the moulding stage, cut into the required size.

This sizing can be done from the control panel.

After the ribbon has been cut into required sizes, it is then moulded in the shapes you want, also done as specified in the control panel.

It can either roll them to form a round shape or any shape that you desire, after which they are further cooled down.

Reasons for further cooling:

  • To form the right texture.
  • To get the level of hardness that you want.

What Are The Quality Standards Compliance For A Candy Forming Machine?

When investing in the manufacture of candy, you must know and understand the safety and quality standards for a candy forming machine.

Typically, this includes the international quality standards to which you have to adhere to.

Therefore, some of the known international quality standards for a candy making machine to be followed include:

  • CE Electrical Standards.
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality Standards.
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Standards.

What Are The Factors To Look At When Choosing Candy Forming Machines?

When you are looking to buy a candy forming machine, there are a lot of essential factors that you first have to look at.

Besides, you need to consult well with professionals and manufacturers before you can make your final decision.

Some of the vital factors to look at are highlighted below.

Dimensions Of The Candy Making Machine.

The dimensions to look at here are the length, width, height, and overall weight of the candy forming machine.

Usually, the production needs and the specifications of a customer determines the dimensions to use. Besides that, the size of the production facility also plays an important role when deciding on the dimensions to use.

Power Requirement

Candy making machines usually require enough power to achieve full operation and the power requirements also vary.

You must be aware of the amount of work the candy forming machine will be performing, as this determines the amount of power ratings required.

Thus, you should work with a professional and reputable seller who will help you choose a candy-making machine with the right power ratings to make a good choice.

Production Capacity

It is important that you have a machine that will be able to sustain your production needs.

By implication, there will be a smaller production capacity if you have a small candy forming machine.

But with a bigger candy making machine comes a bigger production capacity.

Additionally, the level of automation also depends on the size of the machine.

So, if you want to produce candies on a large scale, you require a bigger candy forming machine with a bigger capacity that can also accommodate ingredients.

The ideal type of machine would be a fully automatic candy making machine.

Operational Conditions

Some of the operational conditions of a candy-making machine that you should be aware of are the temperature measured in degrees centigrade (e.g., 4500 C) .

Also ,  the humidity measured in percentage (e.g., 75%).

Pressure Requirements

It will help if you understand the pressure conditions under which the candy forming machine works.

Some of these pressure specifications include:

  • Compressed air consumption in cubic meters per minute
  • Steam consumption in kilograms per hour
  • Steam pressure range in mpa (e.g., 0.3 – 0.5 mpa)

Depositing Time

The time your machine will take to deposit candy is important. You should therefore specify this to the manufacturer.

This determines the speed of production as well as the quantity of candy produced.

Does Candy Making Machine Require Maintenance?

A candy-making machine must be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep it in good and working condition for a very long time.

If you want to continue with production, you have to clean all the parts accordingly.

Moreover, cleaning and maintenance of a candy making machine require you to have certain information. This includes:

  • Checking the parts that are worn out so that you can plan for replacement if need be.
  • The time scheduled for cleaning. It can be daily or weekly.
  • Having the right tools and material for cleaning and maintenance.

Remember that maintenance of a machine requires you to use quality spare parts in case you are replacing worn out parts.

Do You Supply Spare Parts Of Candy Forming Machine?

Yes, any qualified dealer or manufacturer should be able to supply you with quality spare parts.

When choosing a dealer for ensuring you the dealer has a good reputation, has been around for long, and has a competitive price.

Once you ascertain all the above, you can proceed to buy the spare parts from your trusted dealer.

Is It Possible To Use One Candy Forming Machine To Manufacture All Different Types Of Candy?

Being that there are different types of candy, manufacturers of candy use different types of machines to make candy.

There are manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic candy forming machines that can make different types, designs, shapes, and sizes.

This also depends on the specific requirements and needs of the candy manufacturer.

Therefore, it is not possible to manufacture different candy types using one candy making machine.

Are There Any Add-On Equipment For Candy Forming Machines?

Sometimes a candy making machine can not stand on its own during the production of candy. Therefore, you need to integrate other parts in the production line for effective production.

Some of these equipment plays a significant role, without which production can stop or be slowed down.

Also, you do not need all add-on equipment but only the necessary ones that suit your production needs.

The support equipment you may need include the following:

Melting And Mixing Tank

This assists in the heating, melting, and boiling of the candy making ingredients and with the help of the candy making machine, a homogenous mixture is formed.


You need it to measure the correct temperatures in degrees centigrade (500 C) when heating and boiling the candy forming ingredients.

Candy Packaging Machine

You need to package the candy after a successful production.

Candy Sorting Machine

This sorts candies in different sizes and shapes as well as weights.

Candy Inspection Machine

Candies have to be made according to certain specifications and grades, this machine helps with this.

It allows the candies that have met the required specifications to pass and separate them from the others.

Candy Branding Machine

This is mostly used to brand candy after packaging. However, branding can always be done before or after packaging.

What Are The Different Forms Of Candy Produced By A Candy Forming Machine?

Candy making machines are useful in manufacturing either soft or hard candy which can be in different forms.

These forms can be of different shapes and sizes, which largely depends on the production needs of a candy manufacturer.

Do You Offer Training On How To Operate A Candy Making Machine?

Not everyone has the know-how of operating a candy making machine.

It usually comes with an operation manual, but additional training of a newbie may be necessary

If you want the machine to operate efficiently, especially in commercial production, you need someone who knows how to operate it.

What Does The Candy Forming Machine Warranty Cover?

A machine such as a candy making machine should have a warranty.

In such a case, a warranty guarantees any repairs and replacement of parts of the machine after the purchase.

Most candy making machines usually have 12 to 24 months warranty where the seller/manufacturer takes responsibility for any damages that may occur to the machine.

They also replace any parts or the whole candy forming machine during this warranted period.

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